The Obama Amnesty

I wish I had something more substantial to say in response to the Obama amnesty.

Instead, I will just say that nothing has changed over the past year: there’s no chance the system will ever be reformed, you are wasting your time voting for the GOP, voting has no impact on policy because politicians do the bidding of billionaire donors and their armies of lobbyists, and even if you are successful in passing some law or ballot initiative, you can be sure that a federal judge will be found to strike it down on a whim, or the president will ignore it and do whatever he wants to do.

If you want to have a “voice” in this system, then you need to get out in the streets and start creating the sort of massive “unrest” that is commonplace in foreign countries. Similar governments that maintain a “democratic” facade lose legitimacy and fall when faced with this type of street pressure all the time.

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  1. Yup, just like the Europeans are doing. JR’s continued lobbying for the Republicans has to go. Things are so beyond that I truly believe we’re in the last throes of any vestige of freedom. Get out, educate and protest. Use it now because we’re losing it quickly.

  2. This is just a minor protest, as europeans have been demonstrating/protesting in Sweden, England, France, Germany and Italy for months in far greater numbers…including a recent demand in Germany by a far right group to know how many jews were in their city…but here’s the latest for them:

    Britain First was repressed by the police in a totally legal, civil (and kosher) demonstration, probably because the anti-judaists tend to flood through the door BF manages to pry open.

    We as americans have our rights enshrined in our Constitution, which faces assault every week, yet we do nothing. It’s just unbelievable. How much longer will we have any rights…to assemble…protest…etc.? Our votes already mean nothing. Asking for permission and seeking validation is the wrong strategy, I’ve decided. We must forge ahead by forcing ourselves into Whites’ consciousness. People want change they’re just too imprisoned by the system and mindset it’s imposed on us. Bust out.

    This is all more reason why Diversity on White crime should be a front and center issue, for it encapsulates what’s going to happen to us on a larger scale. A White woman just got raped and lynched (burned to death) in Wichita this week, by some black perp who seems to have snatched her randomly.

    Where are our protests? When is now?

    The recent Adam Lanza propaganda release takes square aim at the White upper middle class, asserting that ‘Nancy Lanza’s’ race and affluence enabled her to defy the government’s diktats demanding drugging and what is implied institutionalization of ‘Adam.’ At the least it’s a blueprint for mandated Maoist reeducation camp participation, aka public school attendance.

    The White middle class holds on by a few threads, and has little power if any to challenge Big Brother’s ‘benevolent’ ‘mental health’ programming – and tyranny. When they’ve finally come for the White upper middle class, we should face that things are really almost over.

    When. Is. Now?

  3. I agree nothing will change in the American Empire. Our enemies have total control over every single branch of government, Corporate America, and everything else. Our state and local governments act more like state / local administrations of the USSA than anything else. The American people should realize our message of Southern Independence is the right choice for the future. They only ignore us because they don’t want to pull up their sleeves and get to work. #Secede

  4. Hunter: “voting has no impact on policy because politicians do the bidding of billionaire donors and their armies of lobbyists”

    Voting has no impact on policy because the politicians and media owners are Jews or are controlled by Jews who basically want to kill us. (They don’t want to kill us one by one, but collectively, as a race).

    What’s wrong with your comment is that it doesn’t mention the Jews and the genocidal anti-White intention. White people are not unintended casualties of the policies pursued by the government, the lobbyists and the media. Contrary to what you suggest, the lobbyists you mention are not chasing more money, they are trying to destroy us through race-replacement, even though it makes them LOSE money.

    There are many proofs of that. How about the holocaust propaganda and the gay propaganda in the schools? White people don’t want any of it. No lobbyist earns any money by pushing gay and holocaust propaganda in the schools. But the Jews are still able to impose their agenda. It is proof of the Jewish control over society and the government. We know that Obama owes his political career to the Jews. He’s said so himself. We know the names of the Jews who changed the immigration law in 1965. We know that the Jews own the media and that the media support race-replacement. We know that White activists who denounce the policy are attacked and vilified by Jewish organizations.

    Voting has no impact because the system is blocked by the Jews. That’s why it is more important to educate White people about Jews than about Blacks. And also, it is more important to denounce the White traitors who work with the Jews than to denounce Black thuggery. The traitors who work for the Jews are both phony leftists and phony conservatives.

