Southern Baptist Convention Leaders Call For “Integrated Churches”

In related news, the Southern Baptist Convention is also in the business of peddling Americanism with a cross:

Note: As with Pope Francis and the Catholic Church, secular liberalism is the dominant culture of the West. If you want to be “respectable” or “relevant,” you have to give lip service to liberal pieties and the prevailing taboos. If you want to be praised by the mainstream media, you don’t have any other options.

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  1. One of the nice things about being a Protestant is that anyone can be a leader. Anyone can stand up and say anything. That doesn’t mean that anyone is going to pay any attention to what is said. There is no priesthood, no hierarchy in Protestantism, no infallible Pope, no human confessor as in Catholicism. What you say has the same weight as anyone else. More White men and women should speak out—that would stop a lot of these problems. Even if you only input your comments on the web to your denomination it counts, and is noticed.

    It also helps if you have a grip on church history, the Reformation, and the New Testament.

  2. They’ve been doing this for as long as I’ve been paying attention. Yet, Sunday is still the most segregated day of the week, and I don’t mean that pejoratively. They only do this for the “good” PR and to have a lot of “important” people praise them for their “courage.” A la the circle jerk.

  3. And I guarantee you that there will be a lot of assaults by 250 pound black “females” on white women inside these integrated churches.. And plenty of muhdicking of white women parishoners by the black preachers.. Praise the Lawd!!

  4. It’s my understanding that the main difference between Protestants and Catholics is that the Catholics are Christians adhering to the Christian part of the Bible and the Protestants adhere to the Torah, the Jewish part of the Bible known as the Old Testament.

    I might be wrong and religion is not something I am interested in very much. I tend to be pro Catholic because they have preserved our Western European cultural, intellectual and artistic heritage against all odds.

  5. White churches are already “integrated”. It’s really the black churches that choose to be segregated from the white. Or perhaps it’s the rest of society that segregates from the blacks…

    In any case, we need white churches. I’m sick of the Christian/American squeamishness on race. We’re human like everyone else. We should be tribal like everyone else.

    An all-white church doesn’t mean others can’t attend. It simply means it’s openly Eurocentric, openly against miscegenation.

    It’s 2015 and whites are still squeamish about race?

  6. Erik,

    I had a white “American” (immigrant) teen the other day tell me he loves Asian girls, but sadly he’s had to settle for a white girl. The reason? Asian girls in the US prefer black guys.

    Black girls tend to be lower in the social order, but I was shocked many would choose black guys. And yea, I know: Asian girls most feminine; black guys most masculine.

    Forget hierarchy. This isn’t India or Brazil. Whites should marry whites.

  7. I stopped attending my local Baptist Church where I have been a member since 2005 when they did two things:

    1. Hired a new Minister of Music that was under 30 who promptly introduced electric guitars & drums to the music portion of the service. Ann Barnhardt refers to this as “Superfun Rock Band Church”.
    2. The Church began an outreach program to the local “minority” community & began busing them to the service & feeding them after.

  8. Hunter Wallace,

    Soros funds some of the churches in America. I don’t have a list of which ones, but it might be interesting to check whether these Southern Baptists receive any.

    Big money drives US politics. Because we have such an open society, we have few defences against it, as you know.

    And yea, worship of Jews/Israel is another weird topic, in both the UK and the USA. I’m not sure big money is entirely behind that worship. It is a strange thing.

  9. What I’ve long wanted personally, btw, is a Norwegian stave church for a white parish. The risk is a future government would likely either tear the building down or force policy changes. And the building is worthless without the intent behind it.

    They are the most beautiful thing though. Other churches are beautiful too of course, but I’ve always liked the non-Roman styles as well.

    It might be interesting for a group of whites to research which modern global polity is most likely to tolerate an all-white church. Who is most tolerant of us?

  10. Bob Jones University, I’ve heard, attempted to go all-private with funding. The government still opposed it.

    Bob Jones didn’t cave to the “racist” word. It caved to brute force. There’s a limit to what can be achieved in the US. Make no mistake, we are not free.

  11. They want the land Whites are occupying. Make no mistake, White Flight will occur from those churches and they will become non-White property.

  12. And look at that video. Hardly any people in the church and the few they do have, have come out of the nursing homes. When those people die, their churches will die with them.

  13. Mr. Survivor: The Protestant Reformers all preached & taught that the Old Testament (OT) was only to be considered when it taught a moral lesson. This over reliance on the OT is a relatively new thing, and in America it was popularized in the North, particularly in New England before the Civil War. The same with the rise of the “Judeo-Christian” heresy, which only dates from the middle of the last century and stresses the OT as the origin of Christianity.

