pegida-1 Over the past month, I have been quietly watching the growing protest movement against the Islamization of Germany that has emerged in Dresden.

More than 17,000 Germans recently turned out at a PEGIDA demonstration – Patriotic Europeans Against The Islamization of the Occident – in Dresden on Dec. 22. A new poll shows that 1 in 8 Germans would now join a PEGIDA march organized in their hometowns.

What is PEGIDA? It was a group formed by 12 people in October … yes, a group formed by 12 people, which was around the time of The Political Cesspool Conference in Memphis, which has ballooned in the span of two months to have millions of admirers and the support of tens of thousands of Germans attending its public marches in the most oppressed country in Western Europe.

If something like this can happen in Germany with its insane anti-racism laws in record time, why can’t we put together a similar movement in the South – with all the advantages of free speech and a weak to non-existent “anti-fa” opposition – in response to the Obama amnesty and feckless Republicans? Why can’t we have, say, Jeb Bush denouncing our “racism,” “xenophobia,” and “intolerance”?

Is this fundamentally different from what we have been trying to do for a year and a half now? Maybe it would happen if more Americans could pull themselves away from their computer screens and start organizing.

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  1. I think there are many reasons why this doesn’t happen here.

    1. Most Southerners think of themselves as ‘Muricans first and foremost. They see the South is a geographical area where they live. Nothing more or less.

    2. Based on #1 above, they pour all of their time effort and energy into saving ‘Murica, which is expressed as activism into GOP politics.

    3. Most Southerners believe in the proposition nation. They believe that immigrants from Mexico, South/Central America, India, China, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, etc. can be made into good ‘Muricans. They don’t have a problem with 3rd world immigration. They just want in done in a more orderly fashion.

    4. Related to #3 above, most Southerners have no idea about what true nationalism is all about. Therefore it is hard to get them to unite around real things such as blood, soil, culture, language, family, kith and kin, rather than abstractions like freedom and equality.

    In order to get Southerners to unite, they must first properly identify themselves as White Southerners rather than generic ‘Muricans.

  2. If something like this can happen in Germany with its insane anti-racism laws in record time, why can’t we put together a similar movement in the South

    Instead of expecting people to flock to groups and organizations that have already been created, why not just simply try and get together the more intelligent, more creative, more focused and driven, and more sincere people from across the pro-White spectrum and see what comes out of it?

    Not everyone is going to jump on the Southern Nationalism bandwagon.
    Not everyone loves the idea of a National Socialist government.
    Not everyone wants to Name The Jew from now to eternity.
    Not everyone wants to incorporate a philosophical meander of Evola into their daily rituals.
    Not everyone in the North is a Leftist or believes the rhetoric about Southerners.
    Not everyone in the South is religious and wants to rally around Christianity.
    Not every racialist is even religious or a conservative. A very large percentage of them are not.

    Hunter, are there any people outside of the Southern Nationalism crowd that you wouldn’t mind meeting with on a regular basis to hash out ideas? I’m pretty sure Alex Linder is out of the question, but there have to be others that you feel could be beneficial when it comes to giving American pro-Whites a broader, more stable foundation to build on.

  3. Initially, I thought the PEGIDA developments were very promising. Sadly, it looks to be another controlled opposition group, or a legitimate group co-opted into functionally serving as controlled opposition.

    As we speak, yet another controlled opposition group called Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the Occident (PEGIDA) is leading thousands of Germans in a protest against “Islam” and “Sharia law”. The group’s leader, Lutz Bachmann, has stated that PEGIDA’s goal is to protect the “Judeo­ Christian Western culture.”

    Anyone who has read the New Testament can confirm the fact that Judeo­ Christianity is a theological oxymoron, and anyone who lies and suggests that’s not the case surely has an agenda or is being paid by people with agendas. When it comes to the West, we have been in perpetual war with the Jews since classical antiquity. Western psychologists and scholars such as Kevin MacDonald and Revilo P. Oliver academically demonstrate this.

    The political party endorsing PEGIDA’s march, Alternative For Germany, supports keeping most immigration policies just as long as the immigrants don’t eat bacon and save their hatred for straight white gentiles. The official quote is that they want a “Canadian ­style immigration system.” How do Canada’s demographics look? Most European’s don’t know so they capitalize on this ignorance, but a walk through Toronto or Vancouver will transform many votes from AfD to NPD­ where they belong.

    • It goes without saying that their soft rhetoric is not what we want. The salient point here is that this group went from 12 people in October to turning out +20,000 people in the streets in December … in Germany of all places, which is the most oppressed country in Europe.

