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  1. Question: How is this going to help our cause? The minute anyone goes to their website, the Nazi stuff will be an automatic turn off. It would have been a better idea to advertise a political candidate that reflects some of their views. Half a loaf is better than none. However, Nazi’s (and I knew one BTW), live in a fantasy world, believing Americans will march to their beat. The would be Herrenvolk need to read American history. We threw off the King of England because he was trying to rule as an dictator, suspending rights and laws at his pleasure. What makes them believe White Americans would want another?

  2. What an excellent idea! I feel kind of stupid for not knowing that all you had to do was put up signs to tell people to get rid of Jews and the donations, support and praise would come flooding in. Why didn’t someone think of this earlier?

    Of course, when this little nugget of genius fails to inspire or motivate anything but other perennial losers, they can always blame Jews and make a new sign for that failure.

    I feel kind of out of the loop for having to ask, but what exactly is the Daily Stormer? Is that like a haven for Stormfront rejects that weren’t getting their fill of the Jewish Question at Stormfront?

  3. If you two see no value in another trip around this track, or see problems with Anglin’s approach, you can always exercise your right to remain silent. Just move on to topics you feel are more important than this one.

    Your concerns have been answered literally 1000s of times. Why talk about black crime? Immigration? Falling birth rates? Secession? The sexual marketplace? The wider culture? The federal courts? The mass media slandering Catholics? Why talk about anything more than once? All of these things are talked about often for a very good reason. They are ongoing problems.

    The principle here is that you can’t solve a problem without talking about the problem. You can’t solve a problem without making people aware of the problem. And when people come along and claim a certifiable problem is not a problem, usually while griping there is too much focus on that problem, it necessitates yet more discussion of the problem to clear up the confusion and debunk misinformation.

    The time to quit talking about a problem is after the problem has been solved not before. Even if you don’t care for Anglin’s approach, assuming you have a reality-based view of the situation and recognize their influence is a problem, then the fact that he is talking about a substantive problem ought to count for something even if you have concerns about his style.

    The question is: why don’t you want people discussing this problem?

  4. I guess Anglin, whoever he is, believes in the shock value of his signs and website? He must realize he is doing a sky rocket act.

    What I don’t get is why he would choose out of the way, low population New Hampshire for his signs, when he lives in high visibility Columbus, Ohio the crossroads of the interstate highway system? In Columbus in a few hours of exposure, if his signs only last a few hours, they would be seen by thousands.

  5. Its not the signs staying up that is so important, its getting the media to take the bait and spread the information on your behalf. So think not in terms of putting up signs, think in terms of publicity stunts!

    The fact they are going into Jewish areas, means they are trying to upset the Jewish community, so they will spread “With Jews We Lose” meme in their media. Don’t know if it is a wise strategy, but if that’s the way they want to go, its their choice.

    BTW I saw an activist group that had a problem with the opposition removing their stickers. So they arranged a system, where they put the stickers up out of reach. I think it involved a broom handle and something else to hold the sticker. Can’t remember what they used to hold the sticker.

  6. Yes, that is correct. Hardcore National Socialism will never be accepted by America but the fact is, unless white Americans awaken to the fact of Jewish ownership/domination of America–unless we unite and expell the dual citizen “Jews” and their marxist cohorts, we are finished!

    Sadly, as of right now only National Socialist, White Nationalists and people along their line of thinking have the only solution to save us from a Jewish led slaughter of our people.

    So until the time when white folks stand up, having the balls to call a spade an spade again and demand that these Marxist, Communist, Atheistic revolutionaries identitifed as the”Jews” (elite) and that all those that support them be brought to account (on charges of treason) these lunatics will continue with their genocidal plan that is almost identical to what they did to Russia (66 million murdered) and Germany (over 20 million murdered) before us.

  7. On that City-Data article, it frustrates me beyond comprehension that the first thing they associate SECEDE with is the Klan, and automatically think that we’re doing this out of hate. It literally boggles the brain.

    “The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.”

    ? G.K. Chesterton

  8. @Logan
    Never used to hear this word hate when I was growing up. Now its everywhere and they’ve made laws against it all over the West. And when you ask them to define what they mean by”hate”, it changes depending on the argument they’re having at the time. So “hate” is yet another leftist meme, to describe anything they don’t like.

