Glenn Greenwald on Charlie Hebdo and Jewish Hypocrisy

glenn-greenwaldHats off to Glenn Greenwald for having the temerity to point out the rank hypocrisy in the “mainstream” response to the Charlie Hebdo massacre.

There isn’t a single “mainstream” cartoonist in Western Europe, including the communists at Charlie Hebdo, which has been labeled an “equal opportunity offender,” that is willing to mock Jews. In fact, Charlie Hebdo fired one of its own cartoonists for “anti-Semitism” who was also taken to court and charged with “inciting racial hatred”:

“When we originally discussed publishing this article to make these points, our intention was to commission two or three cartoonists to create cartoons that mock Judaism and malign sacred figures to Jews the way Charlie Hebdo did to Muslims. But that idea was thwarted by the fact that no mainstream western cartoonist would dare put their name on an anti-Jewish cartoon, even if done for satire purposes, because doing so would instantly and permanently destroy their career, at least.” …

To see how true that is, consider the fact that Charlie Hebdo – the “equal opportunity” offenders and defenders of all types of offensive speech – fired one of their writers in 2009 for writing a sentence some said was anti-Semitic (the writer was then charged with a hate crime offense, and won a judgment against the magazine for unfair termination). Does that sound like “equal opportunity” offending?”

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  1. Why is it that every Jew politician in the USA and Europe is for More Moslem & non-White immigration into White nations? Talk about hypocrisy, don’t hold your breath waiting for a Jew in the US Senate to propose or even consider proposing stopping Moslems from entering the USA, or limiting the numbers of Moslems entering the USA visas. No the Jews want more Moslems and other non-Whites here.

    Let’s not forget that 15 or 17 of the 9/11 terrorists were in the USA legally!

    The Jews may have a death wish, as far as Moslem & non-White immigration goes—we should tell the Jews don’t include us in your suicidal immigration policy ideas.

  2. Glenn Greenwald might be a homosexual Jew, but I love the guy. The world would be a richer place with more men of integrity like him. Like Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein, two other Jews I like, he’s consistent in his anti-racism. Greenwald goes after Israel and Jewish racism harder than anyone with his visibility. A while back, Greenwald took on Alan Dershowitz and Michael Hayden by himself in a debate over the NSA. Greenwald has powerful enemies. I fear that one day we’re going to wake up to our favorite news feeds to learn his body was found in a trash bin.

  3. If Greenwald got stuck into the sex trafficking stories and nailed Dershowitz I’d be happy. He’s got the legal chops to do it.

  4. U.S. airstrike in Syria may have killed 50 civilians

    More hypocrisy: 18 die in France; 50 die in Syria. Both from the same evil Jewish foreign policy. “ISIS” or whatever they call it is a creation of the Jews in Washington, Paris, London, and Tel Aviv, along with their Saudi lapdogs.

    How many people have employees of the US government killed since the end of WWII? It has to be a staggering amount; at least a million, and maybe as many as 10 million. Crocodile tears don’t even begin to describe the BS in Paris.

    It really baffles me how everyday whites still don’t get it. What is the roadblock? They want to feel like they are on top so they deny reality to the bitter end? Stockholm syndrome?

  5. There something about being in love with lies and self deception.

    The world wants to be deceived, let it.

  6. Jews and other Mideast muds, are more dangerous than mestizos or negroes, because they’re organized and more intelligent. Now, if we could get the trendy leftie Yankees to stop supporting them, we might have a chance.

  7. It is interesting to see all the talking heads hijack the terrorist attacks in France for their own agenda. Noe-conservatives are particularly adept at this. They are talking about the need for more aid to Israel, attacks against Yemen and ISIS, and re-igniting the war in Afghanistan. This is nonsense. The real problem is immigration. Ask yourself this. Do you think this terror attack would have been less likely if:
    a) France and the US had been more aggressive in attacking foreign lands and gave more aid to Israel
    b) France had never let these terrorists and their families immigrate into France to begin with

  8. Brad why do you continue to watch a sport that openly celebrates whites’ genocide? In central NJ, a bunch of black senior high school football players raped a bunch of underclassmen white ones in Sayreville. While there was much outrage, there was also support for the coach who I think is white but who is all in with the football higher ups, who are all going along with anti-white. The whole sport/industry is corrupt with anti-white, even college ball. Some black Notre Dame player, who I think was from Sayreville, defended the coach and black rapists.

    You get real.

