Jewish Oligarchs Gather To Keep GOP Kosher

Sheldon AdelsonThis Politico article is a great example of why I don’t believe in Jewish conspiracy theories.

A “conspiracy” is a secret plot to do something harmful. There is nothing secretive though about how Jewish billionaires like Sheldon Adelson write huge checks to corrupt the political process on behalf of their co-ethnics in Israel. The bribery is always done out in the open.

Even though there is only one Jewish Republican in Congress and the GOP wins only 33 percent of the Jewish vote (Jews are 2 percent of the American population), every single Republican in Congress is slavishly “pro-Israel” because of Jewish money:

“The Republican Jewish Coalition — facing the loss of its leading champion and tensions within the GOP — is planning an aggressive push in 2015 to enforce the hawkish pro-Israel consensus it helped build within the party over the past two decades.

Efforts to appeal to Jews may seem disproportionate to the size of the Jewish population, which constitutes about 2 percent of the American electorate (albeit a greater percentage in key swing states including Florida and Ohio). But their influence transcends their numbers, Ginsberg said. “Jews are important in the electoral process both because of activism and because of money,” he said. “In fundraising and in bundling they have influence beyond their numbers and even beyond their money.”

Note: A week ago, I checked to see if the RNC had issued its usual statement that celebrates Kwanzaa. Instead, I found three press releases celebrating Hanukkah, Yom Kippur, and Rosh Hashanah. There was no press release to celebrate Christmas.

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  1. Good article.

    Kwanza is passé

    Jews are 2% of US population and going down.

    If you are felling down, read the New York Times Obits and read about all the terrible old Hollywood , Ivy League, NY Times Jews dying off.


  2. There is endless evidence to prove how various dimensions of crypto jews sought to hide their jewishness, in european and other countries. Jewish hegemony isn’t expressed either publicly or clandestinely, but as some function of both. It’s strongest that way. Why that’s so hard for you to accept, I don’t know, other than that you’re a sorta hick from Alabama.

  3. Since when does conspiracy require either secrecy or harmful intent? My wife and I spend many a morning conspiring to make breakfast.

    In other words, why the intent to portray the article as nutty? As far as I can tell the facts presented are all verifiable. No “secret plots” mentioned?

  4. What this tells me is what traitors the Republicans are. If it wasn’t Jews with money, there would be some other group with money. They’d take that money and sell us out as they’ve always done.

  5. Marc,

    You missed the point. There’s nothing secretive about how Jews manipulate the US political system to their advantage. It is done in plain view. It is just taboo for us to notice what is happening and oppose it as a bad thing.

  6. Ohio has a tiny, but, very wealthy Jew population, and the Jews are not afraid to spend a dollar on politics, or getting their names on buildings. The Jew population of Ohio is around a generous 2 1/2% (2.5%) of the total population.

    The interesting thing about Ohio, is that the Roman Catholics don’t mean as much politically in Ohio as you would think they would. Thus the Jews are deprived of a key political ally.

  7. Clem nails it! It has pained me for years that people on our side have flocked to crap like the Protocols to ‘prove’ their ideas, when Jewish publications (books like “Jewish Influence On Christian Reform Movements”, “Reckless Rites”) tell the story of Jewish political and religious activities using sources that can be tested for veracity. If we’re going to win this war, we have to know the real facts about our friends and enemies, not myths that will mislead us.

  8. Hunter Wallace says:
    January 6, 2015 at 12:51 pm

    “You missed the point. There’s nothing secretive about how Jews manipulate the US political system to their advantage. It is done in plain view. It is just taboo for us to notice what is happening and oppose it as a bad thing.”

    Jack replies:

    I don’t agree as there have been lots of deceptions. One of the worst being the fake conversion of formerly liberal Leftist Jews to Conservatism in the form of Neo Conservatism. I actually liked the Neo conservative Jewish magazine Commentary in the 1980s. Jews voted for Reagan over Carter, I thought things were looking better for American Jews abandoning the anti White Leftist politics of the 1960s. Then we let supposedly “saved” new Conservative a Jews in to places like National Review, they took over, purged all of our guys (Sobran, Brimelow, Derbyshire) and made American Conservative Inc into:

    1) invade the world for Israel
    2) invite the world into USA, the White West – open borders immigration, including mass Muslim immigration in to USA, Europe, Australia.
    3) in hoc to the world, the Jewish Fed to pay for 1 and 2.

    Hunter, that was very deceitful. Regular Conservative Whites were fooled and hoodwinked by deceitful Neo Conservative Jews.

    Jews do try to hide their media dominance and THe JEwS will work to destroy the career and life of anyone who simply states the truth that the Jews, less than 2% of the US population dominate the US media, Hollywood.

    Regular Whites are forced to deny that non religious lesbian Leftist Jews like Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagin and lying MSNBC lesbian Rachel MadCow Maddow are Jewish . Religious Orthodox Jews deny these athiest, Leftist a Jews like Kagin and Maddow are Jewish, as they deny that the atheist Jews who financed and led the Bolshevik coup and Soviet terror were Jewish.