  14. Positive Christianity simply chucks the extremely Jew centric Old Testement, focuses exclusively on the life and teachings if JC – the Talmudists Jews hate JC, positive Christianity also ditches the race denying political intrigues of St. Paul – Saul of Tarsus “there are no Greeks or Jews, no man or women, no slave or free, just those who have acceoed Jesus”….

    Sorry Saul, we know there are mist certainly Greeks and Jews and we ain’t giving in to feminist nonsense !

  15. Mr. Butz, what you’re saying in your first comment is that Protestantism is a democracy. Sir, haven’t you been listening to any of the articles and comments about democracy on this site? As for your remark that “anyone can become a leader” I’d suggest you read I Kings 13:33 for a commentary on that idea.
    This mania for integration is simply social engineering. The engineers are trying to force “change” to reach a utopian goal. They will fail in the wrong run because most people want to be with others who have the same background. But sadly, in the meantime, terrible damage will be done to church congregations and their members by these meddlers. Families, church members, and entire denominations will be divided by this foolishness. And racial tensions will be worst than before.
    The “over reliance” upon the Old Testament is a very old heresy in the church. It’s called Judaizing. It was mostly kept under control by the Western and Eastern Catholic Churches for the first 1500 years, but when the Reformation happened, it started to make a comeback in many Protestant countries. America is where it has made it’s biggest inroads. We have several churches, like the Seventh Day Adventists, the followers of Herbert Armstrong, and the Seventh Day Baptists that are outright Judaizing groups. Then you have the so-called Messianic Jewish congregations that claim to be reviving early Jewish Christian worship, but are merely evangelical churches with a Jewish veneer. But most of the Judaizing takes place in evangelical churches that are influenced by dispensationalism, Most evangelical and Baptist churches in America have brought into this form of Judaizing. IMO, this is the most subtle and dangerous form of Judaizing, because it blurs the distinctions between Judaism and Christianity by claiming God has two chosen people. The older forms of Judaizing said ‘no salvation unless you kept the Law of Moses’ and demanded that you leave your ‘apostate church’ for the purer one. This form of Judaizing allows you to remain in your church and worship without going full Mosaic, but you have to believe the Jewish people are the chosen people of God and you must unconditionally support them, no matter how Anti-Christian they are.

  16. If integrating ecclesiastical communities has the same effects as it does on neighborhoods, towns and cities then this will be a pretty substantial appropriation of wealth. All of the properties and funds held by the newly congregations will spent on wasteful “improvements” and salaries the new diverse leadership. The properties will not be maintained and their value will decrease. Scandals (financial, monetary or otherwise) will rock those congregations and that will cause most of the remaining white members to leave. Many will have already left because of the stark contrast in styles of “worship”.

    Integration will be the death knell of much of mainstream and evangelical Christianity.

  17. These people cannot stand free association. And heaven forbid, nothing can ever remain distinctly White. Whenever someone sees a bunch of White people together they must become less White. As far as I can tell, there are few if any “Whites Only” churches in that Black people are prohibited from attending. There is a natural order in this world and that order is “birds of a feather flock together.” Whites and Blacks choose, on their own, to be separate where they live and worship. That’s natural. People naturally choose to be with people who are like themselves. No Racial justice (I assume this is part of the Left’s Social Justice) will be achieved by forcibly integrating two groups of people who have chosen, for the most part, to remain separate. No one is suffering, no one is dying in the street. But of course, to do gooders like the pastors in this video, good enough can never be left alone. They must intervene. They must right all of society’s “ills.” This is what gives their lives meaning.

  18. Steve: Protestants are not bound to an infallible Pope, or the Priests of an infallible Pope, or the Sacraments of an infallible Pope.

    Church governance is different in each Protestant Church. That’s another big difference between Catholics and Protestants.

  19. “One of the nice things about being a Protestant is that anyone can be a leader. ”

    Yup. And Earl, right there is why the entirety of Protestantism is a heresy.

    Christ did not choose all of Palestine, he chose 12, even knowing (predestinatedly) that ‘one is a traitor’ for the fulfillment of prophecy. Those 12 chose the rest of the leaders, who are called ‘Episcopoi’ in the NT. – Bishops. By AD 112, the Didache clearly shows liturgy, Eucharistic consecration, presbyter/priests officiating, and all the rest that eventually became the Roman Mass and the Orthodox Divine Liturgy.

