Ukraine Run By “Miserable Jews”

ukraine-rebel-chiefIf Alexander Zakharchenko is right and Ukraine is indeed being run by “miserable Jews,” this would explain the eagerness of George Soros and Bernard-Henri Lévy to save the pro-Western regime in Kiev from “Russian aggression” with $15 billion dollars in financial assistance.

I can’t imagine why the likes of Soros and Lévy would be so desperate to save a government in Ukraine that wasn’t “good for the Jews” much less one that is friendly to White Nationalists:

“Donetsk (Ukraine) (AFP) – Ukraine’s pro-Russian rebel chief on Monday branded the country’s leaders “miserable” Jews in an apparent anti-Semitic jibe.

Alexander Zakharchenko, leader of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, claimed that Kiev’s pro-Western leaders were “miserable representatives of the great Jewish people”.

“I can’t remember a time when Cossacks were led by people who have never held a sword in their hands,” Zakharchenko told a press conference in the eastern rebel stronghold of Donetsk, in a reference to Ukraine’s nationalist forebears, the Cossacks.

Zakharchenko said that the country’s historical nationalists “would turn in their graves if they could see who is running Ukraine.” …”

Note: In other news, Pope Francis sounds more like a communist every day.

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  1. Well, if one looks at his quote, he does not call the Jews “miserable Jews.

    ‘…Kiev’s pro-Western leaders were “miserable representatives of the great Jewish people’

    He’s praising the Jews as a group and denigrating the representatives, so I can’t see how they can deem his comment anti-Jewish.

  2. Oh come on, Shawn. If he had actually said “miserable Jews” he’d be bombed into oblivion. He inferred it.

  3. It is good for the jews. Athough jews are a small minority in the Ukraine, all the oligarchs and leading politicians are jews. The ‘fascists’ doing the fighting are merely servants of the rich jews. It’s a neat arrangement, the jews take the money (and the power and ultimately the land) and the fascists take the blame (and the casualties)!

    They’re reviving the Khazar theory. Netanyahu has stated his desire to turn Ukraine into Khazaria 2. Getting the locals to kill each other helps to clear the site.

    <a href=""Khazaria

  4. Pope Francis also came out against plastic surgery for women. He gave a reason for his opinion, but it was pretty incoherent. It wasn’t the old vanity is a sin thing.

  5. Francis is a leftist. As a youth, he was very Pro-Peronist, and one of his closet friends from his late teens a woman Communist. The book, “Francis, A Pope For Our Times” gives the details of his leftist leanings.

  6. He’s right, although they are not miserable but wealthy oligarchs. The ziogarchy has the goy Ukrainians dying for them while fighting their fellow Russian-speaking slav (ex-)brothers.

  7. Putin is the best White leader of any White country since the end of World War II.

    Putin is in the top three of Russian leaders of all time, up there with my ancestor Catherine the great and peter the Great.

  8. I agree on Putin. I don’t understand why you don’t go to Russia. I have considered it, and I don’t even have any Russian blood. That tends to be why I always decide against it.

    On the other hand, it’s really infuriating to see the way the ethnic Ukrainians get pushed around and pimped by everyone around them. Including sex slavery to the middle-east (Israel), Russia and China. They are stuck between the rock of European liberalism and aggressive self-aware Russian nationalism. The sizable Russian community in Ukraine is standing in the way of a European takeover, but they are also threatening to transfer ethnic Ukrainian territory to Russia.

    It’s clear what the Judeo “West” is doing by trying to align the Ukraine against Russia. All the Ukrainians want, like everyone else, is to be left alone.

  9. Greg,

    You take Putin too much at face value. You forget this is Russia you are dealing with.

    Putin is the puppet master, not the puppet. Vlad’s puppet is Beryl Lazar, the chief rabbi who objected when the ADL wanted to open an office in Moscow.

    Any leader who prevents an ADL office being opened in his country might as well be Hitler.

