Jacob deNobel and Spelunker

Editor’s Note: Jacob deNobel sent me this email on Friday night about an hour after I promised to spread Spelunker’s identity across the internet. What do you think?

Hello, I’m Jacob deNobel, and after everything that’s happened over the past few days, I thought I would try and reach out. (HW: Within an hour of threatening to spread Spelunker’s identity around the internet, you sent me this email, which tells me that you are constantly reading this website.)

Just to start and be clear, I’m not Spelunker, and before a couple of months ago, never heard of him. (HW: Maybe.)

I do understand that my word probably doesn’t mean a lot to you, but I would appreciate if you could acknowledge the uphill battle I have to fight to prove I’m not a man who has made himself anonymous. How do you even do that, outside of a he-said/she-said? (HW: That’s why I sat so long on this information. There was always the chance you are not Spelunker.)

I had figured if I just kept a low-profile, this would all blow over, but between the SPLC contacting me today and your recent post warning Spelunker that you’re going to post my info everywhere, I’m hoping that reaching out to you will help.

I would really like to try my best to argue that I’m not the guy you think I am.

I’ve seen the comments of your “Who is Spelunker” article, and I know you have a tiny bit of doubt that you’ve got the right guy. (HW: I’m not absolutely sure, but the evidence suggests you are the right guy.) I’d like to put forth enough evidence for you to begin to doubt fully and go through with your test of my identity.

First, a bit of backstory to explain some of the attached screenshots and photos I made. (HW: Spelunker is also fond of screenshots.) As someone whose work with the Carroll County Times goes online on a daily basis, I do a lot of Googling myself.

Aug. 1, while trying to find a story I wrote (HW: None of your screenshots are from August.), I came across the Stormfront thread claiming that I’m Spelunker. I was rather surprised by this and spent the next couple of hours trying to figure out how the heck they connected me to this guy. I didn’t find much, but I found the other thread of some photos of me from high school from my Myspace which hadn’t been updated since I graduated. It was then that I deleted my Myspace. Nothing came out of it, and things were quiet so I didn’t pay too much attention to it.

Things next popped up in September when you Tweeted the link to the CCTimes Letter to the Editor to me. I browsed through your Twitter page just to figure out what was going on, and that’s when I noticed you had been Tweeting facts about me — like my RoboCop costume — to the Spelunker Twitter. This gave me a little pause, so I sent an email to the Spelunking blog email (HW: You could easily send an email to your own other email account and take a screenshot of it.), and later that day I also sent a Direct Message to his Twitter account (HW: If you have two Twitter accounts, you could also tweet yourself.), which you had tagged as well. I’ve attached screenshots of both this email and this tweet of my confusion.

The next day, I received a call on my work phone from Daryle Jenkins of the One People’s Project (HW: That’s interesting because it proves you are connected to DLJ.) who said he was sorry to hear about the case of mistaken identity. He told me Spelunker asked him to contact me. He told me they had never heard of me and Spelunker wanted to continue to remain anonymous. (HW: If Spelunker is truly concerned about you suffering on account of his actions, he would claim ownership of his own blog and stop harassing people.) Then he said if I ran into any trouble, I could give him a call. The next day, he sent me a request to connect on LinkedIn which I didn’t accept (I have included a screenshot of this. Note the date is exactly one day after your initial tweet at me). (HW: I’m not connected to all kinds of people who I known on LinkedIn. So what?)

I kept an eye on your Twitter and blog and Spelunker’s blog just to make sure my name didn’t keep coming up, and I was frankly relieved when I saw you were planning on testing the theory that I’m Spelunker, because literally any test at all will exonerate me. If you’re still holding out, please do the test. I insist. (HW: The test was delayed due to an unforeseen turn of events.)

So I’ve been regularly Googling myself to make sure this didn’t keep popping up, and when your “Who Is Spelunker” article came up I called Daryle Jenkins to see if Spelunker would reveal himself now that I’m taking the heat for him. He said Spelunker couldn’t do that (HW: It’s strange that he is so concerned about you, but not concerned enough to take ownership of his own blog.) (which didn’t make a lot of sense to me, since his anonymity is coming at the expense of my own) but he would call the SPLC to see if there was anything they could do.

