South Africa Faces Power Crisis and Blackouts


By their fruits you shall know them.

Twenty years after the downfall of apartheid and the official launch of the “Rainbow Nation,” South Africa is struggling to keep the lights on, life expectancy has sunk to Somalian levels, it has become the rape capital of the world, and the third largest political party in the country explicitly advocates White Genocide.

In the eyes of the Mainstream Media, post-apartheid South Africa is not only a success story (it is “racist” to suggest otherwise), but a model of black majority rule which must be imposed on us at all costs in the American South.

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  1. Excellent post! Most have likely forgotten how after the fall of apartheid, South Africa was heralded as a future utopia.

    Brazil has at times also been praised, though the recent collapse in commodities has hurt Brazil. And an economy reliant upon commodities is not praiseworthy.

    In the US we’ve often heard of the “post-white-majority US”. I just want to know where the white flight will finally cease. What region will be safe to build a life in? The .1% will enjoy gated communities (as we see in Brazil today), but what about the rest of us?

    If you ask most conservatives even today, they’ll declare “cutting taxes” or “fighting ISIS” as more important than immigration…

    The best defences against mass immigration are: have more children, firmly oppose miscegenation.

  2. Addendum:

    we often hear praise for Central Americans and “La Raza”, but Central America persecutes its native population. The mixed persecute the native. You only find good treatment of natives in Canada, the US. New Zealand, Australia, etc…

    And in Brazil, I want to say female European tourists are often targeted for rape.

  3. Another addition:

    in South Africa, you have such heavy affirmative action that white slums have resulted.

    Connected and skilled whites find jobs, but so many blacks have moved into South Africa (see District 9 movie) that it’s impossible to promote them all with affirmative action. So, many whites are outright refused jobs, refused hope or any chance at a life. And South Africa, unlike the US, knows real poverty.

  4. I used to associate a British accent with a racial group referenced as Anglo Saxons in an area of the world know as the “British Isles” (this group is apparently extinct). Now I associate the accent with African Negros.

  5. The timing is suspicious. Jews are very upset with the ANC right now, because Jacob Zuma invited PFLP terrorist Leila Khaled to attend his State of the Nation address on February 9, and the SBD movement is making headway in South Africa. Sabotage of the electric grid is a real possibility.

    Is Julius Malema’s EFF really more anti-White than the other major parties? That hardly seems possible. The major difference seems to be that the EFF wants to plunder everything, including extremely wealthy Jewish owned sectors of the economy such as mining and banking, while the other parties are content to merely plunder Afrikaaner owned farmland.

    I take all MSM reporting on South Africa with a grain of salt. For instance, the MSM portrays the Democratic Alliance as the “moderate” or even “right-wing” party of South Africa, yet this party was founded by Harry Schwarz, a lawyer who made a name for himself defending a terrorist named Kantor. The former leadership of the National Party, men privy to more information than the general public has access to, prefered to join the ANC rather than the Democratic Alliance. Jacob Zuma has praised both Orania and the De la Rey song. I haven’t heard of any of the Jews who run the Democratic Alliance doing likewise.

  6. Now that I think about it, South Africa is another wildly successful republic.

    Exactly. When you think of it, South Africa is a success story especially in American definitions. Anything that raises Negroes up and Jews to the very top is success no matter what the consequences. As a matter of fact, the consequences are valid payment for all the damage the “majority” has done to the “minority.”

    The state of South Africa today only shows us how much damage White people have caused in the world and that even more needs to be done to raise up places like South Africa and Haiti.

  7. The white people are clearly using their privilege to steal the power because racism. The power system was built by blacks and whitey used his white magic to STEAL the secret knowledge of electricity from the black africans. Blacks used to have all this wisdom and shit but now they don’t. Knowledge and information is a fixed quantity so in order for white people to have it black people must lose it.

  8. This phantom association with the Republic needs to be put to bed. The people create the government and I challenge anybody to come up with any system that could not be overthrown and converted to egalitarian pluralism.

