Sanctity of Marriage Rally In Montgomery, AL


While several members of the Alabama League of the South were preoccupied with protesting immigration in Florida, a new group called “Sanctity of Marriage Alabama” was holding its own demonstration against gay marriage in Montgomery:

Note: As some of you will recall, we protested the SPLC over this last year in May. Now that Alabama’s ban on gay marriage has been struck down by a federal judge, we have a new protest in the pipeline. This will likely take place sometime in March or April and will be in either Montgomery or Mobile.

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  1. That’s good news. Only problem is Christian Conservatives don’t really get involved until after something bad happens. This is a perfect example. Makes you wonder…are mainstream Conservative groups looking for restoring traditional marriage in America or looking for a fundraiser? That’s been obvious for years with the Abortion issue. Lots of money and no change in Abortion laws or the exercise of good ole States’ Rights in defense of our Christian Family Values, Morals, and Life. Deo Vindice !

  2. One can ‘protest’ all you want, but when a usurping FEDGOV legislates immorality, as though only ‘they’ know [sic] truth, and you are merely being [sic] ‘reactionary bigots’ what diff does it make?

    You need to overthrow the masters who rule you, before you can be free.
    Or have you forgotten the rationales for the War of Independence from Britain, and the WBTS?

  3. Fr. John I agree 110%. It always seems as if we do too little too late, which is true. We need to find a way to dismember the stranglehold that the Fed. Gov. has on us. Permanently and once and for all. To hell with what the leftist and their Jew masters have to say.

  4. Judge Moore may be praying that one of the Supreme Court Justices will come forward and put a hold on the Alabama homosexual marriage decision. If none do—it makes the whole damn bunch of Roman Catholics and Jews on the Supreme Court look very bad.

    Even if one discounts religion, homosexuality is a filthy habit, and until recently was classified as a mental illness.

    As far as Protestantism goes, the only Old Testament story that Jesus Christ ever directly referred to in the New Testament was that of Sodom & Gomorrah. See Matthew 10:15. It’s red letter in the KJV. To sum that up, Christ is saying that the Jews who reject him or his disciples will have it worse than Sodom & Gomorrah on the day of judgment.

  5. Related to this, Judge Roy Moore made a valiant, but yet failed, attempt to stave this off:

    Alabama Judge Defies Gay Marriage Law

    In a previous post, I stated that I am not a fan of Rod Dreher and here’s why:

    Alabama vs. the Constitution

    In the American civic religion, there is no greater heresy than to defy the orders of our Federal god-judges. In the article at First Things Rod states:

    True, the more vigorous, engaged sectors of American Christianity—Evangelicals and orthodox Roman Catholics—produced more Republican voters, at least for a while, but that’s not the same thing as standing athwart the cultural revolution yelling, “Stop!”

    In his post today at The American Conservative Rod states:

    This is bizarre. I don’t believe in same-sex marriage, and I don’t believe there is a constitutional right to it. Nevertheless, under our federal system, the US Supreme Court’s verdicts trump the verdicts of state supreme courts. Respect for the rule of law requires Roy Moore to stand down in this conflict. True, the ancient maxim holding that “an unjust law is no law at all” is valid, but as a general matter, we ought to have to clear a high bar to justify disobeying a law. Certainly the chief justice of a state Supreme Court behaves scandalously when he defies the US Supreme Court. He is not doing our side any favors.

    This demonstrates how much of a joke the US conservative movement is. In an earlier piece Rod implores someone to stand athwart the cultural revolution and yell stop!!! Yesterday, Judge Roy Moore did exactly that and now Rod tells him to “stand down.” This is Conservative Inc in a nutshell. They can point out some problems in US society but they offer no real solutions. Worst yet, Rod states that he believes there is no constitutional right for “gay” marriage. However, he lends legitimacy to Federal judiciary supremacy by telling Roy “respect” the Federal court’s decision and to stand down. This is true of the entire American conservative movement. When the Supreme Court makes gay marriage the law of the land, Conservative Inc (including Rush Limbaugh, Hannity, Mark Levin, etc.) and virtually all Republican politicians will say that they disagree with the decision but they will respect it. This is a case of cognitive dissonance by US conservatives. Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, and the rest of Conservative Inc will rant all day about how corrupt the Federal court system is but at the end of the day they will respect the outcome. They will note that the Federal courts have acted outside of their authority and have legislated from the bench but the idea of nullification of these court decisions should not be entertained. Of course when they “respect” the court’s decision, they provide support and legitimacy for the Federal court system to act in the manner they complain about.

    To those of us who know that the Federal government can never be reformed, we understand that a corrupt Federal judiciary does not deserve any of our respect and that any means at our disposal to de-legitimatize their actions is warranted.

  6. Jeff writes: ‘To those of us who know that the Federal government can never be reformed, we understand that a corrupt Federal judiciary does not deserve any of our respect and that any means at our disposal to de-legitimatize their actions is warranted.’

    Amen. The Union is anti-Christian, anti-White and anti-Southern. It needs to go.

  7. I wonder just what they would do if we just ignored them and held our ground? Refused to pay any fines they levy? Would they actually come and arrest the judges and the clerks that hand out the licenses? They should pass a law that all homosexual wedding licenses in Alabama will be issued by the Supreme court of the USA. HAHAHAHAHAHa.

  8. Nullification!

    This was the first step to Secession in South Carolina the first time we tried all this.

    The State of Alabama must now “Nullify” all Federal laws regarding marriage and education. Marriage laws and education will now be determined by the good people in the great, sovereign, state of Alabama, not by unelected Federal Judges are now almost exclusively from Harvard and Yale, New York City, Jewish and lesbian.

    There are now, no hetrosexual, Southerners on the Supreme Court.

  9. Jeff, even if the Union could have been reformed, 1965 America is gone. 2015 America is a multicultural empire, very different from the more-Eurocentric empire of 1965.

    I’m not implying I want empire but wanting to highlight how this polity has changed dramatically. This is no longer “our” polity.

    There is no hope of reforming this leviathan. If secession is hopeless, then there is no conceivable hope.

  10. All those rednecks in Alabama need to except that the homo will inevitably regain his place as the natural elite. The right screwed up by embracing low IQ jock sniffers and has driven all the homos and creative types into the arms of the left. Btw I don’t support gay marriage but only because it reduces the potential of the homo by bringing him down the to the level of the breeders and preventing from reaching his full potential.

  11. Hey Hunter, do you or does anyone you know have access to Samford University Library or the Alabama Dept of Arch & Hist Libr? Revilo P. Oliver claims that in the September 15, 1965 issue of The Birmingham Independent (The Birmingham independent and the Cahaba Valley news. : (Birmingham, Ala.) 1964-1967), there is a copy of a paycheck that was given to one of the civil rights protesters in Selma, which is proof that those protesters were paid. They were paid $100 each.

    Get your hands on it and take a screenshot 🙂

  12. Weaver says:
    February 10, 2015 at 8:21 pm

    “Jeff, even if the Union could have been reformed, 1965 America is gone. 2015 America is a multicultural empire, very different from the more-Eurocentric empire of 1965.”

    All empires eat their children eventually.

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