Daily Stormer Podcast on Gay Marriage and Southern Activism

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Note: As everyone here knows, the federal courts have been striking down the state level bans on “gay marriage.” I have personally participated in League of the South protests against this in Richmond, VA, Little Rock, AR, and at SPLC headquarters in Montgomery, AL. Although I wasn’t there, some of our members joined a protest by another group in Montgomery at the Alabama State Capitol last weekend.

Several of the Daily Stormer commentators are ticked off because I have criticized White Nationalists for spending too much time fighting with each other on the internet, letting year after year fly by while hiding behind anonymous pseudonyms, failing to join organizations, and failing to take a stand for their own views in the real world. Those criticisms ought to resonate because all of them are true. I’ve yet to meet any prominent White Nationalist, and I happen to know most of them in the United States, who doesn’t agree with me on all of those points.

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  1. There is a fetishization of Adolf that is anachronistic on DS.

    Fer fugs sake lads, he was pre-nuke pre-AK47 and incomprehensibly anti-Slav.

  2. I respect Occidental Dissent and what you’re doing Hunter as a scholar, a family man and a Southern Nationalist, but I could not disagree more with your take on online activism.

    Daily Stormer is a real world organization, founded and run by real world people and fighting in the real world. The Troll Army is the most ingenious real world fighting force I have seen to date. They are calling out real world hypocrisy and coming to the attention of real world media outlets, real world governments and real world people. And with a good dose of humor to boot.

    You are wrong about online activism. You just got in too early and got burned out. The movement is growing because people are speaking out, not because people are showing up. Nobody cares about showing up. Showing up is a gigantic waste of time. The public square is online, not in some chewing gum and candy wrapper strewn government building wasteland. Showing up is anachronistic. Showing up accomplishes nothing. At least not yet.

    Rand Paul is not going to be President, and not by showing up. Jeb Bush is not going to be President, and not by showing up. And so on. In short, minds are being changed. But not by showing up. At least not where you think.

  3. I don’t know who is prominent or what, but I tire of people suggesting there is only one means of activism. Posting under a pseudonym can be wise…

    Fools do best to remain quiet. It might be damaging for some to speak out in public.

    It’s good you protest, but that’s only one means of activism.

    At some point, someone needs to develop a curriculum and other ground work. Then we’ll have something. More people need to hide behind their computers doing groundwork until the basics are put together. Without that, there’s nothing to act upon.

  4. Occigent,

    From my perspective, the only form of the White Nationalist movement that I have ever known is the online version. It has been 14 years now since I first came across it in 2001. It is also exactly the same today as it was back then.

    If anything is true, the White Nationalist movement is less organized than it was when William Pierce was still alive. In fact, Mark Potok and the SPLC have said pretty much the same thing. The movement has regressed over time.

    Is that a hostile view of White Nationalism? Hardly, it’s actually a pretty common view among White Nationalists! There was a great hope in the 1990s that the internet would give White Nationalists their own media, allow them to get their message out to the masses, and that this would lead to sweeping changes. To say that the internet has been a disappointment is the understatement of the century!

    Instead, the internet turned out to be more like a Nintendo or a Playstation: it is the perfect medium for wasting time, for escapism, for harmlessly venting frustrations etc. People can come onto the internet, anonymously vent their anger, and return to their daily lives where they will observe the taboos, go along with the flow, without having to take responsibility and act to make any changes in reality.

    There’s a huge difference between trolling people for fun on Twitter under a disposable alias and standing behind what you believe in the real world. Daily Stormer admires Golden Dawn because THEY REALLY DO BELIEVE in what they say. They act on what they believe in the real world.

    If White Nationalists aren’t going to take responsibility and stand up for what they believe in, who will? And if no one (or too few people) ever makes that leap, how do White Nationalists win?

  5. Weaver,

    14 years … that’s how long I have been watching the same group of people posting on vBulletin, then WordPress blogs, then Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. It is like a merry-go-round in an amusement park that goes around in circles.

