Rand Paul’s Lib/Libertarian Crusade on the Black South Side of Chicago

Rand Paul was in my neck of the woods campaigning on the all Black South Side of Chicago. Lower class, urban Blacks vote over 90% Lib Leftist Democrat; those that do not tend to be socially Conservative Christians who are for traditional Christian marriage, Black law enforcement officials who believe Black gang crime is wrong i.e., decent folks – the kind of folks pandering pussies like Rand Paul and Jack Kemp will thrown under the bus!

The Chicago Tribune quotes Rand Paul yesterday spreading his Libertarian gospel to “save” urban Black America:

“We’ve got to rethink the war on drugs. We’ve got to find a better way,” Paul said. “We’ve got to treat drugs as a health problem, not an incarceration problem.”

Paul also called for providing “second chances” for felons to vote and seek jobs. And he pitched a tax-cutting program for businesses in low-income areas.

“If you want more jobs in your communities, if you want more businesses in your communities, we can’t keep doing the same thing,” Paul said. “For years, we’ve had this war on poverty, and all we have is more poverty.”


Now, those of us who have a more realistic view of Black crime, poverty, have suggested that simply freeing most of the Black criminals in jail, returning them to struggling Black urban communities – that’s going to strongly, negatively impact the lives of regular, decent Black folks. But, remember – the Rand Pauls and Jack Kemps are not trying to look out for the interests of regular decent Black Americans, or regular White Americans. And contrary to RPs Constitutionalist, Libertarian cult followers, Rand Paul and Jack Kemp aren’t pandering to win votes:

There are zero Black Black votes for pandering Libertarian GOP candidates: none!

Why then do they do it?


American Renaissance’s 2013 White Traitor of Year, Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, was featured on the cover of Time Magazine as America’s most “interesting man in politics” Time magazine.

Time Warner Inc. tells us that Rand Paul is the “most interesting man in politics.” He joins Pope Francis, who is doing everything he can to undermine the traditional definition of marriage, who was recently featured on the cover of Rolling Stone!

These PC liberal news magazines tell us that they are “leaders” promoting exciting, “progressive” new ideas to once staid, conservative, backward thinking, plain old white bread institutions like the Republican Party or the Catholic Church.

Time magazine and Rolling Stone tell us that Sen. Rand Paul and Pope Francis are reaching out to black convicted felons (who are denied the right to vote by oppressive voter ID laws), reaching out to Hispanic illegal aliens, the LGBTQ community, and Muslim immigrants, who are “marginalized people” who all just want a better future for their children! Wouldn’t we all like to see blacks, Muslims and impoverished Third World illegal aliens enjoy all the freedoms and prosperity of upper middle class White Republicans?

Lib theology Pope

Why does Rand Paul do this? Will he really win the votes of large numbers of black convicted felons? Is he going to win the votes of illegal alien nannies and pool boys from Central America? Is he going to win over Muslims from Yemen who Ron and Rand Paul tell us are US Citizens protected by the Bill of Rights under the technicality of birthright citizenship that Paul once vowed to eliminate?

No, Rand Paul will not receive anymore votes from these hostile aliens than Jack Kemp, but by saying all these things … RAND PAUL GETS TO BE ON THE COVER OF TIME MAGAZINE! Maybe Rand will get to host Saturday Night Live.

We will not be positively featured in Time magazine cover stories. We are not going to appear on the cover of Rolling Stone. Nor will someone like Peter Brimelow ever be asked to host Saturday Night Live. We’re living in the real world. We recognize friends and foes. No one who appears on the cover of Time magazine or who is featured in Rolling Stone is any friend of our movement.


  1. This is, what, the 80th time that Rand Perm (stole that from someone on AR) has been on the cover of some MSM slick mag?

    Jared Taylor? Has never been on the cover of an MSM slick mag.

    • Jack’s essential point is that people who betray their own are showered with praise by the mainstream media, and that this rather than any realistic strategy is why they pander to blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, etc. No one is worse in this case than Supreme Court judges like Kennedy and Sandra Day O’Connor.

  2. It is imperative that we push for a White voting bloc that only votes for candidates that have a sane and reasonable pro-White platform. Being small at this point is no big deal, as long as it is highly organized, extremely vocal, hyperactive, and visibly professional and grass roots in appearance. The whole conservative/liberal schism is really just a trap to keep White people believing that there is a “less racist” way to turn things around for White America. There simply is not.