    In a normal situation, we would be making gradual progress year after year. But in the present situation, it is as if we were prisoners of a Jewish pressure cooker. The Jews keep increasing the pressure, we keep spreading the info about them, and nothing happens at all. But at some point, there’s going to be an explosion, and the Jews will suddenly no longer be in charge.

  5. Bundy Ranch wasn’t “stealthy”. Some WN keyboard commandos might want to shut up, weapon up, and show up next time the .gov gives us another set-up. Ferguson, for instance. Get a motel room in a threatened White neighborhood. If the Diversity appears, speak to them in a language they can understand

  6. Hunter is too negative here.

    There have been positive changes. White Southerners have political control at the state and local levels in the South the the GOP. It gets more corrupt the higher you go on the totem pole and the father Southern elected officials live and play outside of the South – in Washington, Harvard, Yale or some “Conservative” talking head on CNN, MSNBC.

    The key is to now translate Southern political dominance at the state and local level in the South, translate that political power to cultural power, political power that separates from Washington, elites in Hollywood and North East.

    There must now be Southern “nullification acts”, similar to those done in the 1850s. Southern states make it the reality that gun laws, immigration policies, marriage laws are determined solely by the good people in the South, laws and policies dictated by the Washington regime are now “null and void”. Southerners will no longer honor or respect what some lesbian jewess Lib Supreme a court justice from Harvard Law and New York a city try to dictate to the South.

    There will be laws and policies that television media in the South is locally owned and news talking heads are good looking, moral Southerners not pushy lesbian Libs like Rachel Maddow, or name changing members of the tribe from Jew Jersey like John Stewart”. Any Jews to be seen on TV in the South have to be locals.

    Racial and religious issues are finessed. It’s de facto segregation, implied pro Southern Chrístían culture, public celebrations of a Christmas in Dixie. Jews and Muslim can celebrate their holidays in the South, but can’t cause trouble or threaten the historic Southern culture.

    And our side will see to it that the Weinstein Brothers are not opening the likes of Django Unchained in our South on Christmas Day.

    And how about a little less negativity Hunter and others?

    Your son Gordy seems very positive, plus he’s a chick magnet.

  7. The only Positive emotion or view that can be gleaned from a history of putting faith in Republicans is that it haspositively shown everyone what a dead end looks like.

    Hunter, you should be doing some food drives or pushing to create more regional activity where you can network on different levels. I’m not necessarily talking about protests or rallies or stuff like that.

  8. Street protests are worthless against the ruthless and determined enemy we face, although an occasional outdoor display can be used for constructive purposes on occasion.

    The system is coming down, but it isn’t coming down tomorrow. It might be five years or it might be fifty, but those are extreme timeframes on both ends. I give it probably 25. The Jews couldn’t stop it now if they tried: too much ground has been undermined.

    In the meantime, it does no particular good to boycott the electoral system: since it costs little, vote in all elections, including the primaries and the local ones. Run for local office even. But don’t let that usurp the real activity, which is building an alternative infrastructure in place so when the “real” one fails you are the best equipped, best prepared second choice.

    Decide what is of the essence and what is in the nice-but-not-necessary column now.

    Decide who your real enemies are and who is just a nuisance now.

    When you-know-who built his Party, he divided the land into a certain number of administrative districts, and there was a leader of each. When, astonishingly, unthinkably, he actually, you know, got power….he had those Party districts become the divisions of government for the whole country.

    Amurrica is breaking up. When it does, it will break into many pieces, with many parts having nothing in common with many others. Blacks will get at least one chunk, and how they run it is of concern to whites only insofar as it presents border problems. Mestizos will get a chunk, as they have had parts of it in what are now Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California before we were a nation:they may even get several chunks, but none of them whole present states, and again, we don’t want them anyway and we don’t care what they do so long as they stay out of our land. Jews and the remnants of New England Puritanism will get their chunks too.

    As Whites, we need and want several slices, and rather choice ones, although by no means all the good agricultural land, and certainly not all the coastline, but many of the best parts. And as differing groups of Whites, we will want differing parts with differing policies and systems of rule. National Socialists, fundamentalist Christians, and other outposts of Christendom are never going to get along all that well. Libtys want laissez-faire, others don’t. We need to plan on at least three new White nations, each independent but with mutual trade and in geographic places likely to promote alliance rather than friction.

    Dixie, Arcadia, and the NAR could all coexist on the same continent. And if they were separated by manageable nonwhite areas, they would never have any reason for turf wars, which have been the bane of Europe for millennia.

