Paris Terrorist Attack

FRANCE-CRIME-MEDIA-SHOOTINGDo you remember the time that angry Muslim slashed the throat of Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh in the Netherlands in 2004?

Here’s the latest example from France of what happens when Third World immigration, multiculturalism, and creeping Islamization collide with the soft underbelly of Western liberalism.

See also Boston, Sydney, Toronto, Woolwich in the UK, Fort Hood and Moore, OK for more recent examples of how “diversity” in the form of Islam is enriching Western countries.

Note: BTW, I hear there is a “furor” about a great new novel about the near future in France called “Submission.” It goes on sale on Amazon today!

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  1. And right on cue I’ve seen where the anti-Jew zealots are saying that Zionists are responsible for creating another false flag. It’s like their minds can’t operate on rational talking points unless you throw in Jew this or Jew that, or super glue yourself to some crazy conspiracy theory that can never be explained without using another conspiracy theory. Somewhere in their twisted minds they actually believe Muslims are some poor, innocent, peaceful little creatures who are being set up by Jews. Yeah, that’s right, Islam, the religion of peace.

    While David Duke was chumming it up with Muslims because he saw it as leverage against Zionist control, public sentiment has been swinging in the complete opposite direction as we’ve seen growth in the fostering of a more conducive attitude of ethnic Nationalism, and rising awareness of preservation of what the average White American or European might consider as Western values and culture.

    Just because Zionists are manipulative and destructive doesn’t magically make Muslims a non-threat or incapable of destroying on their own.

  2. Humorless, murderous, dark, hairy, racially, culturally alien Muslim extremists are the perfect propaganda enemy for all remaining Whites alive on planet earth.

    We would have to be complete fools not to rally our people against this enemy.

    Yes, we would have to be complete fools…

    • A pox on both their houses.

      We don’t need teeming ghettos of jihad crazed Muslims or Jewish oligarchs corrupting our foreign policy. We have both thanks to the existence and dominance of liberal democracy. The same is true of border jumping illegal aliens and black thugs who attack cops who are glorified by the media.

      • I also don’t understand why acknowledging that Jewish influence is a real problem has to be accompanied by paranoid conspiracy talk or downplaying the existence of other problems. This diseased liberal society is suffering from multiple infections.

  3. Celestial Time,

    Please re-read our/my OD article on the White vs Muslims, with Jews in between 15th century Spain.

    The White side, our side won.

    Jews and Arab Muslim Moors were both expelled from Spain, unless they converted. to Catholic Christianity. Jews were hated and then expelled in Spain in large part for taking the Muslim side against Whites, for being tax collectors for the Muslims, for running White slavery, prostitution rings procuring White girls for nasty Muslim men.

    It’s similar to what is happening now in Europe, UK, Australia. Viciously anti White, anti Nationalists Jews like Jack Straw defend Muslim immigrant communities including child raping Paki Muslim gangs in Yorkshire England under the propaganda line that they fare fighting RACISM, and all diversity, multi culturalism, including Muslim culture must be imposed on White countries and only on White countries.

    Jews and Muslims know their histories, unlike distracted SEC football addicts. Muslims know that Muslims occupied Spain for 700 years and they want Spain, France, Middle Tennessee now.

    Jews know that Jews lived well in Muslim Moorish Spain, also in Ottommon Turkish Muslim world.

    Up until 1947 and the creation of the State of Israel, Jews were living well in most all Muslim societies and their main enemy was White Catholics, their main obsession was to be caught as the most visible minority in a homogenous White Christian or just White nation. Jews encourage multi culturalism, ethnic, religious, racial chaos so host nations don’t unite against the Jews and do something about things like a disliked 2% minority monopolizing the media, commerce, banking, running White slavery, hard core porn etc.

  4. France has already banned the Muslim Burkah – well done.

    French National Front should not implement a French patriotism ritual of drinking French Red wine and eating French raised pork dinner, and swearing patriotism to the French nation over any other allegiances including religion , sports teams like Alabama Football, some Arab/Black French Soccer club owned by some Russian Jewish oligarch.

