Women and White Nationalism, Redux

anglin-andrewDoes the White Nationalist movement need to include women?

We’ve discussed this old issue before here and here and here and here. Listen to this Daily Stormer podcast and read through the comment section. The view over there is that women have no business in any political movement.

What do you think? Should women be included or excluded from White Nationalism?

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  1. Just as one of their very ‘traditional ‘ exploits, into which they expend much time and money is creating artificial wombs to be able to do away with women totally. Here is just one link out of thousands and a quote for the benefit of anyone who doesn’t want to have to read through that dross:


    Check this out.

    Topic: Artificial Wombs | MGTOW

    “Some MGTOWs still want to have children but obviously do not want to take the risk of the mother taking them away from us. Right now the only avenue we have is surrogacy and even that is not 100% guarantee that you will not have trouble in the future, when you get questions “Where is my mom?”. But what if you could grow your child independent of a woman’s reproduction system. I am of course taking about the artificial womb.



    The comments are hilarious.

    I think when such a device finally becomes practical and affordable you will see a MONUMENTAL shift in society. The one function that gave woman power will be forever lost. At that point all you would need is the egg, and I believe when woman no longer have men to slave for them they will sell them if only to be able to survive. That is until we would be able to construct artificial eggs but I doubt any of us will be alive to see that advancement.

    With this technology possibly coming into fruition within the next 30 years  and sex robots becoming more life like every generation I do not foresee the rift that femism caused between men and woman

    So fellow MGTOW if you had the opportunity to have a child in such a manner would you do it and what are your thoughts on this as a whole?

    Just for clarity I would do this in a heart beat. With my artificially conceived children with my robotic wife.

    @_@ what if the golden NAWALT turns out be a robot?!”

  2. The above is what we are dealing with, seriously this is a ‘huge’ goal of theirs.

    What a world.

  3. Crimson Tide, they are trying to hurt you and distress you and all women because they have been hurt themselves- not necessarily by a woman.
    They are unreachable. Only God can reach them when and if they want. it will come from within.

    Turn away to the sun shine and babies and nice males and nice females and fun things and puppies and kittens and flowers and clouds and good food and funny things.

    Philippians 4:8
    “Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things.”

    I think i will follow that advice too. I got demoralized too from these ‘Pro-whites” sites. Can’t find any nice ones yet that deal in truth and logic and other ‘white” things.

  4. Thank you for your kind words Nationalist, I always appreciate kindness. And the Bible quote you gave is vey nice and a good thought to dwell on at the moment.

    I have hope in the very near future an excellent site like you are hoping for will be forthcoming. God willing and God bless.

    ***Although I should note I love this site, but it’s mainly to promote Southern Nationalism, and may not meet all the needs of normal pro whites outside the South, since it’s a niche audience. But even with that it’s really amazing how well it’s able to reach such a broad spectrum of people, the writers are top notch here.

  5. I think Hunter was referring to sites like “niggermania” and “chimp out”. I have visited both of those sites in the past and the commenters there mirror those currently on The Daily Stormer. Low brow single men who are vulgar and immature. Anglin had a good thing going on for awhile, but that is gone now. He has revealed himself to be a silly punk. Although I rarely visited DS, the times I did he had interesting articles. He’s gone off the rails now, I doubt DS will have the same readership it had in the recent past. His audience will now consist of losers.
    On a side note: I did a Google search on Anglin and it appears that his father is a psychologist in Ohio. Upon further research, there were more than a few negative reviews on his father’s methods – mainly from women that expressed that he had a rather negative view on women in general. I won’t post a link, but anyone can look in to. I think Anglin is sincere in his hatred of women.
    DS is pretty much finished at this point, in my opinion. He will still have readers, but of the low quality, dysfunctional type.

  6. I have so many thoughts to share….

    First of all, I agree with tom above about the Middle Ages. The Middle Ages were ridiculed by Westerners during the Renaissance and Enlightenment due to epoch-centrism. Up until the 1960s, this didn’t do much harm, because Europeans had pride in their history otherwise. But now, Marxists love to mock the Middle Ages as much as they can, because it is just one more way that they can attack Western Civilization. I think tom has the same concerns I do on the matter. We are tired of hearing about how superior Islamic lands, India, and China, all were during the period 500-1500 AD from liberal historians.

    I find it funny that they always push the end date up to 1500 AD, considering that the actual “Dark Ages” ended around 1000 AD and Islam and China both started declining in producing science and technology around 1200 AD, and let’s also note that before that decline, China didn’t push ahead of the West until after Rome fell, and Islam didn’t until the 900’s or later. And even here I am being pretty liberal, because Europe always had Byzantium even during the times Western Europe was behind the Middle East and Asia.