  9. I assume the anti-Republic drive is intended to force Americans to rethink their ideology. CofCC just posted about another Soros influence: disinformation “right-wing” sites.

    If we do manage to secede, to win our own polity, we need to carefully consider what protections we can raise to survive the modern world. The government is a threat, as America’s Founders knew; but there are other threats.

    Some Southern activists have suggested we improve the voting pool.

    I’ve always liked the idea of a sort of society of monks that is given some amount of power, monks who are banned from any significant material gain and thus are incorruptible. In Sparta, however, it was said Spartans who would live away from Sparta were more easily corrupted than others; so perhaps monks have their limits. To clarify: Sparta attempted to limit greed.

    Greed and impiety are driving us to ruin. And Americans won’t hear suggestions, because they’re too caught up in what’s become an almost religion of Americanism.

    It might be we get a variety of small organisations and groups, and the ones truly best organised, best run will expand or at least survive. Those with ridiculous foundations will be purchased by big money.

  10. There was a recent interview with Oppenheimer the head of Rothschild Debeers Oppenheimer diamond company which owns much of S Africa. He bragged
    “I was behind Mandela from the first”. So it was not just communist jews like Helen Saltzman and Joe Shlomo who were behind the destruction of S. Africa.

    One bit of good news a few years ago. Alan Paton was a White S. African who wrote
    “Cry the Beloved Country” and other anti White pro black propaganda books. That
    book was a best seller all in all White countries. Anyway, his widow in her late 80’s was beaten, robbed, and raped in a home invasion by blacks. Too bad Alan Paton was not still alive to be there for his beating

  11. South Africa has huge reserves of coal. They built an experimental steam loco in the 80s to test a new boiler and firebox designed to get maximum efficiency out of coal. In the meantime, they electrified many of their mainlines and fueled their road vehicles with coal based synthetic petroleum. They also export Uranium. But it’s all on the way out.

  12. Hunter Wallace,

    My linkback goes to a recent Tuggle article I thought you might enjoy. I haven’t seen you cover that facet of conservatism, fiction and worldview, and thought you might find it worthwhile. Specifically, I was thinking you’d appreciate the need to actively defend order/civilisation and the overwhelming trend towards chaos, which we’re seeing all around us today.

    I do believe you’re right in your observation that republics, at least in the modern form, are more apt to be short-lived.

  13. One thing that South Africa shows is that when white people have the will to maintain their civilization, they can dominate any number of non-whites. The dilemma is that the domination will lead to instability. A white minority will be in a permanent state of siege against a black majority (which seems to be the case whether in Africa or America, and now in Europa). Hence, American and European whites need to keep their numbers high, while minimizing third world migrations into their heartlands. This is also why in the long run, a white country becomes a necessity.

    Still, there are many lessons to be learned from South Africa and Rhodesia. In both countries, a white minority was able to keep military ascendancy over numerous black insurgents. Again, it was a matter of will to power, as well as highly trained and well led armed forces.

    This is all worth considering for us today…and perhaps an article from HW!

  14. The “blackout” came some time ago. All of their ongoing problems are caused, as always, by evil, “racist”, “white supremacist” whitey.

  15. R Moreland,

    it was outside influence that undermined white rule. It will be mixed societies and mixed individuals who attack us most fiercely.

    People tend to believe in whatever benefits them, be it ideology or religion. Mixed societies and individuals readily believe that crushing those who exclude them is both right and progressive.

  16. Big problem with South Africa – like California – is whites unwilling to do their own work. They just can’t do without their massive pool of cheap brown/black labor. Remember that AWB leader Eugene Terreblanche was murdered by his own (black) farmhands (who helped ANC assassins gain access, in all probability)? Why couldn’t he give work to poor Afrikaaners?

  17. Weaver says:
    February 16, 2015 at 5:38 am

    R Moreland,

    “it was outside influence that undermined white rule. It will be mixed societies and mixed individuals who attack us most fiercely.”

