Stand For Coal: Middlesboro and Harlan Demonstrations

Editor’s Note: The coal industry is shifting its operations from Appalachia to the Interior West, but this is driven in part by EPA regulations.


“On Saturday October 25, 2014, the Kentucky League of the South had its 2nd demonstration (and third overall) in support of Southern workers, specifically coal miners. The first city we visited was Middlesboro, a former coal town of about 10,000 people on the Kentucky- Tennessee border. We were joined by two fellow League members from Tennessee. The response in Middlesboro was very positive. We received many honks, thumbs ups, and waves from people passing by. Some folks came to talk with us, and expressed gratitude we were standing up for the miners and voicing independence from the federal government. A few even offered donations for the League. We received no negative remarks in Middlesboro.

At noon, we left Middlesboro and traveled about 45 minutes northeast to Harlan Kentucky, a very famous coal town of about 2,000 people. After enjoying lunch at a local BBQ restaurant, we had two more folks from Western Kentucky join us. The response in Harlan was probably the best this Southern nationalist has ever seen at a demonstration. Before we had even completely set up our demonstration, we had already lost count of how many positive responses we had received! We distributed hundreds of Free Magnolias, the League’s newspaper, to the people of Harlan. At the end of the demonstration, we were approached by a group of coal miners who thanked us for coming out and then asked if we could take a picture with them. They were very interested in the League, and took several Free Magnolias with them. All in all, the demonstrations were highly successful. The attacks on the coal industry by the federal government have ruined the economy in many ways here in eastern Kentucky, and the people of the region have had enough. They are ready for the Southern nationalist solution. This issue should be brought to light in every Southern state that has suffered due to the restrictions on coal, and the League of the South should be leading the way. #secede!

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  1. HW, I’m not going to tell you how to run things, but from what I’ve seen, 2015 ought to be spent demonstrating in Northern Dixie, and Texas (Western Dixie). Apparently, they’re ripe for the picking right now.

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