  9. Paul Craig Roberts fell off the deep end many years back, became Jew obsessed conspiracy paranoid guy.

    Peter Brimelow stayed loyal to him for a long time ran PCR rants about US support for Israel, even though the articles had nothing to do with immigration, or the Nationalist Question.

    Another guy that went off the deep end with this stuff was Jamie Kelso’s, formerly of Stormfront, then hosted White News Now. Paul Craig Roberts had a small, tiny following even though his articles never had anything to do with White American interests.

    Obsessions with Jews are not healthy. They lead to all kinds of terrible things, like denying obvious Afro Arab Muslim atrocities.

  10. Glenn Greenwald points out that Charlie Hebdo, like the rest of the press, would not accept criticism or mocking of the Jews. I don’t think that is a remarkable statement, even if it takes some courage to say so for someone who works in the press.

    Most of the rest of the article is rubbish. He doesn’t even note that Charlie Hebdo is largely a Jewish publication, even though its partly Jewish identity explains a lot.

    The article begins with a statement that “Defending free speech typically means defending the right to disseminate the very ideas society finds most repellent”.

    That is a perverted idea of free speech. Life would be better if no one was allowed to display a “piss-christ” in phony art expositions and to draw Mohammed for the sake of offending Muslims. What we need is the freedom to speak publicly against ZOG and its policy of race replacement, but we do not have that freedom, and I don’t think that Glenn Greenwald has really been defending that.

    He would probably say that the denunciation of Jewish power and race replacement is something repellent that must be allowed in the name of free speech. I think that the defense of White people should be allowed in the name of our right to exist. I would not choose him as an advocate for the white race.

    He says that Charlie Hebdo contained “a stream of mockery toward Muslims generally, who in France are not remotely powerful but are largely a marginalized and targeted immigrant population”.

    That is an inversion of the truth and a defamation of the French who are targeted by the Jews for race replacement by Blacks and Arabs. The French are scheduled to become a minority in France in 30 years. The resources of the French are taken away from them and distributed to the immigrants. The French are also the main victims of interracial violence, and the main target of Charlie Hebdo.

    Glenn Greenwald is a liar!

  11. I extremely,extremely with nyankee about the race treason of White men who watch or even talk about black sports. How many White women traitors spawn mulatto things every year? Maybe ten thousand? How many White men spend their lives worshipping at the Church of black sports? 100 million!!!! What’s worse White men indoctrinate their children to worship at the church of black sports. If no gone watched black sports would not exist.

  12. Hunter,

    I am voting that you ban NYYankees for linking this ridiculous Paul Craig Roberts Paris slaughter false flag operation conspiracy theory nonsense.

    This directly violates OD comments guidelines. Plus, OD is supposed to be a Southern separatist blog. With a name like NewYorkYankees… such a guy would have to do lots of real world pro Southern activism to qualify as a supporter.

    Sure, I ‘m a Midwesterner, but with lots and lots of solid pro Southern activist credentials. I put my body and reputation on the line participating, leading League of the South protest against Tyson Foods in Tennessee. Plus I went to college in the South, and was even featured as a leading Neo confederate, defender of Chirstmas by the worst, anti Southern cultural Marxist organization.

    I’m voting that you ban this guy, or at least suspend him, put him on probation, make him atone for linking this pathetic, typical, paranoid, conspiracy mongering PCR nonsense about false flags in the Paris attack.

  13. I concur with Jack’s assessment of NYYankees, and I also agree that she should be immediately banned from commenting here.
    She belongs over at Linder’s nut house, not here.

  14. Jews are reaping the benefits of having influence over all sides of the debate and western power structure. Because of their influence over the whole spectrum of ideas and policies, they’re usually well positioned to help themselves in some way no matter the outcome. No conspiracy or false flag is required for that. Jews we’re well positioned to use these killings to Israel’s advantage before anyone pulled the trigger.

    I also suspect a percentage of these false flag conspiracy nuts are trolls in the J Richards style working to poison and derail discussion.

