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  1. It’s mind boggling. These judges typically use the 14th Amendment as their basis for overturning state marriage laws. In 1868, when the 14th Amendment was ratified, homosexuality was illegal in all states. Who knew that states were Constitutionally mandated to recognize “gay” marriage was for almost 150 years? As recently as 25 years ago, the concept of “gay” marriage wasn’t even thought of even in the gay community. Today, it’s another civil right.

    This issue shows how impotent the US conservative movement is. They have complained about activist judges for the last 50 years but have not put forth any ideas to solve the problem. The only solution, short of secession, is nullification. Federal judges will continue to abuse their power until someone stands up to them. Why doesn’t a Southern state nullify these rulings?

  2. This is getting pretty damn bad. Obama goes to China and inks a deal that gives all kinds of “climate change” and “global warming” concessions to the Chinese, but, turns around and screws the coal & steel industry in the USA. This is going to do nothing, but, hurt American manufacturing, and raise the cost of everyone’s utility bills. What’s even more amusing & disgusting is that these nit-wits actually think they are going to change the weather. I can’t believe it. These boneheads are doing nothing, but, selling out America for the benefit of the colored world.

    That brings me to my old acquaintance Joe Manchin. Limbaugh, and many others are claiming that Joe is going to switch to Republican. I kind of doubt that, because if Joe were to switch parties, it would mean the end to the career of West Virginia Governor, and Democrat Earl Ray Tomblin. Possibly Earl Roy might switch, but, that would be a huge unprecedented coup for the Republicans. If Joe Manchin switches and Earl Roy doesn’t that would be the end of Earl Roy’s political career.

    I kid around a lot about Earl “Roy”, but we had a mutual friend who was involved in getting the dog track in West Virginia. I understand Earl Roy’s mother was involved in the dog track effort, she must have belonged to the same church as my pal? Earl Roy could be the last of the Southern Democrats, and I’m sure he has all of his Confederate bona fides.

    Then there is all of the homo stuff. It looks like the latest is that the Supreme Court has ok’d homo marriage in Kansas. The Roman Catholics and Jews on the Supreme Court are going to ram it down our throat…like it or not.

  3. And regarding the election, US conservatives have to be the dumbest people on the planet. As long as Republican politicians win elections, they too believe that they won something. There are grass roots Republicans who believe that they have a co-seat of power with Boehner as SOTH and Mitch McConnell as Senate majority leader. They don’t see that over the last 50 years that their votes for the Republican Party yielded nothing with regards to “Big Government” and social issues. I read a story that was reported last month regarding Mike Huckabee comments regarding him leaving the Republican Party if they raise the white flag on “gay” marriage. Most of the comments at a US conservative site stated that GOP loyalty must be maintained no matter what. These have got to be the stupidest people on the planet. They profess loyalty to a political party that gives them nothing in return for their vote. They don’t care if anything gets accomplished as long as a Republican wins. They are a pathetic bunch.

  4. At least 60 years ago the Southern states proclaimed “Massive Resistance.” Now with queer marriage no one is telling the Feds to go to hell! I would love to see one conservative governor send the state police to arrest one of these judges.

  5. A loyal opposition is no opposition at all. They concede defeat at the onset. They place some idol before all else even existence of their own people.

  6. Reports out of West Virginia this morning are that Governor Earl “Ray” Tomblin has come out of the closet in West Virginia. According to news reports Earl Roy is having the State tax forms changed to reflect homosexual marriage in WV. Gone will be the terms husband, wife… bit.ly/1v7HM1l

    I’m waiting for the report on how Earl Roy had his first homosexual experience at WVU. Where he was a member of the “Southern” Fraternity, the Order of Kappa Alpha. I’m expect a heartfelt, how I had my first homosexual experience while singing Dixie from Earl Roy.

  7. The GOP insiders are like the tiger who cannot change his stripes.

    They are back to a 2010 posture only more intensified.

    This is good for us because it reduces the chance that they would take the White House in 2016, ensuring divided government.

    Whites are getting more and more radicalized and more and more fed up, and an out of touch D.C. GOP fuels that.

  8. Nothing can be turned to good–not even the fairest constitution and laws–if a spirit of good is not behind their use.

    They shall wait, and be puzzled, and baffled and blinded;
    Not with wine, shall be drunk, and shall reel without liquor;
    For the Lord will pour on them a Spirit of stupor,
    Close their Prophets’ eyes, and will blindfold their Gazers.
    Their visions shall be like words sealed in a book,
    Possed to one who reads not, asking, “Read this book, pray,’
    And he answers, “I cannot, because it is closed.”
    Or gives to another who knows not a letter,
    And says, “Read this, I pray,”-
    But he also answers, “I know not a letter!”