    I agree that it is a waste of time for us to be spending all our time ranting and raving about Jews, as this simply doesn’t work and is counter productive.

    But, yah we had/have big problems with deceptive Jews. The whole Jewish name changing game is deceptive. Most most White Americans think Comedy Central Jew Jon Stuart is some Scottish guy, his real name is extremely Jersey Jew.

  9. They didn’t even mention Dave Brat. Hopefully more candidates like him can win even when the weight of the political machine(not to mention fundraising) is against them, but that obviously means the end of the political parties.

  10. “This Politico article is a great example of why I don’t believe in Jewish conspiracy theories.”

    But they are in fact conspiring against us! ?????

  11. Most White Americans in the South assume that American Jews couldn’t possibly support mass Muslim immigration in to the USA and Europe, but they do.

    We are deceived.

  12. Hey Hunter,

    The rest of the alternative right is coming out very strong against this new, anti White, Liberation Theology Pope.

    I think it’s OK now to publish my OD article about the a Pope getting on the cover of the Rolling Stone. We’ll just not publish comments. It’s a good, great article – one of my bests.

  13. HW, I am reminded of that old saying, ‘Just because I don’t believe in conspiracies, doesn’t mean I don’t think someone’s not after me.’

    The Deicide (means “Christ-killer, because they all bear the unremovable covenantal curse of Matthew 27:25, papal balderdash notwithstanding) has, over the CENTURIES, hidden their purpose, time and time again. That they don’t, NOW, merely means they THINK they no longer NEED to.

    That doesn’t remove the duplicitiousness of their nature, their utter Xenos status, and their supreme ugliness, as well as their ‘tribal cohesion’. (Witness the Boteach Rebbe saying ‘All Jews should stand up for Dershowitz, in this sex scandal, that reaches to the English Crown!)

    No, they are the supreme enemy, and they merely need to be removed by any ‘Final Solution’ to ensure that we no longer will be plagued by them. And, as for the CZ’s, well, they are utter Judaizing, antichrist heretics, and should be burnt at the stake. End of story.

  14. When most Christians aren’t white, is it fair to call it a white religion? If you are a white leader of an organization (or church) with more non-whites than whites, and a shrinking percentage of whites, would it be sensible or even sustainable to push a pro-white (or even white-neutral) agenda? That is the position of the Pope. Consider also what his situation was in Brazil before he became Pope, the same pressures, only more intense.

    Not that I’m happy about it, but white Christianity is going the way of white Zoroastrianism, and for similar reasons (Universalism, ethical curbs on self-interest, the consolation of an afterlife).

  15. Afterthought, I will say this, because it needs to be said. The ‘world’ of the Apostle’s day was the Greco-Roman Empire, known in Greek as the ‘Ecumene.’ The “Ecumenical Councils” were the church councils for the ENTIRE WORLD of that time, because THAT was the WORLD that the Great Commission was SENT TO… and none other.

    It was only the post-Schism belief, (articulated by a schismatic Rome) that 1) the whole globe was the whole ‘world’ of the Apostles’ era, not because that is what the Scripture meant, but merely because the Pope claimed it was so! 2) The fallacy that followed, universal Jurisdiction over the globe, gave scope and sequence to the Papal Blasphemy, when the Pope assumed ‘total reign’… so, naturally, we HAD to ‘convert’ the savages, so that the Pope could RULE over them. All of this was contrary to the first 1000 years of Christendom, and outside of the boundaries of the World that the Apostles- and Jesus- knew.

    If Christendom would reject Rome’s errors, she would realize that it is only to the White Nations of Christendom that the ‘promise of the Fathers’ belongs to, and to NO ONE ELSE… as a defined race.

    Oh yes, certain individuals of other races can be partakers of the covenant, but the racial exclusivity of Amos 3:2 for that ‘holy race, royal priesthood, etc., has not been changed in the NT. Jesus’ own words in Matt. 15:24, and the Pauline delimiter that the Gospel was to ‘… the Judean first, and then the Hellene, ALONE would once again make sense! (Note: Both of these terms define geographic/racial boundaries, not to generic ‘civilizations’ that later spread over the globe, due to Rome’s errors).

    And therein lies the reason why foolish people think the Negro, the Chinaman, and the Mestizo are our ‘brothers in Christ’ – because they actually believe the Pope’s assertions, even as they deny his primacy -When, in actuality, non-whites are ‘the greatest possible aliens’ to the covenants given to Adam, in Christ.

    For the converse of Eph. 2:19 exists, even if it no longer applied to Christendom- that there is, and will always exist, ‘aliens’ to the promises of God. It is HIS predestination, his Choice of the Ethnicity of Christ’s Incarnation, that ‘forever fixed’ the ‘boundaries of [Christendom’s] habitations, (US) just as much as it fixed the pagan nation’s boundaries (THEM) – precisely so they wouldn’t INTERMIX. You’d think WN and KINISTS would ‘get this.’ But they are so mired in Papal BS, they can’t even see the Multicultural Forest for the White Trees. But that’s because such truth is literally unknowable to the modern mind; [ Mk. 4:12] they supress this TRUTH in unrighteousness, because they are blinded to the things of Heaven, and corrupted according to the lies of the multicultural, multiracial Obamanation world.

