Mormon Church Leadership Embraces “Gay Rights”

As with the Catholics and Southern Baptists, maintaining your “respectability” in the United States always means abandoning your traditions and caving to fashionable trends in America’s secular liberal culture:

Note: Jews are the trendsetters in America’s popular culture. They decided a long time ago that homosexuality and gay marriage was going to be normalized.

Americanism is the dominant culture. Christianity is an embattled subculture. These developments aren’t evolving naturally out of Christian theology – Catholic, Mormon, Southern Baptist, etc. – it is just a case of the trendsetters setting the ground rules of “respectability” in the mainstream and forcing all the other players to grudgingly adapt to the situation. The War on Christmas is another example of this.

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  1. JT, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Masonry was always a Jewish thing. All of it’s symbols and teachings are Jewish. The first Masons were Jews and Muslims. The first Lodge in America was founded by Sephardic Jews in Newport, RI in the 17th century. Your white, Adamic Freemasonry is a myth with no historical foundation. My ancestors were involved in Masonry, (I never was btw) so in order to understand my family history, I had to read a lot of material about Freemasonry. None of the pro and anti-masonry material I’ve ever read shows any evidence of a “white, Adamic” Freemasonry. What it does show is a Jewish created group that has taken in white people (and blacks in Prince Hall Masonry) and Judaized them. I don’t know where you’re getting your information about Freemasonry, but wherever you’re getting it from, it’s nonsense.

  2. SD: The Serpents Jews stole Freemsonry of Adam the First Mason and corrupted it and infiltrated it. Joseph Smith reinstituted and started the true Higher White Adamic Masonry as opposed to Judeo Masonry. Real WHITE ARYAN MASONRY was infiltrated and taken over a long long time ago. What we have now is Cainite Masonry–not White Adamic Masonry of the Sons of Adam. In todays world you have the Black Prince Hall Masons, The Scot and York Rite Masons and the European Masonic Groups like the Grand Orient all of which are Cainite and Nimrod based of the Serpentine Jews.

    All of these Anti White Organiuzation are controlled by the Bnai Brith ADL Jew Serpents–the highest Cainite Kahilla Jew Masonry. Joseph Smith was killed because he brought back true White Adamic Masonry as opposed to the Jew Serpent Masonry . White Adamic Masonry is a White Racist (Melkesidec/Abrahamic )Order that was passed from Adam down thru the generations until it was fully infiltrated by Judeo Masonry and taken over and erased by the Serpents Jews mostly during the time of NIMROD in Babylon……..This is what the Serpents dont want you to know..The Smelll of Cedar and the Holy Smoke and Raven will return..LONG LIVE THE CAUSE 14-88-5

  3. Early Mormonism was popular because it provided a communal utopian society for white Nordic peoples and promised a direct line to God through “The Prophet.” It was also hated and feared for its attempted mass occupation of eastern Missouri to build the New Jerusalem and reign with Christ over the earth for a thousand years.

    Mountain Meadows was vengeance for their subsequent expulsion from Missouri.

  4. Harry Black: you have it right! Excellent comment. Many and I mean many just dont get it. They have no idea…What the Endowment is or Baptism of the Dead or true Priesthoods. The true knownlege passed on and on so the White Nordic Race can survive. This includes the Sixth Commandment… Sidney Rigdons Oration on July 4th or Salt Sermon….and the Oath of Vengence hits it right to. LONG LIVE THE CAUSE 14-88-5

  5. Current White LDS Mormons are just generally nice folks, good family values, they tend to have large, healthy families.

    The top of the church has gone liberal, PC, basically just wants to be accepted and well liked by everyone, which now apparently includes homosexuals and Muslims, also Jews, Blacks, illegal aliens.

    Latter a Day Saints Mormons really want to be accepted at Harvard and Yale and all kinds of terrible Jew Ivy League Universities like the university of Pennsylvania . LDS tend to be not intellectual, just show up on time, dressed nicely and agree with whomever happens to be in the room with them at the time.

    These are the classic racial pussyfooters – guys like George Bush Sr. Who always wear a clean shirt, write a thank you note – say they are Conservatives when they are around Conservatives, then turn around and welcome Nelson and Winnie Mandela to the White House.

    The Presidency of George Bush Sr. Was the worst for me as I was living in New York City in the late 1980s when the place was descending in to racial, criminal anarchy hell and this clueless WASP George Bush Sr. Was completely oblivious to it.

  6. @Jack Ryan- Exactly. It’s not good enough to be nice folks, you have to be good *for* something. LDS complacency is a recipe for disaster in the face of aggressive liberalizing Jewish political pressure. Just look at the Orin Hatch type LDS.

    What exactly are the LDS doing aggressively recruiting low income high fertility populations in Africa, Central and South America, the Pacific Islands, and the around the Mediterranean? I know highly educated liberal Mormons from pioneer families who are race mixing with Asians and South Americans to compensate for their ancestors’ racist past. Mormon elites are in effect running their church as a Ponzi scheme, without considering the long term survival of their people.

  7. @John Thomas- As with all religions it is not enough to have a form of godliness but resist the power thereof.

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