    If a politician is not explicitly stating that they have pro-White views, then you can take it to the bank that they will turn on White people whenever it is convenient and beneficial to their career. Democrats suck! Republicans suck! Libertarians suck! Rand Paul is proof positive that even a “moderate” approach that purports to ride somewhere between the Left and Right will ultimately try and build off of the anti-White policies and agendas that came before them. Pro-White people are not going to be saved by anyone other than pro-White people. And they sure in the hell aren’t going to be saved by people like Rand Paul.

  3. That’s definitely the point. When the MSM starts lavishing a lot of praise on someone that is said to be on our side, get suspicious. Then again, if any of us were paying close enough attention, we could have seen right through Rand Perm from the beginning.

  4. The danger of Rand Paul is that he could win, not that he could “misrepresent” us.

    2016 won’t be like Tuesday.

    The blacks, Mexicans, young people, and single women understand that there are elections every four years. With the GOP at power parity with the Democrats, they won’t be able to run a “throw the bums out” campaign. They will be the bums.

    The GOP will want to run a country-clubber, and if they boss one through the primary over Paul, they risk a rebellion that will allow the Dem nominee to squeak by.

    So why is Paul dangerous? If the GOP allows his faction to win the primary, they will offer the swing voters much of what they like about the GOP with less of what they don’t like. They will bring a rabid enthusiasm from the populist right. They will believe that they are “taking back America”; all the while the demographic cake is already baked in and the only real solution is Partition.

    Paul’s libertarian religion is no more or less anti-racist than mainstream Christianity, perhaps much less so. Most of it is mugging for the camera in order to inoculate him from the very real criticism that libertarianism is actually very good for whites and very bad for non-whites and anti-whites. But alas it doesn’t go far enough and thus would be a false dawn before the eternal darkness.

  5. Afterthought

    The danger in Rand Paul, though I think it’s far less of a danger than in 2012 and 2008 with Ron Paul, isn’t that he’ll win the nomination (he won’t), or even one primary or caucus (he won’t). It will be that some of our people will waste their time with him, do mental contortions, make excuses, rationalize, and when it all fails, either start internet flame wars or drop out.

  6. Thanks Hunter for publishing this.

    Yes, I agree my reference to Gerald Levin is a bit dated. But, it was a huge betrayal when heterosexual White Southerner Ted Turner sold out CNN to Time Warner Inc then run by Gerald Levin. CNN used to feature Pat Buchanan when it was run by Ted Turner in Georgia . Now…

    CNN – Communist News Network

    As for the new Liberation Theology, pro Black Muslim immigration pope..


    He was featured positively on….

    The cover of the Rolling Stone Magazine .

    None of us, no one on our side will ever be featured positively on….
    He cover of the Rolling Stone.

  7. Question Diversity: good points, I predict he will not win the nomination, but that will be after he is bossed out after he does win a few primaries. At that point “some of our people will waste their time with him, do mental contortions, make excuses, rationalize, and when it all fails, either start internet flame wars or drop out” but it will be for the GOP nominee rather than Rand Paul. Ergo, it is nothing unique to Paul.

    The sine qua non is the percentage of white vote that can be mustered for white interests no matter how defined. There is a theoretical number (probably 80%) that any real world politician or program will always fall short of. But as that number creeps up into the 70s we will see fault lines of America snap apart.

    To wit, in the South, white unity is already in the 70s 80s and 90s, and whites would readily break away if not for the fear of the force of arms against them. It is increasing in other regions year-by-year. As a bonus, the more of a ruckus we create here in America, even in a losing effort, the sooner genuinely white countries in Europe will roll back white genocide.

  8. What if the Republicans DO win in 2016, however unlikely? What if they have all three branches of government, what then? I mean, what if, and this is a big IF, they win and then actually try to FIX the country? What then?