Today I got a call from the SPLC telling me they were going to be posting an expose of Boy Howdy (HW: Why would the SPLC expose BoyHowdy now except to retaliate against him?), who they said was the first to post my information. They asked me for a quote to go along with the story, and I told them I just wanted to stay out of it. (HW: If you wanted to stay out of it, why bring further heat on yourself by having them post their article?) I have no dog in this fight and don’t want to be quoted. I saw the post go up, and I noticed there was an error (they referred to me as Jewish, which I’m not) so I called the number from earlier today to ask them to change that. You’ll notice an edit was made around 6:45 or so.

That’s my long story, but there are a couple of things I want to highlight seem to suggest, if not definitively prove, I’m not Spelunker. I hope this doesn’t make me look too crazy, but I am a reporter and digging through a ton of info for inconsistencies is what we do for a living. All of this info has come from me browsing through Spelunker’s blog and Twitter, and occasionally searching for “Spelunker” or “Jacob” on Stormfront or your own website just to make sure they’re not popping up too often. I was content to let this stew in the background, because it really hasn’t affected me in real life yet, but comments like “If there is an ugly ending, well, that’s on him” make me want to clear this up.

1: If Daryle and I have been acquaintances for years, why would he try to connect literally the day after I first heard of you? (HW: I’ve known all kinds of people for years … who just recently added me on Facebook. So what?)

2: If you search for me online — a lot of my info is public — you’ll find that I’ve been a Carroll County resident literally my entire life. I grew up here. I live here now, and I work here. I did a few searches on Spelunker’s blog and he has never once mentioned the county or anywhere near where I live. I’m an hour outside of Baltimore City, where his blog says he’s based (HW: Spelunker claims to live in Baltimore, but his IP address indicates he lives closer to Pennsylvania.), and much of his writing covers Frederick, Baltimore and Anne Arundel County. As one of the most conservative counties in the state, I imagine he would easily find things to write about here, but never has, because likely (HW: I could write about all kinds of things in SE Alabama, but I prefer to write about national issues.), he doesn’t know about what’s going on here.

3: I do work as a full-time reporter, and have neither the time, nor inclination to go around harassing folks. We work late hours at the paper, and many of Spelunker’s blog posts have been made while I’m in the office. I will gladly give you to my local editor who approves my time cards to show that I’m busy working when a lot of his posts go up. (HW: I can edit the settings of this post to publish it anytime I wish.)

Most recently, you’ll see Spelunker posted a blog post at 10:34 a.m. Tuesday, Nov. 4 — election day — in an article that mentions you. If you check the Carroll County Times Facebook page, you’ll find a post “Have you voted today? Did you have to wait or was it a smooth process?” that was posted at 11:06 a.m. and features live reporting from me from the polls that morning. From 8:30 to 10:40 a.m. I was out at Carroll County polling places talking to our residents about the races they were interested in and trying to get back for an 11 a.m. deadline. There’s no way I would have had the time or inclination to run back, post a blog post as Spelunker (even if it was pre-written) (HW: WordPress can publish this post anytime I wish.) and then write my Carroll County Times story and post directly on the web all by 11.

4: This is a little less tangible, since you don’t actually know me, but I think it comes across in my writing and social media presence. I’m a friendly dude. (HW: Spelunker also claims to “love” us.) I don’t go around bugging people, even those I don’t agree with. I know you know that we probably don’t politically agree on much, but haranguing people just isn’t my style. Anyone who knows me would tell you that I avoid conflict just about as much as possible, and I’m all about finding common ground with folks, not insulting or making fun of them. (HW: This proves nothing. All kinds of people live multiple lives due to internet anonymity.) Even my LinkedIn page which you guys found says “Everything I do, both in my personal and professional life, revolves around connecting with others and trying to make the world a better, or at least friendlier, place.” Does that really sound like Spelunker who seems to go out of his way to poke you guys with a stick every chance he gets. Like I said, honestly you and I don’t have much in common politically, but I’m not Spelunker’s biggest fan either. First of all, his anonymity is coming at the expense of my own, which does not endear him to me, secondly, he seems to be more interested in attacking you guys or bothering folks than building something positive. Like I said, this point is less tangible, but honestly, if you read the tone of anything I’ve published under my own name, I think you’ll see we’re not the same kind of person. (HW: I’m sure most WNs strike a different tone too in real life when they are not posting under an anonymous pseudonym on the internet.)