  10. I’d say that nobody on the outside knows what’s really going on there. Or who’s who, or what’s what. I’d recommend that Southern Nationalists in particular, and White Nationalists in general, stay out of this mess. Right now there is some character named “Koffman” that claims to speak for the pro-Russian rebels, and who claim that he has the support of the Texas Nationalist Movement and is reaching out to Southern Nationalists as well. But he’s vague and won’t name names. This is exactly the kind of grist our opponents need for their propaganda mills. It’s also the kind of thing that wakes the sleeping dragon in D.C. That’s why it has to be nipped in the bud. Same goes for any outreach to or from Putin. Who knows what kind of character he really is? He has national interests, too. Those aren’t necessarily consonant with ours. I’d reiterate that this is something to stay away from. It doesn’t concern us and is nothing but a political lobblolly at best, a trap at worst. It plays right into the enemies’ hands.

  11. Don’t look to Russia for hope or leadership. Why don’t Putin’s supporters convert all of their assets to roubles, and then invest in the Russian economy? The reason is clear I believe. They don’t do it is because even without Western sanctions only a lunatic would subject himself to Russian legal jurisdiction. In addition to rampant corruption, the Russian economy is only about the size of Italy’s. The are over 100 nations above Russia on the corruption index (higher meaning less corrupt).

    Yes, Russia has a nuclear arsenal. So what? If I can figure out Russia’s arsenal is useless to them, Western leaders certainly can too. What is Russia going to do with its nukes? Are the going to nuke the top markets for their goods in Europe? Global nuclear war is of course unwinnable.

    The bottom line is Russia is no match for this juggernaut known as the USA, so looking to Russia for leadership is a mistake. This article by Mike Whitney (old school anti-war leftist) describes how the Ukrainian conflict has been a complete walkover for the US.

    In the last 10 months, the United States has executed a near-perfect takedown of the Russian economy. Following a sloppy State Department-backed coup in Kiev, Washington has consolidated its power in the Capital, removed dissident elements in the government, deployed the CIA to oversee operations, launched a number of attacks on rebel forces in the east, transferred ownership of Ukraine’s vital pipeline system to US puppets and foreign corporations, created a tollbooth separating Moscow from the lucrative EU market, foiled a Russian plan to build an alternate pipeline to southern Europe (South Stream), built up its military assets in the Balkans and Black Sea and, finally–the cherry on the cake–initiated a daring sneak attack on Russia’s currency by employing its Saudi-proxy to flood the market with oil, push prices off a cliff, and trigger a run on the ruble which slashed its value by more than half forcing retail currency platforms to stop trading the battered ruble until prices stabilized.

    Does Putin have the grit to match that kind of venomous determination? Has he even adjusted to the fact that WW3 will be unlike any conflict in the past, that jihadi-proxies and Neo Nazi-proxies will be employed as shock troops for the empire clearing the way for US special forces and foot soldiers who will hold ground and establish the new order? Does he even realize that Barbarossa 2 is already underway, but that the Panzer divisions and 2 million German regulars have been replaced with high-powered computers, covert ops, color-coded revolutions, currency crises, capital flight, cyber attacks and relentless propaganda. That’s 4th Generation (4-G) warfare in a nutshell. And, guess what? The US attack on the ruble has shown that it is the undisputed master of this new kind of warfare. More important, Washington has just prevailed in a battle that could prove to be a critical turning point if Putin doesn’t get his act together and retaliate.

  12. The last thing we need is a war between Russia and the United States, the two most powerful white nations in the world, over the Ukraine. Regardless of who wins it hands global domination to the Chinese master race and once relinquished I don’t think we can ever recover it. It will be a Chinese century and Chinese world as they colonize the solar system, and probably even invade the U.S. for living space when whites reach a certain level of demographics, say 40% to 35 %, and America is riven by Black and Hispanic infighting.Then its massive genocide for all. That is the end result of multiracial diversity in the United States….Chinese domination.

  13. Lew, Mike Whitney is another one of many with verbal diarrhea reacting moment to moment to events without any concern for the big picture. What is Russia doing in the face of the sanctions? Winning. They are threatening to break out in all the pro-Russian areas of the former Ukraine, while the Kiev government is teetering on a seething cauldron of unhappy people who were expecting free Euros and visas.