    Anybody living in France who refuses to drink the French wine, eat the French pork, swear allegiance to the French nation over all other allegiances is expelled from France, same as Muslims and Jews were expelled from Spain in 1492, same as White Pied Noir were expelled from Arab Muslim ruled Algeria in the 1960s. Some brave (Jewish) writers in France have now suggested a tit for tat expulsion of 8 million Muslims in France as that is what the Algerian Muslims did to White Pied Noir French in the 1960s.

  5. Hunter ,

    Can your repost my/Instauration article about White vs Muslims and Jews in 15th Century Spain?

    I think this is one of the best Instauration articles ever and it explains the seemingly inexplicable reality that the Jewish Diaspora outside of Israel in all remaining White countries strongly promotes mass Muslim immigration in to White countries.

  6. The Dilemma of a Conspiracy Theorist:

    Israel and the Zionists orchestrate a false flag through fabrications and distortions in order to get the West involved in perpetual wars with Muslims in the Middle East. But the Zionists are also responsible for massive third-world immigration and flooding the West with Muslims so that the West is destabilized and weakened.

    But now the theory is that Israel and the Zionists orchestrate false flags like this to make Muslims look bad and to grow resentment against Muslims within Western nations, which greatly helps to grow support for Nationalist parties whose base supporters want Muslims and their influence removed from their nations? The same Nationalist parties that have also, for years, been speaking out in opposition to the perpetual wars in the Middle East and opposing the “Zionist-controlled governments” that have been funding the wars and importing Muslims?

    It’s really easy to just say that this is just another example of the Jewish power structure intentionally playing both sides. But then that same rationale could explain everything in the universe as being connected to a singularity if it’s taken to its extreme. This only makes sense when you apply an illogical assumption that Jews are behind everything bad that happens in the Western world. I say illogical because it makes absolutely no sense that Jews would purposely implode a society where they already had a strong foothold and held immense power and clout. Injecting a Muslim population into the West — a population who is extremely hostile to Jews and Western ideas of capitalism — would be completely contrary to the idea that Jews want to always maintain control and power. Jews had an enormous financial incentive and held the power to keep Muslims out of the Western world, not to bring them into their sphere of influence or give them power through numbers. Speaking of numbers, by sheer numbers alone, there are many more White people helping to destabilize the West and/or trying to profit off of this crime than there are Jews living on this planet.

    This is why I say the anti-Jew zealots are not just counterproductive and dangerous, but they have to be somewhat mentally unstable to make all of this make sense to them.

    If we are talking about percentages, then Jews are vastly overrepresented in anti-White policies and movements — especially at top levels. Then again, they are overrepresented in just about all areas where there is a leadership role that would give them large sums of money and power, and where they can run their mouth instead of breaking a sweat and actually doing some manual labor. If anything, their greed, self-centeredness, and self-absorbed nature can be predicted above anything else.

    I would prefer to keep Jews as Jews outside of my ideal White nation(they have their own), but that doesn’t mean I have to coddle Muslims and pretend that they are victims of Jewish oppression. Muslims do not belong in Western nations in any capacity.

  7. The leftist scumbags in charge of Charlie Hebdo once filed a copyright lawsuit against well-known French pro-White activist Vincent Reynouard for the evil crime of having used modified versions of their cartoons on his personal blog to mock liberalism. They also lodged another complaint for “Holocaust denial” but failed because he had already done time for that “crime” and could not be convicted a second time. The guy was eventually found guilty, sentenced to 6 months of prison, and forced to pay upwards of $20,000 of damages for having posted cartoons that were going viral all over the internet, causing huge hardship for his family.

    For details on this:

  8. “We must not attack Muslims because of this. The people behind this attack are not religious. They are monsters.” – when they are in your territory it is called defending, not attacking.

  9. A modern author whom I like, Michel Houellebecq, came out with a new book “Soumission” that imagines a France under Muslim rule. Not translated into English yet, and the French edition is 35 dollars and sold out. Ha!