  6. Daily Stormers are Hitler worshipping loons that have no real world influence. If anything they are an embarrassment to those of us doing things in the real world.
    Who cares what they say.

  7. I have been a White nationalist since about 1974 when affirmative action invaded my career and destroyed it. The internet is pretty much group therapy for Whites. We can talk about the horrible black women who infest very govt agency, our children being abused by blacks at school and denied college admission. I spent a lot of money and did a lot of work for California s anti affirmative action Prop 209. Surprisingly it was upheld by the courts August 1998 despite traitor Gov Davis attempts to get it overturned.

    The result of Prop 209 is……………..absolutely nothing. Affirmative action is still in force and worse than ever. It was totally ignored and always will be. The only affect was to accept more Asians than blacks which at least cut down on the student on student rapes.

    Affirmative action ; hire the least qualified, promote the most incompetent.

    You southerners should concentrate on your southern heritage cause. It s compact enough to be do able. Trying to move the mass of Whites following the Judas goat to the abba tiro is useless. I should know, I ve been trying since about 1974

  8. Thomas Paine says:
    February 27, 2015 at 4:25 pm

    “Daily Stormers are Hitler worshipping loons that have no real world influence. If anything they are an embarrassment to those of us doing things in the real world.
    Who cares what they say.”

    Are you kidding? They do a lot of damage. Shouting chink, jew rat, nigger, etc, works for no one, but the enemy. They follow the script that Hollywood and the SPLC wrote for them.

    People talk about European activism here a lot. They wonder how they get so many into the streets, while Americans cannot. IMO, part of it is because of their restrictive speech laws. In Europe all their yahoos are in jail, leaving the disciplined outside to do the real work.

  9. If anyone would like to participate in the March Against White Genocide on March 21st Horus over at whiterabbitradio.net is sending out professionally made handheld signs that look identical to the last Birmingham mantra billboard free of charge. They can be held or nailed to trees etc.

  10. Y’all have your own opinions, and that’s ok, as far as it goes. But ONLY as far as it goes. HW, yes. Internet ‘activism’ has stalled. But possibly not for the reasons you may think.

    I remember reading things online back in the 1990’s, like when I first came across HAC, for example. It was like a breath of fresh air in a stinking, fetid basement. Sadly, I had an older computer system at the time, and, (after sending a number of his thoughts via e-mail to friends, copied and pasted in toto) finally was ‘made to see’ the “rotating swastika” on the bottom of his posts- literally not seeing what it was, on my antiquated Mac II. My friend, however, had an up-to-date ‘Windows 98 system,’ and he saw it, plain and clear.

    I can tell you right there, (17 years ago) the Fear of the Jews (FOJ syndrome) encompasses the ‘fear of the Swastika’ meme as well; as I found out, losing a friend and professional colleague at that time, merely because HAC’s thoughts (while cogent, and unlike anything I had ever heard before that time) were ‘tainted’ because of that Hitler adulation.

    And while T. Paine’s comment “Daily Stormers are Hitler worshipping loons that have no real world influence” has merit, ….the times, they are a’changing. I cannot abide the worship of a dead man, no matter how great/evil/good/relevant. I only worship God and Christ Jesus. But, (I believe) both you and folks like Paine are missing the point about DS and AH adulation.

    DS, even for all their ‘Hitler is ‘god’ lunacy, has at least gone BEYOND the FOJ syndrome. These boys fear NOTHING. These are 20 and early 30-somethings, who literally have nothing to lose, because they can’t GET IN to the ‘system’ as it now is; anti-white, anti-Male, anti-patriarchy, antichrist.

    Because of that, they are stirring the pot, with the most effective paddle there is- “Hitler was right, the Jews are evil, and Whites are the greatest race of Homo Sapiens on the planet.” They are fighting the “war of the worldviews” by being the ‘punk kid’ on the block that no one likes, but everyone cannot ignore; and THEY ARE SUCCEEDING.

