Black History Month 2015: The Prophecy of Nongqawuse


Now that we are officially in Black History Month 2015, here’s a timely excerpt from Martin Meredith’s new book, The Fortunes of Africa:

“After eight frontier wars, Xhosa resistance against white colonial rule was nearly at an end. Often divided among themselves, the Xhosa had lost much of their ancestral land. But their plight was to become even worse. An outbreak of a lethal cattle disease, bovine pleuropheumonia, decimated their herds. Already humiliated by white conquest and now struck by the loss of much of their cattle wealth, they desperately sought a way out of calamity. In a mood of growing hysteria, they fell victim to the prophecy of a sixteen-year-old Gcaleka girl named Nongqawuse that if they sacrificed their remaining herds and destroyed their crops, their ancestral spirits would rise from the dead, drive the whites into the sea, and restore their fortunes. When the Gcaleka chief, Sarhili, decided the prophecy was authentic and called on his people to comply, other Xhosa chiefs followed suit; grain stocks were destroyed. The frenzy reached a peak at the new moon on 18 February 1857 when the prophecy was supposed to have been fulfilled.


The result was a devastating famine in which at least 40,000 Xhosa died; another 33,000 fled into the Cape Colony hoping to find work. The Xhosa population of British Kaffraria fell from 105,000 to 27,000. The colonial authorities provided emergency relief but also took advantage of the drop in population to make more land available for white settlement. In 1866, British Kaffraria was incorporated into the Cape Colony. Its new frontier was the Kei River.”

Note: The Xhosa are the second largest black ethnic group in present day South Africa. Their homeland is in the southeastern part of the country in the Eastern Cape just to the south of Zululand.

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  1. Today in black history 2/17/15 we have:

    “Afroman” (Because I got High) singer, while performing onstage in Biloxi Mississippi 2/17/15 knocks drunk white girl unconscious when she wanders onstage and begins to dance.


    A crowd full of Southern whites does…nothing.

  2. This prophetess wasn’t a whole lot different than the black storefront preachers in our inner cities! BTW Hunter, you ought to read “Blood Secrets” by Isaiah Oke. It’s the only book written by a former JuJu priest that tells the inside story about Africa’s indigenous religion. It’s an absolutely horrific read!

  3. James Burnham in his epic “Suicide of the West” advances the thesis that liberalism is an ideology which rationalizes away the contraction of Western Civilization. His point is that the Western world was collapsing, as evidenced by the march of communism into Eastern Europe and across East Asia; while neither the US nor the Europeans could deal with the radical third world of Afro-Asian nations. Thus, liberalism arose to create the illusion that Western retreats were, in reality, advances for democracy, equality, international law, etc.

    I may be going out on a limb here, but it appears that we see a similar thing going on today with liberalism creating a mass delusion akin to the one that enveloped the Xhosa. The loss of Western territory, cities and genes, whether in Johannesburg, Selma or Malmo is being celebrated as triumphs for “diversity,” “tolerance” and everyone’s favorite, “anti-racism.” It is totally lunatic, yet the liberal faithful bow down before their prophets like MLK and Mandela in the same way the Xhosa bowed before Nongqawuse.

    But there is one major difference. The Xhosa were up against Europeans who had vastly superior technology and military resources. Their backs were against the wall. Today, the Western world still has the superior technology and military power–but lacks the will to fight the third world invaders.

    The delusion rules.

    The question becomes: how to wake up Western men and women!

  4. I love what E-Moreland wrote. Whites all over Europe, the Americas, New Zealand and Australia are behaving no more insanely than the Xhosa. At least the Xhosa believed sacrifice of some cattle would save the rest.

    Unlike many conservative Whites I don’t care about abortion, feminazis, divorce,single Mothers, vulgar popular culture and all the distractions that keep Whites unable to focus on the core issues of White genocide: affirmative action, black on White crime and non White immigration.

    Since 1968 every President, Judge, governor and state and local officials have firmly believed that the least qualified applicant should be hired for a job. Once hired, the least qualified totally incompetent and useless employee shall not be fired but promoted every 2 years until every government agency is ruled by incompetent anti White non Whites.

    Maybe the Xhosa were deluded. What about this country that has all sorts of judicial diktats ferociously enforced by a plethora of government agencies that only the incompetent and least qualified be hired and when hired endlessly promoted?

    The Xhosa destroyed themselves. Whites as a group are destroying themselves.

    What’s the difference?

  5. This sounds almost identical to the Ghost Dace religion that swept the Plains Indians. If they would only do this religious dance they would be immune to the white man’s bullets, dead ancestors would rise from the grave, and the buffalo would once more become like the sands of the sea as far as the eye could see.

  6. Immigration is the one topic that i am in step with the LOS. English should be the only language on any official government form, and anyone wanting to LEGALLY immigrate should learn it PDQ. I am of italian descent, my grandfather did not teach any of his children italian, even though he and my granny spoke it to each other. He was italian-american, my father and i are AMERICAN!

  7. Believe me you people who write such trash need to quit that. And you must know that it is “African History Month”. Your names that you give to the African are dated. They have now named themselves. They are an African People! Get that through your minds and brain!

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