    The temporary drop in crude prices is just that, temporary. The Saudis can’t sustain it forever. There are even whispers of 200$ crude as “payback” for them taking a hit over this anti-Putin gambit. This is even more acute with the death of the Saudi King. Baksheesh needs to be handed out in order to buy the loyalty of the infinite array of princes and sub-princes, and 40$ crude doesn’t buy a lot of hookers and blow in Dubai.

    I’ve tried to wrap my head around why anyone who can be activated to the threat of white genocide would be anti-Putin: the answer that I can come up with is split loyalty. They may be Ukrainians, Poles, Catholics of one kind or another, frozen Cold Warriors. In my less charitable moments I consider them plants and agents of the enemy, as the issue is so black-and-white. If Russia were to fall, the New World Order would run the table and you could kiss rolling it back or any Southern Nationalism goodbye.

  14. I’ve tried to wrap my head around why anyone who can be activated to the threat of white genocide would be anti-Putin:

    Same here, and I haven’t been able to contort reason and logic that far in order to have it make any sense to me. It’s not so much that these people are anti-Putin, because Putin isn’t really a racial nationalist in the strict sense. But what doesn’t make any sense is that these people are essentially taking a very pro-EU/US stance by being very anti-Putin and bathing in the rhetoric that comes from our Western puppeteers. Nationalist movements in Europe are doing everything in their power to remove the shackles of the very anti-White European Union that has done a great job of destroying the sovereignty of their once great White nations, while Ukrainian “nationalists” are begging to have those same shackles put on them. Yeah, that sure makes a lot of sense.

    What, is Ukraine not enriched by enough diversity and multiculturalism, so they want some of that good medicine that Western governments have been forcing down our throats for decades now? There isn’t already enough crime, corruption and violence in Ukraine, so now they want to be put in line to have a floodgate opened where even more corrupt and violent people will be injected into their society? Are there not enough flaming homosexuals and gay pride parades for them there in Ukraine? Maybe rabid multiculturalism and turning our countries from pristine White to a shade of brown is a really good thing, but we are all just too racist to be able to see it clearly. Maybe Affirmative Action quotas are the bee’s knees and we all just don’t realize it.

  15. “why you don’t go to Russia…”

    I’ve thought about it, but this is a global battle.

    We may ultimately see white America brown out as so many white empires did before, but by causing havoc for the New World Order, we may help Europe or Russia survive.

  16. I’ve tried to wrap my head around why anyone who can be activated to the threat of white genocide would be anti-Putin

    The short answer is there is little real evidence Putin cares about ethnic Russian decline much less white genocide in general. When people who care about white genocide criticize Putin, they do it from very different underlying assumptions than Western elites do. Support for the EU-NATO or what some call the NWO does not follow from criticizing Putin, the Russian leadership or their charlatan lackeys like Alexander Dugin.

    That said, the people who criticize Putin can probably do a better job differentiating their criticisms from the criticisms put forth by Western elites. The same is true for the people who criticize Islam. When people criticize Putin or Islam, they do run a risk of reinforcing false Western narratives.

    At the same time, the people who support Putin, Islam or both could try going beyond the superficial and making an effort to understand not all criticism comes from the same premises or assumptions; drawing a conclusion that anyone who criticizes Putin or Islam must be some kind of neo-con or NWO liberal requires pretty sloppy thinking.

    On the subject of trolls, I’m pretty sure they run the gamut in these communities: passionate anti-whites but basically amateurs at disruption; paid disruptors; agent provocateurs; law enforcement representatives; various Western intelligence agencies; Jews; Muslims and, yes, Russian propagandists working to mislead people who seem determined yet again to learn the hard way about cuckolding.

  17. “there is little real evidence Putin cares about ethnic Russian decline”

    There is a ton of evidence starting with his actions upon attaining power:

    1. unstealing crucial energy industries
    2. disciplining the oligarchs
    3. strengthening the Russian economy (it has more than tripled even considering the recent economic warfare against Russia)

    He has successfully waged three military campaigns against the puppets of New York-DC-London-Hollywood
    1. Chechnya
    2. Tbilisi
    3. Novorossiya and Crimea

    In the cultural sphere he has
    1. promoted fertility with direct government cash subsidies
    2. promoted the traditional religion
    3. opposed agents of New York-DC-London-Hollywood as they promote homosexuality and other New World Order degeneracy.

