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  1. I have mixed feelings about the manosphere. My biggest worry about it is their rainbowism, i.e. they’re going to waste a lot of time trying to assemble a multiracial coalition of men to combat the gynocray, otherwise racism. In that, they share a lot of traits with the Rainbow Confederates.

    I don’t know why some people consider the manosphere to be a critical component of the DE. Part of the manosphere could be a good side dish issue for the DE, but it’s not a core focus.

  2. That was great!

    I use to listen to the West Coast talk show host Tom Lycus who was the best at this sort of thing. Feminist finally drove him off the air and he does cigar and wine stuff now.

  3. I am sure there is good and bad in it, however I haven’t seen anyone doing what I’d consider positive activism against the female supremacists.

    PUA are obviously scam artists that prey on the fantasies of hormonal boys. They always have a book they are trying to sell you.

    The one I think is a big problem is MGTOW. Their message is women are big meanies, so we’ll show them by not dating them, not marrying them and we’ll all go extinct. I’m pretty sure the enemy is behind this group.

    This guy is a perfect example of it. He’s on a consistent message and his audience laps it up.


  4. I’m glad that I don’t have to think about the manosphere.

    After reading that creepy, depressing article, I am thankful that I am happily married. I don’t have much to say about the subject other than that I see all these men’s rights issues as being part of a destructive chain reaction to the triumph of the free love movement.

  5. @William Rome
    Roosh is just mad, because he wouldn’t be allowed near white women. Its all about what Roosh wants.

  6. It’s pure nihilism. They get it right that Western Civilization is collapsing on every front but instead of doing anything constructive to fix it or create something new they say, “Everything sucks so enjoy yourself while you can!” They base their philosophy around benefiting from what they criticize.

  7. Does anyone else find it ironic that a homosexual is calling a group of individuals that are dedicated to helping men have better luck with women immoral?

  8. Dark enlightenment, HBD/Sailersphere, gamers, cognitive elitism and manosphere generally promote anti-white Jewish stereotypes and caricatures. I skimmed the top 50% of Taylor’s piece very quickly and saw Roosh made various points that could have come from Tim Wise. Roosh offers no evidence for his anti- white nationalist claims of course. Like Jews and their lackeys, Roosh lays down the platitudes then stops.

    Those groups dissent from the mainstream on race differences which are relatively unimportant anyway compared to other things but conform to the mainstream on every other issue.

  9. Hunter writes:

    “After reading that creepy, depressing article, I am thankful that I am happily married”

    Jack responds,

    A healthy, happy marriage (one man, one wife) is indeed a blessed thing.

    For those of us who are not happily married, things often look hopeless, but their are secrets to surviving and actually finding some happiness .

    I highly, highly recommend tennis and …

    Partner dancing. My dance card is now filled out and I am surrounded by positive, appreciative , beautiful women! Ok, none yet have volunteered to cook or clean for me, but, I ‘m doing OK.

  10. Hunter Wallace, I actually had some masculinist post that when he dies he intends to give all his money to manosphere organisations. I dunno if he was trolling or what, but it sounded ridiculous.

    He wrote:

    “My estate is willed to men’s charities.

    Women have nothing to add to my life but the opportunity to have sex.”

    And yes, of course, it could have been a troll.

  11. It’s a weird scene.

    I’ve been fortunate in that I have found my partner in life and no longer have to navigate the American dating landscape. I have no doubt though that lots of men have been broken by the divorce laws or having to deal with the sexual libertinism of American women.

  12. “After reading that creepy, depressing article, I am thankful that I am happily married. I don’t have much to say about the subject other than that I see all these men’s rights issues as being part of a destructive chain reaction to the triumph of the free love movement.”

    It was a pretty jewey article,full of the literary equivalent of camera angles and special effects.I don’t think it is a destructive chain reaction,though. Possibly a destructive reversible substitute-reaction,which could prevent a destructive chain reaction if done correctly.The thing is, the mainstream writes these articles about the manosphere all the time. And it only grows from the attacks. It’s a fixture now. Love it,hate it, or ignore it, it’s not going away.

  13. There are too many Gook/Asiatic lovers on the HBD and manosphere sites that makes me question the whole alternative right and racialist movement as a whole. Gooks are subhumans yet there are entire White racialists on the race realist who think they are superior (ROFL!) to Euro’s and either think it’s okay to breed with them or have some sort of weird cuckold fantasy involving them. There are even White women who breed with gooks even though they are slant eyed piss colored small dicked subhumans at most but then again a lot of WW these days don’t have standards and also breed with Negroes. The whole racialist movement isn’t even consistent with their ideology and revel in “high IQ races” demonstrating instances of dominance over them like some weird cuckold fantasy.

    White men also revel and try to vicariously live through the phenomenon of men of lower races sleeping with attractive women of their own race as a means of rationalizing and dispelling their own circumstantial failure to get these same women (I.E blacks, some Asiatics etc); the exact same way that football fans live through their teams. This is extremely frequent and commonplace in places like the manosphere and sadly the racialist HBD movement and this also makes me question the legitimacy of many of these “movements” and theidentitarian integrity of these of the entire alternative right online as a whole.

    I can’t take a lot of you seriously with all this low standard disgusting repulsive and inconsistent discrepant bullshit happening simultaneously and no action or protest is taken.

  14. My opinion of the manosphere has changed as I learned more about them. They’re basically slaves to their sex competition, trying to out do each other. If they simply were critical of women I’d agree, but they have a competition going with getting the highest number, most attractive women etc. that I think I’m above.

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