Update: “Diversity Means Chasing Down The Last White Person” Billboard Taken Down

Update: Dyar Outdoors has taken down the billboard.

I heard about this the other day on Twitter, but I assumed this new billboard had gone up to replace the previous one on I-20 near Leeds. Instead, it turns out to be an entirely new billboard on I-59 in Springville, AL in St. Clair County:

Note: The League of the South has a SECEDE billboard up in Cottondale, AL near Tuscaloosa. A new SECEDE billboard will be going up soon in another Southern state. Click here to donate to the White Genocide Project’s billboard campaign.


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  1. Hunter, Guys, what would be a good source for learning about Mississippi? Most of what I could find is all about evil and “Mississippi Burning” type stuff. Thanks in advance.

  2. “Taking down the billboard in the spirit of Je Suis Charlie?

    Or was that a sham?”

    Free speech? In the land of the spree and the home of the knave?

  3. Is the statement true…. or false?

    That’s all we need to know.

    If false, take it down.
    If true, a year’s worth of similar signs all over the area… at the company’s expense.

  4. Of course Dyar Outdoors is planning to take down the sign. There are dozens of Jew Crews just dying to sue and the owners will be kicked out of the country club for failing to bend over frontwards to appease the downtrodden Blacks and their Semite saviors.

  5. I first heard about you and League of the south because of your secede billboard.
    It is a great idea to put up billboards. It is a lot more than the rest of is internet whiners do about the coming genocide of Whites.

    You can,t do a 1st amendment thing because first amendment only applies to government restriction of speech. And of course the courts just make up the laws as they go along. Keep on fighting.

  6. I think these billboards are great because they put the enemy in a no-win situation:

    – If they ignore them, lots of people will see the message.
    – If they make a fuss about them, there will be news coverage, photos on the Internet etc., and even more people will see the message.

    “There is no such thing as bad publicity.”

  7. Apparently the sign owners got a lot of death threats from the peace and love crowd. That’s why they took it down.

  8. The Peace and Love crowd are the same folks who claim to be fighting for “free speech.” Of course, they mean theirs, not yours or mine. As the Sheriff once told me in disgust: “Criminals have rights, you don’t.” So it is with these characters as well.

  9. I guess if people on our side can’t rent the billboard, the next step will have to be everyone kicking in to buy the property under the billboard, then buy the billboard company, and then put up the billboard. Of course, the immediate response would be for the local government to rezone the area for no bill boards, or for the Feds to declare the area a wetland or suddenly needed for an eminent domain project.

    My pointless venting for tonight is saying I hope I live to see some scores settled with these murderous psychos. That comes later.

  10. There are laws about billboards on Federal highways but I’ll bet they don’t apply to free speech. It may be that the law will attempt to have it removed. I don’t know if this has been tested in court. What you need is a landowner to sell you a small parcel next to the highway and put up a sign on it.


    “…30. Metromedia, at 514. In addition, “[a]ny piece of property may carry or display religious symbols, commemorative plaques of historical societies and organizations, signs carrying news items or telling time or temperature, signs erected in discharge of governmental function, or temporary political campaign signs.” Id….”

    “signs erected in discharge of governmental function” I see the diversity sign as doing that.

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