Trad Youth Protests Tim Wise, “Full of Lies,” In Bloomington


It wasn’t the first time either.

Trad Youth has protested Tim Wise before at Indiana State University in Terre Haute, Indiana and at the University of Cincinnati in Cincinnati, Ohio. The first protest of Wise was memorable because it ended in a violent assault by an anti-fa affiliated with H.A.R.M. who was arrested and hauled away by the police.

Violence seems to follow Trad Youth wherever they go in Indiana, but that’s not their fault. Rather, it is due to the character of their opposition. Thomas Buhls first popped up on my radar screen when he was mobbed during a one man protest in Bloomington at that same spot in 2012. Last year, Trad Youth was attacked again while protesting a Slut Walk event in Bloomington. Thus, it comes as no surprise that an anti-racist female was arrested and charged with battery during this event.

Buhls & Co. succeeded in getting their point across:

“The Traditionalist Youth Network — informally known on IU’s campus as a white supremacy organization — protested against anti-racism author Tim Wise on Wednesday at the Whittenberger Auditorium.

Wise, known for his multiple books on anti-racism and stopping the spread of white privilege in society, is looked upon not as a self-critical white American, but as an anti-white and anti-Christian Jew through the eyes of the organization.

Wise is looked at as systematically stirring up racial resentment against white Americans and therefore scolding “gullible and insecure college students into an ideology of guilt, shame, ritual apology and acceptance of our own political disempowerment and demographic genocide,” according to Trad Youth President and founder Thomas Buhls. …

Trad Youth believes Wise is disguised as a civil rights campaigner so he can vividly fantasize about America’s aging white population dying off and being replaced.

Prior to the protest, the network posted an open letter addressed to Wise on its website,, discussing the comments it found hypocritical when discussing white privilege. The network believes Wise is using his condemnation of white privilege as a mask because he is a benefactor of Jewish privilege.”

This protest of Tim Wise was notable for something else too: Trad Youth was there with about 30 supporters, which is a marked increase from some of their previous demonstrations. Among their supporters, I recognize Richard Kidd, Robert Ransdell, and the organizer of the “Ride To End White Genocide.”

Trad Youth’s ecumenical approach to activism has succeeded in creating a budding cell of White Nationalists in that region. It also seems to be having a marked cooling effect on the willingness of the local anti-fa to resort to violence.

Note: Here’s a list of Tim Wise’s upcoming appearances in other states:

3/25/15: Charlotte, NC Queens University of Charlotte
3/30/15: Huntsville, AL Oakwood University
4/7/15: New Orleans, LA Loyola University
4/10/15 – 4/11/15: Philadelphia, PA Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
4/17/15: Fayetteville, AR University of Arkansas
4/23/15: St. Petersburg, FL YWCA of Tampa Bay
7/23/15: Phoenix, AZ Arizona State University
9/11/15: Huntington, WV Tri-State Conference on Diversity and Inclusion at Marshall University
10/9/15: Portland, OR Teaching With Purpose Conference

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  1. Remember Tim Wise’s open letter to white people? Well, here’s me with a Pabst Blue Ribbon in hand toasting Trad Youth and friends. Cheers!

  2. New Orleans here. Loyola is a private school run by self-hating Catholics. It’s next door to my alma mater Tulane University which is where I thought Wise planned to show his ugly mug in April. There is no action in this area as far as I know. I’m not a leader or an organizer, so I can’t do it myself, but if someone can get something going I’ll be there.

  3. “Anti-Racist ” absolutely no proof of that, a total fraud from top to bottom, but then again conservatives are reliably there to validate libtards and never disqualify them from any authority

    Condolences to the family

  4. The 2 guys in the back do not seem to be dressed appropriately in my opinion.

    Left guy (1930s National Socialist SA costume), Right guy (pro White) Anarchist with face covered in bandana.

    There needs to be more co-ordiation in dress code – it doesn’t always have to be business casual, suit and tie, there can be tougher looks, but it shouldn’t look like a freak show, or our side copying Antifa.

    National Anarchism is really our side copying them – doesn’t seem to work for us. We need our own style.

  5. I agree with Jack. Their appearance is very shoddy, especially the fellow with the terrorist like bandana covering his face. Also – it is never good to wear military attire when protesting, it gives off a skin head stench, totally alienating the target group. But overall they are doing great work, Tim Wise is vile creature.

  6. The LoS comes across as much more down to earth and professional. The White pride world wide flag is not a good addition either. Black flags are associated on a sub conscious level with ISIS. Somebody should consult the young group of men on dress and propaganda techniques. Perhaps Jack can give them some tips, he seems to be well versed in public demonstrating in the correct fashion.

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