    You live in Dixie; yet the FEDGOV octopus infects every element of your life. But at least you have men and women who UNDERSTAND. You should live in Yankeedom, like I have for most of my life, or the Left Coast. Myopia is the norm, and Denial is the Credo of all of the Scando/German Whites in the Upper Midwest. And worship of the Nigger, (the Somali) the Spic, (Taco Bell diversity) and (above all, with even the pseudo-calvinists up here, like Piper’s Bethlehem Baptist/Grace [sic] Church cultists) is the heresy of Multiculturalism/Judaized ‘Xtianity’, as the ‘tribal religion’ of these Alienists.

    They are what you called them, as one of the five enemies of WN? Proditors? They are the cultural detritus of the Marxist indoctrination system that suffuses EVERYTHING. Survivor is correct. A man with a TRUE Christian conscience, Moral conviction, and (above all) an honest racial awareness, seems to set off an ‘intruder alert’ mechanism in the Stalinist Drones of the Modern Era, causing men of ‘my generation’ to find jobs being taken from them, again and again. Like Survivor has alluded to, after a while, you don’t need any more proof of Satan’s incarnation among the worst denizens of hominidity, beacuse their spiritual hatred of you and your existence, becomes almost palpable, the moment you utter something NOT ‘according to Party doctrine.’ Or presume to act contrary to the tenets of ‘Egalitarian democracy.’

    At least DS cares not a fig for it all, and that is its ultimate Strength.

    At first, I thought they were just a bunch of internet basement trolls, living in their parent’s basements. (and they may be, but, you know what, I no longer care…). But, upon reading comments from readers in Macedonia, Greece, France, Sweden, and the US on DS regularly, with the honest appraisal that a Folk/Tribal Religion (tied specifically to one’s race- call it CI, call it Orthodoxy, call it what you will) which has NO truck for ‘the Jews and their lies,” clearly shows there is a spirit of revolution and Restoration blowing, that (sadly) your website does not have, anymore.

    HW, you have become ‘safe’ – old-hat even, even in your extreme youth. Primarily because ( as I have alluded to before) your F-i-L’s Mo. Synod “Cujus regio, ejuus religio” pietism is a cancer of the mind, when it comes to racial survival. YOU CANNOT TREAT NON-WHITES AS HUMAN, because (according to the Tribal religion of Admites vs. non-Humans, they AREN’T). But also because you (like so many whites) want to have your Ivory Tower, and eat it, too. You consistently avoid (for example) the FOJ Meme, thus merely confirming it.

    Why not have One (just one) article on the subject. Say, an analysis of this meta data?

    This is what DS does…. daily. And they are getting Alexa ratings, and Andrew Anglin is just cocky enough, to point it out. They are USING the First Amendment to do what it was meant to do- demolish false facts, all over the globe. They are enraging the PTB, and showing that the Emperor has no clothes; all, while maintaining the necessary ‘anonymity’ because of the US’s First Amendment, and doing so, while acknowledging that freedom as well is under attack, from the Obamanation, because fear of truth comes from a Stalinist regime’s paranoia, and their satanic desire to murder (literally) their opponents, precisely because they don’t give a DAMN about ‘civility’ and ‘avoiding conflict.’ In other words, they don’t act WHITE.

    I post over there, because even these ‘sheep’ need a Shepherd (even if they’re not ‘my’ sheep). I also post over there, and read, to learn how the battle goes. I still read this blog, because sometimes, there is some news worth mentioning. But, less and less, as time goes on, and more and more of the status quo.

    Time will judge. But comments of those who wish to avoid a fight (or even martyrdom) are far more in abundance on this site, than on DS. And there’s the difference. Cowards always justify their actions, even as they hold placards in enemy occupied territory. ‘But ye have not come to the point of bloodshed…” [ Heb. 12:4] I think it will take that, before the LOS/Safe Citizen model of OD becomes the ‘what the hell’ model of DS. Sadly, that day is fast approaching. My prayer would be, when it comes, that you ‘quit yourselves like men,’ and realize that blood must be spilt, in order to win the war- even one that is still going on, since 1865.

