Ain’t That America: Americans or Alabamians?


John Archibald has a thought provoking article at this afternoon: Are we American? Or just Alabamian?

“The question is simple.

Are we Americans? Or are we Alabamians?

Are we Americans, loyal above all else to the notion of liberty and justice for all? Or are we Alabamians, steadfast in the belief that our way is …

The U.S. Constitution created an America, with all its differences. Alabama’s constitution was born in racism. It outlawed interracial marriage, required segregated schools, and exploited and pointed out our differences.

Are you American? Or just Alabamian?”

I like how he frames the issue here.

“America” is a proposition nation created by rights-bearing individualists who believe that our social order is based on a contract. As liberal republicans, they believe that “liberty” and “equality” are the only things that are good in life, except perhaps in cases where those values are set aside for the sake of advancing Jews or non-Whites.

There’s something in Alabama’s cultural DNA, or the South’s cultural DNA in general, that always rebels against these attempts to push the values of liberal republicanism to ever greater extremes. At the same time, liberal republicanism is also part of Alabama’s cultural inheritance, which is why we are defeated time and again.

Southern Nationalism should be about pinpointing, clarifying, and channeling the authentically Alabamian or Southern aspects of our heritage, which is the vein Judge Roy Moore is tapping into here, while rejecting the alien, corrupted parts which are derived from Americanism that Archibald identifies with.

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  1. Southern Nationalism should be about pinpointing, clarifying, and channeling the authentically Alabamian or Southern aspects of our heritage.

    Define authentically Alabamian or Southern. What exactly is it that a White John Doe #1 does or believes that would make him more “authentic” than a White John Doe #2?

  2. Are we Americans, loyal above all else to the notion of liberty and justice for all?

    Since anyone in the world can be “loyal above all else to the notion of liberty and justice for all,” then anyone in the world can be an “American.” Which means they don’t have to come here or leave where they are from. Of course, that’s not the point to “Americans” who spout this doctrine, they want all these non-American “Americans” to be able to come here without limits or inhibition. “Americanism” in this case is meant to pathologize any resistance that white people put up to this notion trying to defend their racial or tribal interests.

    Likewise, if “America” is just an idea of “liberty and justice for all,” this means that those who don’t believe in “liberty and justice for all” don’t believe in “America” and are therefore traitors. I mean, committing treason against a proposition nation is as easy as disagreeing with the proposition.

  3. By their very nature propositions are mere intangibles. Most are in fact delusions. A people cannot live in them, eat them, drink them, breath them, play with them, or rely on them for protection from harm. Whatever they may be good for, they do not a nation make, be it in Alabama or anywhere else on the earth.

  4. I’ve been arguing that the system is fine when put into context. i.e. liberty and justice for all fellow tribe. it’s the idiots that want to do away with liberty and justice altogether that really light my fuse. As if that was the problem….

    • If “liberty” had firmly established limits, I don’t think anyone would have a problem with it. Obviously, some degree of liberty is a good thing. The historical course of the US and other republics suggest otherwise, which is to say, liberty and equality will be taken to such extremes that the doctrine eventually crowds out and destroys other traditional values.

  5. A friend of mine once said that the Enlightenment would one day be seen as the decisive event in the downfall of European civilization. Of course any good modern would scoff at this. But I think, given what we Southrons have suffered, that we of all people can start to see the truth of that.

  6. I liked the original Republic of Alabama flag that had a red robed white female holding a sword in her right hand and a flag in her left. Instead of the motto at the top Independence now and Forever, perhaps a more modern version saying freedom and preservation.I guess the flag could be the white field with the black Saint Andrews cross. Maybe a white robed female instead on a sky blue or royal blue background with a red liberty cap on her head with blond hair flowing out. Secession is the last resort against governmental tyranny.After all, the U.S. is born of secession as we seceded from the British Empire.Anything you cannot leave voluntarily is either a cult or a toxic relationship. A with individuals so with nations.

    The Alabama monument at Vicksburg also shows Alabama’s version of Miss Liberty.This is more a Red-Blue situation now than a North-South dichotomy.Red States secession in other words from the evil empire. Separate or die! (And I don’t mean that in a violent way.I mean if we don’t separate from the United Soviets we will go extinct)

  7. HW

    “Freedom” as a pure abstraction and taken as a virtue in its own right will eat up and chew up and spit out everything around it, even if it is initially understood as subservient to ethnonationalism.

    Freedom, if it is understood as the mortar that holds together the bricks of responsibility, the responsibility that people in an ethnostate have toward their own people and the improvement of the people, and if it is understood that a freedom can’t really be a freedom if it either is something which people do to carry out a responsibility or does not hurt people who carry out responsibilities, not only won’t hurt ethnonationalism, but will help it.