  15. You guys couldnt be more wrong. The vast majority of jews are white caucasians, any way this BS about zog and how we jews want to replace whites is a lie – only white americans saved us from nazi tyranny. Only white americans have been an ally and friend to Israel. I will be the first to admit there are terrible jews out there, but there are terrible christians. We ate not a race we are just a religion. In israel we have here danish blonde jews, ukrainian blue eyed jews, black ethiopian jews, arab jews from morroco and iraq, slavic jews, yemenite jews. They all have various skin colors, and ethnic traits. In america you think we are all slavic because you have many slavic ‘hook nosed’ jews of nazi propaganda. Don’t be obsessed with us in hate, we love America, white people, western civilization and our moral values are virtually the same. Dont let the psychological damage of holocaust survivors speak for us, as I said there is wickedness across the world. Don’t believe this mockery of zog, global conspiracy – come to Israel see that we only aspire to be as wealthy as the USA, and in reality are much more impoverished than you think….why we are singled out when it is Islam who rapes europe, attacks america viciously….I have no idea. But we’ll fight along side America any day to preserve her – and we can fight bravely for our small size, why? It was american love & support after ww2 that built our nation. – Moses

  16. Moses,

    I think you will find very little anti semitic, Jew hatred here on Occidental Dissent. We like to be firm and fair with all people.

    But, we are afraid to say that we will promote the legitimate rights of our own kind

    Show kindness to our own kind.

    Our own kind being White Southern Americans and supportive, kindred people.

    Most of us here at OD , in the League of the South, American Renaissance, Vdare – the American Alternative Right, race realist community wish Jewish people in Israel the best – we admire the nationalist military police of Israel – the IDF never gets sent on missions to install “Democracy in Iraq, democracy in South Viet Nam etc”. Israel had some problems with bad third world (Black, Muslim) illegal immigration, so Israel built a very effective border wall.

    We’ve been trying to build similar walls on our Southern border for 50 years!

    As for who are the Jews, are the good, bad, a mix.

    I don’t accept your statement that Jews are a religion, not a race. I am familiar with Jewish religious tenant that only the children of Jewish women can be Jews, unless they do a formal conversion to religious Judaism.

    I go with the idea that Jews are an “ethnic group” – like the Irish or Italians. There are lots of lots of intermarriage – intermarriage rates in the US for American Jews are now over 50%. So there are lots and lots of half jews, 1/4 jews. What do we call these people?

    It’s been an unpleasant fact of life that here in the USA and throughout the world – these Jews by some ethnic background have tended to go for extreme Liberal, Leftist, Communist or Libertarian politics, which have often included extreme anti White, anti Nationalist, incite the Blacks, attack the culture and traditions of local Whites.

    Winston Churchill amongst others (hardly an anti Semite) commented that the Bolshevik revolution – Communist terror in Russia and radical socialist, anarchist movements in Germany, Hungary and other places was very, very Jewish and he proposed Zionism as an alternative to Communism in the struggle for the Jewish soul.

    Here in the USA now – my/our biggest beef with THE JEWS is that the Jewish American political and cultural elite is simply terrible F- on the live or die issue of mass 3rd world immigration in to the USA, Europe, Australia the West. The Jewish powers that be here insist that it is some sort of quasi religious commandment that the USA, Europe, UK, Australia, Canada (the White West) must accept every single diseased, hateful, non White person on planet earth, let them move here and be offered full US citizenship, this mass immigration imperative, strangely also includes welcome mass Islamic Immigration, even demanding that hateful Muslims can build an in our face Mosque on Ground Zero in Manhattan to celebrate the 10th anniversary of 9-11-01!

    Add to this, Jewish campaign financiers like Sheldon Adelson and the Jewish dominated mainstream media promote terrible Presidential candidates like Newt Gingrich, Mike the Huckster Huckabee, McCain etc.

    OK, that in a nut shell is our beef with your “tribe”.

    That said, I/we at OD wish you and regular Jewish people in Israel and elsewhere a safe, decent life. We long for a leader like Vladimir Putin to set things right. Jews are now very safe in Putin’s Russia, they just ain’t opening movies like “D’Jango Unchained” on Christmas Day in Putin’s Russia. And if we had our way, the Weinstein Brothers and more of this tribe wouldn’t be opening up anti White Southern porn movies on Christmas Day in Dixie either.

    Peace – Shalom

  17. Don’t ban NYYankees. I support freedom of speech and Paul Craig Roberts is also worth listening to and has far more public credentials than “Jack Ryan”.

    Jack: do you understand how ridiculous you are when you say he has “fallen off the deep end”? Do you realize how many people would say that about you and the rest of us?

  18. One way to limit the number of immigrants who despise your culture and attack your people is to not have such immigrants to begin with. The world needs to be disabused of the notion that all third world peoples have a right to move to any Western nation of their choosing.