    Calling all disagreement “hate” is childish.

  9. I like it. Good initiative. As long as it’s backed up with information: a Web site with the Jewish Tribal Review, for example, easily accessible using the search function and a gold mine of facts. The Jewish grip on the Occident must be loosened if we want to survive as a people. There’s no question that Jews as a whole have hurt us tremendously in all sorts of ways over the last 40 years.

  10. I think we should take advice from “THE PROTOCOLS
    OF ZION”. “…Goyim are stubborn, but they do not have enough perseverance in achieving their goal.

    They are lazy, that is why they tend to rush things. They attempt to solve all problems at once.

    They tend to neglect small for the sake of the big.

    We, on the other hand, pursue the tactics of small victories, even though we are not against the big ones.

    A small victory is also a victory!…”

    The reason Jews are so successful is they consistently add up small victories, they work together and they use banking to multiply their money. It’s not as if this is magic. It’s a well polished formula. Even the craziest ideas they have like the goals of the Frankfurt School worked because they stuck with it.

    So signs are not a bad idea. Constantly pick at them over and over. What Hunter is doing is perfect also and even better. People know there’s something wrong with this country but haven’t got a handle on what. Their biggest problem is 9-11. Building #7 is a HUGE smoking gun. Their second biggest problem is the Federal Reserve. They’ve stolen the whole country with reserve funds.

    Remember they’ve been thrown out of every country they’ve gone to. They’ve never won. The only way they can win is to disarm us and take over the whole country. If they fail to take the whole country all at once and with no mistakes then they’re screwed. With todays internet and greater flow of information they will lose FOREVER if they fail. Everyone will know and no one will ever let them in power again.

  11. “As long as it’s backed up with information: a Web site with the Jewish Tribal Review”

    It’s backed up with the dailystormer.com website which is ultimately the problem with this thing. I haven’t searched extensively but I’m pretty sure there are websites out there that give a simple rundown on the j-problem without stories on who jamal raped yesterday and ali paki is raping today and why we should all play nazi-dress up.

  12. Nah, this doesn’t work.

    Instead , don’t bathe or shave for a month. Dress up in Muslim garb and hold signs, pass out literature saying:

    Jews control the media.
    Porn is Jewish.
    Communism is Jewish.
    Worst of all, Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagen is Jewish!

    Either Way we win.

    90% + plus OD Whites will just be enraged that some ugly, hairy, Paki, Turk, Arab Muslimimmigrant is in their community threatening violence.

    10% might say.

    “Yeah, porn. The MS! Media I hate, it is very Jewish, I’ll fight that”

    Either way we win.

    Isn’t winning, better than losing? Always losing,,, year after year, after year.. Always losing . My God , we might as well well become Chicago Cubs fans… Always losing… Year after year ….. After year, after year….. After year.

  13. Dalton is right about DS; it’s baseness will turn off more people than its true scoop on the Jews will turn them on.

  14. ETA Its the tone of DS that is the problem, not just the ideological conundrum of attempting to rally a freedom-loving people via fascism. AA’s niggardly stance towards blacks, gays, women and even his own germanic Celtic people is totally counter productive. You can make fun of black depravity but a wiser and more poised spokesperson wouldn’t overdo it so extremely and categorically.

    There’s literally nowhere to go to get the real news in America, or Europe for that matter, without having somebody’s asshole agenda shoved down your throat. Race realists are classist, dailystormers are mostly cowards in German soldiers’ cyber-costumes.

    Its no wonder the white middle class knows things are dire (to an extent) yet remains paralyzed. Americans have the right – the responsibility – to speak freely yet look what we do with it.

    Totally pathetic.

  15. Bravo to Ransdell for drawing attention to the issue using rhyme !! Consider a batch that say “END JEWISH DOMINATION OF MEDIA, BANKS & EDUCATION

  16. Still not convinced the Jews are our number 1 enemy? Maybe this will wake you up.

    No, I’m still not convinced that fixating on Jews does anything but grease up the gears of the revolving door of Jewish claims to persecution. If harping on that and yelling from the mountain tops about The Jews was such a brilliant strategy that the dastardly and omnipotent Chosen were trying to eradicate, people like David Duke would have slipped on a banana peel a long time ago. He would have been found passed out with a suitcase of cocaine in his room, drugged up and shacked up with a transvestite in a Thai whorehouse, complete with dog collar and copy of Henie Boy magazine. If I was all powerful and a vindictive little megalomaniac in a world where my henchmen controlled society, that’s how I would handle opposition.

