In Memoriam, Gordon Lee Baum

gordon-lee-baumAs many of you are aware by now, my father-in-law, Gordon Lee Baum, Esq., a founder and the present CEO of the Council of Conservative Citizens, passed away last Thursday after a long battle with cancer. He was 74 years old.

I’ve been in St. Louis since Friday afternoon. Gordon’s funeral, which was attended by a number of CofCC members as well as by many local people whose lives he had touched over the years, was Sunday. We buried him yesterday. Renee and I found the photo above while looking through some of his old boxes here. It struck me as the image that best captured who he was and his legacy to our generation.

Gordon was not someone who admitted defeat, who gave up, and that is putting it mildly. Since he was 16-years-old, he spent his entire adult life completely devoted to the cause of our people – literally days before his death, while he recovered from pneumonia, he was telling us to call various CofCC members. Even then, his mind was still focused on the cause. In this way, he reminded me of one of my heroes, the South Carolina fire eater Robert Barnwell Rhett, who once said, “I will keep up the fire, if like a lost hunter in a prairie, I have to kindle it alone, with my gun flint, and watch by the blaze, rifle in hand to keep off the wolves.”

That was my father-in-law in his time: when the Civil Rights of Act of 1964 was passed, when the Citizens’ Councils movement collapsed, when George Wallace, Strom Thurmond, and all the rest repudiated segregation and proclaimed their newfound faith in “racial equality,” when others quit, Gordon Lee Baum stood firm. As the world entered the present Dark Age, Gordon was there to keep up the fire of resistance. Together with other veterans of the Citizens’ Councils, he rebuilt the defunct organization as the Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC) in the 1980s, which has remained down to the present day an island of stability in the pro-White movement in the United States.

Like many alienated young people, that’s what first caught my eye about the CofCC. By then, it was an established institution with an unmatched record of stability, an organization with deep roots in the old resistance to the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s. The CofCC was a natural home for White people with a populist conservative temperament who wanted to work with others, without apology or dog whistles, to preserve and restore traditional Southern values. At the 2010 CofCC National Conference, Gordon gave me a hard sales pitch and I signed up then and there.

That was no small thing. It later had a decisive impact on my life.

Every night without fail right down until the end, Gordon sat down in this chair to watch and absorb the local and national evening news. That will be one of my lasting memories of him. He wouldn’t have understood the reference, but he was, so to speak, a “Watcher on the Wall.” Near the end of his life, he watched the entire Ferguson saga unfold. Decades ago, he was watching the St. Louis metro area transform into “Ferguson,” and was dumbstruck that White people passively let it happen.

I stayed up with him many nights here talking about every subject imaginable with the exception of sports: some of his favorite topics were German and European history, the rise and fall of St. Louis, the history of the pro-White movement, his family and ancestors, the Lutheran Church and the existence of racial differences. It’s a shame that he never got around to writing a book about his life’s work. It would have been a good one.

I will also remember Gordon for his good natured sense of humor. Before we were so well acquainted, his nickname for me, apparently, was “Napoleon,” a reference to all the various pseudonyms that I have used in the past, including this one. He was perplexed and amused that people could believe so strongly in the welfare of their people, but were so afraid to be associated with their own beliefs.

Men used to be proud of their names and even prouder of their deeds. They were expected to defend their folk. Why are men in America today so afraid to stand up for what they believe in? Do they really care so much about what liberals think? He didn’t. One of his proudest memories was the CofCC’s role in defending the Confederate Battle Flag in Georgia, Mississippi, and South Carolina.

In hindsight, Gordon’s influence was one of the reasons why I abandoned anonymity and chose to take a more pro-active stand. Whereas previously I had just been a blogger, he convinced me of the importance of organizing our people. Among other things, I learned from him not to fight too much with other people, to stay level headed and good humored in these trying times, and not to get carried away with ideology, abstractions, or to expect too much from ordinary people in this fallen world.

Gordon Lee Baum fought to the end of his life to secure the future existence of his people. One day I will be able to tell my son, which is his grandson, that his grandfather, unlike so many other people, chose to confront this evil for the sake of his future. That’s the example that I want to live up to.

Editor’s Note: This was reported on the CofCC website on Friday, but the announcement was taken down because we were still planning the funeral. Also, due to Gordon’s notoriety in this area, our family wanted to avoid any potential Westboro Baptist Church-style theatrics from the opposition.

Those who are giddily expecting the CofCC to crumble along the same lines as the National Alliance will be sorely disappointed. Unlike William Pierce, Renee and I will still be here to preserve Gordon’s legacy long after many of our opponents are gone.

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  1. I was not aware of your father in law nor the CCC, yet i share in your loss and regret not having known him. Reading the Memorium I couldn’t help feeling a kindred spirit because I find my own beliefs and values to morrir his.
    I’m geniunely sorry for your loss and proud to hear your commitment to bare his cross.

  2. Condolences for your father-in-law. I didn’t know who he was until now, nevertheless, Rest In Peace Gordon.

  3. Needless to say, he was a very interesting father-in-law. Not many people are fortunate enough to have in-laws who share our beliefs or who are so invested in the struggle.

