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  1. A hilarious send up of some of the idiots I’ve observed over the years. And that skinhead looked like a villain from Dick Tracy!

    • I’m the kind of guy who eats at Waffle House, drinks beer, and enjoys watching football games. I genuinely like meeting and interacting with ordinary people. I also like to stay up late at night reading books about 19th century Congolese history.

  2. Brad: Charles Kraft is an interesting guy. He’s a success in his craft, and gets national publicity.

    Kraft is searching for something, I’m just not sure what he’s searching for. Maybe a Zen master and a one way ticket to the Himalayas? He has a friend who is an unknown, but, talented collage artist.

    I’m sore that you censored my “real politic” comment on the election. I hope you read it, because a young gentlemen like you is going to live it.

  3. “Out of curiosity, who’s the moderator?”

    “Yankee Jack” of course! He’s been whining about it for years and now he’s got it.

  4. Please don’t shout rude, mean names at OD writers – the worst being “Yankee “.

    I am a graduate of Vanderbilt University in the great Southern state of Tennessee. I attended, funded the a League of the South protests against Tyson Foods in Murfreesboro Tn, also the tenth anniversary celebration of the Political Cesspool outside of Memphis TN, I sang all the verses of “Dixie”.

    At the time of the US Civil War, 25% of my family was on the right side in Czarist Russia.

    Ain’t no damn Yankees writing for Occidental Dissent.

  5. “Skinhead” is hate word anti-Whites use to silence any discussion about the ongoing reality of White Genocide.

  6. If that satire so-called wasn’t written by an SPLC or Spelunker type, it sure reads like it. The problem here should be obvious. The author of the old SWPL blog, Christian Lander, used to poke fun at and satirize the attitudes of a certain kind of white coastal or urban liberal, but it was always plainly obvious he was doing it with affection and good will. Maybe I’m.alone in this, but it’s not clear to me that satire has any.good will behind it. It is very long on hardcore anti-white tropes even though it is framed with details that will only make sense to people inside the rightist subculture. You ever see anti-whites, Jews or leftists satirizing their own in this way?

  7. Going to Vanderbilt doesn’t make you a southerner Jack, but we appreciate your support. Most of us sympathize with Czar Nicholas and his family as well. We just don’t happen to be Russian.

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