    Isaiah 29:9-12

  9. “JAC says:
    November 13, 2014 at 4:22 am
    At least 60 years ago the Southern states proclaimed “Massive Resistance.” Now with queer marriage no one is telling the Feds to go to hell! I would love to see one conservative governor send the state police to arrest one of these judges.”

    Jack replies:

    Well said. This is the perfect issue for us, #2 after resisting Islamic terrorist immigration.

    90% + of Southerners strongly want to resist unelected Federal judges from Harvard And Yale simply dictating marriage laws in Alabama. Go with some demagoguery . This year the Unelected Federal judges from Harvard and Yale are dictating homosexual marriage equality, next year it could be the same for incest, pedophilia, beastiality etc.

    It’s a perfect issue for us – go with it!

    Of course, some know it all Constitutionalist Libertarians, conspiracy kooks will want to talk , talk, talk about something else.

  10. no worries. Ann Coulter says the Republiscam Party gets “one more last chance”. Until the next one. In fact none of this matters…post-SystemCollapse, all issues will be decided by the lead ballot. While I don’t expect much from the Ferguson ‘groids – look how they fizzled after the Zimmerman verdict – it’s just possible they’ll break out into the definitively White areas and commit some mischief. Be interesting to see if the Whites shoot back. Could be. Maybe. We’ll see

  11. Gay marriage is a red-herring. I’m dying to know how it came to be that government claimed the right to bless and certify marriages if it is supposed to be a religious/spiritual institution. If the government was not in the marriage business it wouldn’t even matter if gays could marry because recognition would be up to the community (where it belongs), rather than the state. The overwhelming majority of people don’t recognize gay marriages, even ones that today are recognized by the U.S. Fedgov and several states.

    Supporting it or banning it lends justification to the absurdity of state sanctioned relationships. If you have to ask the government for permission to get married, by applying for a marriage license, you are not free. You are property of the state. The property tax further demonstrates this. It makes a joke of private property, since you lease it from the government at pain of confiscation.

    People need to stop looking to government for their solutions. Secede and then roll back.

  12. TJ: You can be like the Blacks 3/4 of who are born with out their parents being married. Or like Latino/Hispanic/Mexican Roman Catholics who roughly 55% are born without their parents being married. The term for them is Bastards. LOL.

    I think you can make a better case for doing away with drivers licenses…

  13. The 6th Circuit Court explained it as follows “Marriage is sanctioned by governments, because without families there are no children, and without children there is no future for our nation or civilization” (paraphrased)

    Let’s hope we in South Carolina can say the same thing, and have our bans held intact.

  14. I saw Christopher Nolan’s new movie, Interstellar . It is full of positive themes regarding white people. The protagonist is a Chuck Yeager style astronaut turned farmer turned space pioneer. The people and values of the heartland are celebrated. The dustbowl imagery which is consuming the world can be taken as symbolic of the rising tide of third world devastation. White women support white men, and vice versa (instead of the usual Hollywood war of the sexes). The final act shows the white hero thinking in higher dimensions to make the final leap to the stars.

    Of course, the theater had to show a trailer for the new agitprop production, Selma. It’s all the more sinister since it is being released at the same time as the Ferguson affair comes to a head. But there is a real opportunity here for Southern nationalists, white activists, race realists and the rest of the alternative right to exploit. There will be numerous people doing online searches for information about Selma during the civil rights revolution. Supposing there were large numbers of online articles and videos showing the Southern side of the story?

    You can go into MLK’s tactics of civil disobedience. It was never about peaceful protest. The civil rights movement used mobs of people to maneuver the police into over-reacting. And the resulting violence was then publicized by the liberal-left media.

    You can have Southerners who witnessed crimes committed by the Freedom Riders to relate their stories.

    You might update the tour of Southern cities today, showing how they have self-destructed since the triumph of the civil rights movement.

    And there’s plenty of information on MLK’s affiliation with communists which can be publicized.

    The trailer makes a point about blacks not having a voice. I can see articles showing the contrary was true: MLK had the full support of the mainstream media, the federal government, much of both corporate America and just about every last radical organization in the country–not to mention international publicity from scoundrels such as Sweden’s Gunnar Myrdal.

    Another point the trailer made was that there were thousands of racially motivated murders in the Southern states. This is a great opportunity to show the stats on inter-racial crime, demonstrating the high rates of black-on-white murders, assaults, home invasions, and etc. And that the number of lynchings committed in the eight decades of segregation do not add up to the number of murders blacks commit each year in the USA.

    You might also revisit George Wallace, Eugene Connor and Orval Faubus to give their side of the struggle against MLK. And show how much of what they predicted came true–the federal mandates on state governments, the usurpation of legislatures by the federal courts, the attacks on Confederate symbols, the inability of blacks to compete equally in the schools (hence, the “separate” part), the general devastation of the cities by black crime and kleptocracies, the creation of a smug overarching “equal opportunities” bureaucracy, the opening of the USA to third world invaders, and ad nauseam.

