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  1. One thing working in Heimbach’s favor that MW always touched on is that the other side is running out of the ability to create paycheck liberals.

  2. Great speech from a great speaker! I’m a black African so I’m obviously not a part of Mr. Heimbach’s target demographic, but I agreed with him wholeheartedly on a number of issues. Keep up the good work.

  3. Lol, I never thought about outreach to minorities. But the earlier comment made me think. We could work with them on amicable terms of separation. Wouldn’t that throw the screaming liberals for a loop.

  4. I am repulsed by a great deal of the arguments made. The revolution occurred as a result of a plethora of abuses of colonial society, of which taxes is only one factor. Like our government today, the colonists of the time experienced ever increasing and unyielding exploitation via the laws of the Monarchy and the King in particular. The whole of colonial American society was systematically being transformed into a white slave plantation for the King. To reduce the issue to TAXES is breath-taking and reveals a severely flawed understanding of American history.

    See the laundry list of colonial grievances here:


    Folk survival is possible without resorting to Fascism or any other form of state slavery. I believe in distributed power, the power of individuals to act in their group interests, not the power of the state. Resorting to archaic and failed systems of government (Fascism, Communism, Monarchy) is absurd. Pure Democracy is also proven to fail. They are gone because they are obsolete.

    You are also throwing out the intent and hopes of nearly all of the colonists who fought in the war, as well as the dreams of most of the Western europeans who came to America to escape Tyrant/State oppression.

    A non-trivial segment of the revolutionary leadership, like John Jay and Thomas Jefferson insisted on a hereditary basis to the Republic. The speech totally ignores the massive popular and elite attempts to safeguard this foundation. The original intent can be found in the immigration law of the period:


    The system we had worked fine until the banks and highly motivated ethnic competitors got ahold of it, perverted it and expanded it into the Plutocratic-Fascist-Marxist Oligarchy we have today. The old one, and the new, post 1960’s one. My country is the old America, and my ethnicity is American, the strongest remaining hold-out being here in the South. The problem today is there are two Americas. You may misidentify the Yankee flag and the proposition nation as “America”, but I am prepared to resist the killing of the real America with force.

  5. I just posted this on the amnesty thread, Obama is announcing his amnesty edict tomorrow night: http://news.yahoo.com/obama-announce-immigration-order-friday-cnbc-151638028.html

    Matt H is right, it’s insanity for middle class Whites to be paying taxes; people should be lining up outside social services. Stop paying taxes, collect some of the gibsmedats. The only way to stop the invasion is to deplete the well of resources they’re coming for. Our votes do nothing. He’s also right that we should be living/organizing in local co-ops. All the other ethnicities/races are doing it, and working the system. Instead of taxed daycare, have a few women watch all the kids. Create a stealth economy. Every group but Whites (which excludes Jews as they are the biggest racketeers) have done this in NJ and as a consequence, only the very wealthy remain; the White middle class has largely been evicted or ground down into childlessness. The hordes flourish along with organic dogfood stores.

    It is a microcosm of what the US will become very soon, and it’s not pretty.

  6. Yeah, Butz. And where has your ideology gotten us to this point?

    That’s the crux. We’ve continued to believe in the Satanic demagogic state of the USA.
    Well, some of us are done. Finis. Fuhgeddaboudit. All this bolshevik ideology has given us, is niggers, faggots, and spics. Put a torch to it, and raze it to the ground.

    Heimbach has touched on three things that no previous national of the ‘nation formerly known as USA’- the trinity of Faith, Folk, and Culture. Hitler’s aims were bound to fail, precisely because Rome had already been in bed with the usurers for over 500 years, as Michael Hoffman’s book on Usury makes clear. (Not only that, but he quotes approvingly as a Catholic, certain CI pastors and teachers, who understand the racial nature of any viable nation) But, also Hitler failed, because he actually believed the liars and traitors in White Europe were our ‘friends.’ As Heimbach said, “Two people, one bullet, whom do you kill? The Race traitor before the Jew. You can always exact justice against the Deicide, later.”