    Far from the delusional fantasy that this will have people flocking to pro-White views, this will most definitely see to it that anti-White entities like the SPLC get another round of donations to fight the hate that is targeting their area. Don’t they already target their fundraising to areas that have this kind of “anti-Semitic” history? Hey, why not paint some swastikas on a few neighborhood homes after all of the signs have been put out. I see no reason to do something half-assed.

    There’s a reason this exact same kind of unoriginal attention whoring has failed year after year after year. Hint: It’s not because of The Jews.

  17. Jack Ryan says:
    October 29, 2014 at 10:44 pm

    “Nah, this doesn’t work.”

    “Isn’t winning, better than losing? Always losing,,, year after year, after year.. Always losing . My God , we might as well well become Chicago Cubs fans… Always losing… Year after year ….. After year, after year….. After year.”

    Come on Jack… You aren’t saying with Jews we lose? 😉

  18. As long as none of these guys shows up at a Southern independence rally in full Nazi regalia there is no reason for anyone on this board to condemn this activity. The Jews need to be kicked out of power in the West we can do it bluntly like Uncle Adolf did or we can be more subtle like Joe Stalin or King Putin, but out of power the Jews must go. Setting up these signs and spreading the ‘with Jews we lose’ meme is a good first step if a thousand men follow this example we would the top story in the nation, if we had ten thousand such men we would have a national movement. We don’t need to become National Socialists but we have a lot to learn from them, in a few short years they stood toe to toe with the Jews and cleaned their clocked if it wasn’t for the slave army of Soviets and Anglo-Americans burning down Europe we would be in a Golden Age now instead of facing extinction. Take the good ideas of the Nazis jettison the costumes and say very extreme things in a very calm and cool voice.

  19. @Prussiancroat, they didn’t ‘clean anyone’s clock’. If you want to look at the ‘tribe’ as an entity… then it just played into their trap. It’s akin to some big guy getting angry in a bar, starting a fight, KO’ing the first 3-4 guys in his way… but soon enough he’s overpowered, dragged out back and curb-stomped.

    Point is? Trying to fight the problem with skeletons in your closet doesn’t work. David Duke doesn’t work because he was a Klan member. That’s why a lawyer trying to defend their guilty client loves exposing witnesses whose character is questionable.

    Sad thing is, it’ s only people like Hunter that could possibly do something–but then he (naturally) doesn’t want to be associated with all the neo-nazis and muztards. They (the tribe) have played this beautifully to be honest.

  20. is a good first step if a thousand men follow this example

    New to the pro-White world, are we? This was a first step in the 60s. This was a first step in the 70s. This was a first step in the 80s. This was a first step in the 90s. This was a first step all throughout the first of this century. Nothing has changed for the better and practically nothing but deception and degeneracy was found to be the most vociferous proponents of this wonderful strategy. Wake up, grow up, and quit trying to put a square peg into a round hole and then rationalize it by telling everyone that it will all fit one day if they just close their eyes, have faith, and blindly follow perennial losers who haven’t come up with an original idea in…… forever. The actual Nazis were very innovative in the their time and would more than likely still be considered rhetorical geniuses even by the standards of today; and they would have probably beat your ass and dropped you in a hole for trying to ride the coattails of failure for so long.

    Frankly, I see no reason to not condemn this kind of idiocy. Healthy organisms adapt and fight off all bacteria and threats.

  21. I actually think the D.S. is a better ‘zine than you’re acknowledging. Sure, the language can be intemperate at times, but the vigorous, visceral humour can stick in people’s minds, especially people who don’t have the time or patience to read longer, more nuanced pieces. Just to use two examples: the bit about the explosion of the NASA rocket was thoroughly funny yet made a vivid point (Radix, by contrast, just threw up two videos), and a recent slam of the current, pro-sodomy pope was spot on.

  22. As long as none of these guys shows up at a Southern independence rally in full Nazi regalia there is no reason for anyone on this board to condemn this activity.

    Always possible the ones who do this have an unstated reason.