    So, anyways, we don’t need to be adding fuel to that Marxist fire. The Middle Ages consisted of a long chain of continual progressions. Rome needed to fall and go through the brief set backs in order for Europe to eventually become the amazing civilization it turned into.

    Second of all, I would like to offer my condolences to Renee and Hunter over the passing of Mr. Gordon Baum. He was a great leader. I always thought organizations like his, and LOS etc… consisted of the more sane people in these circles.

    This brings me to my next point…..third, I always appreciate Hunter shedding light on the topic of women in these circles. A few people above have repeated my sentiments on this topic that I have thought and expressed for years now. So, thank you. Without going into too much detail I would like to repeat some of it and summarize.

    1) We are sex realists in these circles. We recognize that men can do things women can’t do. We recognize traditional roles. But if we recognize this, it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever for women to get blamed for every failing of Western Civilization.

    2) I have visited the Manosphere. There are certain types of men on there I sympathize with….particularly the older ones who went through divorces. Those types don’t seem to think badly of women….they are just upset with the unfair court system, and rightly so.

    The men in the Manosphere who I despise, are the young ones who can’t get dates, have very little experience with women, and instead of improving themselves in order to attract the opposite sex, they resort to bashing women in gratuitous ways.

    I am disgusted when I see these types taking over our own sites also. And as Crimson Tide mentioned above, they keep repeating lies about Western women that aren’t even true, like how most of them sleep with blacks, most of them vote liberal, etc…. etc…. I have little patience for people like that who deliberately spread lies, causing divisions where it is destructive, just based on their own failings with women.

    I am very disturbed with how much this type of talk is allowed to take over so many forums. I am so disgusted, that I have little interest in the internet portion of the movement lately.

    Things are going really well in my personal life. I am with a man who has set up a particular weekend to go talk to my father and ask him if he can marry me. Like Hunter always says, the people who waste their time anonymously ranting on the internet are contributing nothing at all. It is what we do in real life that matters.

  7. I think it would be very interesting to examine the psychology of most of these nationalists on the internet. Not just for these strange views on women, but for other reasons too.

    For one, I think if I were a conservative-racialist woman, I would probably have a very hard time finding a decent man in this day and age. I’m in my early 20s, and I’d actually say that most males my own age are boys, not men. I remember in my early university years the other people I had to do assignments with. Some would just sit there and talk about girls’ asses walking by or how much porn they planned on downloading. If I were a woman who desired a man who planned on providing for a family and remaining committed to it, I’d sure be hard pressed finding him. Boys these days have these strange ideas of what constitutes a man. Most seem to think this “Dan Bilzerian” (look him up on Facebook) guy is the most awesome male (read: trust fund boy) in the world.

    The other reasons I initially mentioned are some strange political/religious views. I get scared of the amount of people online who want to institute some kind of totalitarian dictatorship over their countrymen. They also speak of socialistic policies and rarely have an even basic understanding of economics. “I saw a documentary on youtube about banking therefore I know everything and let’s just do what Hitler did!” Yet they probably don’t really know what Hitler did, on top of the stupidity of the first clause. I don’t know why there aren’t more normal people who don’t want to absolutely oppress their own people with pinko policies.

    I have this theory: that these people were the typical “losers” in their youth, and instead of deciding to try and be happy or better themselves, they just try and validate their own social retardation and views by developing a superiority complex on the internet. Possibly these people work shit jobs, have no ambition, piss their pants when talking to girls and have no friends or hobbies. I also find it ironic, the amount of traditionalists who actually don’t do anything traditional. Take up folk dancing, join a shooting or horse-riding club, check out small folk-y bars, go to a conservative church. do something with down-home people and make some gosh darn friends! It ain’t that hard.

    I think the basic message is: get out their and live in the real world with YOUR people. Who knows, you might actually meet a nice lady and have the chance to raise some kids, along with making some good friends on the way.

  8. I used to participate on web sites for white people years ago and used to attend meetings for groups promoting equal rights for Whites, but I gave up. The white men in white nationalism had as much hated for white women as women as any black thug had hate for us for being white. I started corresponding with another woman I encountered in an online forum for white people, and she was also quitting for the same reason as I was. White men scared to death of minority males want to believe that there is something incredible macho about standing up to the ladies and would target us according, and you don’t have to beat a woman up to beat her down. I was disappointed because I was so so concerned about the future of white people that I felt like I needed to do my part, but I don’t want to be a part of that misogynistic clique anymore. I couldn’t take it anymore and really regret being stupid enough to think that would be welcome there among what I had foolishly considered to be my own kind. I wasn’t there own kind and never would be. I had too many X chromosomes.

  9. If a movement is based around electoral politics, then women would be desired. If a movement is based around fraternity, it could go either way. If a movement is underground (black market) or tied to revolution, then women cannot participate.

    white nationalists seems to mainly be electoral politics, so I guess they would want women.

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