  11. I can’t get excited about Alexa ratings, web hits, number of comments, and so forth anymore. What has the past 15 years of that amounted to? It has actually weakened every organization I know of that comes to mind.

    In my experience, most people who post on the internet are just flirting with ideas, which shouldn’t be confused with believing in those ideas enough to take responsibility or make any kind of sacrifice to advance those ideas in the real world. It’s a big masquerade where most people will log off the internet, turn their laptops off, and go back to their normal lives the next morning and slip into the identity of a totally different person.

    For the record, I am not trying to knock Daily Stormer. That’s my attitude toward the internet in general, including our own websites, and the process by which it has cannibalized the movement since the 1990s.

  12. The internet has helped us win some battles – like exposing the lies of the Trayvon Martin, Ferguson Mo, “I can’t breathe” narratives .

  13. Hunter,

    For my part I’ve always wanted to become a more serious activist, but it takes more time than I’ve had. As a result, I’ve never expected my posts to accomplish much, though I have won many individual debate battles. I’ve wielded arguments from many of our sites though. I don’t restrict myself to targeting sites like this; I go, or at least have gone in the past, to all sorts of online communities.

    It is worthwhile to repeatedly ask, “what works? how do I get from here to there?”

    On the one hand you’ll never know how much of an impact you have. The battling seems to have moved from blogging into social media. Quality memes seem to have great impact there.

    When I grew up, I had access to nothing. I had been exposed to so few positive ideas that merely reading R E Lee quotes in college had an enormous impact. The music I’d been exposed to was nearly all destructive. The movies, every idea I’d ever come across outside books I read in elementary and middle school: destructive. That’s why I liked the concept of “dereconstructed residue”. I was entirely reconstructed and had to choose my Southern heritage even though I grew up here, unbroken succession.

    Then I looked up Pat Buchanan from his run, from him I found Chronicles, and from there I slowly became comfortable with the far-right. I was always racial and believed in a sense of God, but the way things were then were that one did not voice such views. It was like having a mental straight jacket.

    If we but expose children and young adults to our ideas, then we at least give them a choice of picking a side. One project I’ve wanted to do is to build a wall with quotes in some city, to encourage virtue, quotes that aren’t immediately perceived as a threat to modernism but in truth very much are. The wall concept is either for a restaurant or park.

    There are just countless projects one can do, endless opportunities. Saturday Night Live-type skits are another opportunity. Comics that express a concept, as a sort of meme, are another. Pictures can convey a concept more readily than writing, often-times. Creating positive paintings/music is of course another opportunity.

    Or one could just raise a family, develop local ties, focus on small-group survival, prepare for the worst, focus on raising children to be strong, to pursue and embrace strength. Strength can be in fighting ability, ability to survive, spiritual strength, ability to make money, a powerful political position, etc. A truly “elitist” approach is to pursue power, not to expect anything but failure from the masses.

    Fighting among activists is also important though. You know your target is fertile ground, and often there are direct enemy concepts embraced by the “far right” that are worthwhile to attack. However, I’ve learned that ideas seem to ebb and flow, so bad ideas become exposed as such with time.

  14. Ah, I meant to finish: On the one hand, you never know how much of an impact you have, actions will have greater impact than you know. On the other hand, many perceived victories will turn again, many seeds planted will fail to sprout.

    You might convince a person to become more racial and he will be for a day, but then tomorrow comes. The masses are fickle and shallow.

    Anyway, if you perceive a more potent opportunity, you should take it.

    The blogosphere seems to be filled with two types: Those who blog out of sincere believe and those who blog for money, either hired by a government or one of these billionaires (Soros is not the only one.) If you tired of being a blogger, perhaps you could figure how to become insanely wealthy, to fund an army of bloggers. I’m not implying such is easy, but any lasting victory will only result from the extremely capable, in whatever capacity (not only ability to make money).

