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  1. The Supreme Court will have to explain how for centuries, previous courts and elected representatives UNANIMOUSLY didn’t get that gay marriage was a Constitutional right. To date, the legal “reasoning” has been pure gibberish.

    At least with other changes, our ancestors managed to ram through Constitutional amendments. We have only had one Constitutional Amendment in the last 43 years, the laughable 27th Amendment:

    “No law, varying the compensation for the services of the Senators and Representatives, shall take effect, until an election of Representatives shall have intervened.”

    Powerful stuff!

  2. The Republicans have the Supreme Court, don’t they? That means the bans ought to be upheld as Constitutional, which will stop the queers dead in their tracks, right?

  3. YOu have an outright Sodomite/Lesbian in Sodomgomorr, and Jews and waffling manginas on the Court.

    There is not ‘changing standard.’ It’s either God’s Law, or Satania.
    Rushdoony was substantively correct.
    Ted Weiland is right.

    We either have the malleable law that favors sin, or the immutable Law of the Bible, and righteousness.

    There are no other options.

  4. the SC will side with the Sodomites. Because the current Jew-instigated economic, political, and moral Ponzis go, so to speak, hand-in-hand. This is the bad part. The good part: when the Universal JewPonzi collapses, it’s going to be a target-rich environment

  5. If the Supreme Court forces the States to accept same sex “marriage”, it will just push everyone even more to our side.

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