5: On the Twitter front, Spelunker just began his Twitter account in April of this year despite blogging since 2013. I began Tweeting in May of 2013. If that was the time I decided to get a personal Twitter account, wouldn’t it have made sense for me to also start one for my new blog? (HW: Spelunker has a Twitter account. Maybe you are just too busy, as you say?)

We also share no Twitter followers nor do we follow any of the same people (even entertainers like Stephen Colbert which Spelunker follows and I do not). (HW: This is nothing unusual: lots of WNs maintain two Facebook accounts.) Wouldn’t I be able to convince at least one of my real life friends to following my writing on my Spelunker account? Another Twitter difference between the two of us, is that I use tinyurl to shrink down urls to be postable at 140 characters (https://twitter.com/Jacob_deNobel/status/491314731630596096), while Spelunker posts urls in their entirety.

5: Going through Spelunker’s archives, he got his start posting almost exclusively about goings-on on the Towson University campus, before branching out afterwards. This says to me, he likely was a TU student in 2013 who graduated that year and began blogging more often. (Not necessarily. It proves he first took an interest in Matt Heimbach before branching out to others WNs.)

This last piece might seem a little over-the-top, but I think it’s the most telling. I’m a writer at heart and have a vested interest in questions of grammar and style. If you look at the attached screenshots, I’ve highlighted grammatical quirks that are unique to Spelunker and myself and where we differ. (HW: If you are so grammar conscious, you could also deliberately change your grammar style in your posts.)

1: Any journalist who writes for a newspaper knows you never place punctuation inside a quotation mark. Check the AP Style handbook. If you look through my stories, or the attached screenshots, you’ll find that I’ve never placed a comma, question mark or period outside of a quotation mark; however, Spelunker does it every time he uses them and isn’t copy/pasting someone else’s content.

2: Spelunker uses the abbreviation OK, while I use the spelled out version of “okay.”

3: One of the biggest grammar battles is the fight over the use of the oxford comma (the comma placed before the final item in a series as in the sentence “I bought bananas, apples, and milk.” Again, AP style demands that reporters never use the oxford comma. The habit was whipped out of me in my journalism courses in college, and I haven’t used one in years. Spelunker again, uses the oxford comma.

I’ve seen your comments (again, I’ve been doing a lot of self-stalking since this whole thing started) that say that it was Stormfront who made the connection because of a Google Voice call into a radio show that had my name attached. (HW: Yes, that’s the only way The White Voice and Stormfront could have ever connected you to Spelunker.) This baffled me at first, but I did some research and found that Google switching numbers and names for their users is a common problem with the system. https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/voice/aYfoXMOFrtg

https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/voice/90MaJuq9CB8. For Google Voice, you choose an area code and Google selects the rest, but they have had issues in the past of selecting numbers that are already in use. The Carroll County area code is wide enough to cover almost all of Maryland, including Baltimore City and the rural areas where I am. (HW: It is possible that Google Voice could have reassigned your number to Spelunker. It is also possible that Verizon could reassign my cell phone number to another Southern Nationalists. It is EXTREMELY UNLIKELY though.) The Jacob connection is slightly more coincidental (HW: Spelunker chose to post as “Jacob” on the Hatewatch blog.), but it also has been the one of the most popular name for boys for quite a few years running.

If you still have the audio from that radio show, there are clips on YouTube from my college courses which feature my voice http://youtu.be/b25oLATzeNU?t=36s and if you listen to them side-by-side with the radio call-in (HW: I know WNs who change their voice while doing radio interviews to protect their anonymity), I’d be willing to guess that they don’t sound like the same guy.

Again though. please, whatever you’re big piece of proof test is, do it. I have no fear of it, because it will prove Spelunker is not me. I’d really like to not be worried about people coming to get me for something I didn’t do.