  23. It’s interesting the ones who complain the most about excessive focus on the Jews focus on Jews at least as much or MORE than nationalists like Andrew Anglin and David Duke. If they don’t think it’s productive to talk about the topic, why don’t they shut up about it? Potentially, they could cut Jew discussion on the white sites by 50% if they would just drop it and eliminate their half of the argument.

  24. Also, I will never understand the idea among the various organisms of the Alternative Right (to use one label to cover us all) that there can only be one way of doing things, and every other way is wrong.

    Let a thousand flowers bloom. Seriously. The more organisms exist, the more people will be awakened, each in their own way — or to use a metaphor, the more fishers in the stream using various types of bait, the greater the overall catch will be.

    It’s not like we’re all collectively trying to form a political party with a unified platform.

    I will always advocate a “no enemies to my Right” policy, and at the risk of making *one* statement that I wish everyone on the Alt Right would adopt, I really do believe that this is a philosophy that we should all adopt.

    “Bacteria and threats” are not allies with whom we agree on 90% and disagree about 10%; “bacteria and threats” are, very obviously, the Cultural Marxists. We should ever put aside our 10% differences and save our ire for whose who are our true enemies.

  25. If they don’t think it’s productive to talk about the topic, why don’t they shut up about it?

    For much the same reason you don’t shut up, Lew, when you believe that you see something as a potential negative asset. I’ve already seen this play out time and time again. Same storyline, same horrible acting skills, same ending, just different actors. If this is the best the pro-White world can come up with, then we probably deserve a little thinning of the herd.

  26. “Bacteria and threats” are not allies with whom we agree on 90% and disagree about 10%;

    Did you know that some of the most successful and dangerous bacteria and viruses are those that will mimic normal cells and proteins or even mimic other less dangerous abnormalities in order to grow? A 90% threshold is only acceptable as long as the 10% doesn’t keep the organism from staying healthy and growing.

  27. @ Celestial Time

    I guess you have problems with reading comprehension I stated the nazi costumes
    should be ditched and that Americans won’t be turned into National Socialist any
    time soon that just flew by your head. There is room for mainstream LOS rallies
    there is room for with Jews you lose as well. So far both mainstreaming and
    vanguardism have been utter failures both should be tried until there is some sort
    of breakthrough.

  28. Not to toot my own horn, but I will say I am rather good at propaganda.

    I am the creator of the original “Missing – a future for White children” flyer/poster.

    The original flyer feature a cute 2 year old Scadinavian boy from Chicago, my colleague Jarl Carlsson. All the White Nationalist groups in the 1990s. Including Dr. Pierce ‘s National Alliance copied our “Missing” flyer.

    My advice with the Jewish issue, is:

    Try to be effective. If you are not being effective, successful in some small way, don’t do it.

    Don’t just rant and rave and scream how much you hate Jews, that might as well be an act from a Jew Hollywood script – “bad guy, RACIST hater, bad, bad, bad – hate is bad”.

    I stead, study effective propaganda from past times – Soviet propaganda, NS, A erican war propaganda, Lee Atwater’ssuccessful Willie Horton advert etc.

    I highly recommend the book “faces of the enemy” describes all the types of effective propaganda.

    Focus on some local issue that is current – what are White people talking about now?

    Ebola plague coming to the USA from West Africa. White Americans ain’t talking about the 1967 Israeli attack on the USS Liberty.

    Dress appropriately . If Hitler and the NS dressed in foreign costumes from 100 years ago, they would most probably have been laughed out of Germany.

    Have good looking signs, good looking activists.

    Be positive, have some fun. Negativity, hate doesn’t work .

  29. @ Celestial Time

    Incredible. There’s a mass media controlled by Cultural Marxists, an educational system controlled by Cultural Marxists, a banking system controlled by Cultural Marxists, a legal system controlled by Cultural Marxists, a government controlled by Cultural Marxists, and increasingly, a business world caving to Cultural Marxists, and you think that people who agree with us about almost everything, except a few particulars of tone and style, are keeping the Alt Right from growing? That is insane.

    For goodness’ sake, focus your ire on our actual enemies, not on our allies.

  30. @ Jack Ryan

    That’s great. So do it your way (no one’s stopping you), and let others do things their way.