  16. HW: “I don’t see it as a conspiracy because it is not a secret and it is all done in public view.”

    The conspiracy is hidden in plain view. Anyway, most people who complain about the Jews do not believe in crazy conspiracies. But it is annoying to hear people like you say there is no conspiracy. So what? What’s your point? You make me want to defend the point of view that there is indeed a big conspiracy.

    It isn’t true that it is all done in public view. And it is obvious that the Jews love nothing as much as conspiring. They are always playing games, talking nonsense, trolling WN forums, hiding their real names, pretending that jewishness is only a religion, and so on.

    And the important point is that, as a result of Jewish tactics, most people still don’t know anything about the jewish problem.

    “It is just taboo for us to notice what is happening and oppose it as a bad thing.”

    Taboo is not the right word, since the interdiction in enforced by the Jews themselves, not by us.

    Anyway, what you describe is just as good as a conspiracy. The Jews do some of their misdeeds openly, but we are not allowed to criticize them openly. How is that better than a conspiracy? If you cannot criticize jewish power openly in the newspapers, the result is the same as if everything was kept secret. It you cannot talk openly and publicly, that makes it impossible to get the measure of the disaster and to organize any opposition.

    • It’s a hard subject for people to grasp because people who “name the Jew” often like to come across as paranoid, evil, or monomanical (see Linder’s non-rhetorical “exterminate the Jews” position), for example, there is already a chorus of people on the internet claiming that the terrorist attack in Paris this morning was a Jewish “false flag.”

      Instead of just pointing out what Jews themselves say and do in a nonchalant way, which is bad enough to illustrate the negative impact Jewish influence is having on the West, some people have to throw up roadblocks to getting the point across by weaving it into their pet conspiracy paradigm. It just makes it more difficult to grasp and deters other people from even raising the issue.

  17. A conspiracy need not be a secret, it just needs to be a conspired effort on the part of more than a few. The Jews now feel safe to admit that they want to destroy the White Race because they believe that the destruction of Whites is now a fait accompli. A fatal flaw of Jews is their supreme arrogance. The Jew is nothing but bluff and bluster with no backbone. Their vaunted intelligence is just another lie amongst legions of others. They believe that they have enough brown and black allies to destroy us. What simpletons. If only they knew the virulent hatred that blacks have for them. Malcolm X and Farrakhan are nowhere near the only blacks that despise Jews. Mexicans and Central American peoples hate them even more.
    I imagine these stupid putzes believe they are so intelligent they will be able to control the impulses of these “allies”. More than once a hebe has met his doom by trying his pushy attitude on the darker species shall we say.
    However, this is a good sign. As they climb out of their holes, Whites can now see the rats that have sold their jobs to Chinese and Mexicans and marvel at the unbridled arrogance of these foolish creatures who like Tim Unwise openly call for their destruction.

  18. I decided to end all debate about the nature of Jews with SCIENCE. So, here it goes. I will use the “evil quotient index”

    evil quotient index=number of evil quotes/number of people

    I typed into google “evil Jews” and got 37,400,000 results, then “evil Whites” and got 11,600,000 results.

    So let’s look at the all important evil quotient. This is # of evil comments / # of the race, Jew or White. So evil Jews 37,400,000 / # of Jews 13,746,100 = 2.72.

    Now evil Whites 11,600,000 / # of Whites 1,200,000,000 = 0.00967.

    2.72 / 0.00967 = 281.46
    So the Jews are 281.46 times MORE evil than Whites. That the Jews are truly evil is now a proven fact.

    It’s a scientific fact that Jews are 281.46 times more evil than Whites.

    Cheer up people. The Jews are 0 for 200 or so wins. They have been thrown out of every country they’ve ever settled in.

    Has there ever been any country or group of people who have had a long relationship with the Jews that did not end in tragedy for them? I can’t think of any. Even for the Jews themselves. Maybe there is some but I don’t know about them.

  19. Jack Ryan
    You forgot Darth Vader Ginsburg feminazi, marxist former ACLU attorney another Jew on the Supreme Court. Look at FDR’s old left and the new left of the 60’s and 1970’s, all Jew children of old commie Jews like Kathy Boudin. She was the daughter of Leonard Boudin, attorney for the communist party back in the day. She was a weather underground who killed a guard in a bank robbery. BTW Leonard Boudin, attorney for the communist party as well as the ACLU and other left organizations was the attorney Lee Harvey Oswald called from the Dallas jail before he was killed.

    I’m really glad to find a southern site that doesn’t believe “Israel Uber Alles” because the bible told them so. The whole southern protestant wallowing in worship of Israel is sickening considering that the attorneys behind school desegregation, school busing and affirmative action were almost all Jewish.

  20. Dr. Doom
    The average intelligence of Israeli JEWS, not all Israelis including the Arabs is 95.
    That is hardly an intelligent average, barely normal. That is what I cant stand about amren: nothing but Asians and Jews are more intelligent than Whites. It’s not true and even if it were, it doesn’t help Whites one bit to keep repeating it.

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