Federal Judge Temporarily Blocks Obama Amnesty

Immigration Lawsuit

I suppose that I should join the euphoria and be jumping for joy now that a federal judge in Texas has temporarily blocked Obama’s amnesty. This is a great victory for immigration patriots and muh Constitution, right?

“WASHINGTON — One day before hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants were to begin applying for work permits and legal protection, administration officials on Tuesday postponed President Obama’s sweeping executive actions on immigration indefinitely, saying they had no choice but to comply with a federal judge’s last-minute order halting the programs.

The judge’s ruling was a significant setback for the president, who had asserted broad authority to take executive actions in the face of congressional Republicans’ refusal to overhaul the immigration system. White House officials have defended the president’s actions as legal and proper even as his adversaries in Congress and the states have accused him of vastly exceeding the powers of his office. …”

No, this is just a minor hiccup within the system, a setback which will be long forgotten after a higher federal court swoops in, reverses the decision, and declares that the federal government has unlimited power over the states.

When that happens, all of these constitutional patriots who want to “Take Back America” will resign themselves to defeat, declare that they fought the good fight like Gov. Bentley is already doing in Alabama over gay marriage, but that we have to follow “the law” and preserve the “Constitution,” a holy document created by the Founders that bequeathed to us the greatest system of government known to mankind.

Then it will be on to the next charade over some other issue dear to the heart of American conservatives. It will still be important to be seen to be putting up a fight. It will still be important for both sides to sing the praises of the glorious US Constitution. Finally, it will still be heresy to declare that the US Constitution was always a failure, and to go further to suggest that maybe we have been better off without it.

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  1. Even if this decision is allowed to stand, don’t think Obama and all his gang aren’t going to be able to find a way to continue doing what he wants on immigration and “technically” be in compliance with this decision at the same time.

  2. True nations should be based on a common ethnicity not a written framework for government. It is curious to go back and read the writings of the Anti-federalists who warned that the Constitution would create a system where the Judiciary would run roughshod over all other branches. Ask yourself how many Presidents have been officially removed from offices by a Impeachment conviction via trial in the Senate. The answer is none, and yet we know many presidents were guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors. The Constitution does not work. It is a failed experiment. It did not prevent our dispossession or a society based on constant welfare-warfare dichotomy. The state should be a means to and end and not and end in itself and that end is the preservation of our people. The same goes for written constitutions. In a healthy white ethno-sate the whole of the law should be the preservation of the race!

  3. “I suppose that I should join the euphoria”

    Well, you don’t sound euphoric. If it is mostly phony opposition, it is useful to say so. Don’t let sincere people be fooled by the media and waste their time encouraging phony conservatives. But you sound as a defeatist, as if you want to discourage people, not encourage them to try something else.

    You have tried being a mainstreamer, and it clearly didn’t work. The conservatives are hopeless. Now you have to go back to being a vanguardist. Even if it doesn’t work either, it will be more fun.

    I think it’s silly to see the constitution as a magical document written by magical people, but I fail to see how the absence of a constitution would have magically improved things. And actually, the first amendment is very useful. And the problem in the USA is not the constitution, but the jewish takeover of the country.

  4. I agree with what Armor has said. The problem with America is not the Constitution, but the make up of America’s elites and a population that has been convinced that they have no right to their nation and traditions. No, the Constitution is not a magical document and certainly not perfect. It worked somewhat well when the nation was white and Christian. Now that our enemies are in charge, it works in their favor.

  5. I have to deal with White people all the time who don’t identify with their racial and ethnic group. They don’t identify with any culture. Instead, they are radical individualists who are completely absorbed in their own lives and who give no thought whatsoever to the world beyond their own doorstep. It’s a way of seeing the world that I have always found utterly alien.

    I know this will be lost on Single Jewish Causers, but lots of White people don’t give a damn about Jewish influence in America because they don’t care about their race. They don’t care about anything beyond satisfying their most primitive urges. They don’t know anything about the world in which they live because it just doesn’t pique their interest.

    America is/was an experiment in building a culture and a government that catered 100 percent to such rights bearing individualists. It ended up really the only way such a flawed system and worldview could have ever ended which is being dominated and destroyed by more cohesive groups.

  6. Cohesive groups will always have more power than any individual – unless the individual is Soros or Adelson of course.

  7. Well, don’t be too hard on the Constitution. At least it gives us protection for free speech and gun rights. A lot of our comrades in Europe and Canada wish they had those protections.

  8. That’s due to the Bill of Rights which the Federalists who crafted the US Constitution insisted were unnecessary. Unfortunately, the Bill of Rights fooled enough people to adopt the rotten package deal.

  9. Southron

    Bill of Rights has its ultimate genesis in the 1689 English Bill of Rights. Enacted in a political system that was way more monarchial and way less democratic than either ours or the United “Kingdom’s” current paradigm.

    Then there is the matter of actual on the ground results.

  10. Hunter Wallace says:
    February 20, 2015 at 3:44 am

    “They don’t care about anything beyond satisfying their most primitive urges. They don’t know anything about the world in which they live because it just doesn’t pique their interest.”

    There’s a fellow that writes a blog called Vault-Co. He has a way out theory there are two races within whites. The good create, invent and build up civilization, while the bad eat/multiply like locusts, until their sheer numbers bring civilization down.

    I thought his theories were crazy at first, but now I think he has a point. Because of him, I am no longer a white separatist, I am a pro white separatist.

  11. There are two races of whites, read this paper:


    Indo-Europeans (I prefer the previous term “Aryans”) and their language came out of the Southern Russia in 2500 BC. They conquered Greece, Anatolia, Armenia, Iran, Pakistan, Western China and the Danube river valley en route to all of Europe..

    The previous whites were a matrilineal, goddess worshipers who dabbled in cave painting and astronomy. In the case of the Sardinians and the Basques, they had been there since before the last Ice Age.

    The Aryans were patrilineal, and followed a sky god who him self was subject to the natural law of the universe (arta); they were fond of metallurgy and horse breeding and were able to merge the two into chariot warfare. It is possible, but by no means verified that these folk were the “nepahlim” or what the Bible calls giants on the earth in those days, men of reknown”, who took “daughters of men”. Genesis 6:2 to 6:4.

    An “Atlantis” civilization along the coast of the Black Sea may have been decimated by rising waters from glacial ice melt, along with the breach of the Mediterranean into the Black Sea, 5500 BC. Genesis 7. And the refugee remnant of that time gave rise to the Indo-Europeans / Aryans.

    The whole Aryan – Jew divide could be seen in this light.

  12. @Afterthought
    His main groups are Cro-Magnon and Neanderthals. He believes Neanderthal were the original Europeans and Cro-Magnon were the invaders/destroyers of the Neanderthal and now we are a mix of the two. The more Neanderthal you have in you, the more you are a builder and protector. The more Cromag, the more you are a destroyer.

    I don’t care if his theories are true or not, but genetic differences do explain the behavior of most people I know. If something big like a Charlie Hebdo occurs, they will be concerned for a while, yet within a few weeks, they will be back to praising the wonders of the multikult again. They are as predictable as clockwork.

    So this isn’t about Jews vs Whites. This is about folks that would most certainly be allowed into any potential Whites only country.

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