White Liberal Beaten and Chased Through #Ferguson

H/T Conservative Treehouse

As Negro-geddon approaches in St. Louis, the Black Undertow beats down an UMSL student on their side in #Ferguson:

“He finally escaped the horde, and while being chased screaming down the road, he made it to a local Walgreens where he ran inside and begged for help. The police were called and an ambulance arrived to take him to the hospital.”

Begged the cops he had been protesting to save his ass!

Note: Over 1/4th of African-Americans and 1/2 of Haitians can trace their ancestry back to West Central Africa.

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  1. Great exposition on the Black Undertow:


    “Our 144 year experiment with black suffrage has proven that when blacks rise to a majority in a region, blacks gain political power and soon thereafter civilization begins to fray at the seams. So it seems fitting that the first tactic that bears mentioning is the use of a “crisis” to move political power to a higher level.”

    In Alabama, this was achieved in the 1901 Constitution:


  2. This idiot is probably still a liberal. Send him back as many times as it takes to beat the liberalism out of him!

  3. Very well said Stephen D!

    Hey, Stephen, we’ve missed you. Let’t do an OD, League of the South event near Chicago this winter. We can sing “Dixie” on some brutal cold Chicago January day and dream of warm Southern women.


    Keep the faith brother.


  4. I can’t stop laughing. Whiny, sniveling white liberal beta male gets beaten by the very “marginalized” people he’s trying to support. Obama’s “Pajama Boy” in the flesh, without the glasses and coffee cup. There’s some sort of cosmic justice in there somewhere, isn’t there?

  5. Maybe his black friends can pay his medical bills. Keep going back until some sense is knocked into you, or not.

  6. “Great exposition on the Black Undertow:” – pretty interesting, but he underplays their most important asset: moving blacks elsewhere via section 8.

  7. How unfortunate that negro sympathizers often learn the hard way that their delusion-driven efforts to emancipate this violent, evil race of cretins and savages are both futile and dangerous.

  8. This is a sign that all hell will break loose.

    It’s kinda eerie. This dumb bastard, Obamacare? Racial solidarity? Who pays for it? What good does any of it do?

    I strongly suspect that St Louis will be piling corpses up by Friday. The last hurrah of a bankrupted Black Run America.

  9. A dawning of racial awareness often precedes full-blown racial Self-Actualization.

    We need more of these kinds of folks, seeing the ghetto for the sub-human hellhole it, and its denizens, are.

    Fiat Lux.

  10. When his pals turn on him, he runs for his life to the sanctuary of an evil corporation Walgreens and calls – you guessed it, the very same evil militarized police he was protesting. Then our hero goes on social media and asks for donations to pay for his medical bills. And we all know, and so does he, if he gets any money its going to be from whitey.

  11. This White Boy has learned an important lesson. And they won’t be teaching it at JewU – the one he attends is JewUMSL – for what it’s worth.

  12. He ran from blacks? Ran? Isn’t that a form of (horrors!) micro-aggression!?

    He should have held their hands and sang “Children of the Rainbow.”

    Be interesting to interview the blacks involved in this incident to get their opinion of this fellow. Perhaps they were literally trying to beat some sense into him.

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