George Soros and Bernard-Henri Lévy: Save The New Ukraine

George Soros

After spending $33 million dollars to stir up the “Ferguson” movement in the United States, George Soros is teaming up with Bernard-Henri Lévy to demand that the West spend $15 billion dollars to “save the new Ukraine” from Putin’s aggression:

“A NEW Ukraine was born a year ago in the pro-European protests that helped to drive President Viktor F. Yanukovych from power. And today, the spirit that inspired hundreds of thousands to gather in the Maidan, Kiev’s Independence Square, is stronger than ever, even as it is under direct military assault from Russian forces supporting separatists in eastern Ukraine.

The new Ukraine seeks to become the opposite of the old Ukraine, which was demoralized and riddled with corruption. The transformation has been a rare experiment in participatory democracy; a noble adventure of a people who have rallied to open their nation to modernity, democracy and Europe. And this is just the beginning.

One drawback is that the new Ukraine is a well-kept secret, not just from the rest of the world but also from the Ukrainian public. Radical reforms have been hatched but not yet implemented. …”

Lévy, a well known “French philosopher” and defender of “republican values,” is that great friend of Marine Le Pen and the National Front, Ukraine’s anti-fascist revolution, and Dieudonné and the cause of free speech in France. He was also a big supporter of Charlie Hebdo‘s decision to fire the cartoonist Siné for “anti-Semitism.”

Note: Ukraine vs. Russia is a topic that has roiled the White Nationalist blogosphere. The fact that Soros and Lévy are so desperate to “save the new Ukraine,” and the “radical reforms” that have been hatched there, ought to raise eyebrows.

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  1. It has been about a year since Putin’s puppet was ousted and the West’s puppet installed in his place. I would like to know if Right Sector and Svoboda have done anything significant to clearly distant themselves from the US-EU-NATO.

  2. President Yanukovych had to flee to Russia for his life, after what was in effect, a coup. Ever since, we’ve been bombarded with tales of Russian villainy. If they can’t blame the victim, any third party scapegoat will do. Or more likely, anything or anyone that will distract the masses from what’s really going on will do.

  3. It sounds like the French Far-Right has become controlled opposition. We should have known something was up when Imperium became popular within the “Right”.

    A true right-wing in the Ukraine would accept secession for the Russian-majority areas, encouraging those who wish closer ties with Russia to move there. Those remaining in the Ukraine would need to accept the Ukrainian language and ways.

    If a polity wants to remain nationalist, it shouldn’t allow in immigration. Clearly the Ukraine today is split between ethnic Ukrainians and ethnic Russians. The two have a complex history together, and secession is the only reasonable way out.

  4. Some OD articles and comments are getting a little bit too “Concerned with Jews”.

    I have to flag myself here. Yeah the George Soros, Sheldon Adelson types are a real pain, but our own traitors like Rand Paul, Newt Gingrich, the new Liberation Theology Pope, John Mcinsane (wants to start a war with Russian in Ukraine!), Donnie Smith of Tyson Foods – these are the main problem.

    If we can’t get our own people to take our own side, to have even 1/10th the ethnic/cultural solidarity of Jews or Muslims, we’re history – same as White civilization, or just Whites in Santo Domingo/Haiti, Algeria, Rhodesia or the Middle East holy lands.

    Whites, even Christian Whites like us used to live in relative peace and prosperity in the Middle East, North Africa, South Africa…. Memphis, Selma Alabama.

    We can’t blame THE JEWS or anyone else for all of our problems. It’s mostly our fault…

    That said, it’s OK and necessary to point out the FACTS of the terrible things George Soros and Sheldon Adelson are doing, funding with their ill begotten wealth.

  5. Putin was doing well until the coup in the Ukraine. The US really hit him hard with that.

    And it hit nationalists hard. Fighting between two European ethnicities undermines the credibility of nationalism.

    Similarly, when Greek nationalists call for “reclaiming” the capital of Byzantium, they’re undermining nationalism. Nationalism is supposed to be a peaceful, stable alternative to ever-expanding empire.

    I do realise Russia is essentially an empire, but on a sliding scale it is less a globalist empire than the US and currently a natural ally within the current global power balance.

  6. Jack Ridiculous, the source of jewish and muslim cohesion is precisely The Other, aka europeans, gentiles, et al.

    The entire jewish creed pivots on there being an Other. There is nothing to judaism in and of itself, except an endless bunch of rituals surrounding their celebration of Jews vs. Goyim. There is no afterlife. There is no Trinity. There is only Us v. Them for the jews. I’d suspect it’s more or less ditto for the muslims.

    One can face off against such militant depravity and still maintain a sense of self, if there’s enough motivation and cohesion. Europeans have an abstract, universal god. As long as we have that, we don’t of necessity lose ourselves to the parasitic dualism of the nomad peoples. But we will if we fail to confront them head on.