      • Lots of us have begun to wonder if there is just something cogenitally wrong with Americans that prevents any type of resistance movement from growing here.

        The oppression is far worse in Germany than it is here. The leftwing street thugs are far worse too, particularly than in the South, where they are almost non-existent. The obstacles to organizing are much greater in Europe than in the United States.

        I suppose you could say that the parliamentary system spurs the growth of third parties in Europe, but we don’t even have anything like PEGIDA in the United States, which is just a street protest movement, not a political party.

        There’s no valid reason why we couldn’t have a street movement like this in the United States.

  4. The Germans have a clearly defined enemy, enemies to rally against:

    Islamization, being invaded and conquered by alien Muslims and the corrupt political elites that enable the conquest.

    It’s much more effective to rally your people against some other alien, bad people, much easier than say trying to get street protests over some issue like taxes, or just bitching and moaning about Obama, Hillary.

    Our/my overpass protests Remembering 9-11-01 were well received.

    Conservative race realist White Americans were simply fools to ignore 9-11-01 all these years. It’s the event that galvanizes our side on immigration.

  5. My goal is to attend at minimum, two events this year.

    Thank you for all you are doing HW. Thank you for motivating me to get off the internet & into the street. Thank you for saying what I cannot say publicly for fear of job termination. There are more of us than anyone knows. The recent events of Travon Martin/Mike Brown & resulting riots & TNB have really opened some eyes & started the conversation on race every seems to be scared of having. This is a good thing.

    Please keep up the good work.

  6. PEGIDA = German version of the EDL, a pro-Zionist “civic nationalist” kosher conservative organization that has no problem with being invaded by non-whites (provided they aren’t muzzies).

    • Does the US have any equivalent of the EDL or PEGIDA, which are street movements, or political parties like UKIP and BNP, or the FN in France, or a hybrid of the two like Golden Dawn?

      Why is it that in this country for at least the last 15 years there has been nothing but people griping on the internet?

  7. Hunter—These things just don’t come out of thin air. Chances are that this umbrella group has institutional support from the Social Democrats(SPD) and the Free Democrats.

    When the SPD was in power, before the current Roman Catholic Christian Democrats(CDU) took power, the SPD had passed some laws that made migration, and possible German citizenship harder to get, and discouraged immigration.

    The Free Democrats are a smaller party, and usually when you read about an important German making an anti-Semitic remark it’s a Free Democrat.

  8. The “oppose invading Muslims” angle did and does work well in the South.

    Our League of the South protests in Middle TN opposing Tyson Doods bringing in low wage Muslim Somalian workers was well received by local Southerners.

    It’s just reality that Southerns are either some form of Christian or secular, none are Muslims and the whole African , Arab, third world Muslim culture seems alien and hostile to most Southerners.

    When you/we take to the streets in well organized protests opposing the replacement of Southerners in the South with the worst immigration – Islamic extremists being the worst, yeah – our side wins the public support.

    Other obsessions about hard money, the Fed, weird conspiracy theories – no.

    Go with what works.

  9. I share your frustration on not being able to get people in the streets. But there is Nothing to gain by getting people into the streets unless they get into the streets for the right reasons, with goals and organizing principles that make sense. The Tea Party and OWS put 1000s into America’s streets. This German movement, sadly, looks like a Tea Party equivalent in terms of confronting the existential threat to the German people.

    The question is how do you get a radical mass movement into the streets that is also large enough to challenge the power structure? The most honest answer is I don’t know.

  10. Well, the mass German protests are very positive….

    On the extremely negative side – Mike the Huckster Huckabee has resigned his Fox News show to prepare for another Presidential run.

    That will make my two most hated immigration , race traitors Rand Paul and the Huckster leading the way in yet another endless Presidental campaign where no one is allowed to speak for us.

    Sheldon Adelson and Tyson Foods pulling the striplings to their immigration loon puppets.

  11. America is gone, fools. How is it you’ve witnessed the last year and still can’t see that?

    This movement hates women, it has no integrity, principles or character. Somehow I think the misogyny relates to the utter lack of character.

    Our european kin have some chance at regrasping the reigns of their destinies. But ours is lost forever. And if this movement can’t look itself in the mirror and figure out why I certainly can’t help it.

    Unbelievable, all the people who fought and struggled and died to build a place for their families, their descendants. All we have is narcissism, egomania, depravity.

  12. Look at this! Another example of blah blah, blah blah blah blah… Yes, I agree that blah blah, blah blah blah, blah… I’m not sure about that, because blah blah, blah, blah blah blah.