  19. From the blog “ParaPundit”:

    Western and Middle Eastern political leaders did not march for free speech. They marched for calming down the masses and maintaining control of The Narrative. Europe will not turn from rising restrictions on speech – especially rising restrictions on speech that offends Muslims.

    Nor will they turn away from open borders.

  20. And, ‘false flag’ could involve an entire range of operations. JFK was killed, yes, but by whom is the relevant question. As for yankeeness, your accent makes mine sound downright genteel, Jack. Have you been attacked in the heart of NYC by southern-born blacks for having ‘scottish’ fair hair, as in, southern belle type? Minus the coating of hairspray, that is.

    No. Nor have you had to listen to the jews and blacks make endless snide genocidal remarks about ‘those tall blond people’ down there, the ‘WASP’s’ and ‘the Christians?!’ That’s because you are an obnoxious Chicagoan who couldn’t pass for suave northeastern anglo if your big mouth depended on it.

  21. Brad, you have the nerve to call me paranoid yet you buy this poppycock:

    We’re supposed to believe the benevolent, soul-searching alpha muzzie spared the blondish damsel. My god, can you get more gullible, more dupe? Do you have any idea how utterly MISOGYNIST the actual muslims are?! In ‘real life,’ they would have gang raped this woman for a couple hours, then killed her in some torturous fashion for mocking them. One of a mob of them attempted to digitally penetrate me while I walked with a bunch of friends on the street of our nation’s capitol – in the city’s toniest ‘white’ neighborhood. For doing nothing but having fair celtic hair. I was dressed totally demurely, and got near-raped for merely existing in my own people’s country.

    Does anyone recall Essex County’s claims about ‘a just kill’ of Brendan Tevlin, in NJ? The black perp had allegedly asserted that he never targeted ‘women or children, or the elderly.’ Yet he had a record of soliciting sex from a nine year old.

    If white men want to be dupes, fine. I refuse to congratulate them for it. Women need to take the reigns of this movement. We are smarter and savvier, veterans of psychological warfare and terrorism. Men cannot be counted on, they are too simpleminded. There’s no sugarcoated Diversity lie they won’t believe. White men allow their own white women to be raped and tortured because they’re too busy catching the game on talmudvision.

    • For the record, I’m letting this “false flag” conspiracy twaddle through the filter just so people can see the nonsense that is circulating out there. There are websites out there which interpret every single tragic thing that happens in the news as a Jewish conspiracy/Mossad evil plot.

  22. NYYankees,

    I/we at Occidental Dissent write honestly about Black crime, Muslim sexually harassment, rape of White women. We also write honestly about REAL Jewish problems, attacks like the appalling FACT that every single Jewish American Congressman and US Senator has F immigration grade from NumbersUSA.

    We deal in facts, not wild, impossible Jewish Conspiracy theory lunacy, like the worst 9-11-01 Muslim terrorist atrocities was all an Insider/Mossad operation and the planes never even crashed in to the World Trade Center – utter lunacy, anyone spreading such nonsense will be dismissed as crazy.

    Did Israeli Intelligence monitor/trail Mohamed Ata and his crew?

    A: probably yes, they did.

    Q: why did Israeli intelligence monitor Mohamed Ata and his crew?

    A: because Israeli intelligence has intelligent Israelis running it, hence the name Israeli intelligence! If Israeli intelligence let Islamic extremists run around Israeli and Jewish communities in the USA and Europe and spent their time spying on pretty Russian Blonde gals like Maria Sharapova then most people would consider Israeli Intelligence to be rather stupid, crazy like the mixed up, crazy stupid people who forward Paul Craig Roberts CT nonsense.

    I am very glad to see Peter Brimelow and vdare no longer publish Paul Craig Roberts writings, he’s gone off the deep end, CT loon.

  23. Sorry TJ, I stand by my comment that Paul Craig Roberts has fallen off the deep end after he became obsessed with anti Semitic, Jew hatred paranoia.

    Paul Craig Roberts had lots of very supportive friends like Peter Brimelow who once respected his writing, but now they have sadly agreed that he’s fallen in to loon CT paranoia.

    The natural response for sane, healthy White Western people after nasty, Afro AraB Muslims, Paki Muslims slaughter or rape White people in white Western countries is to want to fight, kick out the worst, nastiest Afro Arab, Paki terrorists, rapists.

    In contrast crazy loons like Paul Craig Robert’s knee jerk response is to question if the nasty non White Muslims even did it as maybe THe JOOOOOZ pulled off some false flag operation framing the innocent Muslim murderers, rapists etc.