  7. TJ, and did you know that the English King George III, was NOT an Englishman, but a GERMAN?

    Your appeal to the BS santized ‘religious’ history of the godless Prots and their Republic, which came about not from the Bible, but from the heretical Presbyterian error, means nothing- when you can’t even use an ethnarch who is one with his people, as your primary example!

  8. Ok, let’s all pretend the American framer’s were a ideologically homogeneous set of individuals. Let’s pretend that there weren’t “Traditionalists” or Christians that sided with American Revolutionaries. Burke who? Let’s pretend like many of our forefathers didn’t speak of an Anglocentric and Christian American nation. Let’s pretend the institution of monarchy is restorable or re-forged on the North American continent.

    Let’s totally forget that we have a great pantheon of great Conservative minded and ethnocentric thinkers and heroes in American history. Allen Tate? Well he must love freemasons and Jews for thinking in terms of American identity. Same with Russell Kirk. Let’s pretend that localism and secession can’t solve our problems because it’s too “demotist” or some other autistic reason.

    Most of all, let’s pretend like Europe has it any better than us.

  9. This guy is motivated. Though agreeing with most, wish he would say a word about disagreements with those who have same general objectives, and pose these questions.

    He is pretty hard on the Founding Fathers, but weren’t they folkish to exclude the “merciless Indian savages” and “three/fifths of other persons in their appeal to “British brethren” and create a government for “Our Posterity” ?

    Is the Constitution the Enemy – or has the hierarchial system that originally applied been perverted by the Marxists ? Likewise, democracy may have failed us, but that doesn’t mean the Republic would have failed w/o agitators, and couldn’t the Marxists also subvert a Monarchy ?

    He is big on Christianity, and certainly the effort on the part of our enemies to attack it means it is has value – but couldn’t it be argued that Nationalist Socialist Germany was primarily agnostic and a more effective vehicle ? Or that Christianity was an offshoot of Judaism and we should restore pre-Christian paganism ?

    Renaming America is not a good idea.

  10. Why do we even need a history lesson, talking about what our forefathers had in mind when they wrote the constitution. All of that is all but obsolete and will eventually become just a footnote in history. Minority parasites that bleed the system and corporate greed have destroyed any hope for the American Dream. The white middle class are the reason this country is so strong. It would seem as though every other ethnic group works to effectively weaken this country. Weather it be The Latino and Asian cultures segragating themselves or the African Americans… Well I don’t even know where to begin there…

    We do need to create a stealth economy (NYYYANKEES) Strength in numbers. Focus only on ourselves. If we can let nature take it’s coarse let the blacks fade themselves out with the help of the justice system. Be less tolerant of Muslims and there rights. Keep checks and balances on our elected officials. Things may start swinging our way. We cannot allow the week the cowardly and uncivilized rule the day.

  11. Britain First is being repressed by the British police: http://www.dailystormer.com/britain-first-rally-sabotaged-by-police-in-rochester/

    Why are the british men marching to defend their girls and women but all american men do is lament ‘muh fetus.’ Why. Matt was more concerned with fetus’ rights but somehow totally ignored the girls and women who are being tortured by Diversity in America.

    We have rights the brits don’t, yet where are our protests and marches? Every other month sees a new milestone for Diversity Cult in terms of attacks on our Bill of Rights, yet we as americans (who stole the truth from our european brothers and replaced it with zionism) do nothing.

    It’s shameful. I was brought to tears watching the above video.

  12. The Goal: revive American nationalism

    The Strategy: demonize our founding fathers, undermine our national myths, and bring into question whether or not we are a legitimate nation.


  13. Better than the Reganite bs most White Nationalists spew.

    He’s conceding that capitalism is a large part of the problem, instead of going on about ‘Jewish controlled bolsheviks’ like most wns.

  14. Lol. He is expecting to be booed. Honestly, I was surprised people clapped too. I guess the notion of people putting money before their kin was sufficiently vague enough to stand on its own merit.

