Fergadishu Photos

Looter Urinates In Front of Burning Autozone

Ferguson Grand Jury decision in Michael Brown shooting

This Black Kid Was Robbed, Shot Dead, Burned, and Left For Dead In Ferguson During The Looting


Elderly Man With Oxygen Tank Carjacked and Run Over


Looter Honors Michael Brown By Stealing Boxes of Swisher Sweets and Newports


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  1. What better way to hold a peaceful protest than go looting stores? Funny how when any of us hold a peaceful public protest anywhere in America the police are everywhere and if we make 1 wrong move were gone. Our constitutional rights are removed and were told to leave. All while the police and national guard literally did nothing while race riots tore through Ferguson, Missouri. The double standard of our government is amazing!

  2. To understand how that “non-violence” philosophy really worked, read Lionel Lokos’s “House Divided”. Lokos shows that King’s “non-violence” was designed to lead to a violent confrontation with the citizens and police force of the cities where his protests took place.

  3. This is what the handful of assholes who flipped us off & shouted obscenities in Oxford need a taste of.

    Fergadishu. A fist-full of diversity, right to the kisser.


  4. Hunter,

    I misplaced my phone.

    I wrote a draft article for OD.

    I think we should try to produce many, very good new articles for OD over the Thanksgiving holiday as folks have lots of free time, the alternatives is arguing with relatives or watching endless football games.

  5. Ferguson needs to be seen as a battle in the same way that Selma, Birmingham, Watts and Detroit ’67 were battles. In the same way the third world rioting in Europa from Malmo to London are battles. It’s all part of a larger war against white people. And a war which is being instigated by hostile elites across the political and religious spectrum. Other elements include:
    * mass third world migration into the Homeland
    * sanctions against white-ruled Rhodesia and South Africa
    * police state measures against white dissenters (“hatecrime” laws)
    * the ongoing destruction of white-built cities from Detroit to Johannesburg and now Ferguson

    Be interesting to see a book or documentary pulling all this together. Perhaps a white version of “Eyes on the Prize.”

    Anyway, Hunter, keep up the good work.

  6. Be interesting to see a book or documentary pulling all this together. Perhaps a white version of “Eyes on the Prize.”

    A documentary would be most useful I believe. I’ve only seen two good pro-white documentaries. The first one I can’t remember the name of it, but it had something of an academic focus, featuring I think the work of some professor who has since passed away. The second was “A Line in the Sand” on illegal immigration, which I thought was very well done (even Alex Linder came off as sane in it). I suppose you could include “A Conversation About Race” as a documentary, though I tend to see it more as videotaped interviews; in any case it too was very good. (I sure hope Bodeker is working on another project. The last I saw from was his “The Race Report” effort, which looked promising but seems to have fizzled.)

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