    Gordon loved history as much as I do. I remember how he wanted me name Geordie after Otto the Great. He had an encyclopedic knowledge of German and Scottish history.

  4. Gordon Baum’s passing is a great loss to our people. He was one of our few champions; who stood firm against the unclean horde arrayed against us.

    I only got to meet him once and briefly when the CoCC had its annual meeting in North Carolina a few years back. HW that is also the first time I met you and Renee. Sorry for your loss. But you, Renee and the entire Baum family can hold your heads high knowing what sort of man he was.

  5. My sincere condolences to both you and, most especially, Renee. With more of an official announcement now, hopefully your views and activism will become further emboldened by the vitriol and sheer hatred sure to be spewed from the anti-White crowd.

  6. Like other have already mentioned, I wish I could have know Gordon a little better. I know I would have enjoyed talking history with the man. BTW, I thought the damper on the news of Gordon’s passing was to keep the Antifa crazies from showing up. A very wise move, IMO.

  7. Sorry for your loss. Baum had a much more positive impact than Pierce imo. With Kyle and the TPC crew I hope y’all do alright.

  8. Gordon Baum had a long history in the conservative movement. Many so called “conservatives” operate more like our enemies these days. Gordon never changed in his true conservative values in advocating for White Rights. His dedication and leadership is an inspiration for the youth of our movement. God Bless him for his work over the years as we move forward in the name of White Rights. Enjoy the Kingdom of Heaven. WPWW

  9. Hunter, what you said about Renee and yourself preserving Gordon’s legacy is so true. William Pierce was a sold out white nationalist, but he neglected his own part of the white race, his own family. He deserted his wife and kids to devote himself to his version of white nationalism, and surrounded himself with people who doted on him. I fail to see how you can ‘save the white race’ when you neglect and desert your family. After all, a race is merely an group of people related to a common ancestor. If a large number of families within that race fail to maintain the bonds of group unity, (religion, marrying their own kind, ethnic customs, etc.) the race will fall apart. If Gordon’s legacy is to last, the leaders of the CoCC and other likeminded groups must encourage racial unity by strong family ties. Otherwise, we will end up like the National Alliance.

  10. There are few things that leftists enjoy seeing more than pro-White organizations splintering, imploding, or devolving into circular firing squads.

    The National Alliance is the best example of a pro-White organization that failed due to a succession crisis. This is an issue that we will face again with Jared Taylor and American Renaissance, Peter Brimelow and VDARE, Don Black and Stormfront, and Dr. Hill and the League of the South.

    I don’t see that happening in our case for a multitude of reasons.

  11. Mr. Wallace, thank you so much for your kind words about Mr. Gordon Lee Baum. He was quite a man; he also was my very dear friend. America has lost an honorable man and a great patriot. He taught me much: to love and to respect my German heritage, to know my topic before I comment on it, and many other things. I met him about two years after my father died, and I wonder if he wasn’t my quasi-paternal political mentor; if so, I’m honored. I’m thankful that his wake, funeral, and burial accorded him the honor which he deserved, and I’m thankful that God allowed me to be a part of all of that. I knew him for well over twenty years, and I am very thankful to God also that He allowed me the honor and the privilege of such a good friend. I believe he was a saved man, and is therefore in the presence of the Lord even now. God bless you, sir. You made America a better place and you stood up for what was right; I salute you. I love you dearly in a Christian way. It just won’t be the same without you. “Good night sweet prince: / And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!” — William Shakespeare, “Hamlet”, Act V, scene ii

  12. I’m very sorry for your loss and your wife’s loss.

    I first heard of the CCC myself about 15 years ago, but I did not know its roots went that far back. Gordon Baum must have been one dedicated man. Best of luck carrying on his work.

  13. Sorry to hear this. My deepest condolences to your family. Be sure your son understands what a man of great stature and reslove his grandfather was.

  14. My condolences regarding Mr Baum. You, Renee, Gordie along with your entire family will be in my prayers.

  15. I’m sorry to read that your Dad died. I vaguely remember him from back in the way back when we were both young, I knew about him, and I read about him, and never heard or read anything bad about him, which is an accomplishment in itself. He did a good solid job, with the old & estimable C of CC, and the fact that they are still in business speaks well of him.

    Gordon Baum is really responsible for grooming a new younger generation of White American political leaders. That in itself is the most important thing he has done in my opinion. James Edwards, Kyle Rodgers, yourself and a numerous others, influenced directly or indirectly by your Father are the future.

  16. Cattle die
    Kinsmen die
    One day you to will die
    I will tell you something that never dies and that is the fame of a hero’s deeds.

    I to am a member of the C of CC and offer my heartfelt condolences. Perhaps Schopenhauer said it best;
    “The most any man can hope for is a heroic journey through life.”

  17. RIP, Gordon. It was good to have known you. I pray for the repose of your soul and for all your family and friends. Most of all I pray for the organization which you helped to establish and to lead, that it will continue to be a beacon shining in darkness.

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