Democrats Get Wiped Out In Dixie

It’s the culmination of a story that I blogged about for many years, but ultimately lost interest in because the GOP is just capitalizing on demographic angst and cultural alienation.

Update: More on this theme here.

Note: How bad is the Democratic brand in the South? Here in Alabama, it is so bad that Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard was reelected in a landslide in spite of recently being indicted on 23 felony ethics charges.

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  1. Salon just has to make everything about race, even though South Carolina and Louisiana governors are both Indians. If us Southrons are so racist, then why do we have coloured governors?

    Okay, so on this win for the Republicans. I see this going two ways; one, the Republicans will listen to the people and actually do something or two, the Republicans will sit on their hands again, which will wake the people up to how the system has failed, and secession will become mainstream (more so than it already has become).

  2. That first article (I think it was the New York Times) was pretty well written, but the comment section, oy vey. They don’t even hide that they’re anti-white.

  3. btw, I’m sorry I’m posting this as separate comments, but why is it always “old white people”? Last time I checked, I’m not old nor are my Christian and country friends I see around me every day. I see Christian things posted on facebook all the time, and I have a pretty diverse friend list. You do have some liberals here and there (druggies and fags), but they don’t vote. Liberals are de facto disenfranchised in the South, and I don’t foresee that changing anytime soon, even after the “old white people” die. You know why? It’s because there’s young white people who share the same beliefs, falling in line to replace the “ebil old white rayciz”. We aren’t going away, I promise. Our churches are full, and our battle flags are still flying proud.

    Oh, you think pushing socially Liberal ideologies onto blacks is going to help? Okay, we’ll see how that works out for you lol.

  4. On this immigration and amnesty business: I’m proud of my ancestors who fought the Indians, and I’m sick of people apologizing to these Indians from Mexico or Puerto Rico or wherever…

    If you are a Southerner, or from an old American family, chances are your ancestors fought the Indians too. We fought them. We killed them. We won.

  5. “If us Southrons are so racist, then why do we have coloured governors? ” – because the charge keeps working.

  6. “Logan says:
    November 5, 2014 at 8:51 pm

    “why is it always “old white people”?”

    Two reasons:

    1) They are celebrating the Baby Boomers dying off, which is a big demographic. The left celebrate less Whites, because they are genocidally anti-White.

    Tim Wise – An Open Letter to White People

    2) The left have been complaining about the old, for as long as there has been a left. “If only the young (and dumb) that support us now, would never get older and wise up.”

    Now if we could get Whites to outgrow conservatism, just as they outgrew leftism, we would be in good shape.

  7. During the Clinton presidency I read, in John Ross’ novel, Unintended Consequences, a statement to the effect that Franklin D. Roosevelt tried to have handguns included in the National Firearms Acr of 1938, for a nominal registration fee of one dollar. Right now, I can only consider that a background “factoid” of a work of fiction. But is it true? I do not know even the beginning of checking it out. If it is tryem however, this means that the Democratic Party has been the party of organized hatred for us commoners’ individual Right of Arms for far longer than John F. Kennedy’s assassination. (BTW, ironically, JFK was a life member of the National Rifle Association.)

    Does anyone here know more of this? If Ross’ statement is true, it is usable intellectual ammunition against the Democrats and points Left.

    (During the Clinton years I was a busy little subversive in that, at my own expense, I bought, and mailed out as gifts, copies of Ross’ book. Gun-haters are suspicionable: What unpleasant surprises are they preparing for a disarmed constituency?)

  8. Go look at AmRen and see what happens when you try and “taylor” your message to people who really, really go out of their way to not pick a fight and not come across as being “racist.”

    The Magic Negro Syndrome is taking hold there with the news of black Republicans. I always knew a portion of the readership was fairly wishy-washy when it came to actual racial standards, but it really is much worse than I thought. Some of them are speaking in terms that make them sound like nothing more than vessels of the GOP, even though they feign disgust at what the GOP stands for. Sound financial policies, small government, pro-second amendment, illusions of staunch immigration controls, blah blah blah, and hey, I don’t think they hate whitey. Well, maybe not until they get beaten in a reelection by a White person. But I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

    If only we can get more black and brown people to start thinking like real conservatives, we can finally get what we all really want. Racial amalgamation is such small price to pay for a little generic freedom and common sense economics and policies. A small price, right? Hey, it could be worse. We could be liberals and Democrats.

    Conservatism without Racialism is almost as lethal as Liberalism.

  9. Do you think it’s sensible for the GOP to gratuitously keep electing darkies?

    What exactly does it help conserve?

  10. The reason they’re doing that, is because without the black vote, the Democrats lose a huge voting bloc. They think if they elect Republican blacks in black voting districts, instead of Democrats, it could help the flow of policies.

    I don’t think it would work, though, because I don’t think blacks really vote for other blacks for the sole reason they’re black. They vote for Democrats, because Democrats give them things. The only way you’d get the blacks to vote Republican is if the Republicans started giving them things too. Which, listening to Tim Scott talk on Fox News last night, it sort of sounded like that’s exactly what he plans to do. He sounded just like an economic Liberal to me, which was shocking, because everyone’s been saying how conservative he is.