Here’s a guide to the attached screenshots:
OriginalTweets: The Tweet you made to me that first got my attention
First email: My email to Spelunker back before I knew anything about him
TwitterMessages: My Direct Message to Spelunker that I sent the evening I sent the email
LinkedInRequest: Darryle Jenkins requesting to connect on LinkedIn the day after I email Spelunker
Outside Punctuation: An example of Spelunker placing a comma outside of quotation marks
Inside Punctuation: Example of me placing question marks inside quotation marks
More inside punctuation: Me placing commas and periods inside quotation marks
OK: Spelunker using the abbreviation OK
Okay: Me using the spelled out version of okay
Oxford comma: Spelunker using the Oxford comma before “and”
No Oxford comma: My lack of Oxford comma before “and”

I’ve been working on this for a while, collecting information in case I ever needed it. Like I said, I was happy to stay quiet and out of it (HW: If you wanted to stay out of it, why didn’t you tell the SPLC not to run the story on BoyHowdy?), but both sides seem to keep pushing the issue and forcing me to the forefront again (HW: Spelunker and his associates continue to push the issue.). I’d really like to wash my hands of this whole situation. Like I said to the SPLC. I don’t want anything to do with this. You’ve seen my Twitter. I just want to tweet about movies and not have to worry about people thinking I’m someone I’m not. (HW: How many readers of this blog write about their ideological beliefs at their day job?)

I do hope you consider this evidence. If you have any questions or want anything clarified, please email this address, I’ll do my best.

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  1. Also, wouldn’t it make sense that a person touting their Anti-Racist Student Network connection be more inclined to take up a position that has a relevant, but diametric, connection to their platform or supposed area of expertise? Someone remind me again who seems to be the focal point of Spelunker’s rantings, and what their position in the pro-White sphere happens to be.

  2. The main thing is just to make sure the right stuff floats to the top of the searches. No business wants to be embroiled in controversy. Give ad-dependent organizations something to think about and whether having a lightning rod for controversy on the payroll is a problem worth having.

  3. Hunter: What are the odds of Google randomly re-assigning deNobel’s phone number to Spelunker (or vice-versa)?

    Also, deNobel/Spelunker had other material that apparently was not as innocuous as I originally thought. I will check the internet archive

    Jacob himself lists his employer with their phone numbers. That didn’t take any research!

    Matt Parrot: Hello and how are you? I got your message from Matt H. when he visited during the conference. Thank you.

    • From what I have read, Google Voice uses an anonymous, untraceable number. In order to trace the number to deNobel, he had to be using that same number elsewhere on the internet on a page that search engines could access.

  4. What mercy was shown to Lennon Baldwin? Or Autumn Pasquale? Or Kerri Dalton? Or Brendan Tevlin?

    All were murdered (Lennon was forced by black thugs and the NAACP to hang himself and Kerri was stabbed twelve times) by blacks in NJ.

    A vile jew in West Orange NJ, had the nerve to go around besmirching Brendan Tevlin’s name after a gangbanger executed him for being white, as in, from EUROPE. When the jews in NJ aren’t running their rackets, they’re orchestrating the murders of innocent whites. (Jews dominate both West Orange, and Essex County). The jewess was desperately lying about Brendan having been involved in some drug deal to keep the northwestern europeans from realizing we’re being hunted down, as the only caucasians in that entire section of Essex (West Orange, South Orange) are jews for the most part. Essex County’s prosecutor is an irish catholic figurehead, Carolyn Murray. The jews (and blacks) hire her to be the face of what is a jew, black and hispanic anti-white lynchmob pulpit. Most of the europeans, as opposed to jews, in Essex aren’t protestants; they’re catholics, mostly irish, italian and some middle/eastern europeans. There aren’t many northwestern europeans at all compared to everyone else. The few there tend to have come through the urban pipeline into NJ and aren’t as jew-wise as the northwestern europeans in other parts of the state, especially the surrounding more traditionally suburban counties which feature old protestant strongholds which weren’t taken over by jews in the early part of last century. It’s beyond contrived to have an irish catholic frontwoman for the Essex County government. It’s beyond obvious that the eight bullets fired into Brendan’s body were a signal from the Bloods in West Orange, that they and their jew sponsors won’t abide a white passing through their fiefdom without paying the White Tax, which in this case meant death. The Bloods are known to walk around chanting ’88’ while fantasizing about killing ‘whitey,’ who is definitely not jewish, and not italian either.