  9. Rand Paul, unlike his father, sold himself to the Jews. And behaves accordingly. There is nothing more foul than a shabbatz goy. By and by, we will speak to them all in a language they can understand

  10. I believe that Rand Paul is strongly sympathetic to white causes. However – like Barack Obama, who palled around with Jeremiah Wright and other black racists – he has to put public distance (but not too much!) between himself and those sympathies. To openly declare himself as “The White Candidate” would be political suicide: as Barack calling himself “The Black Candidate” would have been in 2008. He has to pay lip service to a wider demographic. Plus, there are the constraints of power to consider: even were the great Jared Taylor to be elected President, he would still have to govern with care and consideration for non-white Americans (which I am sure he would do, and far better than Obama or any non-white leader).

  11. Alec, please re read the American Renaissance article making Rand Paul White Traitor of the year for 2013.

    The list of betrayals is very long.

    There will be so many White American patriots who will insist that Rand Paul is on our side, the best choice, then when they finally have to except the overwhelming evidence that Rand Paul has gone over to the other sides (basically all non White sides including Muslim Immigrants and AIPAC, SPLC) they will give up on all American politics, throw up their hands and say “everything is fixed, it’s all some big conspiracy”.

    This just isn’t true.

    Rand Paul’s treasons are not very hard to see or hard to understand.

    He is a Constitutionalist Libertarian Old Believer and a racial pussy footer who goes with the flow. Rand Paul speaks to restore some world from the past that worked reasonably well when the USA was over 90% White European. These ways of governing and thinking simply have no chance of being enacted or working in the multi racial chaotic nation we have now.

    And Rand Paul is simply pussy footing, going with the flow, agreeing with whomever is in the room with him at the time or worse seeking out Liberal Leftist media, Black, LaRasa groups to pander to them. Our people who argue that Rand Paul’s betrayals do not win him any vots, miss the point.

    Rand Paul is richly rewarded for his treasons. He gets full, leading access to the media. He, like Newt Gingrich will never have to work a real job again for the rest of his life. Rand Paul will be featured on the likes of CNN, PBS as the only Conservative voice and Rand Paul will mouth nonsense that Marrin Luther King and Nelson Mandela were really Conservatibes, Libertarians and Democrats were racist because they aren’t giving vouchers to Blacks from the ghetto to attend private schools.

    Until we get enough media power to promote our own and punish our traitors, pussyfooters like Rand Paul will continue to go with the flow and be rewarded by getting on the cover of Time Magazine, be offered to host Saturday Night Live.

  12. Being on the cover of Slime and Falling Rock shouldn’t be considered a great honor. Remember Rand, Hitler made Slime twice, and Pope Francis should be embarrassed to be on the cover of a magazine that promotes all kinds of social degeneracy that the Church is supposed to be against.

  13. I am also an “Constitutionalist Libertarian Old Believer” but I’m not a “racial pussyfooter”. And while you may be right that certain liberal strongholds like California, New York/New Jersey, and Illinois might be hopeless, here in the South we continue to have conditions favorable to secession and restoring ethnostates based on limited government. There are states in the central midwest that also have this option should they pursue it. Old-line Americans have no tradition of Monarchy, Fascism, or any other kind of totalitarian bullshit. We know what it’s like to be occupied by our own “government” frisked and searched without regard for dignity or respect, monitored like livestock, had our lives and property seized at the whim of a dictator. That’s why we’re all armed, and that’s why the Freedom of Speech is enshrined in what little government we were supposed to have.

  14. TJ,

    Fair enough.

    But, talk is cheap.

    Let’s see you and others like you actually punish Rand Paul for his shameless, pandering treasons.

    Rand Paul’s main KY office is deliberately set up on Martin Luther King Blvd. this seems like an easy place to do propaganda protests.

    So far, outside of American Renaissance and me, few if anyone has tried to make Rand Paul pay some personal price for his betrayal/treason of our people.

  15. Cheers Jack. I don’t vote lately because there aren’t any candidates advocating our interests. I tell everyone that liberty is only possible in the ethnic context. I agree with you on traitors. Keep roasting Rand.

  16. God bless you TJ.

    And God bless the South.

    “The North is a direction, but the South is a place”

    James Edwards

  17. OK, let’s suppose that third world immigrants, inner city denizens and Muslims respond to the GOP outreach and vote in a Republican White House and Congress.

    Then what?

    Will a Republican administration eliminate the Department of Education? Terminate affirmative action and Section 8 housing? Secure the borders? Roll back any of the federal gun control laws?

