CPAC Protest

Matt Heimbach and some of our friends are going to be having some fun with the corporate whores at CPAC again in Maryland this weekend:

“The Conservative Political Action Conference is coming to Maryland at the end of February. At this event the worst corporate sell-outs in America will gather to peddle mass immigration, war mongering and barely disguised Marxism to the masses of conservative activists. Let’s show the GOP that there are activists willing to stand against the demographic displacement of Whites in North America and against the war mongering the neocons are engaging in against a fellow European and Christian nation, Russia. #WhiteLivesMatter”

Note: In other news, Trad Youth is also going after Tim Wise again at Indiana University in Bloomington on March 11. It’s also worth noting that Tim Wise’s speaking tour will take him through the South including stops in New Orleans, LA, Charlotte, NC, Huntsville, AL and Fayetteville, AR.

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    • They are corporate whores who have to say things like – we want to stop abortion, we want to secure the border – in order to drum up enough votes to pass their economic agenda. They couldn’t get elected otherwise.

  1. I posted Tim Wise’s schedule on several PRO WHITE, not conservative sites suggesting that Whites file hate speech complaints with the various federal and state government civil rights for all but Whites departments when he comes to town.

    This is a southern site. Does anyone know why he targets the south to advocate genocide of Whites? Maybe Northern and Western Whites have stopped defending themselves?

  2. survivor,

    we’re an easier target. Similarly, Germans are an easy target bc of WWII.

    The difference between Southerners and Germans, I’d like to believe anyway, is Southerners aren’t so squeamish about the past.

    Mention WWII to a German, and he’ll give you his first born if you’ll but accede he’s not a Nazi.

  3. A few years ago at CPAC, Heimbach’s friend gave one of the as far as I’m concerned greatest lines in the history of activism. At one of the presentations, he and Heimbach challenged a black speaker’s propaganda narrative on slavery. The black speaker demanded they explain why Fredrick Douglas’s owner never apologized for owning him. The guy replied “apologize for what? Giving him food and water?” — and the room went nuts. Great line.

  4. Survivor,

    I forgot to add:

    In the US, anti-white policies have followed in the guise of anti-Southern policies. It’s easy for Americans to support an anti-racist policy if done against Southerners.

    Similarly, you can go to England and mention WWII. The English will readily oppose “fascism”, because they fought a war against it. Any who defend English interests today are strangely accused of being sympathetic to WWII German ideology.

    So, anti-Southern and anti-German bigotry is a means to goading other whites into anti-white positions.

    Some Russians seem refreshingly illogical. Russians are nationalistic while condemning German nationalism. They don’t care if it makes sense.


    in a distant history class of mine, a black girl spoke up asking why malt liquor was advertised in black areas, saying it was a conspiracy against blacks. I said it was not conspiracy but capitalism.

    Another guy in a philosophy class replied, “So what?” when one student declared something was racist. I did a lot of debating at college, in and out of the classroom.

    If you go to actually look at remnant slave quarters in the US South, they are neat little rows of brick houses, likely superior to what the blacks would have otherwise lived in. I dislike slavery, but the South was Christian and thus treated them better than slaves in other societies.

    I’ve certainly never owned a slave myself, and slavery had its opponents from its inception in the US… It was just too profitable.

  5. One more addition,

    we’re often told how America’s heritage is the Declaration. We’re only told that while the demographics change.

    Once whites are further out of power, we’ll all be Southerners: All whites will be “racists”. And the Founders will be condemned as racists. Formerly “respectable conservatives” who preach the virtues of the Constitution will be viewed as “racists”.

    In some ways such a change will be an improvement. I can’t imagine George Washington having anything positive to say about modern American society. He’d likely want to have it all burned. Lincoln is the closest thing modern Americans have to a Founding Father.

  6. I could ask whats left to conserve? What is today’s’ conservatism but yesterdays liberalism?

    The South and Germany do have a lot in common. After their defeat both nations had to be forcibly indoctrinated. For the South it was Reconstruction, for Germany it was De-Nazification.

    One can tell a lot by a system according to who it hates. Hollywood’s hates Germans, white Southerners, Arabs, and now white South Africans, especially Arikaners. Reminds me of the old sitcom Benson where a brilliant black was behind the success of a dumb white southern governor, and the governor’s equally dumb German female secretary. All that as missing was an Arab suicide bomber then the Judeo-liberal coalition could have smeared every group it hates. Now days CSI Law & Order seems to be the sitcom that engages the most in anti-white racism.

  7. With the whole anti Southern “Slave” thing, I always go with the idea that most societies, including supposedly Greece “the birthplace of Democracy” had slavery.

    If you really are concerned about “slavery” you would be opposing slavery NOW as it has returned to Islamic and Black African societies. Muslims routinely kidnap Christian girls in Nigeria and then enslave them.

    Pakistani Muslims in England are now doing White slavery – raping English girls in Yorkshire England, using hard drugs to enslave them in to the worst lives as sex slaves.

    The British Empire ended slavery in areas it controlled in Africa.

    OK, so please, do Shut the F*&*( up!

  8. Connor Galt,

    we’ll know what we once had when it is lost. We have our race still, memory of our culture, the potential to rebuild. We haven’t fully lost yet.

    Germany is *not* producing children. One goal we should have is to promote German parenthood! An economist was talking about China and Germany losing their economic growth as a result of the low birth rate… We know what comes next: Mass immigration.

    German reconstruction has been, I think, more complete than Southern. I was taught terrible culture growing up, but I at least identified as a Southerner.

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