    Brendan was hunted down and shown no mercy, and he’d done nothing. Why show mercy to this jackal? What about his next victim? There will be more, and more, and more… Even in death the jews could give him no peace.

  5. …’88’ is some code among the National Socialists for either ‘HH’/Heil Hitler (H being the 8th letter in the alphabet), or something about a bunch of precepts. 14/88 is the signoff one reads on their websites. Both numbers symbolize something. 88 is all I’ve heard about the Bloods in West Orange, and that 8 means superior.

    For those who don’t know…

  6. This episode has been very instructive for me. It seems anti-Whites are as terrified of exposure as the far right. Always wondered what would happen when Whites get our own version of the SPLC. Now I know.

    Thrasymachus says:
    November 11, 2014 at 3:04 am

    “I’ll admit to being a little confused. Why would DeNobel care about being exposed as an anti-racist? How could that possibly negatively affect him?”

    Companies don’t want or need trouble. People doing the hiring research all job applicants. If they find something controversial, they may well put that job application to the bottom of the pile. So an anti-White’s career is ended before they reach the power structure and do real damage to White interests.

    They discussed using this tactic on the Return of Kings website. Its what the SPLC has always done to Whites.

  7. So let me get this straight: The $PLC used identity-related information gathered in an illegal cyberattack to dox someone who has broken no laws. And the people who conducted the attack are currently in prison for the same kind of activity.

    The $PLC has no problem trading in information gained through illegal activity?

    I know I shouldn’t be surprised but I am. The $PLC has absolutely no moral credibility.

    They seem to be becoming some sort of private paramilitary. Their unscrupulousness strikes me as very Mossad-like.

  8. What Brad seems to have is more information on this person which, if disseminated, might seriously discomfit him.

    Or, Spelunker’s fear might be interpreted as a threshold being crossed; we’ve come to a point in society where this terrorization of anyone defending white people’s rights is no longer seen as some noble crusade, or even just at all.

    The fact is that Angelo Gage took a public stand and this weasel wanted to attack him from the shadows of anonymity. How is that fair? All BoyHowdy tried to do was equalize the playing field, although he only exposed Spelunker within a discreet and contained field (I do not believe 95% of SPLC’s hype/lies about Stormfront’s supposed connection to violence). Some might say he then ‘deserved’ to be outed, but a key difference is that he wasn’t speaking in the mainstream.

    Gage went out and took a stand, this Spelunker coward attempted to hurl attacks at him without facing any judgment for it. If BoyHowdy had to then be exposed by Spelunker’s allies at SPLC I don’t see why BoyHowdy’s allies protect Spelunker. An eye for an eye, his people say.

    Besides whatever extra embarrassing information Brad might have on the cave-dwelling rodent, the fact is that in New Jersey, where Gage made a stand, it is not considered ‘acceptable’ much less ‘noble’ to behave the way Spelunker did as a matter of our principles (attacking someone who is public while remaining anonymous) and substantive values. Almost all white middle class people are utterly sick to death (both figuratively and quite literally) of hearing Diversity whining. Many to most upper middle class whites are disgusted by it; the older folks’ middle aged children have largely had to evacuate the state to make room for the brown hordes and the ascendance of jewish supremacy (a redundancy). In short, this Spelunker person wouldn’t last very long in pretty much any NJ caucasian environment outside of Essex County and maybe the jewish-dominated Bergen. After that he would be anathematized and even castigated were he to become ‘known’ for his ‘activism.’

    I don’t know as much about outside the NYC environs, but my sense is that there is increasing disapproval of Spelunker-type ‘anti-racist’ anti-white terrorism all throughout the mid-atlantic corridor and northeast.

