Otherkin: The Next Frontier of Social Justice


“Otherkin” are trans people who believe they were born into the wrong race, the wrong species, or even on the wrong planet:

“What does this mean? An otherkin is a being born into the wrong body. Not just with the wrong parts, but as the wrong species: people who identify as otherkin believe that they are a wolves, or elves, or really any kind of being, born into a human body. (Furries, who focus on anthropomorphic animals and are known for dressing up, aren’t the same thing as otherkin, many of whom don’t dress up or change their appearances at all.) A fictive is like an otherkin where the true, internal identity is a fictional character — deku scrubs are tiny creatures from The Legend of Zelda series of video games. Transethnicity is this same phenomenon applied to ethnicity.

Draven, in other words, is a Japanese wood creature from The Legend of Zelda who was born into the body of a regular white kid. …

Some of them are clearly sick or hurt in other ways: Kavita, whose legendarily long list of identity categories listed her as “human privileged for all of the following: nonhuman, non/human, otherkin, furry, cat, catkin, catperson, catbeing, cathuman, humancat, cat, ostricat, catostrich,” deleted her Tumblr earlier this week and wrote “I’m not really okay, but I’m trying to get help and figure things out and be better.”

Note: The girl in the video below believes she is a wolf mistakenly born into the body of a human.

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  1. Hate to break it to you, but Otherkin grew out of a movement originated in Kentucky, therefore, this is a “problem” of the South’s own doing.


    Not really sure why you are so concerned about something that won’t affect you in any way, but I guess you just have nothing better to do with your time.

    This is quite the slippery slope I do declare.

  2. Once identity is severed from our biology, from our own genes, then it becomes completely subjective and as you can see that rabbit hole goes very deep.

  3. I can imagine a scenario where a 44-year-old man attempts to date a 12-year-old girl and attempts to justify it on the basis of being a 13-year-old boy trapped in the body of an adult man. Kind of like that Tom Hanks movie, “Big.” Yet everyone would be expected to respect his newfound identity or face accusations of “transphobia.”

  4. If one accepts that we are created beings, made by a just and all-powerful God then there are no mistakes about our place of birth or natural identity. But once we renounce our creation we start down a slippery slope where any and everything may be wrong and should be corrected by flawed and unhappy individuals who have a beef with their place in the natural order.

  5. I thought the next social justice crusade was three way marriages between a transgender, a prepubescent child and a dog.

  6. This otherkin stuff is nothing but superstition and mental illness. This is just lycanthropy, the belief and delusion that one can become an animal. It’s a rare form of mental illness that has been observed by medical men since ancient times. the folks who believe this stuff need a doctor, not an audience.

  7. If there is no such thing as race or ethnicity and it’s just a social construct then nothing prevents species from being a mere social construct. Chaos beckons.

  8. The Jews started the whole thing with their theory that they are just Whites like you and me. From what I understand, the theory is that their ancestors were just normal Germans or normal Russians, until one day, some of the kids accidentally stubbed their toes and swore in yiddish. That’s how they knew they were jewish. Even in Groenland, from time to time, a jewish eskimo is born in an igloo. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are jewish kangaroos too.

  9. There was a good reason all these loser-freaks were “oppressed” in the past. Before this is over they will be “oppressed” again, either that or they’ll be off to the next life.

  10. Musashi,

    As the social order breaks down, they are indeed oppressed.

    I doubt South Africa and Brazil are very “tolerant”.

    This is all a short term virus, not an alternative civilisation.

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