    More esoterically, he has made innumerable overtures to Russia’s Aryan past especially in media and diplomatic engagements with Iran. Perhaps intentionally under the radar, here is a link to Putin going to the ancient stronghold of Arkaim in 2005, representative of the heroic society that gave birth to Zoroastrian Iran and Vedic India. He became emotional and declared it a Russian national treasure. Keep in mind that Soviets suppressed any research into Aryan history, much as our commissars do today.



    So no, there is abundant evidence, what you conclude is your own affair, but there is evidence.

  18. Does it really matter if some nationalists outside Russia say they support Putin? Its not like we have influence over our governments and its not like we’re sending money or soldiers to Russia. Regardless of our opinion on Putin, he has to fight his own battles.

  19. Well, I’d say this has tuned out to be a timely topic and I’ll go ahead and offer some meandering thoughts. As of this comment, it’s clear the usual suspects are annoyed Putin continues to disrupt their plans in Ukraine. Consequently, they have the possibility of shipping arms shipments to Kiev (the EU-NATO-CIA) on the table.

    This latest drumbeat might be a kind of grand kubuki designed to roil markets so various oligarchs on both sides of the conflict can profit from the ups and downs before “peace” is dramatically announced at the 11th hour. On the other hand, the US has clearly declared proxy, financial and economic war on Russia, so Putin may be prepared to fight back.

    It seems like now would be a good time for Svoboda and Right Sector to storm the capital, capture or kill the pro-American and EU puppets, dislodge the miserable Jews, and then petition for peace with Russia and amicable division of the nation. But far as I know, Svoboda and Right Sector have done nothing to distance themselves from the EU. If that is the case, I think it reasonable to conclude they are controlled opposition.

    Afterthought, those are some fair points, but I think you’re engaged in a bit of cherry picking there. Putin has jailed Russian nationalists; he welcomes immigrants with open arms; he supported laws making it illegal to criticize Islam; he believes the holocaust is the most abominable atrocity ever; Putin works with Jewish oligarchs; and the head of Putin’s security services is a Jew. You have some good points, but, again, I think your case is based on cherry picking.

  20. By the end of this Ukraine will vanish. They are gutless by the looks of it.

    They ain’t fighting Serbs.

  21. Russian nationalism is one of the most important forces in 19th 20th and probably 21st century history.


  22. I just figured out where the Donbass separatists are getting their weaponry.

    Reading a book called The Gun by CJ Chivers about the evolution of the AK47.

    Page 343. In Artemovsk just inside Ukraine there are miles of salt mines. There is the biggest Ammo and Weapons dump on the planet. The Donbass separatists control the largest Arsenal in the world.

  23. The Jews not only in Ukraine run the show and pull the strings, but in every other country that amounts to something: US, UK, EU, CAN, AU, NZ, (the Anglo-zionist alliance).


    Notice the woman accuses the current government of illegitimacy due to the 2014 coup. The previous, pre-coup government was pro-Russian, and the current government should consolidate its gains, not press for war.

    Americans are told to hate east Ukrainians, that they are dividing sovereign Ukrainian territory; but further fighting will greatly divide the Ukraine. Conquering a segment of a population is not “uniting” a nation. Conquest is extremely divisive. The only reason Southern Americans have largely forgiven Northern Americans for the war of 1861-1865 is mass immigration into both regions. Without that, we’d still be split just as the Irish are split today.

    Those who want unity must oppose war in the Ukraine. Peaceful secession can be later followed by peaceful reunion.

    Americans who declare Ukrainian territory indissolvable likely do not know its history. Why multicultural America even cares about the territorial integrity of a nation’s borders is a mystery.

  25. Baregil,

    There is nothing Anglo about the purported “Anglo-Zionist” alliance.

    I take offence!

    We often hear Germans say such things, but we don’t see Germany pulling out from the EU today do we? It took Pearl Harbour to pull Anglo-Americans into WWII. Give us a break.