  11. I think what will happen is Obama will pass Amnesty by Executive fiat. When that happens it is an impeachable offense. If we do noting then the future is majority Afro-Latino. Whites will have to either mobilize and get a portion of the Red States to secede or go gently into that good night and be no more. Political conservatives must become racial conservationists and Red State Secessionists.

  12. Folks here should notice an overwhelming rural, small town White reaction against political dominance from big cities.

    The victorious Republican Governor in Illinois won every county in the state except Chicago’s Cook County.

    Whites outside of New York City in “upstate NY” voted in an identical way to Whites in rural Alabama.

    So, what we need to learn from this is to find, cultivate political operatives like Lee Atwater who know how to win elections, know how to tell different groups of our people what they want to hear.

    Whites in the South, Midwest, Northeast like to hear from candidates that they are opposing the corrupt, Lib, pervert, non White/elites, mobs, criminals in Lib Dem cities like Chicago, New York, Memohis, Birmingham etc.

    Always position yourself and your candidates as being on the side of local folks and against hated outsiders, elites, immoral folks in alien cities.

    Run against Hollywood, Harvard and Yale, Washington, New York financiers who fund hated things like gun control, queer marriage equality, amnesty.

    Again, it’s enemies in alien, other places, corrupt big cities not regular folks in their town that are like them.

    These divisions were used very well by NS in Germany who won farmer, merchant support against hated, corrupt Red Berlin.

  13. Shameless plug:

    I’ll have two more review posts, one of national races and one of local/regional races (St. Louis/MO/IL) later on, probably over the weekend.

    Jack Ryan: There was once a time where, for example, the Democrat Party could appeal to Irish Catholics in Boston, Jews in New York, then turn around and appeal to Kluxers in Indiana that they were going to combat the Catholic and Jewish threat. Those were in the days before the ability to do instant fact checking. The days of being able to promise almost everything to almost everyone in a contradictory sense are over. The trick now is to concoct a clear consistent unitary non-batshit agenda that has a utilitarian appeal and actually can happen and be implemented. Also, personally, I lost all interest in Illinois gubernatorial politics back in February when all four of the major Republican candidates, including Bill Brady, who I had backed enthusiastically four years ago, voted for him (I lived in Illinois at the time), and gave him money, came out for drivers licenses for illegal alien invaders. I do think the Illinois county map being all red except for Crook County means something, but it’s nothing that Bruce Rauner is going to help when he becomes Governor.

    Robert Pinkerton: I mildly know John Ross, though I haven’t talked to or seen him in a very long time. Both of us being St. Louisans. If I ever see him again, I’m going to make sure that he autographs my copy of Unintended Consequences.

  14. Connor Galt

    I still think that Obama is going to chicken out in terms of issuing some sort of massive sweeping EO on immigration. Remember, we went through this before: Early in 2013, after Newtown, everyone was waiting on baited breath for Obama to eviscerate what’s left of 2A with his pen and phone. Turns out when he finally did sign something, it was a mostly useless mostly toothless laundry list of suggestions. If he does anything here, that’s what it’s going to be.

    The thing to watch out for is accomplishing the same thing with lots of little salami slices.

  15. Here’s yet another thing.

    Bill Clay, who held down the St. Louis black ghetto congressional district for 32 years, his son succeeded him and is still there, once wrote a book called Just Permanent Interests. One of the famous lines in it is that black people “have no permanent friends and no permanent enemies, just permanent interests.”

    Take Mitch McConnell, for example. Even in his own home state, his favorability rating is still underwater (more negative than positive), and there were a few points when Allison Grimes was leading him in the polls, most of the polls had him with only a narrow lead, until very late, when he pulled comfortably ahead, and wound up winning by 16 points. You think coal miners in eastern Kentucky (where some of McConnell’s strongest counties were) think that Mitch McConnell is one of them from a personality and class and life history standpoint? Hell no. It’s as simple as this: The other candidate on the ballot belonged to a party that is waging war on their industry and their livelihoods and their way of life.

    Just permanent interests.

  16. My hopes for the most racially polarized election in US history may have come to pass:

    It will be up to the historians and political scientists to confirm this, but again, this is an electoral false dawn. White vote unity has to go to 80% within one generation, and Partition would hit a critical mass before 80%. But that is the path there, one percent, one white family at a time.

  17. As to the question of token non-white candidates, that gimmick will disappear eventually as the society hyper-polarizes en route to partition.

    The novelty of it will yield to the reality that “Nature teaches beasts to know their friends.” Coriolanus, Act II, scene I

  18. What surprises me most about those voting demographics isn’t as much that whites have left the Democrat Party (because let’s face it, coal country/Appalachia is 30 years behind the rest of the country) but that young white people voted heavily for the Republicans. That’s a good sign, because it shows that the new generation is on our side.

    The Democrats have become so anti-white, pandering to non-whites, that they’ve pushed the whites away.

  19. Logan: Yes, it’s the silent clenched-jawed rage of having the multicult daily parade your alleged sins before you in schools, churches, the workplace and the media.

    Whites are becoming immune to the virus.

  20. Celestial Time is right about the comments over at American Renaissance. They sound no different than the kosher conservatives, aka ‘respectables’ over at Free Republic. Still hoping for the magic conservative ”of color” to save them from being called “racists.” Will they never learn? Even after all that’s happened?

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