    What happened to South Africa was inevitable. You can’t stop outside influences any longer with modern communications. The Whites are now outnumbered 10 to 1 and the Blacks are doubling their population every 20 years.

    If you bring in non-White labor eventually you won’t have a country. They did it to themselves, just like the West is doing it to itself.

  18. It’s funny because when I mention to even “real” conservatives that we’re going to end up like South Africa they nod their head in blissful hope. The power of the press is unbelievable. To all but the most sincerely well informed, the “Rainbow Nation” is still the shining light of the world. God help us all.

  19. I check this thread, and what do I find? The usual crap, what else? The ignorance behind some of these statements is nauseating. It’s amazing that in 2015 that anyone motivated by our predicament can be so-ill informed. Whites can’t do their own work? They only carved out whole nations from New Zealand, to South Africa, to Alaska moron.

    Let’s get this straight yet again. There is no doubt that white South Africa was destroyed by EXTERNAL powers, a combination of Jewish, American and capitalist powers using subversion, covert attacks, threats, economic sanctions and implied military violence against the white minority. Absent Jewish and American power in particular, the traitorous South African whites never would have gained power.

    Some have got to more to educate yourself on the history. You have to be more careful in what you say so as not to unintentionally spread anti-white Jewish memes, such as, for example, non-elite white South Africans are any way at fault.

  20. We only have a veneer of civilization in the United States. Let the power greed fail for a week or so and watch what happens in the inner cities. In that regard I consider welfare as a tool the system uses to buy of revolutionary discontent, otherwise they would comprise a revolutionary Communistic like vanguard. Of course, that is exactly what they will become when the power grid goes down or the checks quit flowing.

  21. Let’s face it, there are not too many Black Africans that are capable of operating or maintaining a modern power plant, particularly a nuclear plant.

    I can only imagine what the South African educational system is like today. I’m sure it’s in shambles too. What kind of training can be done, and how many Africans are capable of absorbing the training.

    Even here in the USA it’s hard to find Black candidates who are interested in technical jobs. It hurts your head is no excuse for refusing to read a manual.

    Don’t kid anyone, coal and gas fired power plants are difficult to run too. I can only imagine what kind of shape the WQC and AQC systems are in—South Africa has serious problems.

    I disappointed in this new Monarch of the Netherlands. I thought he might do something as the leader of the Orange. But, so far he is a typical elitist of little or no value.

    I get a kick out of Tony Beets on the Friday night gold mining show—he’s more what I expect from a Dutchman. A smiling prick…LOL.

  22. Lew,

    Sam Francis also warned of the temptation of cheap foreign labour.

    It’s in his article against secession.

    I believe the point is to highlight a threat. We need to raise a defence against this. Too often activists assume a free white democratic state will just automatically pursue its long-term interests and perceive all threats as they are.

    I sometimes get Southern activists fussing at me, because I don’t have specific answers as to what sort of defence should be raised. They want “freedom”. I don’t trust populist freedom without at the very least a detailed constitution to bind it. America’s founding concept is that power comes from “the people”. That is an unhealthy premise if it encourages a people to shake off important traditions. Power rightfully came from the individual colonies, not “the people”.

    You could do a number of things though: make immigration illegal, ban noncitizens from certain regions (tourism and some skilled foreign workers will inevitably be part of a healthy society provided the children of such workers, including mixed children, are not now our citizens too.)

    New Zealand began as a British colony. It’s now flooded with Europeans from elsewhere as well as Asians. These societies are all turning into so-called “nations-of-immigrants”. If trends continue, we’ll endure only by pursuing the Jewish survival strategy.

    Noteworthy problems: Christianity embraces mankind as a single race. Paganism did not often do this, and it’s difficult to found an exclusive group without being accused of heresy.

    We have lost our societies at unprecedented rates. We’ve been conquered, but most whites believe their post-European homes are “theirs”; and whites support these polities rather than working for legitimate group interests. I do not mean to imply that whites should work *against* their governments but instead that whites should work *for* their own ethnic interests.