    In the OT, God chose ONE nation, again, comprised of… wait for it! – 12 Tribes. That number 12 seems to MEAN something- hmm. Get a clue. So, too, does Christ’s exclusionary statement that he was ‘come ONLY for the lost sheep of the House [Gr. ‘oikos’ -race, clan, tribe, household] of Israel; or that the Ecumene (inhabited world) of Christ’s day ONLY included the WHITE, ROMAN, EMPIRE of what we now know as Europe.

    What I am saying, and what I have said since at least 2007, is that the fallacy that non-white, non-Europid hominids should, could, or would be included in the “Body of Christ” is counteracted by the exclusionary, racial elelements of the Bible, the extent/call of the Chosen Apostolic band, the Holy Spirit’s turning the Apostles (including St. Paul) from going into the Greater Asia, and the praxis of the first 1000 years, that rested in Megala Europa.

    The SBC, along with almost all prots, including the heretical filioquist RC’s are preaching ‘another gospel’ – one that is eerily similar to, if not identical, to the Jewish-orchestrated Multiculturalism/Multiracial siren song, that applies to EVERY WHITE… except for themselves, as the [sic] Chosen People! If ‘antichrist’ means anything, it is the destruction of the Imago Dei in the TRUE Chosen People, Royal Priesthood, Holy Race of Christendom, and the raising up of an IDOLATROUS counterfeit, known as Khazarian, luciferian, Talmudic racially mamzerized Jewry.

    And the SBC is worshiping at that shrine – shades of ‘abomination of desolation.’

  20. I think the most segregated worship time is Saturday morning at the Synagogue. BTW, in the 1960’s the So. Baptist were claiming some 22 million membership. Now they claim 16 million, but a far more accurate number is probably about half that. Like the other so called “Mainstream” protestant churches, the Baptist are steadily losing membership at almost the same annual rate as the Methodist. No sane White is going to put up with blabber lipped, loud mouthed Negro “pastors” and congregants. Expect the So Baptist and the rest of the erstwhile Protestant churches to fade into insignificance by mid to late 21st century along with the demoralized American White’s.

  21. The SBC are evil, false prophets, money grubbers, and heretical Israel worshippers. The SBC doesn’t like segregated worship because it’s costing them shekels. This is nothing new since they have been heading this direction for years. They have also been attempting to rename their organization Great Commission Baptist to take Southern out of the name.

  22. Earl, you seem to think we Catholics are under some sort of dictatorship because we are tied to the Papacy and the priesthood. Well considering the Catholic Church has managed to stay together for nearly 2000 years, as the oldest religious and political institution in Western culture, in spite of all the challenges thrown at it, there must be a reason why we’ve done so well, in spite of having sinful human beings as it’s members and leaders. Hint: it isn’t because of the so-called ‘freedom’ and diversity you have in Churches like yours. In the ancient churches, not everybody could be a leader. The leaders of the church picked the leaders, not the common lay people. They realized that God, by his grace, would set aside certain people for leadership. Their responsibility was to recognize who those people were and train them. Your idea of freedom simply didn’t exist in the ancient world, whether in the church or in Jewish or Gentile society. It would take the upheavals of the Reformation, the Enlightenment, and various revolutions since 1789 to advance that type of freedom.

  23. Vox — You’re right. The Southern Babelist leaders have always struck me as people with a strong sense of inferiority about their backgrounds who will do anything to ingratiate themselves with their presumed social betters. Christ, in contrast, cared about truth, not social status.

  24. Jack, the Christian Church chucked the Old Covenant (the Law of Moses) around 49 AD, because that law code was intended only for the Israelites. The whole purpose of the Law was to lead them to Christ (see Galatians 3:23-25) Once Christ was here, the pedagogue was no longer needed.
    You misunderstand what Paul was saying in Galatians 3:28. He wasn’t pushing gender or racial equality. He was merely saying that regardless of their gender or racial/ethnic backgrounds, they were the children of God through faith in Jesus Christ. However, I’m aware that many misguided priests, preachers, and laymen have taught this wrongly because of their preconceived biases. But when you read what Paul taught about gender and the Jews and the Gentles, he said women were to be subject to men, and that he had a very low opinion of unconverted Jews and Gentles for their lack of faith and morality.

  25. The desire for social status, respectability and such which then leads to the desire to be forgiven by other men (mainly the Yankee, Jew and Negro) in order to be acceptable has hurt the South the most. This is what being a conservative means in the South – Being a weakling who never fights because he is always trying to prove his liberal credentials to his social “betters” and minorities.