    We need to send these loons, Muslim terrorist apologists to Syria, have them volunteer for Doctors without borders.

    Doctors without borders… Without brains, without heads after ISIS kidnaps them and decapitates them.

  24. So I’m just asking for some clarification. Are you, Jack Ryan, and you, Brad Griffin, standing by the report I just linked to which claims the ‘muslim’ assassins spared the white French woman out of benevolence for females?

    Jack Ryan, I have never mentioned anything about 9/11 on here, for the record once again. I would tend to agree that it seems to be stretching things to suggest there were no planes crashing into the towers, although questioning which type seems sensible to me. Robert Kennedy, Jr., has gone on record stating that his father didn’t believe Lee Harvey Oswald killed his father alone. He did not elaborate. So now we can add an attorney general to your list of ‘CT loons.’

    There is not one false flag/black op/hoax type event that I’ve failed to pose totally sensible and concrete questions of. It’s you who can’t provide any sensible answers for them.

  25. There is definitely a jew dominated banker media mob that has subverted the Western worlds nations politics. Jews like Moses will lie to protect this mob in a second just like he lied about jews being a religion instead of the ethnic group they truly are.

    Jews are the disease and you guys constantly whine about the symptoms. Without jews in the USA the blacks would behave and all the other non whites would not be here. This is just a fact and no matter how many times you people claim jew wise people are crazy it will never be true. Paul Craig Roberts put it all on the line and he lost way more than any of you. For a nobody like Jack Ryan to trash him is pathetic.

  26. “Without jews in the USA the blacks would behave and all the other non whites would not be here. ”

    Jack replies:

    As far as I know there are few or no Jews in places like Somalia, Sierra Leon, Northern Nigeria. My understanding of the situation is that Blacks in these places are not behaving very well, hence the outbreaks of kidnaping, piracy, criminal anarchy, AIDS, Ebola plagues.

  27. Where I come from the blacks behaved fine in towns and counties not controlled by jews. In traditional WASP towns, blacks and whites co-existed in at least some mutual tolerance, if not total acceptance. There wasn’t this horrific acrimony and violence. All that is happening now results from the exporting of jew-poisoned blacks from the inner cities, and from decades of jew-poisoning through it’s control of the media.

  28. NYYankees has retreated into a fantasy world, because she can’t understand why our people betray.

    And who can blame her? This behavior we’re seeing is very weird and unnatural. No animal in nature attacks its own to mutual destruction, because no animal that ever did something as crazy as that, has ever survived.

  29. In a new article on the same blog, Glenn Greenwald writes more of the same nonsense:

    He laments that the Muslims in France can be criticized in the name of free speech, whereas the Jews cannot. Actually, the Jews keep having French people convicted in law courts under the accusation of incitement to discrimination against Muslims. Charlie Hebdo gets away with it because they are friends with the Jews. A French nationalist publication would be sued by Jewish organizations for doing that.

    Greenwald says that “Charlie Hebdo in the post-9/11 era [fell] into full-scale, obsessive anti-Muslim bigotry”. Actually, Charlie Hebdo’s main target was White average French people, described as mean, stupid and racist. That kind of vilification encourages the government’s policy of race replacement and makes it impossible for White people to defend their existence through free speech.

    The cartoonist Charb, killed last week, even had a close relationship with Jeannette Bougrab, an Arab woman who once was the chairwoman of the “Halde”, a public institution dedicated to bringing proceedings against White people who discriminate against the third-world invaders.

    The genocide of White people by race replacement is a much greater crime than infringing on free speech and hurting the feelings of Muslim immigrants. Before anything else, the Jewish lobby should be blamed for promoting our genocide. But Greenwald doesn’t see anything wrong with race replacement. He only worries about free speech and hurt feelings. What a phony!

  30. I’m with James Scott. My apologies Hunter but we can not let anyone say that there are not conspiracies. I don’t wish to dwell here on conspiracies but neither do I want outright lies that they don’t exist. The reason I believe in conspiracies is 9-11,. Building #7 specifically. It’s just impossible for a building to fall the same speed as a rock dropped in air for around 108 feet due to fires. The building fell relatively level so that means all of the building supporting columns ten stories high would have had to have been destroyed at almost the same time. Here’s a video of the North side of building #7 about an hour or two before it fell. You see ten stories completely destroyed all the way round the building?

