Trad Youth Protests Tim Wise In Charlotte

Scott Terry has the details of the encounter.

“Queens University is located in the middle of Charlotte North Carolina’s most ritzy neighborhood; surrounded by sprawling oak trees, arched entries, and European-styled architecture, she gives life to an otherwise retired, 401K neighborhood. Ladies with sweaters draped over their shoulders, walking their dogs along the well-manicured sidewalks, no doubt see a peaceful campus where all is right in the world.

To me, it looked like a hell-hole.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate beautiful architecture. It wasn’t this charade of historical precedence that offended me; it was the knowledge that this was a slaughterhouse which takes beautiful young ladies (more of them than men attend), and twists their minds, destroying any accidental whiteness leftover from their grandmothers, and scouring the last sense of lady-like propriety from their consciences.

The college has a man whose sole job is to ensure the most extreme Jacobin worldview is rammed into young minds. This “director of diversity and inclusion” had invited that huckster Tim Wise to the campus to speak…and as my readers know, I was there to oppose him. …”

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  1. Hey HW you might want to read Whitaker’s latest piece entitled “If whites had gay rights”. Solid advice for activism and contra the torch light parade fellas

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