  23. At the same time, I’m also wary of proposals for a king or “aristocracy” whose power is not also bound and balanced. Man is fallen.

    You can look at the supposed policies of Sparta: They were focused heavily on survival.

    I get so sick of jingoistic Americans who won’t even hear such criticism. They’re jingoistic in a sort of ideological way, “America’s way is beyond criticism, our founders great holy men”.

  24. We need to learn from South Africa how to resist the war against white people. There are lessons on what was done right, what was done wrong, and what might have been:

    You need to have a large enough white population to provide a viable workforce and military.

    You can not invite blacks into your cities.

    You have to form alliances with other white powers globally.

    You have to smash subversion: not just communism, but liberal egalitarianism.

    You can not create the conditions which allow blacks to multiply their numbers such that they can threaten you. This sounds harsh, but the alternative is ghastly.

    You must have complete and total faith in yourself and your race.

    Finally: small numbers of white troops, when properly led and equipped, can defeat any number of blacks.

  25. If there are any white South African, former Rhodesians, or veterans of the Portuguese colonies in Africa, I think we’d all be interested in what they had to say–especially how we can defend what remains of the white world today.

  26. “You can not invite blacks into your cities. ”

    You keep non-Whites out of your country. Period. Anyone who wants to use cheap non-white labor, is sewing future seeds of destruction and should be treated as an enemy.

    “You have to smash subversion: not just communism, but liberal egalitarianism. ”

    There are ways to make anti-whites leave your country. You create a big sleazy lawyer industry, that profits from suing them.

  27. “Whites can’t do their own work? They only carved out whole nations from New Zealand, to South Africa, to Alaska moron.”
    Back in the 1800s, maybe. Look at white Americans now – even white folks on welfare paying Mexicans cash to clean their houses and mow their lawns! – and tell me I’m wrong. As for South Africans, well, Burnham even noted during his travels in the late 19th century about how the Boers would rather hire cheap blacks to do a job badly than do it themselves (contrasted with the self-reliant white settlers of the American West). That is still the case, sorry to burst your bubble, Lew. End white decadence and the black and Mexican problems will shuffle away – in SA and USA.

  28. An example of a country that uses nasty lawyers to suppress dissent is Singapore. Their government sues their political opponents into financial ruin. Extracting vast sums of money from rabble-rousers, works extremely well in their case.

  29. JoeB writes:

    “You keep non-Whites out of your country. Period. Anyone who wants to use cheap non-white labor, is sewing future seeds of destruction and should be treated as an enemy.”

    Jack responds:

    Agreed. And we noted some blatant examples of traitors on the Conservative Right like Rancher Cliven Burdy who do exactly as you state they must not do. They like, are addicted to cheap, non White labor, neo slave labor and they have all kinds of confused, idiot Conservative supporters who mouth off that Amurikuns should be free to run their businesses however the hell they want and let “the market” decide things like wages.

  30. R_Moreland,

    The Portuguese used to label capable blacks as something like “evolved”. I believe they were given more responsibilities than others. I thought that neat.

    “conditions which allow blacks to multiply their numbers such that they can threaten you”

    I’ve heard old Southerners say the same. It was a legitimate concern, should still be a concern.

    “You must have complete and total faith in yourself and your race. ”

    I don’t know what this means. I have little faith in whites, and I have plenty of short-comings. Vanity and overconfidence would seem to be flaws not strengths.

    Whites need to be prudent, wary of change, pious to their ancestors; or there will be nothing of us to survive. White triumphalists tend to march off cliffs in my experience.

  31. Latinos, who are mixed, are reputedly excellent fighters. And I expect Amerindians are similarly good fighters.

    Blacks are poor fighters, but they are not the only ethnic group in the US.

    And whites from, say, Russia are reputedly excellent fighters yet prone to anti-racism from the view that they’re also mixed and thus excluded.

    So, I don’t see a position of great strength in the US. There are plenty of potential anti-whites, and there are plenty of self-hating liberal whites.