    Here’s a picture of the South side of building #7, facing the North tower, after it had fallen. There is no huge gaping hole. There is no massive fire going all the way up the building. So you can’t say it’s the other side. NIST has had to release a lot of video due the FOIA. It’s impossible for 7 to have come down in any manner other than being demoed.

  31. Armor says:

    “Actually, Charlie Hebdo’s main target was White average French people, described as mean, stupid and racist. That kind of vilification encourages the government’s policy of race replacement and makes it impossible for White people to defend their existence through free speech.

    The cartoonist Charb, killed last week, even had a close relationship with Jeannette Bougrab, an Arab woman who once was the chairwoman of the “Halde”, a public institution dedicated to bringing proceedings against White people who discriminate against the third-world invaders.

    The genocide of White people by race replacement is a much greater crime than infringing on free speech and hurting the feelings of Muslim immigrants. Before anything else, the Jewish lobby should be blamed for promoting our genocide. But Greenwald doesn’t see anything wrong with race replacement. He only worries about free speech and hurt feelings. What a phony!”

    Could not agree more!

  32. As an example of what usually happens in France if you criticize the Muslims, I have found this on the blog Fdesouche:

    Nice: police investigation on account of a banner against Islamist terrorism
    By Roger – 01/15/2015

    The newspaper Nice Matin informs us that an investigation for incitement to racial hatred has been opened by the police who unhooked a banner with the inscription: “Islamic Terrorism, Merah, Nemmouche, the Kouachi brothers… Enough!”.

    Picture of the banner

  33. Those who think whites will ever go back to an era where there was no middle class live in a fantasy world. The jews declared official war on the white middle class during the civil rights era; their Mossad killed JFK because his vision for civil rights did NOT include punishing the white middle class. And because he disliked the jew controlled Federal Reserve and the idea of a nuclear-armed Israel. LBJ was crypto; his civil rights package was way more radical than JFK’s. Read Salvador Astucia’s book Opium Wars.

    The white middle class hasn’t really grasped the jewish orchestrations behind anti-white until very recently, although where I come from there’s always been a sense of it because we had to countenance invasion from the most obvious and hubristic jewy jews that exist. NYC/NJ jews sometimes hid their legal maneuvering, etc., to fix the yoke around the northwestern european neck, but never fully successfully. They were more successful in hiding behind the ‘italian’ mafia, however, and often used them as their strongmen, much as they use the blacks in most situations.

    The notion that my people did okay with some elements of blacks so long as the jews were excluded/contained is no fantasy. It’s the lived reality of anglocelts in NJ, who regarded the jews as predatory aliens at times when some blacks were decent hardworking americans.

    In the South, stagnation seems to plague pro-white activism. How many more fair-haired white women need to be martyred before someone down there starts to figure out a new vision might work better? The notion that most middle class whites want to go back to a system which divided labor and ground them down for planter turned corporatist privilege is just fantasy.

    My people reconnected with their atavistic tribal self as hideous anti-white jews and mafia italians invaded them, assaulted their women, and degraded their way of life. This is 100% reality. We didn’t live in denial of the class tensions between us; we merely tried to mitigate and move past them as best we could. I truly believe we might have moved on as a country had it not been for jewish interference. But I’ll never know, because the jews made sure there would be no peace for America. They hate our race, the northwestern europeans, with every fiber of their inbred bodies, as we are the only one that has ever sacrificed everything to be free. They’ve done everything they could to debase and degrade black culture. I for one will never give the jews what they want. They will never reduce me to the level of nomadic parasite, whose sole existence pivots on the hunting down and debasement of other peoples.

  34. Glenn Greenwald thinks that White people are racist for resenting the third-world invasion, but he supports their right to free speech nevertheless…

    If he saw a White girl trying to escape from a Black man who was raping her, he would rush to his computer and write something like this on his blog:

    Even though the stubborn rejection of vibrancy by that racist and bigoted White woman is most repellent to my Jewish ears, I still think that his strangling her to stifle her screams is a violation of free speech. It is courageous from me to say so, and it is natural that you would admire my incredible boldness, but after all, free speech means that you have a right to utter even the most repellent screams. Like Voltaire, I’ll defend to the death your right to scream and screech in the most abhorrent way. After all, that is what free speech is all about, and free speech is what made America a great country. Thanks for your applause.

  35. Sam J formaly Sam2’s comment violates OD comment guidelines which strictly prohibit spreading wild, insane conspiracy theory loonacy that strongly discredits honest nationalist.