    As late as the 1960s, I understand, Southern writers and speakers used the phrase “rights and responsibilities.” Never “rights” on its own, but “rights” conjoined with “responsibilities.”

  8. After what has been done to Whites in the last 100 years by our government I fail to see how any White can be loyal to our government. If I ever buy a dairy farm, I’ll hire some guys to paint a long line of USA flags in the manure gutter and a giant one on the bed of the manure spreader.

    I can’t quite figure out what this guy is trying to say.

  9. I make watermelon pickles, use only lodge iron frying pans and my kids love corn bread. I make coleslaw 4 or 5 days a week instead of lettuce salad to save money. I save and clarify bacon grease and use it for almost all frying.

    Does that make me a southerner? No

  10. Yes, I agree liberty works when the proper restrictions are in place. And really the only ones that matter are the ones inhibiting population replacement and miscegenation. The reason it hasn’t worked, is because there were never any checks on this in the first place and 3rd worlders & marxists inclined towards despotism are now gnawing at its foundation.

  11. I must say that Occidental Dissent has the best articles and the most intelligent comments of any I know of. That’s why, for so many years, I keep coming back here. Keep up the great work, Hunter!

  12. Question Diversity is spot on. Humans are social animals, like chimpanzees and ants, not individualistic like bears or tigers. We evolved this way, and society is an evolved survival tactic. Men cannot be happy outside of society that reflects their values and serves to promote their posterity. Liberalism, both classic and modern (aka socialism, aka Marxism, aka Progressivism, aka Communism) treats society like a circus tent, not the temple that it is. As Thomas Carlyle said, the true constitution is not a piece of paper somewhere, but the customs, habits, manners, and accepted behaviors of the people, which develop over thousands of years. Once this is corrupted, no amount of Enlightenment naval gazing/constitution writing will change it.

  13. Freedom, as someone once defined it, “is the absence of one’s enemies.” Apparently, White folks aren’t free.

  14. Whites too often are “individuals”. If we’re part of a group, it’s religious like Roman Catholic or its historical loyalty to a multiethnic kingdom (like those who revere historical Byzantium).

    If you meet a white who is ethnic, too often he just wants eugenics. He isn’t proud of being part of something: He just wants “progress”.

    We need whites who are human again, who are tribal like everyone else. Individualism has made us weak to all sorts of external threats. I refuse to accept that we’re genetically so predisposed. Individualism is cultural; it’s recent; and it’s temporary.

    Jewish dating, black dating, Asian dating, Christian dating: “White dating” would be “racist”. Without a sense of tribe, we’re doomed. I’m a Southerner through and through, but I have never been an individualist.

    I just received L. Regan O’Carroll’s latest book Endangered Species. It looks good.

  15. I read the column, and the expression ‘liberty and justice for all’ rankled me, more than it has EVER rankled me before; Because (I finally realized) it is a HERETICAL concept. I now see that unless you have in understanding the phrase ‘free, White, Christian Englishmen’ after the previous phrase;
    (which then would read) “with liberty and justice for all free, White, Christian Englishmen” – which was substantively true until 1963…

    You are engaging in a satanic oath. Because it is implicitly heretical.

    God -YHWH God- is no respecter of persons when it comes to sin- He is able and willing to damn all hominids to hell for their continual flagrant violations of His unerring and immortal Law Word. Thus, all law codes from Justinian’s Code, to the antebellum laws against miscegenation, etc. God’s Law is the ONLY basis for a White Man’s law code. But God – YHWH God- and his Son, Jesus Christ (whom this charlatan in the post faslely says he follows- with that idolatrous Ten Commandments display on his pulpit, no less) IS a respecter of persons, when it comes to Grace, Election, and Salvation. Every Christian knows the predestination clauses in Paul’s Epistles, and the great Augustine, St. Prosper, Calvin, Luther, Whitefield, etc. all corroborate this is GOSPEL… clearly note, God does NOT choose everyone for ‘salvation’ – nor does he choose nations for grace. SOME ARE PREDESTINED FOR JUDGMENT.

    The words of the Liberty Bell, taken from the OT book of Leviticus (the LAW CODE BOOK, itself!) makes this clear, when it comes to the American experiment: Leviticus 25:10 “Proclaim liberty throughout the land until all the inhabitants thereof.”

    Who are/were these ‘inhabitants’? God’s word (and our ancestors) make this clear:
    “Say to the PEOPLE OF ISRAEL, when you come into the land which I give you, etc.’ [Lev. 25:1] It is not to all and sundry, but ONLY to the Chosen People of GOD.

    Our Racial Fathers knew this, of course. Just two quotes: Dec 15, 1777 [John Adams in a letter to his wife, Abigail, describing the activities of the Continental Congress]:
    “I have had many opportunities during the course of this journey to observe how deeply rooted our cause is in the minds of the people. . . One evening as I sat in the room I overheard a company of a common sort of people in another room conversing on serious subjects. At length I heard these words, “It appears to me the eternal Son of God is operating powerfully against the British nation for their treating lightly serious things.”