    It is a noose around our neck. The forgiveness for our so-called sins never comes of course no matter how much they beg and plead. Yet, Southern conservatives keep pleading their case to vermin they should instead have utter contempt for.

    It is why you always see Southerners (via conservative politics) get really excited when a Negro agrees with them on anything. They always want to surround themselves and their insitutions with token Negro’s and various other liberal scum. They get all giddy when some celebrity agrees with their positions. “OMG! so and so celebrity scum said he is against flooding the country with mud! See, not everyone disagrees with us and hates us!” They need their perceived social betters to tell them it is okay to feel the way they do. It’s absurd and I have seen it my whole life.

    No revolution will happen until the Southern people throw this burden off of themselves.

    Southerners need to hate and have contempt for these scum in order to be free.

  26. That the Jewish authorities of the time manipulated the situation to nail up Jesus (God in the flesh) because he was moaning about their abuses should by all rights mean that they ain’t chosen anymore.

  27. @Jack Ryan
    Positive Christianity means the church serves our people, not the other way around.

    Now Jesus said God sent him only to “the lost sheep of the house of Israel.” meaning his faith was never intended for the goy. It also implies that Pharisee Shaul/Paul, self-styled “Apostle to the Gentiles” is an outright fraud. (The self-chosen brood of vipers whose Talmud dumps Jesus perpetually in a boiling vat of excrement are also a fraud.) Further, if Jesus himself is to be believed, he returned and saved all the chosen Israelites in that same First Century AD generation he had preached to. All “Rapture” believers born since then are hopelessly outside the range of the promises, and only deceiving themselves.
    But if us goy are going to worship Jesus, let us do it in our own way, fitting it to our own best values and traditions, investing only what is good for our people and discarding the rest. That would be Positive Christianity.

  28. It is difficult to fight the devil six days a week and then worship him on the seventh. I know of many churches in the South that have declining membership and they have to shut the doors and it ends up being bought by a black congregation. Their population is booming, ours is isn’t. Even in these churches they fund missions to Africa and Mexico and go to the same place year, after year, after year, with no results or converts, yet they keep going back. Thats not the great commission at work like they think, that’s white guilt.

    As regards freedom a people are not free if they are not sovereign and they are not sovereign if they no longer control their destiny. Such is the fate of white Americans in the United States. It matters not that they are a numerical majority if said majority no longer controls its destiny. If that be the case, and that is the case, then Karl Marx had it wrong. For you see it is not religion that is the opiate of the people, its voting because whites think because they vote they are therefore a free people.

  29. Ulfric,

    I’ve been told by locals that the reason locals went moderate on racial matters is to win elections. The Republican Party needed less “extremism”.

    And yea, since it’s the Republicans, I assume we were more extreme before switching parties. It could be the moderation occurred under the Democratic Party, and I’m recalling the story incorrectly.

    Regardless, the point I want to make is: We moderated to win national elections.

    I’m aware there are many other factors, but I rarely see it mentioned that we moderated, because we were absorbed into the Democrat vs. Republican party fighting, rather than retaining a truer identity. Party loyalty is very alluring to some people, as are sports teams. I understand the attractiveness of neither.

  30. Ulfric,

    what I like to do with liberals is praise Bushido, Confucius, the beauty of Asian societies. Because they are not yet cosmopolitan. I force them to take the position that liberals want to conquer these wonderful societies, make them subservient to globalism. I make them take the role of the Euro-colonialist, who of course they hate.

    I say it’s so wonderful to see societies that aren’t swallowed up by globalism. And I say large societies lead to elites who care nothing for the society.

    I also argue that mass immigration (unskilled) harms American wages, that so many of the Democrats serve big business (e.g. this Keystone Pipeline opposition), that Obama was a trade protectionist until elected, that the Democrats are just as pro-war, and so forth.

    It’s the Fox News zombies who are tough to crack. They assume any who reject Foxism must be a “liberal”. “Conservatives” have become a cult. They are the most ideological group in the world, perhaps topping jihadists in their religious fervor. I don’t know that there’s much hope for awakening Fox News viewers.

  31. Ulfric: You’re absolutely right. We Southerners must regain our self-respect. One thing we have going for us, despite all our shortcomings, is that we still have some passion, life, and soul — unlike the masses of most white Americans who are truly the Walking Dead.

    It is this soullessness that prompts so many whites to fawn over blacks. They hope to fill the void of their selfish insipid lives with what they perceive as the rich vibrancy of the ghetto. What fools.