    It’s very obviously not an either/or scenario. The Left attacks us in thousands of different ways with thousands of different approaches, everything from crude Antifa tactics to slick, professional, commercial propaganda. Each of these weapons is effective against us in its own way. The more approaches we use, the better. You never know who might be awakened by which method — some in one manner, others in a different manner.

  31. Prussiancroat,

    Maybe you have the reading comprehension problem, because I made it abundantly clear that your idea of a “first step” is nothing but a related series of “first steps” that have never gone anywhere and always resulted in failure. I said nothing about Nazi costumes and regalia. You’re not breaking new ground here, you are just building on quicksand. Is it irony or intentional?

    The rabid Name The Jew carnies are to White autonomy and nationalism what the Fred Phelps gang is to the homosexual agenda. Give yourself a few more years and maybe you’ll mature, evolve and then develop a little better ability to compartmentalize and see things(e.g. ideas, methods, rules, policies, etc.) for the value they hold in practical applications, not the value you think they should hold or you wish they could hold.

  32. Celestial Time

    The problem with our first steps is that there is no second or third step one man is
    putting up with jews you lose signs now let’s get a dozen men doing then a hundred
    then a thousand there is no follow thru and a hopeful spark disappears. David Duke
    winning sixty percent of White vote in1991 was a good first step where were the dozens
    of David Duke clones running for office?

  33. Prussiancroat,

    I am going to ask you a serious question. If you were to be presented with an option or path that claimed it could lead you to a much better future, but it didn’t revolve around naming Jews, do you think you would follow it or even recognize that it could put you in a much better position than what you are currently in now? I guess what I’m looking to see is whether or not you believe salvation comes from focusing on Jews more than anything else.

  34. Celestial Time

    I have already praised King Putin who stopped the bleeding of Russia and has started a partial turnaround of his people if we could replicate that in America and Europe great. I think Putin is still too soft on the jews and is asking for a possible counter-revolution but there is no denying the man’s achievements.

    Marine Le Pen winning in France would be a politico-racial earthquake that might be the turning point we are looking for even though I view the National Front as way too soft on race on Jews I support the National Front. Mainstreamers should keep doing what they are doing and if they make some sort of breakthrough the vanguardists should rally around them but of course if the Vanguard makes the breakthrough first then you mainstreamers should come on over to ourside.

  35. You know everyone says,” these ended in failure” but…it’s not over yet. Don’t get discouraged. Think, Obama just called B.B. a chicken shit. Ha Hurrah for Obama. This means no war on Iran for Israel. Maybe less ISIS and no support for the deranged Ukrainian offensive. Lincoln Rockwell failed…but did he? I read his book. Helped me know what was going on. Ditto for many others. Most people still get their news from the mainstream media but do they believe them? NO! Things are looking up. We have the internet and infinite space to bash the anti-Whites and the Jews. They can’t do a damn thing about it. The only way they can is to take over the whole country all at once. They’re not going to disarm us. Many false flags have proven that’s not going to work. If they out and out try to take the country…well the number of hunting license permits issued in just Pennsylvania is larger than the size of all the US armed forces. Fat chance getting the majority of Marines, Army and Special Forces to fight to take over the US. All they’ve got is DHS. Have you seen these fat fuckers. Some are good but most are losers. I saw some video where they were shooting at zombies. No kidding. They had people dressed up as zombies for training. Notice the zombies didn’t have guns. I wonder what they would do if they went into a strange town and everyone started sniping at them. Wouldn’t have to stand and fight just snipe. They don’t have any where the numbers to even start. Armored personal carriers. Good luck.A couple of coke bottles full of gas and how are you going to see out of those things? Even if 1% of the population resisted they would shit their pants.

