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  1. Northeast Texas, looks just like the locality in the picture. At once familiar and comforting. But so normal and mundane, I take it for granted. Typical West Dixie.

  2. Maybe “declare independence” is a better slogan than “secede”. People argue that the issue of the right to secession was determined by the Civil War. Well, if that’s true, then the right to declare independence was settled by the Revolutionary War. Also “secede” makes people think of the Civil War and pro-slaver sentiment, whereas “declare independence” makes people think of the Revolutionary war and independence.

  3. Yes – Declare Independence From Federal Tyranny, would get people thinking for sure. Glad to see this one up. Great job.

  4. I like:

    US OUT OF ___________________________ (put your state on the line)

    Such as “US Our of South Carolina”

  5. Good riddance to welfare parasites. Good luck creating a new economy. Without the drag of the old Confederacy the US GDP will rise while they become a basket case. The entire South is a net recipient of federal funds and yet they badmouth the federal government nonstop. Bon chance! Maybe you guys can bring in a banker like Benjamin Judah!

  6. I support northern seccesion and west coast seccesion. That way the rest of us could have our country back again.

  7. I’m glad to see that the values of the people are not all gone and that some respectfully moral good folks have the gull to still stand against the elite of the dictatorial control of the modern day pharoes. Which are sweeping us ever more towards the soon coming (if they have anything to say about it) new world order. Something we must not be a part of for are own good and the future good of our future generations. It has been the gulability of the people to allow in their own willingness over a course of roughly 700 years to be politically and economically brainwashed by the so called governments of Europe England France then to the newly so called united states. By the way Christopher Columbus did not discover America the Viking warlords were here first and were connected to Columbus through the higharchies of France, England, and Great Britain and if folks new their history they would know what it is i speak of and why I mention it. Poeple nowadays believe just about anything they’re fed from TV internet or any other scourge of media. Its the result of the gradual removal of information generation after generation so that eventually everyone if the elite have their way none would know the truth so they could implement their intentions of a one world order of dictatorship where none has any rights and it would be the peoples fault for allowing it. I wish to see many states go independent and returning more power to the people stand for their rights and removing the control from the one percent AKA( the wealthy) who control political decisions. And return policy to civilians. This would be a great thing for mankind. May the new leadership’s of future independent territories be of compassionate, considerate, bipartisan honest souls with the lowest amount of corruption against the civil communities. You always here in the media about the middle class and their so supposed financial problems, but the truth is the largest percentage of effect on financial stability to the middle-class and the rich are the majority of society. These majority folk mostly per person are when employed when their so blessed with employment net less than 25,000 a year and have living expenses as well as bills to pay. This all goes on while the company’s executives, presidents etc. Receive roughly 100 dollars to every one dollar the employee receives per hour for the labor the employee puts in. And that’s all overhead after business expenses. I’ve seen enough documents at jobs I’ve worked larger corporations and smaller ones as well to know. Then they give the executives crazy bonuses that they don’t need while children of some low income folks live with so little. The federal departments keep taking peoples rights away and the people for so long have either gone silent in forfeiture, or just fell to a life of ignorance which is what big business wants. This could be a new age for some men and women to shine in their newly acclaimed freedom a first on this continent. The south didn’t lose the civil war either, it was a forfeiture of compassion. They would’ve taken Washington , but at the expense of many women and children’s lives. Study your history deep if you don’t believe what I say. Lets sucede.

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