  32. We have to take a long, hard look at Christianity. Are we fighting for Western, Occidental culture or are we fighting to retain the last Middle Eastern religion that swept us up? Make no mistake, Christianity is not European or Western in its origins. It is decidedly Middle Eastern at its core. It represents the kind of syncretic blending of Western and foreign culture that we oppose today with Islam and cultural Marxism.

    It would behoove us to learn about Western Culture before the advent of Christianity. Once we learn what the ancient Greeks, the ancient Romans and the ancient Germanic tribes believed and held dear, we can better analyse events such as the Reformation, the Renaissance and the Scottish Enlightenment. These great acheivements were not spurred by something found in the bible. Far to the contrary. These movements were founded upon the replacement of Middle Eastern principals in Christianity with authentically Western, pre-Christian ideas. In the case of Martin Luther, the old Tuetonic concept of personal responsibility and universally pagan concept of personal communication with the Divine were introduced into Christianity as the “priesthood of all believers.” With the Renaissance, it was the rediscovery of pagan Greek philosophical methods on inquiry. Finally, the Enlightenment relegated the monogod to the mere status of Prime Mover and reapplied the ancient concept of learning through observation as opposed to divine revelation, leading to the concept of “natural law” which formed the philosophical foundation for the American Revolution the American Constitution.

    Each and every one of these movements was opposed by the church. In the days when the leaders of these movements lived, it was impossible to declare one’s self “not christian.” So, many tangled arguments were made to justify these concepts as being within the confines of christian thought. A good example are the American Founding Fathers who claimed they were christian while denying the deity of Christ and violently revolting against the christian teaching that God placed rulers over man and good christians must submit. That they placed man as the source of a ruler’s legitimacy instead of god was a heresy against a christian tenet that had held since the beginning of the church. Ironically, this view of man being the source of political legitimacy was another concept found in the ancient, pre-christian West. As was the Republican form of government they modeled, in part, on the ancient pre-Christian Roman Republic.

    I argue that the great achievements of the West in the past 2000 years represent the gradual re-birth of Western culture. I submit that historical analysis will confirm that they occurred despite Christianity, not because of it. This all relates to the issue at hand because Christianity teaches that all mankind came from two original parents, Adam and Eve, and are therefore all brothers and sisters. This is also a fundamental assumption of cultural Marxism, hence the two are allies on this issue.

    Modern research into haplogroups and genetics is making the single-origin theory nearly impossible to hold and both groups vehemently oppose this research. It is also finding more differences than just IQ between groups. Genes are being discovered that govern temperment and the new science of epigenetics is demonstrating that environment affects the “turning on” and “turning off” of genes and that whatever state our ancestors had them in is inherited by us. Thus, we inherit more than just genes but also, in a limited sense, a genetic memory. All of this is in line with ancient, Western pagan thought but thoroughly rejected by Christianity, in favor of the all-are-same philosophy, which they share with the Marxists.

    If we are to save our people and our culture, we cannot do it within the confines of Christianity. We must strive to complete our emancipation from Middle Eastern thought and pose a bold, new way that is purely and authentically Western. Anything less at this point will only slow, but not stop, the genocidal forces we face.

  33. Hail Jason, agree 100%. Odinism, and ethnic paganism is making a comeback. If we are to survive as a race, Christianity must die.

  34. Odin is dead. Christ lives. The spiritual rubbish that passes for Christianity today is simply cultural Marxism with a religious veneer. Our people were strong when they embraced the true Christian faith; they are weak now that they have significantly abandoned it.

  35. “1. Hired a new Minister of Music that was under 30 who promptly introduced electric guitars & drums to the music portion of the service. Ann Barnhardt refers to this as “Superfun Rock Band Church”.

    That is what drove tens of millions from the Catholic Church, horrible guitar music and stupid songs instead of Georgian chant and the beautiful mass.

  36. Jason
    The so called reformation simply substituted the Torah or Old Testament for the New Testament the Christian part of the bible. I have always thought that the reason for the reformation was that they could read all the sex and violence parts of the Torah instead of the wimpy do goodderism asexuality of the Christian part of the bible.

    Christianity has not helped Whites. Going back to paganism won’t help us either. Most of the neo pagans are ultra liberal women who consider themselves good witches. PULEEZE, grown women playing Wizard of OZ or halloween.