    He also wrote “The Elementary Particles” and “Platform” Platform features a Muslilm terrorist attack on the island of Phuket.

  10. Muslims like blacks are taking liberalism out back of the barn and shooting it dead. Not even conservatives and all their essays can save it

  11. I suppose it is good that the “Far Right” will benefit from this, but Charlie Hebdo was still a gutter liberal rag that published blasphemy. In fact, the Front National was one of its favorite targets.

    “The French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo skewers people of all faiths and backgrounds. One cartoon showed rolls of toilet paper marked “Bible,” “Torah” and “Quran,” and the explanation: “In the toilet, all religions.”

  12. “The leftist scumbags in charge of Charlie Hebdo once filed a copyright lawsuit” – thanks for posting this. They only support parody when they are the ones doing it.

  13. >Houellebecq

    I’m a fan too and going by his recent interview in Paris Review, he has studied the Quran al-Kareem and come “to terms” with Islam as the only hope against The Enlightenment, as have I.

    – ????? ?? ???????
    (Tamer al-Safajes)

  14. Hunter Wallace says:
    January 8, 2015 at 1:53 pm

    “I suppose it is good that the “Far Right” will benefit from this, but Charlie Hebdo was still a gutter liberal rag that published blasphemy. In fact, the Front National was one of its favorite targets.”

    Like Ramzpaul says, When they’re throwing rattlesnakes into your house and one of them is bitten and dies, I’m not going to shed a tear for them. They’re like the terrorist bomb maker, that is blown up by his own bomb, or that SPLC guy that was murdered by blacks.

  15. @ Hunter/Brad, the point of the question ‘cui bono?’ in this instance isn’t just which parties benefit, but how do the people who allegedly perpetrated this act benefit? The sheer fact that UKIP, Pegida, and especially Front National benefit the most by this act TELLS YOU SOMETHING.

    It doesn’t benefit the muzzies at all.

  16. Do you think their so dumb as to not calculate that the net impact of their crime costs more in terms of ‘Front National, UKIP and Pegida’ benefitting than the profits accrue from repressing ‘blasphemy?’

    I wholeheartedly disagree. I think identity politics leaders of any kind, including muslims, meticulously weigh the pros and cons. I think it’s obvious that whatever they’d gain in terms of short term repression of cartoonists (who can be powerful propagandists, sure) is far outweighed by benefit for their political party enemies. All the muslims would have accomplished with this is to strengthen their political foes, who are that many steps closer to championing ‘blasphemy’ than they were before – and the finish line is not far away, either.

    Nope, this doesn’t benefit the muzzies. But let’s see… the intellectual Alain Soral is known to on the one hand philosophically ally with the anti-Judaist and neo-populist elements of the muslims, while on the other he is associated with Front National and Le Pen. It was not much more than a year ago that hordes of working class French and muslims marched in the streets of France chanting anti-jewish slogans.

    What Da Jooz are orchestrating here is a heading off of an alliance which would unseat them. The white French still have enough power to evict the masses of muslims, should there emerge a utilitarian partnership between them and some of the muslims.

    I guess one can’t get rid of all of either, jews or muslims, but at the end of the day the jews are the more poisonous of the two in even finite quantities. There are various reasons for this, and I recognize Islam as Judaism’s evil twin. But one is still infinitely more dangerous than the other ultimately.

  17. NYYankees

    the lowest class Black, Afro Arab scum do all kinds of terrible things, pimp White girls, push hard drugs, burn cars on New Year’s eve. Then they get put in prison where the convert to anti Western, extremist Islam – they look to destroy the White Western society that somehow has them at the bottom, when their ONE TRUE RELIGION says they should be at the top.

    It’s not some deep thought out plan any more than Blacks rioting and looting in Ferguson MO are participating in some deep intellectual plot.

    Regular White French people have been dealing with these low life Algerian Arab Muslim scum for, well forever.

    It’s not something deep.