  15. Another opportunity is one could sell books out of a vending machine. Historically book stores were centres of activism.

    If I’m wanting to influence a group though, typically I’ll attack the worship of Reason, the hope in technology, the dream of a united, global society. I’m not pretending to be as good of an activist as others here. I fully expect Hunter Wallace etc are superior in this regard to me.

    Anyway, the Frankfurt School teaches us that it’s easier to criticise a group rather than to propose an alternative. So, I tend to criticise globalism without explicitly calling for nationalism. And on rare occasion, if I’m perceived as being a nice guy, for example for my anti-war views, I highlight that I’m a Southerner, to make it clear that we are not a bad race. If someone wants to bring into question whether we even are a race: If we’re not we ought to start, to pull what we can together. It’s rather sad to be an empty ethnic group, a racialist without a race.

  16. One idea James Edwards once blogged about was to create a cultural website. I interpreted this to mean a site that focuses on the latest music, art, neo-Victorian fashion, traditional architecture, poetry, books, sporting events (like the Celtic Games), and so forth that are taking place. Forget politics for the most part. Ask what a typical housewife or football hooligan would enjoy reading. Of course to do that, one would have to keep up with everything, then remove what’s useful.

    Red just posted about a new blogger. Perhaps it’s worthwhile to target whatever this group is, convert them wherever they’re errant. With your years of experience, I imagine you know a good many things, and clearly these new bloggers are committed.

    I like ideas and debate. I dream of these sort of projects, which is to say I dream of projects not of events. I’m worthless at an event. I don’t think on my feet, and I’m nervous in a large crowd. But I like projects and the Internet, and small in-person debates. I could not do what you do; I lack strength in that area.

    Anyway, if I ever put up a site, I’ll link you to it and if anyone’s interested they could see whatever it is I do there rather than have me preach at them the same things I’ve preached for 15 yrs. I have gotten better in that time though, isn’t like I’m the same person after so much time. I want to create multiple professional websites, not only one type: a counter-hydra strategy with multiple target audiences. And I encourage others to do this, because I have not. I do believe I have many good ideas and that these posts of mine, in this thread, are worth reading. An academic site to promote the thinking of a past intellectual is an additional idea, and a mock-third party aimed at Democrats as a sort of Steve Sailer citizenist approach could also be influential (anti-war, trade, immigration, Wall Street). That’s the last I’ll post on this; I hope I’m not being a bother.

  17. Comments after my last one sound sort of like a ‘retreat/Amish’ methodology, or at the very least, that ‘Little Europe Community’ model that almost was viable about five years ago.

    But, as DS’s columns are showing, the Jews/Marxists/Cultural left WON’T LET YOU.
    Unless you want to take over (again, war/guns/blood/death/messiness) say, St. Kitts/Nevis, oust the blacks there, and set up a ‘whites only paradise,’ and then brave the entire world’s hatred, the PTB will NOT LET YOU SEGREGATE. Your own columns have been chronicling this war for years.

    So, do we continue with the ‘status quo’ or do we engage the Enemy? Do we hold placards and wait with bated breath for honks of approval, or do WE riot, burn, and do that very thing that ‘nice whites aren’t supposed to do’?

    What was that Solzhenitsyn quote that was so famous a few years ago? ‘If only a few of us had taken up arms, we could have stopped the Gulags,’ or something like that.

    Well, what are you waiting for? The FCC is going to strangle your voice, the FEDGOV have millions of bullets, and the Shari’a mercenaries are already at your door!

    Our ancestors needed FAR LESS PROVOCATION to take up arms. Perhaps, because they were Christian MEN who knew that it was their DUTY to defend their race, their folk, and their land.

    What do Y’all know?

  18. Hunter, I agree Miller was a screwball, but worse will shake things up. Apathy is our worst enemy.
    Perhaps Fr. John is correct. The good, the bad and everything in between, a voice. A broad attack whether online or in the street. The corporate approaches of peaceful marches and demonstrations are feel good. Outright in your face beserker methods shake up things and folks take notice. A fine line I suppose, yet neither the online extremism, nor peace-nic gatherings have done anything to fix this.