    It’s not a fight for misplaced persons, though, like Chicagoans who think they’re Tennesseans.

  7. Weaver

    If you are referring to Yockey, I assume you are also referring to his pan-Europeanism
    and not his later works which had a different perspective on Russia and the USSR specifically.

  8. “…Some OD articles and comments are getting a little bit too “Concerned with Jews”…”

    It’s impossible to discuss international and national politics “rationally” and not discuss the Jews. They are the root of turmoil. Like it or not they run the game, set up the rules and define how it’s played. And extending the game metaphor every now and then they let air out of the ball.

  9. Ken Hoop,

    to be honest, I haven’t read Yockey. I’ve read his fans online.

    For years our hope was the collapse of the EU and the gradual return to the nation-state (after immigrants are either absorbed or returned home). Then we, or at least I, started seeing Imperium support pop up. I’m a Southerner. The South’s solution to everything (to a fault) tends to be *secession*. I realise Europe has a different perspective, post WWI & II.

    It is highly likely I would enjoy much of what Yockey says. I also find myself praising the New Right in areas.

    But I don’t want empire. I originally posted in anger at *Imperium* showing up at TradRight, which I didn’t expect. I had thought Lind’s Fourth Generation Warfare to be different.

    I’ll buy Yockey’s book before writing further against the movement. I’m just grateful OD isn’t pumping out books yet. I have enough to read as is, lol.

  10. I have a comment up that is pretty good in reply at TradRight btw. It shows my perspective well. I’ve been repeating the same view for years.

    I do agree there’s need for hope. My view tends to be more that we’re at Ragnarok (symbolically), that we should aim to survive as long as possible. I suppose as a Christian, I should have more hope.

    The New Right has a solid argument against people like me: too depressing and negative.

  11. jack ryan says:
    January 27, 2015 at 4:28 pm

    “Some OD articles and comments are getting a little bit too “Concerned with Jews”.

    I have to flag myself here. Yeah the George Soros, Sheldon Adelson types are a real pain, but our own traitors like Rand Paul, Newt Gingrich, the new Liberation Theology Pope, John Mcinsane (wants to start a war with Russian in Ukraine!), Donnie Smith of Tyson Foods – these are the main problem.”

    If Soros and Adelson are the mafia handing out bags of money, Rand Paul, Newt Gingrich etc, are the cops on the take. This is what the Jew obsessives don’t want to see. If it wasn’t for the corruption of people that are supposed to be on our side, the mafias couldn’t do their thing. They own all traitors.

  12. Just look at the comments sections of the reviews on American Sniper and you can smell the two ends against the middle Kosherization of nationalism and the nation wreck mockery of the Grunts who get their hands dirty.

  13. Ragnarok was ww2.

    We are in a while new world of pain and humilation.

    The Norse Gods are long gone, nothing beside remains.

  14. You can’t blame the soft-hearted or altruistic among us for falling for the propaganda/brain-washing of the left. We have always been altruistic and that is part of the problem. But only a handful of leftist whites are treasonous sociopaths. The rest are weak-kneed, bleeding-heart pansies who actually believe the left are the “good guys”. They are terrified of being seen as “evil” racists.

    Soros and people like him don’t get enough credit. he has spent 100’s of millions on Marxist projects like and represents the backbone of the “democratic” movement and “democrat” party. They fund their movement on money that mostly comes from other jews, and gullible white tools. The white opportunists that Jack talks about need to be dealt with, but it’s much more important that the jewish derived propaganda is exposed and countered. Or we will continue to be stuck with their narrative and versions of events, and white opportunists will continue to be exalted instead of vilified.

  15. It is easy to discover what is the side of evil in any conflict or debate. Soros is the personification of evil. Whatever event or idea he backs is wrong, bad and evil.

    He’s Dr. No and Goldfinger come to life.

  16. It is highly likely I would enjoy much of what Yockey says

    While I like Yockey, I don’t think he’s necessary reading for the reason that what he writes is not really new. All of his work is based on the works of Carl Schmitt and Oswald Spengler. If you read those men, you wouldn’t really need to read Yockey. I think he is what you might call a popularizer of ideas rather than a fully formed thinker in his own right.

    If you just want an introduction into early-20c German political philosophy, it will do, I guess.

  17. In Ukraine the game is over . Ultimately it is partitioning Ukraine is west of the river while east of the river , becomes Russia . Soros & levy is mere balloony talk

  18. Do the Jews get too much attention? Not possible.

    When their machinations are exposed, the problem of sell-outs and traitors will wither away. No sense in attacking our people except to make it disreputable to curry favor from them.

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