  9. Roosh’s method is good, but it does not go far enough. You don’t just manipulate the search results so that employer’s see the person is a potential lightening rod for controversy with a track record of dishonesty including using aliases and possibly criminal cyber stalking.

    What you want to do everybody is actively work to get the person fired. That means organizing email, Facebook and writer campaigns targeting advertisers and key partners.

  10. That should read:

    What you want to do everybody is actively work to get the person fired. That means organizing email, Facebook and Twitter campaigns targeting advertisers and key partners.

  11. >Regardless, fight fire with fire. The era where whites cower in fear of ‘outing’ is coming to an end, very quickly. ‘Anti-racists’ need to understand that their names will too be outed and the white public will stand in judgment of them.

    Please substitute the term “Anti-racists” for “anti-nationalists” in the future. Young, unwise activists like Jacob/Spelunker are but shills for those ascendent market forces which seek the global “efficiency” of a deracinated world. Spelunker and the largely Jewish agitators at the SPLC are globalists. To adopt a pro-globalist position is in effect to be anti-state, or in other words, to be anti-nationalist.

  12. In the face of racial amalgamation and constant attacks on anyone daring to be vocally or visibly pro-Western/pro-White, optimism and indifference to past offenses is why Conservatives(in the form of the Republican Party) are such miserable failures when it comes to reversing the browning of this country.

    There is no statute of limitations for willingly and aggressively working to destroy the pro-White Western world. I understand why you would want to leave it alone, but, like you said, it’s highly doubtful that the anti-White Jacob “Spelunker” deNobel has been cured of his anti-White affliction. All of that homo rage will be pent up for a little while until he repackages himself and goes ape shit on someone else. I’d love to hear it from the horse’s mouth if he has changed his evil ways. Jacob, care to chime in?

  13. I agree with Lew.

    It’s been said before: Tell It To Tiffany

    What mercy was shown towards a little orphaned white girl, Tiffany Long? When you desist from defending innocent children and women, you no longer resemble decent men. I have no mercy for the ‘anti-racists,’ just as they have none for me or my people.


  14. >Regardless, fight fire with fire. The era where whites cower in fear of ‘outing’ is coming to an end, very quickly. ‘Anti-racists’ need to understand that their names will too be outed and the white public will stand in judgment of them.

    Thinking more about this, it appears that an adequate term with which to convey to fence sitters the true nature of “Anti-Racists” has yet to be coined.

    Logically, the prefix “Anti-” implies that “Anti-Racists” are simultaneously “Pro-” something else. In actuality, that something is “deracination”. Taken from Merriam Webster, to deracinate is to:

    “remove or separate from a native environment or culture; especially : to remove the racial or ethnic characteristics or influences from”


    Hence “Anti-Racists” are more honestly “Deracinators”, or, “Deracinists”.

    These word games can seem silly at times, but it is important to point out self-titled “Anti-Racists” are not in fact protesting against ethnic chauvanism, rather, they march under the banner of abolishing kinship. Their’s is a tantrum against heritage stoked by resentment and inclining toward annihilation.

  15. @Thora
    You’re over thinking it. Use the KISS method:

    They aren’t demanding “diversity” of Africa or Asia, they only demand it of White countries. So they aren’t against brown countries remaining brown, they only have a problem with White countries remaining White.

    That clearly makes them against Whites. They are anti-White.

  16. NYYankees says:

    ‘I agree with Lew.

    It’s been said before: Tell It To Tiffany

    What mercy was shown towards a little orphaned white girl, Tiffany Long? When you desist from defending innocent children and women, you no longer resemble decent men. I have no mercy for the ‘anti-racists,’ just as they have none for me or my people.


    I agree. No mercy to those slugs.

    I am very familiar with the area. Was a nice area before nigger beasts destroyed it.


    Black males murder five year old white girl in Milwaukee. No national outrage.

    Where is MSNBC now?

    Two black males in Milwaukee walked up to the home of a white family, in a majority black neighborhood, and unleashed a hail of gunfire. A five year old white girl was murdered while sitting on her grandfather’s lap.

    Milwaukee police say there is no question the shooters were deliberating trying to kill people inside the house. At least a dozen bullets were fired directly into the house. There may have been a third person driving a getaway car.