    I was told yesterday, the current leader of the BNP married an Asian woman. And Derbyshire of course did the same. I’d say white survival has plenty of challenges, to say the least.

    Jews are capable of organising in such an environment, but most whites reject the “irrational” too completely. Learning from the Jews, albeit without hating everyone else as they tend to, might be the only path to survival from here.

  32. I will try to answer these questions, from a Boer perspective. There are other opinions too. I was born in the 1960’s as the son of an European immigrant scientist to South Africa and mainly grew up and mingled in the Boer society and married into those circles.

    „whites unwilling to do their own work”

    In the youth literature of the Boer from the 1970’s and 1980’s (the pinnacle of Boer literature output) you get many farm stories of a rural society where you had your black labour on the very same farm. Already during the Great Treck (ox wagons out of the Cape to the African interior) you had your black labor. You have to cast your mind to a time period when white met black for the first time, when the people did not know all the things we know today. That was before the world knew of the word Apartheid. Historical times. Most probably the same when the European immigrants in the USA met the red Indians. It was unknown territory. It was the meeting of two different cultures. There were enemy black tribes, and friendly black tribes.

    White and black children often played together in these stories, and the white child and black child knew what their place was.

    The demographic of the blacks and whites were very low. We are now talking of stories after the Anglo-Boer war 1899 – 1902, when the Boer was finding his feet again after the lost war. It was like those times when the farmer wanted their children work on the farm instead of being at school all day long, because of a labor shortage. That also was in Europa many decades ago with the farmers. The blacks from the friendly tribes looked for work, and the white farmer gave it to them. The black women in some cases helped as nannies for the children. That meant they became part of the household. Back then they could not imagine what this would lead to many decades into the future. It was the time of no internet, few cars, long distances to the next town, and no satellites and Google-Earth and pefected cartography. It was the time of the pioneers, of a country that was with one foot in the ox-waggon and the other foot in a porsche (modern times came very fast).

    Fast forward to about 1929 (Great Depression). The blacks (and the whites, whose farms were destroyed by Lord Kitchener, but not all farms) moved to the cities for work. The mine bosses (winners of the Anglo-Boer war) gave them work, cheaper labor than the whites. Then the Boer won the elections from Jan Smuts in 1948. They stopped the influx with the Group Areas Act. The mines ignored that act and imported even more black males as migrant workers from the homelands (their historic native areas), and the international press said it was the Boer who exploited the poor blacks. The migrant workers sent part of their wage to their families in the homelands, and visited their family during holidays. But families wanted reunion, and move to where the work is. So over time with the migrant worker their wives and children came to white South Africa. These wives looked for work. In a labor scarce environment these black wives and their children found work as house servants and garden boys. There the whites made a grave error. They did not foresee what their actions would bring in future. They remember the good experience with blacks on the farms, when the Boer mainly still was a farming community, while the cities were being established. There is a nationalist radio station Radio Pretoria, where a professor told somewhere around the year 1998 or 2000 (I listened, while travelling in my car) that it was the mistake of the whites to employ the cheap labor wives and children as home servants and garden boys, and it was the fault of the mines to attract cheap black migrant workers. The black servant women again became nannies and part of the family. The white demographic was too small for a fast expanding economy. With a fast expanding economy there came the good times, and with the good times came materialism.

    “specially how we can defend what remains of the white world today”

    A personal opinion.

    It took more than one generation to be bring us where we are now, thus it will not be fixed in our lifetime. We must think beyond our lifetime. There must be a long-term plan. A core of people must not race mix and must keep their wits about, and work toward enlightening and uniting all remaining sensible persons of all nations. And one must work toward cutting off the snake (or many headed dragon) at its head, not just attacking its body. Today too much effort goes into attacking the symptoms, not the cause. And much too many people with good intentions but of a lesser capability drive the nationalist movements. There are no IQ tests or other mechanisms of personnel selection that the normal employer in the industry uses. That must be turned around and professionalized. This includes cleaning the own ranks so that the principle of meritocracy takes the upper hand.

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