Rand Paul’s Long and Thorough Quest For The “Kosher Stamp of Approval”


I know, I know … lots of Jew stuff here lately, but this one is so over the top that I can’t let it pass without comment:

“Paul’s quest for a kosher stamp of approval has been long and thorough, and is still far from complete. Among other things, he has walked back, time and again, his call for eliminating aid to Israel. He has become a leading pro-Israel voice in the Senate. And last year he took a family trip to Israel and donned a yarmulke when paying visits to traditionally observant Jewish donors. …”

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  1. Rand Paul now needs to also go the Mecca Saudi Arabia to pledge himself to Islam, that way he will have pledges his soul to Zionists, Jewish Diaspora, Islam everywhere – except Israel, Ferguson MO Black Mobs, Soros funding there and every Ebola infected African, Central American Amer-Indian that wants to come to the United States, provided they want to work here….


    That’s pretty much the entire non White American world!

    Which leaves out 85% of the Kentucky electorate which is 85% White American, non Muslim, non Jewish, non Ebola infected African, not part of Black criminal, looting mobs in Ferguson MO.

    Somehow this all comes together to make Time Magazine honor Rand Paul as “The Most Interesting Man in American Politics”.


  2. One other thing on this. While we weren’t looking, Pand Raul went and got himself a hell of a reputation for flip flopping worse than John F’n Ketchup Man Kerry.

    Notice he’s already down to at best upper single digits in the polls.

    QD’s verdict: Non-entity.

  3. HW

    Yeah there’s another thing. I keep hearing the media conventional wisdom about how deep and quality and interesting and first rate the Republican Presidential field is. If it’s deep, it’s piled high and deep. But really, I’m not impressed by the field as a whole. Of the people that are acting like candidates, the only one that seems like he has a thimble full of sense and acts like this is more than just some pure ideological exercise and that it should be about actual people is Rick Santorum. If Jeff Sessions gets in, then there’s where my vote and money will go, but I don’t think he’s going to get in because I think he’s basically trying to tell everyone that wants him to run that he knows his age and short height will work against him in our excessively visually obsessed culture.

    The rest of them are one big uninspiring blur to me. Just your usual combination of resume padders, carnival barkers, publicity whores, establishment hacks, cultists of increasingly obsolete and irrelevant ideologies and orthodoxies, and people just plain living in the past.

  4. LiberalismFailed says:

    “Oh, Magic Wall, I beseech you: May I be President now?”

    Yes, Presidential candidates must bow before the wall and wear the beanie as a sign of their submission to jews.

    Scott Walker ready to roll. He knows what needs to be done.

    Will make sure to get plenty of photos snapped, I’m sure.

    Jew money greases the palms of every player on all sides, like it or not.

    Madison — Gov. Scott Walker said Monday he would likely take a trade mission this year to Israel, a move that could spur interest from key constituencies and donors as the Republican governor considers a run for president.

    “I haven’t got a date yet, but I’ve had multiple requests to go so we’ll probably try to find a way,” Walker told reporters after a Capitol ceremony celebrating Martin Luther King Jr.

    “Previously, in the last four years the consul general’s office from Israel asked me a number of times to come and talk about water technology, other trade missions, so we’ll probably try to figure out some way to do that.”

    Walker in recent weeks has said he is seriously considering a run for president. This week he will attend the Iowa Freedom Summit along with other potential candidates and next month he plans to attend the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C.

    Last year, Walker and others considering presidential runs visited the leadership meeting of the Republican Jewish Coalition in Las Vegas, giving them a chance to seek support from Sheldon Adelson, a casino magnate and GOP mega-donor with strong views on Israel.

    Walker was to again meet with Adelson last month.

    Last fall, Adelson gave $650,000 to the Republican Party of Wisconsin, which in turn gave Walker’s campaign more than $450,000 that same day for his successful re-election run. Adelson also gave $250,000 to Walker ahead of his 2012 recall election victory.

  5. Its not only Rand Paul, anyone who wants to run for President has to get approval from the AJC, AIPAC and other Jews who run our political landscape.

  6. Pat Buchanan is still around, but very much pushed nearly off stage.

    This week he is writing that the Israeli leader is in Washington pushing for long delayed Us wars against Iran.


    One good thing about 6 years of Obama Lib Dem rule is that there have been no more, new US/Israeli wars – just USDrone attacks in areas taken over by ISIS – they are in my opinion the worst people in this god awful part of the world.

    But, according to Buchanan and others I pretty much believe, the Israelis, Neo Conservatives, American chicken hawk goyim like John Mcinsane and Lisping Lindsey Graham – these folks wanted US wars or just massive military support intervention against secular Assad regime in Syria , attacks on Iran and, kind of somehow in the same plan, US military intervention in Ukraine against Russia!

    Remember when that terrible Neo Con Jew David Frum wrote that war mongering speech for George Dubya Bush that:

    “There Was an AXIS OF EVIL – Iran, Iraq and… North Korea !”

    This total nonsense was successfully used to excite Red State White Conservatives to back the second US war against Saddam Hussein’s secular Bathiist regime in Iraq and usher in peace, prosperity and pro American democracy like there is now in Iraq!

    You can’t make this &$&@&! up!

  7. Its almost enough to make me believe in auras in that some people’s auras repel me instinctively like the opposite end of a magnet. Rand Paul was one of these. Wasn’t he the one that also went to the NAACP meeting and got booed off stage or was that Paul Ryan?

  8. This land is under divine judgment. Capitulation to the Deicides is a sign of the Antichrist. America has already had its lampstand taken away, and the godless Prots and the multiculti RC’s don’t even know it.

    Misericordie, Domine.

  9. I quit voting in Presidential elections. You get to vote for a Yankee who represents the Chicago Political Machine Inc., or a Yankee who represents the Boston Political Machine Inc. If you live here in Dixie, or in the West, outside of the Yankee’s Pac Rim Colonies, your vote is symbolic at best. The old “Union” states, as usual, run the whole show and get everything they want, when they want it. The few “Southern” and “Western” Presidents we’ve had, were just thrown up there to maintain the illusion that “we’re all one country.,” rather than a sixteen state oligarchy and it’s thirty four colonial possessions. I some cases, the aforementioned non-Yankee Presidents were flukes.

  10. I don’t understand why Obama nominated Loretta ‘Another Token Negress’ Lynch as AG when he could have had Don West or Mark O’Mara.

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