  18. “Nope, this doesn’t benefit the muzzies.” – The cost of not acting would have been greater, if they allow themselves to be insulted they lose what they have. As far as they are concerned, a deracinated muslim underclass is not a win for them, they need to retain what social cohesion they have. And it is that social cohesion that makes them a threat, hence the various methods used to attack it. Other, of course, than the obivous not letting them come here, that would of course not produce the “desirable” underclass the elites want.

  19. I haven’t studied the specs on this one. I actually tire of constant assessing of hoaxes, and since this one would be on a major scale I should scrutinize before speculating. But, Jack Ryan’s explanation falls short. Why, Jack, do you see organic and spontaneous clashes as somehow mutually exclusive from plots? The riots in the 60’s involved some of both to the best of my knowledge, although in many cities planning superseded spontaneity. And the fact is the jews were behind much to most of the higher level planning. I’ll try to look up the source for this.

    Ferguson may have involved various dimensions and levels of ‘real’ versus ‘staged/faked.’ I suspect the inciting incident was ‘real,’ but massaged directly after. No need to leave a cop-killed black body on the ground with but a sheet lying over it, not much more than a used candy wrapper. At a certain stage the planning became more substantial.

    So in Paris I don’t have a facile or rigorous conclusion, and Anon’s response seems ponderable. I just don’t see how the symbolic and grand scale of this incident would fit as accomplishing much for it’s alleged perpetrators. It was planned to some extent. I just think it benefits the white French more than the Muslims, in an intermediary zone, but the jews on an ultimate one. Divide and conquer is their motto. Keep the two sides fighting, keep massaging each one, and soon enough both will be begging for the tyranny Jews & Co. dream of. ‘By Deceit We Shall Wage War.’

    Since the country’s so foreign I’ll just remain highly skeptical leaning cynical. But as is the case here in the US, I maintain that they don’t want to *impose* their tyranny on us; they want us to ask for it.

  20. I want to say something to Celestial Times. You project your own region’s idiosyncrasies onto the rest of the eurosphere. The fact is, jews don’t have a strong *enough* foothold in any of these countries to completely secure their oligarchy – and that is indeed what their creed commands and demands. You don’t seem to get that jews exist in fundamental conflict and tension towards achieving that aim with the host gentile population. Where I’m from, this tension is extremely palpable the closer a white person gets to their strongholds, and on a more abstract level without the state. We don’t exist in this ‘white’ harmony you seem to imagine. While the jews attempt to ‘blend’ in most parts of the US to varying degrees, it’s not a coincidence that in their loci of power in the northeast, especially NYC and it’s environs, they do just the reverse. And it goes to follow the fundamental age old conflict isn’t cloaked or buried here.

    So your premise is too flawed to build on, and that’s why you label people like me ‘illogical’ and ‘mentally ill.’ You can’t see beyond your stubborn southern myopia. Wallow on your own land, then, but don’t invade ours with your delusionality.

  21. “Wallow on your own land, then, but don’t invade ours with your delusionality.”

    So what are you doing on a Southern website, lecturing Southerners? Go start your own blog in New Yawk and use whatever works up there.

  22. Brad and his have no problem opining and even lobbying in NYC and the north. So until he blocks me I reserve the right to respond to that. It’s disingenuous for either side to pretend we’re somehow capable of not pivotally impacting one another anyway. The League of the South is planning to dump it’s undesirables on us. Why should I remain passive in the face of such ‘reverse imperialism?’ Especially while BG’s associations in CofCC are pushing their assessments of the whole American situation on my people up here.

    And, this is now France we’re talking about. It would be incredibly ignorant to pretend western Europe’s fate isn’t integrally entwined with white America’s.

  23. “The League of the South is planning to dump it’s undesirables on us. Why should I remain passive in the face of such ‘reverse imperialism?’ ”

    So start your own nationalism up there, so you can stop that happening. Seems to me, you think you can’t do it and that’s why you’re always down here. You aren’t going to start anything up North, when you spend all your time down South. It’s a fact.

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