    This is what the majority of the American pro-White scene consists of on a daily basis. Point to atrophy and displacement, become incensed, write scathing retort, rinse, repeat. We’re like little hamsters in our hamster wheels running and running, thinking we are actually doing something or going somewhere. I’m not talking about the conferences or the somewhat more frequent protests. I’m talking about the actual daily routine of sleeping, waking up, working, eating, having fun and relaxing on the minutia level of our existence. Most pro-White people in America haven’t learned to intertwine Life and Politics in a way that can offset and counter what the conservatives/Republicans and liberals/Democrats have to offer. Pro-White people simply are not offering a viable alternative.

    I’m in the Nashville area. Are there any informal gatherings or meetups with other serious pro-White people that happen in this area on a frequent basis? Anyone like to fish? Anyone have an interest in hunting or target shooting? Anyone have any other hobbies of interest? <—— That's how it starts. Unfortunately, for a majority of people, that's usually the point where an active pro-White existence also ends.

    We're the Blah Blah generation in pro-White history, because none of it really matters when you step away from InternetWorld and have to actually live life. It shouldn’t be this way.

  13. Celestial Time says:

    why not just simply try and get together the more intelligent, more creative, more focused and driven, and more sincere people from across the pro-White spectrum and see what comes out of it?

    We already know the answer to that. Jared Taylor did it first. Concentrate on what unites us, and don’t talk about anything else.

    The problem is, all we can agree on is that bad things are happening. If we can’t even talk about causes or remedies, we stay stuck in “Ain’t it awful?”

  14. I remember someone saying years ago, the biggest impediment to pro white nationalism rising in the USA, is the free speech laws.

    I was reminded of the above, when I was reading a Stormfront story a few days ago and some of the commenters were barking about getting Jews. One of the commenters said, “It terrifies me the people here, can’t see how we appear to others.”

    So perhaps when free speech is taken away and they start to oppress whites in America as much as they do in Europe, we will see people hitting the streets.

  15. “The American people are sheep. They’re comfortable, rich, working. It’s like the Romans, they’re happy with bread and their spectator sports. The Super Bowl means more to them than any right.”

    Jack Kevorkian

  16. The CofCC has a chapter in Nashville. I’ve met some of them. There are people scattered about that area, but they are generally disorganized and unknown to each other like everywhere else.

  17. Hunter should I try to organize CoCC in Nashville TN where have a solid history, can live there for parts of the year?

    Seems to be more practical than organizing in and around Chicago.

  18. Celestial Time,

    Whites in the South have actually captured local and state politics in the form of White Southern GOP.

    Dems have nothing in the South besides Black Dem officials.

    It’s the reverse of 1870-1965 when White asoutherners were “Yellow Dog Democrats”. Most White Southerners now detest the Federal government, hate Hollywood Northeast Libs trying to force homo marriage equality on TN and Alabama.

    So many problems that White Southern dominance of local and state Soutehrn politics doesn’t translate to much at the national level , where the Sheldon Adelson $ and controlled media force fake Conservative, open borders Presidential candidates like Mike Huckabee and Rand Paul as the only alternative to Obama – Hillary.

    So the best option is to go state and local, Secession is the ultimate going state and local, but there are so many practical Southern state and local politics and culture that can and must be done.

    Out side should fight and win the have marriage laws and all education matters decided at the state and local level where we do have power in the South.

    Media has to be locally owned. TV news talking heads have to be authentic Southern, not Sharpton or other horrors like lying Lib Leftist Lesbian Rachel Maddow – the Dyke Kike.

    New York City now looks to be reverting to anti White street anarchy, it shouldn’t be too hard to convince Southerners on the ground that New York and LA Hollywood shouldn’t have cultural control of the Southern media.

  19. We already know the answer to that. Jared Taylor did it first.

    AmRen and the methods Taylor uses(more like imposes) are almost the exact opposite of what I’m talking about. I’m not talking about creating a circle-jerk of self-anointed intelligentsia who gather annually and pontificate about studies of IQ or crime statistics and stories, and go out of their way to not offend a certain group with certain facts and statistics. Quite a hypocritical approach considering the Thomas Jefferson quote that they like to use at the top of their website. But that’s for another discussion.

    No, what I’m talking about is finding the people who want to be active and give them an outlet for their own talents and skills. We need to quite trying to indoctrinate people with White Nationalist platitudes and just simply find a way for pro-White people to be in the presence and influence of other pro-White people on a daily basis. This needs to happen consistently, efficiently, and always moving forward with complete racial autonomy as a common goal. People should be bouncing ideas off each other in person, not on some anonymous Internet version of reality where someone can be extremely caustic and insulting or a complete idiot today and still be given a voice when the sun rises tomorrow.