  9. Armor says,”…But at some point, there’s going to be an explosion, and the Jews will suddenly no longer be in charge.”

    Armor speaks the truth. Remember they controlled Germany and Russia far, far, far, greater than they do America. I actually believe street protest, non-violent like Hunters doing, are effective over time. What did Hitler start with, 300 guys in a pub or something like that. The Jews have WAY fucked up on 9-11. You should hammer building #7 every chance you get because it’s impossible to explain a building falling 108 feet the same speed as a dropped rock. Impossible. A fireman just retired and can talk now that was next to building #7 and he heard the bombs and watched the thing come down.

    Remember the Jews have been thrown out of every country they’ve been to. No exceptions. I going to explain to you there greatest strength that also is their greatest weakness. The Jews are a tribe of psychopaths. Not all but a large number. If you just remember this one idea the Jews make a great deal of sense. We need to find a way to exploit this. Look at the screwed up stuff they do. Like the homo pedophile that ran the Nazi party. Who could make this stuff up? Psychopaths can do a great deal because they have no fear and they can be the most convincing actors on the planet but they always fail eventually. They’re so screwed up people eventually just HAVE to get rid of them. You folks should really read this link or at least starting at the 182 page maker. It’s about Stanley a psychopath and if you read it it will so describe the Jews,

    If this interest you it’s an excerpt from “The Mask of Sanity”. Easily found online for free. The reason I keep harping on this is in any battle you must understand your enemy, his power and displacement. I don’t believe we do understand the Jews but I believe we can. If they are, and I really have no doubt, are psychopaths that also means they have serious liabilities. They’re machines. No creativity. We can confuse them by constantly changing tactics. They don’t understand Honor, compassion or duty. They have blind spots. Read the story about Stanley and how he sometimes has NO conception of how what he says effects normal people.

    All the immigrants moving here are also not the end. It is possible to take control of the electoral process. Not easy but possible. Take control of the House and Senate. Repeal all civil rights and other type laws. Pass laws so that intelligence tests can be a requirement for voting. Consolidate power. Pass constitutional amendment removing all Blacks and Jews. Deport them. Deport all Mexican illegal immigrants. Those that are caught in the country who wish to migrate as they say today. We’ll help them. Find an African tribe to take them at $100 a head and deport them to the Congo. Repeal the Regan amnesty. Deport all these people. Deport any one who came to the US and used any government program. We shouldn’t have to support them. That includes low interest loans which would nicely cover all the Indian and Pakistani shop owners.

    The real problem is the Northern States and California. For some reason even though the North beat the South and have been fairly well subjected by them all these years they just can can not seem to pass up the ability to poke the South in the eye every chance they get. It may be that if we get enough voes we could throw out the 16 States that consistently vote against Whites. It would be difficult. Let’s list the States that are anti-White
    Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, Minnesota, New York, Delaware, New Hampshire, Michigan, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Ohio, Vermont, Washington, Illinois, Iowa and California.

    The problem being that you need 38 States to pass a constitutional amendment. One way to do this is get a pro White President and just not let these States vote on the amendment. Tell them they’re being thrown out and deport all the fore mentioned people into their territory. Maybe some of these could be picked off. The Northern States that are heavy Democratic party but White would never go along with deportation as they don’t have any minorities. Doesn’t cost them anything as they hold their nose up at everyone else. So another strategy is to capture enough of the House, Senate and the Presidency and move ALL section eight housing to their territory. We could mass produce buildings like the Chinese. Maybe that would at least get their attention. Maybe change their mind. They would be hard pressed, morally anyways, to argue that they don’t need diversity but everyone else does. May be enough to pass the other bills. This could be done but White people would have to decide they wish to live in a majority White country. I would also entertain the idea that older people could stay but if that got too complicated then it would be better for a clean break.

    People in the North and West and wherever could still hate the South all they want. So they could get their jollies but we wouldn’t have to see the country immigrated away.

  10. I forgot to add that I know Hunter believes that the only way is for the South to secede but I want the whole damn country. It’s mine and I don’t want to have any of it taken over.

  11. Why would anyone in their right mind vote? Per the 14th amendment, this supposed government was changed to a corporation. People have to make this connection otherwise they will continue to be deceived by the jews. The de facto government has not been our government since 1872. Only fools can possibly believe this governement is de jure.

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