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I can’t improve upon a remark that Brian Pace made on Facebook: Democrats or Republicans, it is two wings of the same buzzard.

Both American political parties are the puppets of the same oligarchs. Both political parties push the same agenda of open borders, multiculturalism, exporting jobs, negro worship and foreign wars without end.

Here’s the report from Shane Long, the Virginia/Maryland chapter leader:

“CPAC 2015 got a shock to their system when the League of the South and a few members of TradYouth, lead by “new face of hate” Matthew Heimbach, organized in opposition. Originally planned as an anti-immigration rally, plans were altered in recent weeks to fit current events within CPAC.

On Friday, members of the League attended the conference and gained numerous contacts within the GOP, many of whom expressed their disillusionment with the Federal system and both sides of the political party game.

Saturday’s CPAC panel featured the Log Cabin Republicans, a republican homosexual group. The panel was intended to discuss the need for stronger measures within the United States government against Russia, a country which has seen enormous growth since the fall of the Soviet Union. Of particular interest, an insistence on the necessity of the Republican Party to defend the borders of Ukraine. An issue which apparently holds much higher significance than the security of our own border on the list of priorities for Republicans.

Given the calls for military action which would no doubt send countless more Southern men to fight and die for the US government on foreign soil, our focus shifted to an opposition to US foreign policy. Our sides were flanked by Southern Nationalist and Confederate Battle flags. Russian Tsar flags signified our acknowledgement of the Christian people of Russia. Signs opposing US intervention and US anti-Christian foreign policy were displayed, along with “GOP is anti-white”.

We saw more media interest than I’ve personally ever witnessed at a demonstration, but several notable mentions include a Norwegian journalist who opted to shadow us through the event, the Washington correspondent for Political Cesspool and the Guardian. Liberty Lamp made an appearance, incorrectly (intentionally?) crediting the event to American Third Position to their leftist twitter feed.

While we encountered a few loud, effeminate young males who felt the need to threaten us with their entire non-existent political careers, we received mostly positive feedback. Several passersby asked to join us waving flags temporarily. At every opportunity Southern independence was put at the forefront of conversation. Unlike regular LS demonstrations, CPAC afforded us a direct audience, coming straight out of a convention which left many disappointed and sickened. The League was shown as the only true alternative to the nonsense they had just endured inside.

The biggest lesson learned as a group was the ability to be flexible with the situation; to bend our understanding of how a demonstration should be held when the target audience called for it. As an individual, though I already knew it cognitively, it was a chance to truly see the lack of difference between mainstream republicans and democrats. As more Southerners come to this realization, they will find the League of the South has the only logical way out.”

Note: Liberty Lamp denies appearing at CPAC although Daryle Lamont Jenkins was there.

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  1. I like the new black & white X flag. If possible always try to have the most attractive female in attendance holding the flag.(No slight intended against the person holding the flag but I’m thinking in future turns) It the one thing reporters and photographers will always fixate on. The Judeo-liberal coalition already uses the Aryan mystique to sale everything, including feminism, lesbianism, and miscegenation. We likewise can use that image to enhance white racial preservation. After all, proponents of racial preservation have more of a right to that image than the enemy does because when they use that image the end result of the ideology they are promoting will always be white racial extinction.

  2. Is there any way I can purchase one of those LotS “for the Southern People” banners? Maybe fly it here on the worst cold, bitter day in Obama land?

    God bless.

  3. The defend our border sign is great. That definitely resonates in the minds of everyday folks.

  4. Connor Galt,

    Great comment!

    I was just thinking that going out and waving a non-standard flag in an announcement, “The US flag is no longer my flag, I want to live under a different political order.”

    It’s a fabric and color clarion call for Regime Change and something that is more suited to us.

    Getting people to wave a non-US flag in public as a political statement could be very powerful if it was done with enough repetition. Advertising requires SOAKING the public mind thoroughly — think about the fact that Pepsi still spends millions on its ad budget even though everyone knows what it is.

    And many many people want to set themselves apart from a dystopic new world order.

  5. To the person 2nd from right: Please, please, please follow these rules before heading out to your next demo.

    Rules for making signs:

    1. Make the sign as large as you reasonably can. (yes)
    2. Don’t make them any larger than one person can carry. (yes)
    3. Make the message simple and intuitive. (yes, except for 2nd from right)
    4. Make it easily readable from at least 20ft away. (yes, except for 2nd from right)
    5. Use color when possible, unless it interferes with #4. (yes)
    6. Pictures, or it didn’t happen. (yes)

  6. I see one pretty lady, rest dudes. I wonder how much it’d cost to hire a college modeling group to dress like Southern Belles holding flags. Soros has his Femen prostitutes, but we don’t need topless prostitutes.

  7. Hunter,

    It takes a champion to endure that kind of abuse. The media paints the people as monsters, dehumanises you.

    “It’s disgusting” – pathos argument.

    In the same sense that God is glorious, beyond comprehension; secession here is portrayed as terrible, beyond comprehension. I almost expect to read, “secession is, like, uncool. Hot girls, winners, and saints-who-kiss-babies totally don’t dig secession.”

  8. “It’s disgusting,” his companion volunteered. Across the street another blazered CPACer shook his head dejectedly. “I’m sorry about this,” he told a nearby photographer. “I’m from ‘Nova. We don’t do that there.”

    You’re right about that. The Yankee enclave of Northern Virginia knows nothing about Southern values.

  9. When I lived in Virginia a few years ago, there was no one there who would stand up to these people and get our message out.

    I remember having to stand up to Jeffrey Imm by myself. I didn’t know what I was doing at the time. We confronted him twice though – me and William Rome the first time, after he succeeded in shutting down the 2010 Amren conference, and I did it again by myself in DC later that summer.

    Now, there is at least a network of people scattered around Virginia who can be counted on do this kind of activism, and anyone who shares our views and wants to connect with likeminded people – who wants to go beyond flirting with abstract ideas on the internet – can easily find a home.

  10. Wonderful, congratulations. I agree that some good looking young women should be front and center. See you all at the amren conference.

  11. Good job, compatriots. We are making some waves that the establishment is beginning to notice. We are also getting some international support, especially in Russia and parts of eastern Ukraine. Keep it up!

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