Fergadishu Burning


H/T Ferguson Scanner Updates

Note the irony:

“Body of a Black male found near Canfield Apt in ?#?Ferguson?. In his 20s shot to death and set on fire. @FOX2now”

Note: Maybe it was a case of Klan violence? What do you think? SJWs had been pumping that non-story all week. Oh, and here is Michael Brown’s stepfather screaming “burn this bitch down” to the crowd.

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  1. Didn’t Robert E Lee observe that where Negros are, things tend to decay ?

    “Rather than have our ex-slaves live amongst us as equals, to insult us with their insolence, to disgust us by their vices, to degrade our name and posterity in a vile co-mingling of races, Southernors would pray that an Ocean’s wave may blot us from this World – yea, gladly live with the glories of the past, and hope for us – no future will be written. – Congressmen John Savage, Tennessee (later Confederate Colonel)

  2. Very sad what happened last night. What’s even worse is liberal politicians had total control of the police and national guard. They literally watched as mass numbers of Blacks went in riot, looting stores, setting buildings on fire, and committing violence not seen in America for years. I only suspect it will continue for days to come….

  3. How many times must white people see scenes like this before they realize, with very few exceptions, blacks are incapable or unwilling of behaving like European or even Asian descended people?

  4. Stephen E Dalton says:

    ‘How many times must white people see scenes like this before they realize, with very few exceptions, blacks are incapable or unwilling of behaving like European or even Asian descended people?’

    I find myself agreeing with Dalton, but would hasten to add that niggras need to be reclassified as something other than ‘people’.

    They are a hybrid or missing link or something not altogether human.

    That should be clear by now.

  5. The irony of that top photo, of the crouched black guy holding the sign about his people’s lives mattering, is profound.

    Imagine how the veterans (and families of those who lost loved ones) feel seeing this spectacle. Imagine losing your leg, your eye, even your innocence, for ‘America.’

    Shortly before the acquittal of Zimmerman was handed down, I sat and cried for some dream we were raised to believe in during what was in hindsight the innocence of the 70’s. It was an optimistic time to be an American kid, in spite of the challenges the decade posed for adults.

    A year later, it’s The End of the Beginning of The End. I for one find it sad. How hard and humbly my people fought for generations to make a better life. Just recently I took a trip to visit extended family and saw pics of the small home in Ireland of one of my forebears who came during The Famine.

    Ferguson will be remembered as the turning point. Whites awakened en masse last summer. Now they’re just trying to figure out what to do. Our frontier has closed in on us, and all we have left is to fight.

  6. It’s the end of the white working class vote for any Dems and that’s for certain.

    In a sense it’s great fucking news really.

  7. Upon reflection, I must ask: who told the Black signholder about to be engulfed by flames that Black lives didn’t matter?

    Was it us? The White Yankees?

    Or was it some other group who whispered in his ear that he wasn’t good enough to earn his own food, car, home? Sure, his ‘leaders’ have repeated their mantra about ‘helping those who can’t help themselves,’ while they help *themselves* to the cookie jar filled with goodies stolen by the Jews from Whites to give to the Blacks. But without the Jewish ‘middlemen,’ as it were, the better Blacks might have been able to truly lead their people to independence.

    This is an unpopular view on here. But it begs expressing. Separate but equally deserving of independence.

    The same tyrants who silence our people repress his.

  8. If u are black and act like you are one generation removed from walking upright, which is the majority, the message from Ferguson and in florida with the Trevon case is that u can be shot by white people and it is Aokay. I think that common sense is starting to prevail, which is to say that we need to look at blacks as what they truly are. Subhuman and uncivilized . That is all

  9. Stupid white people send thousands of dollars to black woman who had some damage to her cake shop in Ferguson:


    Really? 65 THOUSAND dollars raised in less than 10 hours for some broken windows and the like? These white idiots ought to be sending that money to Wilson so he can start a new life and pay for protection from these violent thugs.

  10. What many are missing, is the inability of Whites -other than we enlightened ones (on this and other WN boards) – to see that Negroes are ‘other’ -in every sense of the word.


    They are less intelligent- demonstrably so (remember ‘one standard deviation’?), less able to rationally work their way out of a situation (no altruism, no ability to defer gratification) suffused with a bestiality with ample evidence in their ‘art’ and ‘music’, (rap) are prone to degeneracy in their sexual couplings all across the spectrum (from MLK’s “I’m white tonight,” to double-digit baby mommas, to the ‘down low,’ to the saggy pants, to the ‘White Ho’ memes in their music, etc.); they are completely unable to realize the dichotomy of their own actions when compared to the utterly idiotic demands for moral decisions in such things as courts of law, (speaking before the U.N. and then saying ‘Burn this bitch town’?????) and are syncretistic and hyper-emotional in their perversions of the Christian faith (all varieties of Baptists, Creflo Dollar, Je$$e Jackson, MLK) that over 400 years of catechizing have failed to do- to AT THE VERY LEAST, bring them to the level of a backwoods Methodist, let alone an educated Anglican.

    What we also have are the Liberal/Jew ‘whites’ who still maintain the heresies of ‘they are our brothers’ instead of ‘they are totally OTHER’, as well as the organized H8 of the O’Bummer mis-administration (Holder, et al.) and EVERY SINGLE ELECTED BLACK against their betters- the Founding Whites of this nation.

    All of this needs to be ‘deconstructed’ and Dabney’s observations (along with Carleton Coon’s, etc.) made state Education norms, after Ferguson.

    Death to America. Death to the Negro underclass. That’s about all one can say, after two terms of Obama’s Nigger rule.

  11. Really? 65 THOUSAND dollars raised in less than 10 hours for some broken windows and the like? These white idiots ought to be sending that money to Wilson so he can start a new life and pay for protection from these violent thugs.

    $110,000 at the time of this posting. Apparently she was mentioned on Rush, which is the reason the donations started flying in. Depressingly clueless nitwits in the comments as expected, but personally I’m more depressed by the deep cynicism I have developed towards stories like this. I once enjoyed hearing tales of uplift not dissimilar to this but now I see them as nothing but cheap publicity stunts that prey on innocent people’s gullibility in order to promote their vile political creed. Disgusting.

  12. “There are still white grazers enough to resist the colored invasion. My N.R.A. neighbor, for instance, would gladly bring his arsenal of weapons along on a campaign to rid our nation of colored barbarians, if the government gave the word. And that is the key. The respective governments of all of the white nations will not give the word to drive the colored barbarians from their lands. The exact opposite is the case. The governing elites in all the European nations are committed to the extermination of white people, so the grazers sit back and watch the colored barbarians cannibalize the whites.”


    As Matt Heimbach and the kids over at TradYouth have noted, “Conservatism is a losing a losing game. It always has been, always will be, and your involvement in a conservative movement isn’t going to make it any better. No, the best thing you can do if you believe in conservative values is to find someone who isn’t going to betray you on every issue when it really counts.”

    What is the sign we are waiting for? Where is the Beacon Fire lit on a hill? All we have for leaders are Wormtongues, and Vacillating old White men. And this government is most certainly NOT going to ‘give the word,’ as Cambria notes. With Fergadishu, they’ve clearly shown themselves to be Sauron’s minions.

    Piss on them – the entire lot of them.

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