  19. I am of the mindset that things won’t change until they do. What is the best way to hasten the change? I honestly don’t know.

  20. Fr. John+, your desire to egg us on to violent action sounds soooo agent provocateurish. Well John Boy, get dressed up in a military uniform, draw a sword, and get hauled away to a mental hospital for your delusions! The rest of us will follow the wise consul of men like Hunter Wallace and Jack Ryan to do practical things that work in the real world.

  21. “James von Brunn was another example.”

    Jack responds:

    Agreed. He might as well have been reading from a SPLC, Hollywood script.

    Never support anyone or anything reading from a SPLC, Hollywood script.

    Instead, consider studying, doing the very effective actions, propaganda of the Liberal/Left.

    We have had some modest success in this area as the opposition to Zionism, Neo Conservative Israel Uber Alles in the US, the West is almost exclusively in Liberal/Left academia circles.

    The American Liberal/Left, including secular, atheist Jewish Americans strongly opposes Israel, strongly opposes new US wars for Israel – the drum beat is for the USA to bomb Iran, start lots more wars against secular Arabs in the ME (Assad).

    You/we will get absolutely NOWHERE trying to get the likes of Mike Huckabee and White Religious Right, Christians Zionists to do Pat Buchanan, David Duke recommendations on war, foreign policy.

  22. @Fr John+
    I see no problem with taking up arms against a power that spends roughly USD 600,000,000,000 on its military each year, in order to finally win a war that started in 1861, except that those who do not first learn from history may be doomed to repeat it.

  23. I certainly respect the efforts you are engaged in. It takes a lot of courage and committment. Many people say they don’t have time. In most cases, that is simply because they won’t make the committment. You are doing good work that should be seen as an example.

    The internet can, at least for awhile, be a powerful tool for protest. Just look at how successful the twitter bombers are on the femnazi side and liberal gay side. It was their efforts against the HGTV network that shut down the twin brothers who had been granted a real estate show on the HGTV network. There was no physical protest. Also, there was no physical protest when the Duck Dynasty fiasco went down. Both sides of that battle fought it out online and via the telephone. Don’t discount the power. Imaging how powerful the twitter tool could be if all the Christians, those who actually believe, expressed their outrage and simply threatened a boycott of advertisers if HGTV didn’t being back the brothers.

    I don’t see our problem as a physical vs internet problem. I see it as a failure to form a cohesive front on both sides.

  24. I have said this before – White nationalists have nothing to do with the Leagues failure to get the Southern people to come out and support them over supporting mainstream GOP politics. The league was “mainstreaming” so why hasn’t it worked? Why hasn’t the toned down clean cut tactic work? Why didn’t focusing on immigration and jobs work? Michael Hill is a great speaker – why wont they listen to him?

    I’ll tell you why – the Southern people continue to waste time trying to get GOP politicians in power while at the same time whining that all they do is stab them in the back. They refuse and I mean absolutely condemn doing anything radical like their ancestors did. Hell, they won’t even go against the Negro for Christ sakes – they sit there and try to prove they aren’t racists and loudly condemn anyone who brings up the racial issue while their cities crumble around them due to the civil rights act.

    They follow Foxtard news and all the rest of the GOP leadership while listening to Jewish voices on talk radio telling them to support Israel. They praise vermin like Krauthammer who wants neverending war and more mud flood – I see them on twitter doing it constantly! Krauthammer for president! YAY Kraut you go boy! Retarded shit like that and it is coming from the Southern people. You think a Jew piece of trash like him cares about the Southern people? Yet, there they are supporting him and other of his ilk over Michael Hill. Yankees are all flaming Democrats who vote for Obama so we know who is supporting the GOP – it is the South.

