In loving memory of my friend, Gordon Baum

gordon-baum-coverEditor’s Note: James Edwards is the host of The Political Cesspool Radio Program.

Gordon Baum, longtime CEO of the Council of Conservative Citizens, was called home to the Lord late last week. My wife and I left Memphis immediately after the live broadcast on Saturday night and drove to St. Louis so that we could pay our respects.

As most of our listeners know, The Political Cesspool Radio Program and the Council of Conservative Citizens have been working closely together for ten years. The CofCC was the first organization to promote TPC upon our inception in late 2004 and the partnership has been strong ever since.

It was through the CofCC that I was introduced to co-hosts Keith Alexander, Bill Rolen, and Winston Smith, and numerous other fine individuals who have had a lasting impact on our work on the airwaves. I’d like to think that we have reciprocated in kind because precious few organizations are as deserving as the Council.

Attending and speaking at Council conferences over the years have always been among the happiest and most memorable highlights of my annual calendar. The people there are some of the friendliest, supportive, and most down to earth folks I have ever met. Gordon was the glue of it all and it’s impossible to imagine a Council gathering without him there.

Gordon was a true stalwart and a man who dedicated his life to a cause greater than himself. He set an example as a Christian and as a family man. I’ve been blessed to have known the Baums for a long time now and it was an honor to be able to hug his wife at the funeral and tell her how much he meant to me.

In fact, the loss of Gordon seems to sting a little more today than it did even when I first learned of his passing. Now that it has all been processed, I seem to realize more fully how wonderful the experiences we shared were and the variety of ways in which he will be missed.

I’ll miss receiving his phone calls to talk about matters relating to the Council. I’ll miss catching up with him at occasions where our paths would have crossed. I’ll miss his distinctive accent and sense of humor when he appeared as a guest on TPC. I’ll miss going to the Midnight Jamboree at the Troubadour Theater in Nashville after a Board of Directors meeting. I’ll miss my friend.

The memories, however, will never fade and his legacy will endure. Rest in peace, brother. You did good and I’ll look forward to seeing you again one day in the Kingdom of Heaven.

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