  15. You can not say it more succinctly than the Blessed Virgin Mother of God:

    “Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the Anti-Christ”
    to the shepherd children Melanie and Maxim at La Salette Sept 1846
    Published with imprimatur by Msgr Zola, Bishop of Lecce, Nov 15, 1879

    The setting up of the Abomination in the Chair of Peter in Rome has been foretold by an entire line of popes – beginning Pope Pius IX. St Paul in his second letter to the Thessalonians that the Day of the Lord would not come until 1. The Great Apostasy and 2. the Son of Perdition (the Anti-Christ) was revealed. Note: revealed. He does not reign until the final era of the Church which is La-odice-a.

    And Lo. The Great Apostasy now in full swing and based in the structures and organisation of the Roman Catholic Church worldwide – which it has appropriated “from the top”. And the one whom St Paul said would be revealed, has been revealed and his ‘church’ – the Jew world order universal church of all faiths and creeds has gone forth from Rome and wins new disciples every day – both within the Roman Catholic Church and every other church and every other religion and those of no religion. It is becoming the top of the pops. One of the key apostles of the new church has now dedicated monuments to it in Astana of former Khazaria (how appropriate).

    Ergo. Just as the destruction of Jerusalem followed 40 years after the going forth of the Church from Jerusalem. So in the counterfeit – the Day of the Lord’s judgement upon the sovereignties of wickedness ruling this aion and those who have crucified Him again will soon follow after the going forth of the church of the Anti-Christ from Rome.

    And there is a new era (Philadelphia) to be; a restoration of both Church and society to be.

  16. I’m not sure where I fall in this debate.

    I think Heimbach has launched ambiguous criticisms against the so-called “founders”, maybe even to the point of vulgar over-generalization…but then again, how academic and precise can he get in a popular speech?

    Additionally, while we might easily admit the founding philosophy of the American Republic is rife with prima-facie implausibilities (ie: inalienable rights on the one hand, but prison systems on the other….if human rights are inalienable, then not even murderers can lose their rights, else we have to admit rights are “alienable” after all! Anyone know how Locke got around that?)

    I’d like to see Heimbach follow up his speech with some comprehensive historical analysis which interacts with scholarly literature and defends a concrete thesis.

    America has a folk tradition of rugged individualism. When I think “American”, I think James Fenimor Cooper’s characters, running through the wilderness, hunting deer with muskets and bows. It’s incomprehensible to think there’s some moral code that would have us bear up under tyranny.

    Maybe our Southern ancestors had it right? A series of decentralized, clannish “dutchies” loosely confederated together and tied to the land…that seems like the ideal to me.

  17. Great presentation by Mr. Heimbach.
    Even the Liberals I work with who have voted for Obama twice agree w/ my observation that “America is done and beginning to crack up”.
    They (older White folks in their early 60s) can see that everything they were taught and believed in is a cavalcade of lies.
    My conservative boss who owns his company asked who I would vote for last November and I said ‘voting can’t fix this mess anymore, it only debases you’.
    I further intimated that voting in this crooked scheme is lending legitimacy to a fraud.
    You make yourself complicit in perpetuating the fraud.
    He was pretty pissed and came back with the tired canard of ‘millions of Americans died for your right to vote’ canard (he’s a veteran) but was surprised to hear me chuck away the GOP and everything the “conservatives” want to “conserve”.
    I just told him sure, George Washington and Abe Lincoln and the guys who stormed the beaches @ D-Day 1944 put everything on the line so homosexuals could get government-approved counterfeits-of-marriage papers and hostile savage ‘citizens’ can burn down society.
    And because we’re White, we can’t complain about it.
    And no “party” will defend us, no vote, nothing can defend us.
    White people have been cast out of the Human Race without a whimper or protest and we will be made to suffer what we must by the strong.

  18. With all due respect to Heimbach, his speech gives a very misleading picture of the intellectual currents that influenced our founding fathers.
    He ignores the Biblical warnings against monarchy, the legacy of the early puritan colonies, the influence of classical greco-roman republicanism, the influence of the frontier experience, and the conscious efforts of the founders to restore ancient anglo-saxon liberties:


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