    Not that AmRen doesn’t serve a purpose — it does in a small way. It’s just that AmRen is not a model for active resistance. AmRen and Race Realism is a passive-aggressive’s attempt at fighting what is trying to destroy us. They’re the guys who talk about battles or war or active resistance, not necessarily the guys who actually do those things.

    We can’t all agree on the causes and remedies, but we can at least come to a common agreement that WE need to survive and prosper; and the only way WE survive is by creating autonomous countries that are built on a foundation of Race. As far as who is WE, I consider that to be anyone willing to stand up and fight for the idea that White people should have their own nations. Who’s White? See previous statement about who is WE. All of the specifics are pointless when you can’t even get ten people to agree to be in the same room at the same time.

  20. Well Dalton is in a world Downstate Illinois that is about as different, hostile to Chicago as the most Southern parts of Alabama.

    Downstate Illinois considers Chicago to be the center of crime and corruption for the entire state, with my neighbor Obama as President, downstate Whites see Chicago as an epicenter of everything they hate about American Lib-Black-homo-3rd World immigration politics and culture.

    Most down staters go with the idea that whatever Chicago pols are for, we’re against it.

    I am going to have a bit of a hard time convincing Mr. Dalton’s neighbors that I should be their neighbor.

    I actually tried this route once before 20 years ago when I moved out of this chaotic, mud city to live in the country, small town on the Illinois WI border. I was like the character in the classic Andy Griffith show “The Stranger” Mr. Sawyer who comes to Mayberry NC, seems to know everything about everyone, tries to make Mayberry “his home town” and instead he scares the hell out of everyone, they think he’s a spy or worse.

    It eventually worked out Ok for me over time, but I certainly wasn’t going to be an influential local leader.

  21. The reason WN, the racial right or whatever you want to call it in the US are weak in comparison to those in Europe is because it is divided. That division is frequently shown right here on OD. There’s Christian infighting. Then there is infighting between the pagans and Christians. And let’s not forget infighting between secular WN and Christians. That infighting is by and large inevitable only because the US not being an actual nation doesn’t provide a comprehensive vision of what it means to be an “American”. It’s just a set of propositions whose meaning depends upon whom you ask and when you ask them. Nationalism, specifically ethno-nationalism, has progressed in Europe because it provides that comprehensive vision which can motivate citizens to actually defend.

  22. “Does the US have any equivalent of the EDL or PEGIDA” – not really needed, the republican party is already johnny on the spot to ban islam(but not mass immigration from islamic countries, which chain migration makes inevitable).

  23. Nobody is stopping you from doing this. When white man March was attempted it was met with ridicule and laughter from pro Whites.
    So have at. Start it up and go for it. A White March would do much better now than a year ago. So go to Twitter and pick a date a promote it.
    Again nobody is stopping from being the first member.

  24. Again it easier to do this in Europe than the states they don’t have ingrained “injun” narrative. America to most was formed by immigrants even though they were all European. That is the problem most and even most Whites don’t see America as a White nation like the ones in Europe. Even though nothing in Americas rising had anything to do with non Whites. The only hope we could go for is to succed or segregate. But fighting to keep America White imo will never gain traction. Even though America is founded and built on White priciple and work ethic.
    The nation of immigrants narrative is to propagandized to sway masses.
    At this point I think 99% of blacks want segregation. So split up the US for White blacks and multi cults if not it will be 3rd world in 20 years

  25. I’ve noticed that articles about PEGIDA or anti-Muslim marches in Europe (not on OD) draw lots of obvious hasbarists. They are really trying to hijack this movement.

  26. I’ve said it a million times before, it’s due to the size and nature of Dixie. Europe is a continent of cities, major cities made up of specific ethnics who have lived in these places for thousands of years. It’s apples and oranges.

  27. Germany is about the size of the Carolinas and Georgia combined, so if we only had to focus on these three States (the former “Carolina” of pre-colonial times), and if the majority of our people lived in huge metropolises (Like Atlanta, but white) than we might be able to pull off what is happening in Germany.

    Grand marches and rallies actually tend to happen quite often in Europe, due to the very requirements I have listed. It’s just easier for them to do it than us.

  28. “We’re too spread out, basically.”


    “I remember someone saying years ago, the biggest impediment to pro white nationalism rising in the USA, is the free speech laws.”

    US sites can provide information which is blocked in Euroland.

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