Reds Out of Florida


Last Thursday, a communist group from Florida State University called Students for a Democratic Society spit on, stomped on, and burned a Confederate Battle Flag at the Florida State Capitol on the 150th anniversary of Appomattox. The group was protesting a Klan group that had distributed literature in Tallahassee.

As soon as we heard about this, the Florida League of the South started to privately discuss what our response should be. We knew that SDS was going to be holding their next event, a rally in support of the leftist regime in Venezuela, at the Florida State Capitol this weekend. After talking it over, we decided that we would show up in Tallahassee, confront SDS, tell the communists to get out of Florida, and then spit on, stomp on, and burn the Soviet flag in front of them. That’s exactly what we did this afternoon.

A crowd of about 30 spoiled brats, communists, and trannies chanted for a while, shouted some unimaginative slogans, and gave a few speeches about the tyranny of “cisgender heteronormative privilege” while 13 or us starred them down in bemusement while holding “Reds Out of Florida Signs” and two flags, the Florida State Flag and the Bonnie Blue Flag. We unfurled the Soviet flag, laid it out before them, and took turns spitting on it, stomping on it, and standing on it underneath our boots.


Standing there, it felt like a puff of wind would knock half of them over. It was clear throughout the event who had the upper hand. The organizer, Zachary Schultz, appears to be a homosexual. The jeans he was wearing made him look like a 14-year-old boy. Fittingly, an Indian trannie wearing a dress and bright red lipstick while carrying a purse spoke to the ABC 27 evening news as their representative. We also spoke to ABC 27, but we presented a different face and were delighted with the contrast.

As the event was winding down, I engaged in dialogue several people in their crowd. There was was one guy who was there with a friend to support free speech. He told me that he didn’t agree with a lot of the things that SDS was saying. Several people on their side denied being communists and believed they were protesting the Klan. I also spoke to the trannie who calls himself “Erica” who was at their previous event.

For whatever reason, “Erica” felt it necessary to inform me that she is a woman. This sparked a heated conversation. I calmly explained to “Erica” that he is genetically speaking, in fact, still a man because there is a Y chromosome in every cell of his body. I explained that surgery and hormones are not going to change his genetics. I explained to him the genetics of people who are born “intersex” and how that does not apply to his case. Finally, I compared his predicament to a person who suffers from the delusion that they are Elvis, Julius Caesar, or Napoleon Bonaparte.

Several people in the crowd because visually agitated by this analogy and retorted, “even if you are right, what are we to do about it?” Again, I explained how I could dress up like Napoleon Bonaparte and start telling people that I am the Emperor Napoleon, but that it still wouldn’t be true. In much the same way, there is nothing that “Erica” can do but come to terms with the fact he was born a man. In all situations, we should tell the truth and accept reality as it exists.

After leaving the grounds of the Florida State Capitol, we ate lunch at a local steakhouse and burned the remains of the Soviet flag. Then we sang a chorus of “Bonnie Blue Flag” and went our separate ways. It was a good day.

Note: We came prepared to burn the Soviet flag at the Florida State Capitol, but the Capitol Police asked us not to.

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  1. Beaming with pride after reading the account. I do wish I could’ve been there…God bless the League for being the only organization with stones enough to do what must be done to protect our Faith and Folk.

  2. The transsexuals exist to get white women raped, and to justify the mass murder and maiming of white men. They go around anointing themselves bottom of the victim chain, and accusing white women of being ‘so privileged!’ The he-she’s are usually the worst. They imagine that all men want to…do something to them, when in reality no one cares and most men just want to be left alone by them. If a woman gets attacked or raped by a black then it’s an example of ‘white cisgender privilege’ that she has the nerve to compete with their chief victim status. After all, that evil conspirator nature ‘privileged’ her. She should be grateful for the experience.

    For awhile their ‘community’ focused this functional psychosis on ‘white males,’ but the end goal was to discredit white women almost completely as ‘the oppressed.’ This process seems to have coincided with jewish ascendancy into the oligarchy their ‘religion’ demands; as white people and here women became the ultimate scapegoat and public utility, YKW and the queer demagogues (particularly male) made sure to try to disable the traditional left from naming this replacement. Come to think of it, the average black person whose community was debauched by some of the same parties was also deprived, in a less extreme way, from naming their own exploitation. Both the black zombie class and the transits are functionally terrorists of both their own communities and society at large. But no one’s allowed to say it.