  26. Many of the Jews who conquered the US are from Germany, Hungary, etc. Perhaps there is a continental-Jewish alliance against Anglo and post-Anglo societies, eh?

  27. Lew says:
    February 6, 2015 at 3:08 am

    This latest drumbeat might be a kind of grand kubuki designed to roil markets so various oligarchs on both sides of the conflict can profit from the ups and downs before “peace” is dramatically announced at the 11th hour.

    Via, Forbes.

    Market Bets On Peace Deal And New Bailouts In Russia-Ukraine Mess

    It’s well into the wee hours of the morning in Minsk, with no precise word yet on what to make of Wednesday’s peace talks between Russia and Ukraine. But one thing is sure, the market is feeling positive on the outcome.

    The Market Vectors Russia (RSX) exchange traded fund rose nearly 1% today, and is up another half a percent in the after-market hours in New York. This suggests investors are willing to bet that Vladimir Putin and his Ukrainian counterpart, Petro Poroshenko, have come to some sort of cease fire agreement in eastern Ukraine during today’s meeting with Angela Merkel and François Hollande in the Belarus capital.

    In another sign that better things are coming for Ukraine, the derivatives market took some serious risk off the table today. Ukraine’s five year credit default swaps did a Wile E. Coyote. Only in this case, that’s a good thing. Ukraine’s default risk was 100% just 24 hours ago, and now it’s down to 48%. Russian five year CDS on sovereign debt also fell.

  28. Russian Assets Rise on Ukraine Ceasefire Deal

    And there it is. Are you Putin defenders paying attention at the moment? It looks like Putin just cut a deal with the CIAs former informant Petro Poroshenko and representatives of two of the USAs corrupt satrapies, Merkel and Hollande. The rebels have NATOs proxy army surrounded at the moment. Now, thanks to Putin, the rebels will have to let them go. They will regroup and return another day with American arms.

    Putin cares more about the interests of his oligarchs than anything else. By making deals with the West, Putin is going to get Russia subverted and eventually destroyed in all but name.

  29. Lew, thanks for fighting the good fight against Putin! Like my Finnish grandpa said “Never trust the Russians”.

  30. Lew,

    Putin is strong. I’m wary of calls to replace him, because you might get someone worse. Politicians, “aristocrats”, kings, emperors, demagogues, banksters, and other powerful men are as a rule usually very evil. Ambition is the most important quality for obtaining power.

    Russia’s economy is suffering from the oil crash, and eventually Putin’s popularity and power base will collapse as a result. For whatever reason, Russia is about the only European polity to resist American degenerate culture somewhat. And Putin stands up to Obama – or did when oil was higher.

    Stephen E Dalton,

    the rebels are essentially Russians too.

  31. I imagine George Soros would very much like a US puppet to replace Putin.

    Things could be worse. Revolutions (I mean here bringing someone new to power as a revolution) can bring positive change or negative change. Or it could be someone like Putin replaces Putin and you get little change.

    We’re best off supporting Putin unless he floods Russia with foreigners. Currently he’s been good on this too, relative to Europe and the US. I’m aware Russians are largely “anti-racist”, but they seem to understand the true spirit of communism: say one thing, act another. Russians tend to be very nationalistic; and if such makes them hypocrites for condemning Germans for the same thing, Russians don’t care.

  32. I am surprised, though perhaps I should not be, that no media outlet has examined this apparent about-face the Vatican is doing regarding Liberation Theology by the election of Pope Francis. Some will recall that Pope John-Paul II made a foray into Central America to specifically and categorically denounce liberation theology and marxism, stating emphatically that Christianity and Marxism/social justice were incompatible. However, and more importantly, Pope John-Paul II formally removed the Jesuit Master General, Fr. Pedro Arrupe, in the early 80s, can’t remember the specific year, and the removal occurred at Fr. Arrupe’s hospital bed after a culimination of events involving the Jesuits and the Master General’s refusal to discipline Jesuits inclined to liberation theology and cultural marxism. Many Jesuits deeply resented the Pope’s intervention and many have renounced their vow of Papal fidelity. Pope Francis is a Jesuit and apparently has never given up his affinity to liberation theology despite the former Pope’s admonitions, deciding to simply keep his head down, bide his time, and not draw attention to himself while on the rise within the Argentinian Church heirarchy. And for those of us who are Catholic and tend to the more traditional observance, we have this hope, that God is not mocked, and he will discipline the current occupier of the Chair of St. Peter.