    The house was located in a census tract that is 77% black and 14% white.

    The Milwaukee Sentinel and Milwaukee channel 6 have actually been trying to downplay the murder. They are falsly reporting that it was “a stray bullet.” That directly contradicts all the evidence found by police.

    If the races were reversed, this would be the biggest news story in the entire western world right now. Imagine for one second that two white males walked up to a black occupied home, in a mostly white neighborhood, and opened fire. Imagine a five year old black girl was murdered while sitting on her grandfather’s lap. There would weeks of national coverage. There would be documentaries. The story would be revisited by the national media over and over for the next ten years.

    For decades, Midwestern black street gangs have used racially motivated violence against white people as gang initiations. The most common form is mob attacks on white college students. However, more and more gang initiations are targeting random white people for shootings. There have been numerous fatalities. Black on white hate crime violence is also surging due to media agitation over Ferguson. A panel on MSNBC even urged blacks to “make white people feel uncomfortable.” A statement that seemed to greenlight black on white hate crime violence.

  17. There is a 99.9999999999999999% chance Jacob deNobel is Spelunker.

    The bad news here is that he is very likely to continue his antics under another pseudonym. He was too passionate and obsessive about his work to give it up “cold turkey”.

  18. Young, unwise activists like Jacob/Spelunker are but shills for those ascendent market forces which seek the global “efficiency” of a deracinated world. Spelunker and the largely Jewish agitators at the SPLC are globalists. To adopt a pro-globalist position is in effect to be anti-state, or in other words, to be anti-nationalist.

    Some decade – if enough whites still exist – the truth of this will be generally recognized and adopted as a first principle for action by ‘pro-whites’. At that point attention will shift from pud pounding and marginally employable little dweebs like “Spelunker” and to the multibillionaire Jew funders of the SPLC and much else. These people have specific economic interests they are fostering and defending. What are these interests, how do they oppose core white economic interests (i.e. feeding HW’s new baby) and what can whites do about it?

    As HW is likely discovering, there is nothing more TODAY than a crying baby and its mother. This experience is hopefully offsetting the frequently childless pro-White Literary Movement’s incorrigible fixation with YESTERDAY and TOMORROW.

  19. Parrott,

    but I’m mindful that this is a lose/draw situation for us. In the highly unlikely event that we’ve got the wrong guy, we make fools of ourselves. If we’ve got the right guy, then he changes his avatar and goes right along doing what he’s doing. Either way, there appears to be no profit to be found in the energy invested in giving a damn, aside from some ephemeral trollulz.

    There’s also the slim chance Jacob could get fired – not for being anti-white of course, but for the unwelcome controversy his harassment of people could generate. It’s highly likely the little maggot will pop up elsewhere, his activity more subdued by his experiences during this episode.


    I’ll admit to being a little confused. Why would DeNobel care about being exposed as an anti-racist? How could that possibly negatively affect him?

    Probably afraid of an ass-kicking, either by people he’s harassed or by WNs in general. As Parrott said, I doubt he has much to fear from the latter.

  20. Another piece of evidence establishing that Spelunker=Jacob was Spelunker’s hysterical, frantic reaction when he was first linked to Jacob. If someone linked me to, say, Matt Parrott, I might point out that the link is incorrect, but why would I – an anonymous poster – go into hysterics denying it and obliquely hint at legal action or enlist the aid of a confederate like Lamp to argue my case in terms even more hysterical and reaching (calling someone a pussy is 1950s/Hunter couldn’t possibly understand the intricacies of Google voice — rofl)? Surely it’d be Parrott’s job to get hysterical, not mine.

  21. The sudden “End”/disappearance of the blog in the wake of all this says it all. Mr. DeNobel came very close to a career-threatening incident, as it is pretty obvious he was using his position as a journalist to gather information which he would then use in personal crusades. It’s unethical, and would make any decent paper (of which there are few) reluctant to hire him.

  22. “Most white people think of themselves as not having a race…”

    He’s not serious, is he?

    Yes, Logan – he most certainly is. As Dr. Hill has said – many folks have been ‘deracinated’.

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