    I double say,”Let a thousand flowers bloom”. Constantly peck away at them. Nazis, anti-multiculturalist, secessionist, IQ junkys, race realist, psychological profilers, etc…

    I say things are looking up. Never been a better time. The Jews can’t go forward and they can’t go back. If they lose it’s libel to be permanent. Worse comes to worse we can have a big shit-kicking race war and we’ll clean their clocks [Not that I’m advocating a race war]. The whole US is a bunch of stupid. Stupid schools. Stupid TV. Stupid immigration. Stupid disease control. Stupid Stupid Stupid . Most Whites know this. They may not know why but if someone on every corner is screaming “it’s the Jews” in a thousand different ways eventually they may actually get it. Always remember past performance is usually suggestive of the future. They’ve been thrown out of every country they’ve gone to. I believe that this is because they are a tribe of psychopaths. They have no conscience so they also have no off switch. They’re so greedy they never know when to stop. So they push and push and push until EVERYONE is just fed up and falls on them. Anything to get these ridiculous mentally defective people away from them. Things are coming to a head and we’re in the driving seat. The old Republic has no clothes and most people know it. The mass immigration effort is racketing up everything. Remember the Soviet Union was once seen as all powerful. Now where is it. Cheer up. Things have never been better.

  36. I always recommend studying individuals and groups who are/were pretty much on our side, studying those who were successful, successful at anything. Then, after we understand what worked, we try to do similar successful things where we live now, taylor ex to unique local culture.

    The National Socialists in Germany in the 1930s were successful.. And they successfully used anti Jewish propaganda, policies that were receptive to White Germans. But, the NS didn’t just rant and rave about THE JEWS. There was a purpose and it was known when and when not to use anti Jewish propaganda. The great NS movie Triump of the Will had zero negative references to Jews as far as I know. I am sure some hard core anti Semite nazis were furious about that. It was just decided that this movie was not the right place for negative, anti Jewish speeches, propaganda.

    When the NS Germans did make anti Jewish speeches, posters , signs there was specific purpose , not just “We Hate Jews”. The NStook some issue, some fact that regular White Germans were upset about and connected Jewsto this bad thing, like the loss of World War I, the Versailles Treaty, mass inflation causes by Jewish bank usury, Communist terror, unemployment, degenerate art. If there was something local German Whites actually liked, such as forms of socialism the NS didn’t do stupid things like blame the Jews for socialism.

    In the United States today, regular White like television, it’s the #1, most popular cultural American thing. So blaming Jews for American television doesn’t work. Regular Whites like TV, want to be on TV, most women will sleep with whatever Jew wil get them on TV, pols like Rand Paul will do or say anything to get on TV. That’s life.

    So, I recommend find something that local Whites really don’t like and do an honest job of connecting the Jews to it. Liberal Whites detest these endless US wars in the Middle East and Israeli abuse of the Palestinians, so Israeli Jews and AIPAC are named and opposed. That works. Trying to relight World War IIfrom the NS Germany side, that doesn’t work with this crowd.

  37. @Jack
    There is something the European far right does better than the Anglosphere and that is stylish symbols, flags and clothes. The Anglosphere with their tired old men in suits, or WW2 re-enactor dress ups, look like fuddyduddies by comparison.

    If you want to attract young people, you have to look modern and hip and most of all, exclusive/expensive in the same way designer stores look.

    For example: Look what the Europeans did to the boring old WN Celtic cross, on this clothing website:

    We need to put our dress consultants and graphic designers to work, just like the Europeans have. I know we’ve got them.

  38. If you want a 100% reliable shortcut for assessing credibility in the ongoing din and cacophony of right-wing discourse, don’t look at anything except whether the person or group excludes Jews.

    If they don’t exclude Jews in their dealings, move on. There is something wrong; find another site, group, etc. They’re not discerning enough to understand why excluding Jews is important, or they are serving an agenda other than white interests.

    It stops mattering after a while whether the person/group is not excluding Jews because of ignorance or for sincere tactical reasons, or because their goal is subversion disguised in earnest-sounding arguments about mainstream appeal. There is always plenty of all three going around in this perennial debate. The end result of listening to these people is the same. You will either get your thinking confused by listening to them or waste time and money.

  39. Thanks Ted. These European clothes look good.

    Not everyone in the USA dresses poorly.

    League of the South activists dress sharp, they also attract pretty young women. I recommend not associating yourself with any group that can never get, keep attractive young women around.

  40. Hunter Wallace says:”There’s no third step beyond education and outrage.”

    Well here’s some third steps. Control the ballot box. If you can’t read at an eighth grade level you don’t vote. Positive ID that excludes aliens required to vote and verified voting ballot receipts so that the votes can’t be electronically altered. If Judges rule differently. Impeach them for senility. They aren’t Gods, just guys with black robes. James O’Keefe has a new video about aliens voting.


