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  1. Now they’re claiming an American flag bandanna-wearing White male set a cop car on fire.

    We’d have great still shots of this stuff except no White photog could make it through the zombies to take them.

  2. “Blacks, freedom, civilization. Choose two.”

    This is an excellent aphorism, Hunter!

    This could trump all mantras and billboards!

  3. NYYankees, that story that Mosin posted is basically about a social misfit who had pit bulls and derelict cars on his property. Judging by what I read, he was extremely antagonistic toward the police officer. I get the impression Mosin hates authority of any type. Anything he says about authority should be viewed with that in mind.

  4. The failure to indict is a gift to Obama: the riots drive away any headlines about the fact that Obama just handed the country over to foreign invaders from the south.

    One thug’s death is enough to get people (white and black alike) to shift their attention away from their country’s abolition and their own displacement.

    Its enough to almost make you wonder about the timing….

  5. Yes, even if Michael Brown was an aggressive criminal, the pictures of militarized cops in Ferguson made/make me very uneasy.

  6. boin bebe boin

    YT this is your teachable moment. Relish the flames & let racial reality replace the
    “social construct”. DNA is destiny & it’s good when chimp dna is out in the open & on display

  7. The more they chimp out the stronger our case. At one time we paid them off, affirmative action, etc. Must be getting obvious to even the dimmest bulb that it will never stop no matter what you do for them. Then comes…resistance. If they’re not going to behave, why pay them? Deport them back to the Congo whence they came.

  8. Alec, automatic gunfire has been heard in Ferguson. Do you want a cop to take on someone with full auto with a semi-auto?

  9. Dalton, a competent sniper or deer hunter will take him out with one rifle bullet. We didn’t need armored stormtroopers patrolling our cities in the 1930s.

  10. Alex, we didn’t have black thugs with automatic weapons in the 1930’s. And a sniper can only fire one bullet at a time.

  11. I will admit that Taleeb Starkes is absolutely correct. When blacks don’t get their way or what they want, all hell breaks loose. Blacks have been their own worst enemy for years. Instead of taking responsibility, they love blaming others for the problems they bring upon themselves. The good news is that they are being arrested by the hundreds and the police and National Guard are taking a stand and arguing right back at the feral savages. Yes!

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