  33. Amazing how when you mention the ‘Jew,’ the topic goes OFF-TOPIC faster than you can say, “Happy Hannukah.”

    All the arguments pro/con Putin aren’t on topic.

    And, to that end, here is my input.

    Pursuant to this charade of ‘human rights,’ I stumbled on to Germar Rudolf’s FREE online apologia pro vita sua at the following URL:

    And this comment which he read and entered into the German High Court that was having a show trial for his ‘apostasy’ from the dogma of the “Hollow Cost” is beyond belief:

    “Dr. Robert Hepp, professor of sociology, has the following to say about this:

    “Occasional experiments that I have conducted in my seminars convince me that ‘Auschwitz’ is ethnologically speaking one of the few taboo topics that our ‘taboo free society’ still preserves. […] While they did not react at all to other stimulants, ‘enlightened’ cen- tral European students who refused to accept any taboos at all, reacted to a confrontation with ‘revisionist’ texts about the gas chambers at Auschwitz in just as ‘elementary’ a way (including the comparable physiological symptoms) as members of primitive Polynesian tribes reacted to an infringement on one of their taboos.

    The students were literally beside themselves and were neither prepared nor capable of soberly discussing the presented theses. For the sociologist this is a very important experience, because a society’s taboos reveal what it holds sacred. Taboos also reveal what the com- munity fears. […]

    A ‘modern’ society does not in any way react differently to breeches of taboos than does a ‘primitive’ society. The breaking of taboos is generally perceived as ‘outrageous’ and ‘abominations’ and produce spontaneous ‘revulsion’ and ‘disgust.’ In the end the perpetrator is isolated, excluded from society, and his name and memory ‘tabooed.’”
    – In: Rolf-Josef Eibich (ed.), Hellmut Diwald, Grabert, Tübingen 1995, footnote 46, p. 140.

    Judaism’s heresy IS above all, a THEOLOGICAL HERESY, and is directly in COMPETITION with the Truth of Christianity. It CANNOT be believed by either: a) pious Christians, or b) thinking Westerners, as both have to hold a FALSE CONSTRUCT to believe the Holocaust Lie!!!


    Here are the other elements of this Weltanschauung (world and life view) that is as restrictive as it is proscriptive:

  34. Cinead- You’re living in a pipe dream (pope-dream?) world to think that the Office of the Papacy will ‘change’ and ‘go back’ to the Faith once delivered unto the saints.

    Rome hasn’t been there since at least AD 1517, as far as the true conservative Protestants are concerned, and AD1100, as far as the Orthodox are concerned. Rome’s total desire is to be, and become the ‘Harlot on the Beast’, as so many even of your own RC bible commentators have noted, in the centuries past, when they actually BELIEVED the Bible as the Word of God. Which started to topple around the years of the ‘Modernism’ crisis in the early 1900’s, and came to full flower ca. 1958, with Vatican Ewww.

  35. Everyone should read that one. Quite a few valuable nuggets, such as this one.

    Britain this month announced a new 77th Brigade, of 1500 soldiers skilled in propaganda, trained to use psychological warfare, Facebook and Twitter to fight in the information age.

  36. You all who believe Putin is a pro-white Leader know nothing of Russia. The man was nominated to Yeltsin by Abramovitz. The man known as Mr. A, in the Russian Government. He also suggested Medvedev. Believe all you want that Russia is somehow less Jewified than Ukraine or the West. It’s all a game. They own 98% of the Media and continue through Nepotism to take all the top spots. They preach Liberalism and everyone is equal, but in reality the jew is top to them. Do just a little bit of research and you will see. While your at it research the Bildebergs, the people who run the Western world. It may help open your eyes. Regards

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