    I’ll tell you what – You let Krauthammer or some other GOP leader visit the South with some gathering or event and I guarandamntee they come out by the thousands to hear their sorry asses. Look how many come out when Glenn Beck shows up. We can’t reach the people in the streets when all they want to do is turn on Fox news and listen to Krauthammer!

    You go out there with the League or KKK and 10 people show up. Some GOP/Tea Party convention draws thousands – that is the truth. In the streets numbers matter and when you go out there with ten people, it looks silly.

    Online activism is the future because social media is the future – It is where the young are going – North and South. With the right people leading it, it can be huge as we have seen recently.

    • Re: Ulfric

      1.) Unlike “online activism,” real world activism is far more demanding … it necessarily means taking a stand, putting your name and face out there, putting your reputation on the line, accepting responsibility and the blowback that comes with it. It’s far easier to sit here in your boxers, vent about everything that is wrong with the world, and go back to towing the PC line in your normal life without ever having to take any risk or endure any consequences.

      2.) It is a sad truth that most WNs aren’t even willing to stand up for their own ideas. Just look at Robert Ransdell and the brouhaha his activism caused last fall. Who was out there supporting him and standing beside him when he was doing all that stuff? Look at the White Man March which fizzled out when Salon.com started writing articles about it. How can people who will break that easily, safely and anonymously, ever carve out a “White ethnostate”? Are we supposed to believe that people who won’t be seen in public and who are afraid of being associated with their own ideas are going to emerge victorious by trolling people on Twitter?

      3.) In reality, the pool of people who really believe what they say, so much so that they are willing to imperil their middle class lifestyle by taking a stand is vanishingly small. Most people who carry forth about their race this, their race that, Jews, the future of their folk, who spend years, even decades, manifesting in online comment sections to talk about these things are either too afraid, too apathetic, or individualistic to work with others to advance their agenda in the real world. That’s honestly just a reflection on their character. My experience is that those who have a strong character, who have strong morals and especially integrity, people like Matt Heimbach, will act, and those who don’t, SN or WN or otherwise, will act out their fantasies in a virtual environment.

      4.) As for ordinary people, they never hear from us because of the media blockade. Usually, they have no idea that we are even doing something until we are out there and they are driving by and going about their daily lives. There is a disconnect between ideas and action. Most people who oppose Third World immigration can never be aroused from the La-Z-Boy to do anything about it. In this way, they are no different from WNs, who believe in all these ideas about Jews and “the ethnostate,” but will never take any form of constructive action in the real world to advance those ideas.

      5.) That’s hilarious.

      After 20 years of the internet, I don’t know how anyone can still believe that “online activism” is the future. In reality, “online activism” has consumed the past twenty years, and WNs have little to nothing to show for it except for tens of millions of internet comments. “Online activism” has weakened all WN organizations across the board and atomized the movement. It is has made WNs more afraid than they were before the spread of the internet. David Duke, for example, has gone from being a serious contender for statewide office in Louisiana to hosting a mere YouTube channel.

      Social media is the future? If so, that just means all the WNs who are so zealous to protect their anonymity will have a much harder time doing so. Things like Google Glass and facial recognition searches will drive those types further underground and further marginalize them in online ghettos. Expect social media to produce more atomization, more disorganization, stronger taboos, exacerbate present trends and further weaken the WN movement.

  25. Don’t worry about those mean-spirited Daily Stormer writers and commenters. Do you really want Whites to be that mean and foul? Is that how we see our race in the future?

  26. Peppermint

    I read National Review for decades. What happened is that it became an Israeli government propaganda outlet. At one time it was strongly pro White with numerous articles on the vicious behavior of black children in schools. I remember
    Great articles on affirmative action. One concerned a New York City police sergeants exam. The blacks and Hispanics were tutored in special classes for a solid year. Despite this, not one black or Hispanic passed the written exam.
    Now National Review is war mongering Israel uber alles and old fuddy tsk tsk ing about single motherhood, porn, vulgar popular culture, tattoos, etc.

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