    Will a Republican administration support the rights of white people in South Africa who are being increasingly dispossessed by the ANC? How about providing some federal money to traditional youth organizations and white advocacy groups? And would it be too much to ask a Republican White House to stand behind the forces of civilization in places like Ferguson?

    Yeah, I suppose we can view the Republicans as the lesser of two evils. And the results of last week’s elections did provide some needed chastisement to the Dems. But until there is a movement in this country to represent the interests of its majority white population, politics are so much smoke and mirrors.

    All the more reason to consider radical alternatives such as secession.

  18. “…Rand Paul’s main KY office is deliberately set up on Martin Luther King Blvd…”

    It would be rich if they burnt it down in Ferguson riots.

  19. Rand Paul was in the all Black South side of Chicago this week, pressing the flesh, pandering, promising to set free all Black inmates convicted of drug crimes, basically doing a minor Libertarian spin on the crime, racial programs of George Soros and Al Sharpton.

    Why does he do this, when it is 100% clear that lower class urban Blacks never vote for Libertarian pandering Republicans like Rand Paul and Jack Kemp?

    The Ron Paul, Rand Paul Constitutionalist libertarian cult followers say he’s only doing this to deflect criticism that he and his policies are pro White racist – that this is just a necessary evil to stay in the mainstream, get covered in the media.

    My point is that getting favorable Lib, anti White media in the MSM is the only purpose to this pandering. These pro Black criminal pandering policies never work for White Republicans, the Black/Leftist Dems can pander way more than libertarian GOP guys, plus the Black power, Lib Leftist can do more than just talk, they can and do spring the worst Black criminals like the Central Park jogger rapists, even got a pay out of $40 million to the rapists.

    Thus, Rand Paul’s pandering racial treason serves no purpose except to get Rand Paul some favorable Lib press coverage and to move the goal posts Left, where supposedly all respectable candidates from Right to Left agree that Blacks are oppressed and most Blacks in prison convicted of drug crimes are political prisoners of a White racist system.

    The next 2 years of Presidential campaigning figures to be a non stop pandering tour of political prostitutes, Rand Paul being one of the worst.

  20. Rand Paul is a disappointment. He is just another puppet with a Jew’s hand extended up his anus controlling his mouth.

  21. The Southern colonies were planted by a monarchy that held sway here for the better part of two centuries. Hence, “Carolina” and “Georgia” and “Virginia” and “Maryland.”

  22. I would also prefer a “limited government,” but unlike TJ, I don’t believe that constitutional republics have a track record of constraining the growth of government. Quite the opposite.

    The size and scope of the government was never lighter here than it was under George III’s predecessors. It was only in such a world that something like the Stamp Act could be denounced as tyranny.

  23. Here’s so e good news:

    Rand Paul’s Presidential campaign is floundering:


    I think we and others in the race realist right (Amren) can take much of the credit for exposing this Jack Kemp clone , Black pandering, immigration loon fool.

    This Libertarian cult only appeals to ~ 8% of the US electorate. The cult is exclusively White, heavily Jewish and most be constantly repackaged in ways lick the boots of the anti White Left/Jewish media. Rand Paul has gone the full Monty in pandering getting rewarded with glowing Lib leftist Jewish media like the fawning Time Magazine cover story proclaiming Rand Paul the most interesting man in politics and the only intelligent Conservative demanding that law enforcement stand down in Ferguson MO and let Black criminals funded by George Soros riot and loot.

    Anyway, the shine is off Rand Paul, and any and all forms of libertarian, economic Conservatism never sells in anyway in Presidential politics.

    The never say die Ron Paul cult members, including former Stormfront Mod JK are now falling back petitioning Ron Paul the elder to make yet another Libertarian Constitutionalist presidential crusade to “save America” … These guys never seem to die, like that Reagan era radio voice “Paul Harvey – and now you know the rest of the story.

    At least the worst Black gang banger rappers tend to die young, not so this Ron Paul/Rand Paul cult… It just goes on and on.

    Good news is, that most everyone in the know is stating that Rand Paul’s presidential campaign is floundering going down to Jack Kemp style irrelevance. Rand Paul could still get the VP nomination as Republicans and the Leftist media like to nominate unpopular libertarian, pandering losers like Jack Kemp, Paul Ryan… Oh dear.

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