    There can also be some education about how black majority rule has led to similar fiascoes in former first world countries such as South Africa.

    Then ask people to draw their own conclusions.

    Anyway, these are some ideas. As the old saw states, a crisis is also an opportunity.

  15. I’m dying to know how it came to be that government claimed the right to bless and certify marriages if it is supposed to be a religious/spiritual institution.

    You’re not dying to know; you’re not even thinking. The real question is the opposite one: How did it come to be thought of as a religious/spiritual institution? It’s a legal one.

  16. That’s total nonsense. It is comonly known that George Washington married wirhout a marriage license. Marriage wasn’t under consistent state control until 1923. you are the one not thinking.

  17. That’s total nonsense. It is comonly known that George Washington married wirhout a marriage license. Marriage wasn’t under consistent state control until 1923. you are the one not thinking.

    No–you are demonstrating what I just said and are, in fact, answering your own question: During the centuries of Christendom, marriage was controlled by the church and came to be seen, erroneously, as a religious/spiritual institution. It’s a legal one, which goes back at least as far as the Code of Hammurabi.

  18. What you are failing to appreciate is that the western concept of marriage comes from the tradition of Christendom not from Babylon or their legal code. Traditional marriage in the West is defined very explicitly in Christian code (in which the supreme authority is God), not Babylonian code. You are furthermore asserting that Babylonion legal code predates the more general concept of marriage, which it does not. Marriage sprang from the community before it could ever be legally controlled. The authors of the Code of Hammurabi did not invent marriage.

    If prefer being a slave to the system, then just admit you are a statist/fascist instead. You cannot deny the fact that modern Western traditions were shaped by and derived from Christianity, and that the original purpose of the American system of government was to throw off British rule and restrict the powers of the state.

  19. What you are failing to appreciate is that the western concept of marriage comes etc.

    You’re blathering. Marriage is a legal institution, whose existence has nothing to do with fascism, statism, or anything else you as tough-talking white man want to howl about. It’s as valuable as inheritance, or protection from trespass, or several other legal constructs that, for all we know, “sprang from the community before [they] could ever be legally controlled,” as you phrase it. It is very valuable, indeed, and neither you nor any other pseudo-libertarian white man is going to evade the same-sex marriage problem by suggesting that government should have nothing to do with marriage at all. Marriage predates Christendom and will long survive it. You can’t get around that with gaseous assertions that “the western concept of marriage comes from the tradition of Christendom.” The priests who imposed their own presence on birth (via baptism), death (via Christian burial), and marriage did you no good. By ratifying their subterfuge, you simply strengthen the liberals who disparage so-called traditional marriage as a religious institution. That’s not what it is.

  20. Bonaccorsi, I don’t agree with you at all. And it seems you totally missed my point that marriage is a community phenomenon and not a legal one. I think you’re playing into the hands of the Left because it is state involvement that brought us woman dominated divorce settlements, Alimony until death, government interference and control of children and education, (the CPS et el) ad nauseum.

    I’m not arguing with you anymore. You also have no standing arguing the legal point. The Code of Hammurabi was the first example known to man of a legal system (thanks for bringing that up by the way).

    The first recorded evidence of marriage ceremonies uniting one woman and one man dates from about 2350 B.C.

    The Code of Hammurabi dates to 1754 B.C., more than half a millenium later.

  21. The first recorded evidence of marriage ceremonies uniting one woman and one man dates from about 2350 B.C. The Code of Hammurabi dates to 1754 B.C., more than half a millenium later.

    So, what? As I said, there are many things that might have arisen from “the community,” whatever that’s supposed to mean, before there was law. There might have been something like inheritance or trespass, as I’ve said, before there was law–but inheritance and trespass are legal constructs, very valuable ones. It doesn’t matter whether marriage existed before law, just as it doesn’t matter if, say, there was property before law; marriage is a legal construct, just as property is.

    You’re not going to avoid “woman dominated divorce settlements, alimony until death,” and all the other things to which you object by trying an end run around marriage, which is, in fact, what you’re trying, whether you want to admit it. Those things are not a result of “state involvement” in marriage. They’re a result of the weakness of white men. You’re simply trying to evade the challenge those things represent. You won’t succeed.

    PS When you’re ready actually to stake yourself, don’t count on any help from “the community.”

  22. There’s some ridiculous Netflix star crying about how awful it was when her criminal parents got deported…the story is making the rounds…

    Whites should be gathering stories…weepy testimonials about how we lost our jobs, our homes, and way worse…The Stolen Lives Quilt memorializes all the americans murdered by illegals:


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