    October 12, 1778 Congress issued the following act:
    “Whereas true religion and good morals are the only solid foundations of public liberty and happiness: Resolved, that it be and it is hereby earnestly recommended to the several States to take the most effectual measures for the encouragement thereof.”

    As Americans, we ALLOW the ‘xenos’ (the Nigger, the Mestizo, the Deicide, the Hagarene) to benefit from OUR laws, but they never are, nor will they ever become, ‘THEIR Law;’ or this land, ‘THEIR land;’ or even THEIR race/religion Our ‘EQUALS’- to those people who covenanted with YHWH God for this land- i.e., “White, Anglo-Saxon Pravoslavniye” (WASPS). 🙂

    It cannot be any other way – even with Ten Commandment-toting false shepheds telling us so. (and the presence of a ‘free darkie’ in his congregation shows this man is preaching ‘another gospel’- and that ‘gospel’ is the satanic lie of Equality- of which the Jews, Liberals, and Proposition Nation advocates all hold dear.)

    “I am an Aristocrat. I love Liberty. I hate Equality.” – John Randolph


  16. Fr. John+,

    you might enjoy the following.

    I know many Protestants accuse the Catholics of being pagan, but I believe you’ll find common ground regardless. The comment by “HigherCalling” is also good, and the original article’s author is something of a genius I think.

  17. Weaver. As you may or may not know, I have little quibbles with Trad RC’s, other than the fact that they actually believe their ‘church’ will ‘awaken’ and ‘change’ their course from Vatican Ewww…. or the equally myopic mindset, that what that communion is now, is somehow contiguous with what Rome was, say, in 1965, about when I began to see that I had to leave Rome in order to stay a Catholic.

    Common ground does no one any good, is the soil has been salted by the evil one.

    Here is Cam’s latest post, to point that out.

  18. Lol, CWNY! I had forgotten about that blog. To be more accurate, I had forgotten the name but wanted to see if it was still updated.

    I did vaguely recall you had issue with the Catholics. I’ll read the article after I eat. I’m so starved I’m light-headed.

  19. Fr John. Hail from afar.

    Traditional RCs do not think that the oases of faith that are traditional RC faith and practice (now dotted about the globe) will have any effect on the post conciliar church busily egaged in Babel building, apostasy, White demonization, idolatry and Jew Agenda.

    I mean, when you have just canonized the Anti-Christ – you are on the onramp to the Wrath of God with your foot to the floor at 200 ks.

    Isn’t there something in the Apocalypse about Rome burning? – rather like Jerusalem in 70 AD. The Church is fleeing out of the organisation and structures of the post conciliar church – now top heavy with apostasy, sodomy and moral ruin.

    On a more cheerful note, in the restoration, the Roman Catholic Church will have a new Holy See. Our Lord will restore His Church, but it looks like he will deal with His enemies first. Bishop Williamson frequently waxes eloquent on this subject.

  20. I’m an Alabamian and proud to be so. I don’t claim America at all. That government raped and pillaged my ancestors and has forced current Alabamian whites into submission to a false and evil ideology of melting pot. What the melting pot means to these people is the whites are burned off and only the non whites are left. Ask the multi culture crowd when they are being honest from too much liquor or dope…they will even admit it.

  21. Vox,

    unity by opposing a common enemy. Whites are that sacrifice/common enemy.

    The same globalists though hate every distinct culture and people. All are unwanted “social constructs” that must be bulldozed. The Babelists are an alliance of all the world’s traitors.

  22. I lived in Alabama when I was younger. I used to head out to Atlanta for the weekend now and then, but on driving back on some country road you’d see a billboard announcing Governor Wallace’s latest public works project–and you knew your were going home!

    “Are we Americans, loyal above all else to the notion of liberty and justice for all?”

    I’d almost buy this sort of rhetoric if non-white groups bothered to practice it. But Black Run America is predicated on legally discriminating against white people. And it is not getting any better with the deliberate importing of third world peoples into the USA who are displacing whites.

    As for liberty, the level of formal and informal censorship of everything from the CSA battleflag to white activist organizations turns the First Amendment into a farce. And it is absurd to talk about “justice” when federal courts routinely trash the will of the people on everything from stopping illegal immigration to ending affirmative action.

    With Orwellian inversion, “civil rights” has come to mean an unthinking orthodoxy, a rewriting of history (it’s “that” month again, isn’t it?), the centralization of decision making at the highest level of some technocratic bureaucracy, and the boot to dissenters.

    Let’s just hope there is still some of that Rebel Spirit ready for mobilization.

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