    The Federal Reserve is a big rip off. Rep. Raul Paul got a limited audit of the Fed’s free cash binge to banks. 16 Trillion! That’s just what we know about from years ago. It’s got to massively higher now. So the banks got trillions and the houses that they confiscated. I’ll bet anything that just like what they did in Germany they’ve used this money to buy everything. I’ll bet the Jews own everything. Well a good point would be to take it back. Simple arithmetic. 16Trillion/300million Americans=53,333, times a family of four=213,333. Holy smokes I could buy a serious house where I live for this. So campaign on getting all this money back and giving everyone a free house. Think of what it would have done to the deflationary pressure our economy is under if instead of giving the banks all this money we gave it to the citizens. The bill is the same. We owe all this money to the Fed. Without the Fed we could print our own money and all profit could go to the state. Whether we borrow or just print makes no difference in the quantity of money created. We’re borrowing money from the Fed to make money that we print. Stupid. The present structure of our money system means that if we pay off all the debt we would have “NO” money. Not one penny. It’s all debt based. Stupid. Without the Fed we could have substantially lower taxes. Without the Fed we could have a guaranteed wage. Say 10,000 a year per person? No other hand outs. Just that. Start at 18. You want to go to college? Pay for out of your wage. Lay around. Oh well probably would anyways. A couple could have 20K a year. Children, well we’re not going to pay you to have children and anyone who has numerous children and doesn’t take care of them could be dealt with by local authorities. I suggest sterilization for the worst cases or forced birth control shots. This would over time diminish the hoards over running us.

    Stop the Jew wars. Get out of NATO and all other entanglements. Reorient the military into quick reaction forces in case we have to go somewhere else. Lots of missile defense.

    Trade. The Asian countries are mercantilist. We used to be. Make it simple. We’ve had our economy open for decades so they open there economy for twenty years “then” we’ll open ours. They go first. We’ve already done our part and they haven’t responded. Til then 100% tariffs with strong anti-trust to keep down monopolization.

    Corporate campaign funds. So corporations are people. Ok. Then if you want to give corporation funds to candidates then any legal problems you have the top 10% of the corporations officers will be personally charged. You a person right. No rights without responsibilities. You don’t give corporation funds then the old rules apply. Better yet just impeach the judges that say as piece of paper is a person for senility.

    Ever thing I just mentioned hammers the Jews and their lackeys yet I didn’t need to mention them once. The lynch pin is getting control of the voting rules process. That’s what the Dems are doing with the aliens. This can be done at the State level first and then that will push it into the Federal level.

  41. NS and SN share many traits and should work together instead of against each other. Life in this country back in the 40’s and 50’s compares very well with NS; clean, neat orderly society; respect for traditional family values, etc..

    Again, the Jew has us fighting among ourselves instead of fighting the common enemy.

  42. Lew, I think you’ve misread the critical comments here. I don’t see anybody claiming the Jewish issue is unimportant or that it should be sidelined. I see disappointment in the particular method settled on (“With Jews We Lose” flyers). I see frustration that people who are willing to take their message to the streets use methods with such poor prospects of success – or worse, methods whose results are the reverse of what is intended.

    Your concerns have been answered literally 1000s of times. Why talk about black crime? Immigration? Falling birth rates? Secession? The sexual marketplace? The wider culture? The federal courts? The mass media slandering Catholics? Why talk about anything more than once? All of these things are talked about often for a very good reason. They are ongoing problems.

    Firstly, vastly more people are already aware that these are issues (regardless of where they stand on them) than are aware that Jewish power is an issue or even that it exists, so there isn’t really the comparison here that you think there is. Secondly, these issues have a much more immediate impact on people’s lives than the JQ, so discussing them has the effect of drawing people into debate rather than frightening them away. In fact, virtually nobody ever comes to care about Jewish power before caring about the effects of that power on his interests. For the vast majority of people, it’s only after they realize they have a right to defend and promote their racial interests that they become aware of the Jewish role in anti-white politics and take issue with it. Are DS-ers aware of these elementary distinctions? If they are, how much imagination could it possibly take to come up with something a wee bit more nuanced like “JEWISH INFLUENCE: HOW IS IT AFFECTING YOU?” rather than “HELP END JEWISH CONTROL OF AMERICA”?

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