    And YKW wins. They have their trans mascots, but they are simply for show.

  3. Bless you for telling the medical mutation Erica the un-varnished truth about reality. It’s probably the very first time this has ever happened, in “Erica’s” life.

  4. Have southerners ever considered how much the jews mostly use their proxies in your region, while in others they don’t even bother:

    Jewish feminist Levine openly touts the mass rape of white women by black men, who she claims shouldn’t be prosecuted. All while in Israel, chinese workers are being forced to sign ‘no sex with jewish women, even prostitutes’ contracts.

    Keep stomping, White Man.

  5. Excellent job, guys. It’s very telling that the main proponent of the communist trash on the news article linked is a Jew based out of Massachusetts.

    Seriously. A Jew from Massachusetts. Just let that nasty taste settle in your mouth…

  6. Hunter -“Erica”, as you well know, is a person who is SEVERELY mentally ill. White doctors used to take the Hippocratic Oath, to “do no harm” when treating patients, and a very diseased medical establishment, courtesy of ZOG, has done nothing BUT harm. The creatures involved with “treating” “Erica” should have their licensing revoked, be sued to the eye-teeth, and publicly horse-whipped. They’ve made a very un-hinged person worse.

  7. Utterly Brilliant.

    This is the sort of simple exchange that shows the Enemy in its proper light… like cockroaches under a rock.

  8. Oh but Denise, you’re mistaken…Erica isn’t the slightest bit ‘mentally ill;’ she’s just milking everyone’s insurance pools for all that surgery and ‘therapy.’ Transsexualism is the only ‘condition’ whose treatment is covered by insurance that isn’t considered a ‘diagnosis.’

    It’s the ‘cisgendered white bitches’ who are ‘mentally ill:’

    Blonde Jordan Monasmith was almost strangled to death by a black ‘youth’ whose clothes were ‘washed’ by the cops upon arrest and detainment. Huh?

    Jordan was struggling emotionally leading up to the trial, seeing therapists at least twice a week, I read, because all around her everyone was denying that she’d been attacked by this feral black, in broad daylight right outside her condominium. The court system didn’t want it admitted that blonde Jordan had been specifically targeted as such, not for money or even rape (sex in America is so commodified and therefore when it’s forced it’s not seen as a psychological power trip) but just to kill the ‘cisgendered white bitch.’ So the cops either lied or actually tampered with the evidence to cover the incident and larger truth up.

    I wonder what ‘diagnosis’ they gave Jordan? There is no such thing as a doctor who treats ‘mental illness.’ There is a bunch of psychopaths pretending to be medical doctors whose only role is to install the Jew World Order. And the only prescription Jordan needed was a nice asskicking of the groid who almost killed her.

    Tyranny often installs itself through bureaucratic measures, and by and by that’s what’s happening in the US. The expansion of ‘mental illness,’ which has no empiric or medical substance in terms of it’s diagnosing or practice, is the tyrants’ most lethal weapon. The transsexuals inhabit some otherworldly status of needing all this ‘medical’ help, but aren’t ‘diseased.’ White natural born women inhabit this underworld status of needing defending and recognition as political victims, but instead are ‘diagnosed’ as ‘sick.’

  9. Dailymail mentions Jordan’s ‘treatment’ for anti-white:

    I really doubt there was some mistake with the cops’ ‘mishandling’ of evidence. Whether or not all the cops were in on it is another issue, or which exact color they were. I don’t know much about the area. But various elements of this story don’t add up. None of the transsexuals’ and their handlers’ do.

  10. God, Liberty, what DISGUSTING stories.

    Sometimes I think that the things that are happening are not really happening; things are simply too insane to be happening….

    But I know they are happening.

  11. Hunter Wallace, that TallahaseeDemocrat article was surprisingly quite unbiased, and respectful 🙂

  12. Good job men of the South!

    Here’s an idea I have for similar events in the future.

    Celebrate Dead Communist Day.