    9-11-01 isn’t hard to understand. It’s really a no brainier.

    Nasty, ugly, hateful, racially alien and culturally alien non White Muslims were some how allowed in to our country on unsupervised student visas, then they were also allowed to attend flight school in Florida, overstay their student visas, becoming illegal aliens and then they proceeded to use fraudulent Florida drivers’ licenses to purchase airplane tickets, get on airplanes (extremist Muslims should ride camels not Western airplanes) murder the flight crew, fly the planes in to New York City office towers and the pentagon and thus slaughtering over 3,000 of our people, including 300 brave White Irish American FDNY firemen.

    Ok, all of these real , terrible events are not in dispute, nor are they hard to understand. It’s not something weird, something secret, some insider false flag operation. It really did happen and will happen again and again unless are country changes our immigration policies, student visa policies, airplane security.

    A sane nationalist country like Japan does have any remote chance of letting nasty Islamic terrorists in to Japan to go to flight school in Japan. No chance, NONE.

    For those our readers who to focus on REAL Jewish subversion, attacks on our people, they should focus on the REAL, terrible immigration policies pushed by the American Jewish elite (Mark Zuckerberg, Sheldon Adelson, Jewish media). Yes, Virginia, the American Jewish elite does indeed push open borders immigration in to the USA, including mass Islamic immigration.

    The Jewish elite wants to end White Majority rule in the USA, the same as this Jewish elite successfully worked to end White rule, White civilization in South Africa.

    This is terrible, but it ain’t some weird conspiracy theory lunacy that denies Muslims deliberately flew the airplanes in to the WTC on 9-11-01.

    And was Israeli Intelligence monitoring, following Mohamed Ata and his murderous terrorist crew. Maybe so.


    Because Israeli intelligence has intelligent Israelies directing things. The New York City Police department used to spy on Muslim groups to watch out for terrorists.


    Why did they do that?

    Answer: because the NYPD had sane, intelligent (White) men running things, not a bunch of stupid, crazy loons.

    So, I close by requesting the commenters here honor OD’s comment guidelines and refrain from spreading wild, crazy conspiracy theory nonsense that discredits Southern nationalism in the eyes of the general public.

  36. Hey Hunter, I thought we made the decision to ban this lunatic woman NewYorkYankees for continuously violating OD’s strict guidelines prohibiting spread wild, unsubstantiated conspiracy theory lunacy.

    She’s at it again:

    She writes:
    “their Mossad killed JFK because his vision for civil rights did NOT include punishing the white middle class.”

    There is not a shred of evidence that the Israeli Mossad was involved in the murder of John F Kennedy . The facts of the time were that the American Jewish community overwhelmingly support John F Kennedy, the Kennedy Family, Lib Dem politics etc. some notion that John F Kennedy was about to turn in the Jews, abolish the Fed, start a White Catholic war against the anti Christ Jews – that’s utter nonsense.

  37. And, besides that every fact I cited re JFK’s clashing stance with the jews is verifiable, there is also the Kennedy family’s support of Joe Kennedy’s crusade against communism to consider, which is another historical proven fact.

  38. Jack Ryan says,”…Sam J formaly Sam2?s comment violates OD comment guidelines which strictly prohibit spreading wild, insane conspiracy theory loonacy that strongly discredits honest nationalist…”

    It does not as it is based on the laws of physics which, as far as is know at this time, is the same everywhere in the universe. If you have some insight into alternate physics to explain how a building can fall through steel columns the same speed as a rock dropped in air I suggest you chime in and let us know.

    What Jack Ryan is really saying is, “I have cooties”. He has no evidence to support his position so he’s using failed social proof to prop us his squalid remarks. I submit to the people here that social proof is fast falling commodity. Those that think different should watch more television.

  39. The 80-year-old Maurice Sinet, political cartoonist with Charlie Hebdo for 20 years, was fired in 2009 for his anti-Semitic cartoons mocking the relationship of former French President Sarkozy’s son with a wealthy Jewish woman.

    Maurice Sinet stated:
    I’m not Charlie … I’m Sine. I used to work for Charlie as a cartoonist.In 2009, I created a caricature showing Sarkozy’s son converting to Judaism for financial reasons. Charlie asked me to apologize and I refused.

    Was Charlie justified in firing Maurice Sinet?
    Does Charlie put a restriction on free speech for certain groups??

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