  37. “That they placed man as the source of a ruler’s legitimacy instead of god was a heresy against a christian tenet that had held since the beginning of the church. ”

    It wasn’t the Church that proclaimed that kings were there by divine right of God. It was the Kings and monarchs themselves. FYI, it was the extreme Calvinist Protestant James 1 of the UK who came up with the slogan of the divine right of Kings. He was having a dispute with the clergy of the Church of Scotland over who had the right to appoint bishops. The clergy reasonably enough thought bishops should be appointed by a council of bishops and the Church. James thought only the King could appoint bishops. Well, he was better than Henry 8 who proclaimed himself some sort of cardinal or head of the church.

    I agree that Christianity in all its forms has abandoned Whites. But substituting some dream of Odin and Fredya won’t help us.

  38. “Christianity teaches that all mankind came from two original parents, Adam and Eve, and are therefore all brothers and sisters.”

    Protestants really don’t know the difference between the Christian and Jewish Torah parts of the bible do they?

  39. “The “over reliance” upon the Old Testament is a very old heresy in the church. It’s called Judaizing. It was mostly kept under control by the Western and Eastern Catholic Churches for the first 1500 years, but when the Reformation happened, it started to make a comeback in many Protestant countries. ”

    Except for England and Scotland where it was imposed on the people by the monarchs
    the appeal of protestantism was the sex and violence of the Torah Old Testament.

  40. @survivor- Regarding mankind as the children of Adam and Eve, Jason apparently has in mind significant portions of the New Testament.
    In the Gospels, Jesus speaks of their marriage “from the beginning” as indissoluble. (Mk 10:6f) In Luke-Acts, Jesus is descended from God through Adam (Lk 3:38), and Paul declares all mankind to be “of one blood” and therefore of the race of God. (Ac 17:26,28f) In the Pauline epistles, Adam is the first man, in whom all men inherit death (1Cor 15:45,22; Ro 5:12,14) In the Pastorals, Eve was deceived and entangled Adam in sin. (1Tim 2:14)
    Now these statements are all dependent on the Pharisee Saul/Paul, so may not represent the original teaching of Jesus, but merely be a Judaic tradition he imported into his corruption of Christianity. However, Bible literalists would be loathe to see it that way.

  41. The diversity advocates do not want church property, or to destroy Christianity or to appropriate money and wealth. Integration of churches, like the integration of schools and jobs, is designed to gives Blacks and Browns access to White women and children. They are pushing genocide.

  42. @ Survivor, what do you propose for us as Whites to do for a religion? It has been suggested by some, that we need new post-Christian alternatives.

  43. “The “over reliance” upon the Old Testament is a very old heresy in the church. It’s called Judaizing. It was mostly kept under control by the Western and Eastern Catholic Churches for the first 1500 years, but when the Reformation happened, it started to make a comeback in many Protestant countries. ”

    I take it you do not attend Russian Orthodox church, for, while the Jewish bible is there, very little of the services touch upon it.

    If you want to avoid cultural and social fads, Go to the Eastern orthodox church. It has no interest in changing the truth.

  44. Though my wife was raised as a Baptist in Bullock County Alabama, when she moved, as a young adult, to New Orleans, she converted to Roman Catholicism.

    Unfortunately, after a decade of joyous communion with Our lord, in that church, the devil got a holt of her and, and she became backslidden. Fortunately, that trend has, in the last years, started to reverse, and, these days, she regularly attends services with me at St. George’s Russian Orthodox Church, in Edenton, North Carolina.

    One time, in early April, she got up the curiosity to want to attend a Roman Catholick service, in Ahoskie NC. So, we went, and, though it was a lovely service in a beautiful Romanesque church, she was shockt to see how much the liturgy had been changed, in the 25 years since she backslid. As for myself, I didn’t like it because it was too modern and, also, too integrated – whereas, in The Russian Orthodox church, it is like with the country Baptist churches, around here – completely one race or the other.

    Anyway, a few days later, as she was commiserating to me upon her impressions, she said to me : ‘The Roman Catholick church has been changed too much. I am closer to Orthodoxy now.’

  45. ‘White churches are already “integrated”. It’s really the black churches that choose to be segregated from the white. Or perhaps it’s the rest of society that segregates from the blacks…

    In any case, we need white churches. I’m sick of the Christian/American squeamishness on race. We’re human like everyone else. We should be tribal like everyone else.’

    Again, I remind y’all that the original church is maintaining both the religion and the traditional culture. I have been to numerous Russian Orthodox services, and not once did I see anyone who was not white.

    However, that’s not the best reason to go, no – that is, because it is the one holy apostolick church started by Our Lord.

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