    Have posters, post cards, Zines celebrating the death of Death of Communists, Anti White Leftists etc. – death of Trotsky in Mexico when Stalin had assassin put a nice pick through his skull, Roza Luxemberg killed by Right Wing Putzch, body dumped in river, Old Bolsheviks purged in Moscow Show trials, forced under torture to confess to being counter revolutionary Right Wing Trotskyites, also deaths of 60s Jew Marxists like Abby Hoffmon, William Kuntstler, Mao and Lenin as comatose , brain dead vegetables after strokes. Then ask viewers what terrible Red, Communists, Marxists they want to nest see die a humiliating death like Amy Biehl, maybe Hanoi Jane Fonda, the Jewesess on the Supreme Court including Lesbian Elena Kagin. Yep, celebrating dead Communist day.

  13. 1. Where’s the Confederate battleflag?

    2. What’s with all the sunglasses on such an overcast day?

    3. If you care to be somewhat relevant to current events and spit in their eye at the same time you oughta carry a Russian or Novorussian flag.

  14. 1.) The Florida League uses the same two flags at all of its events.

    2.) Surprisingly, it wasn’t pouring rain. It wasn’t overcast either. I got sunburned pretty bad out there.

    3.) This event had nothing to do with foreign policy.

  15. Hey, nothing personal. I support all of your efforts.

    1. I’m still embarrassed for the League, that it dares no longer wave the most iconic symbol of the South.

    2. Sorry, the weather must’ve been different than in Lake City and Jax, where it rained most of the day. I should’ve checked the weather reports. It seems like it rains here every day.

    3. Not only is Russia the only power standing against the demonic hegemon in Washington, Novorussia (and its flag) are amazingly synchronous with our historical fight.

    I will keep an eye out in case you decide to have an event in NE FL. But I will be there with different flags. Flags the other side knows, and hates.

  16. I wasn’t expecting it to be a bright, sunny day.

    There was a gay pride event going on and also some kind of downtown market event. Lots of people were out walking about in the sun.

  17. I recently met an ex-southerner who’s basically become a northerner. She hailed from Tennessee and hated the heat growing up. Her family was integral to the shift from a democratic South to a republican one. I suspect part of her ex-pat status stems from what was, 30 years ago, youthful rebellion; her family was/is quite the connected types.

    Anyway, we were discussing american revolutionary history and then the Civil War and she remains staunchly proud of her forebear who apparently was an admiral for the Confederacy, credited with running pirate missions all over the Atlantic to steal from Union ships, some of which were only barely leaving England or something.

    I tried to convince her that the democrats didn’t represent ‘the people’ (she’s a professional in the upper middle class) any better than the republicans had, whose failure to convince her had also influenced her defection three decades ago. This supports my thesis that the republicans’ main agenda is to whip up frenzy and emotion over social issues so they can ignore economic and political ones that impact whites.

    It’s also a testament to how much pride a decent people take in their history, and what a mistake it is for these leftists to burn the flag that even many in their supposed camp still venerate, even if only as a memorial.

  18. Oh and HW’s take on ‘Erica’s’ predicament isn’t accurate. People who fall under the delusion that they’re Napoleon or Julius Caesar are actually genetically and physiologically mentally ill. That’s what the true definition of psychosis used to be.

    ‘Erica’ is just a willfully delusional individual, and he is responsible for curbing such self-imposed misery on his own. There’s a major difference between delusional in a self-deceptive way and in a truly psychotic way. It’s unfair to group the two sufferers together, as one’s predicament is voluntary and intended to take their character and emotional issues out on others.

  19. Hmm, I guess HW was only making an analogy to real delusionality. Still, while useful to a point, to do so seems to feed into these malcontents’ sense of entitlement, as if they can’t help their situation.

  20. What’s the the freaky, bizarre beard? Is that the image you want to project? The man looks like a crazed serial killer.

  21. The beard is a poor representation of the cause. Clean cut is what we want to be. Beards are in style – although that is changing in both the media and in urban areas – but his beard is shaggy and rather unclean is appearance.
    I wouldn’t say he looks like a serial killer, he just looks destitute and uneducated. And that is who he appeals to. If you want the LoS to be seen in that regard, then so be it.
    Dress code and personal hygiene should be a mandatory requirement when doing street activism. After all, that is the whole point of being in public: to attract others to the cause.

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