Lindsey Graham Boasts About Financial Advantages of Being In The Pocket of Jewish Oligarchs


This comes as no surprise to us … we have noted many times here in the past that Lindsey Graham is just a creature of warmongering Jewish oligarchs:

““The means. If I put together a finance team that will make me financially competitive enough to stay in this thing…I may have the first all-Jewish cabinet in America because of the pro-Israel funding. [Chuckles.] Bottom line is, I’ve got a lot of support from the pro-Israel funding.”

Note: The Times of Israel recently ran an article on the 2016 Republican presidential candidates and the Jewish oligarchs who are financing their campaigns. See also Wealthy Jewish Oligarchs Are Buying US Foreign Policy.

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  1. Flaming queer as a $3 bill, open borders immigration, Amnesty Neo Con war mongering whore…

    And this guy’s a US Senator from South Carolina.

  2. Miss Lindsey wins every time he runs. His position on amnesty is unambiguous. He called the base of his party a bunch of bigots and told them to shut up and he still easily won reelection. The people of South Carolina cannot complain about anything Miss Lindsey does because they have willingly voted for him every time he runs. This reminds me of a great quote.

    Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.

    H. L. Mencken

  3. Maybe we can get Pee Wee Herman to embrace anti Southern race replacing immigration, Neo Con wars against Syria and Russia and get Pee wee to run for US Senate in South Carolina, that way all South Carolina US Senators would be flaming queer, anti Southern, immigration traitors, slaves to the Neo Con Talmudist Chosen.

    Oh dear.

    How did this go down in South Carolina?

  4. He is forever compromised. The Jews have their hooks in him. His homosexual lifestyle makes him a perfect candidate for the Jews, just like Obama.
    But.. Why do the good folks in SC keep voting this queer into office?

  5. I love and respect the South.

    That said – South Carolinians have really fallen down.

    Any of our solid, straight kinsmen from Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Russia, Poland want to date, marry the charming ladies from South Carolina, you have my blessing. Any local lads object, just tell them to do something about lisping queer as a $3 bill, Neo Con war mongering, race replacing immigration loon Lindsey Graham.

    How the $&@&$ did this go down in South Carolina?!

  6. Correction: The yankees in the lowcountry really screw up SC politics. The whole coast from Horry County down to Hilton Head is just lousy with damn yankees.

  7. The Senate just confirmed Loretta (anti -White cooness) Lynch as Attorney General.

    Gee, the GOP tsunami has accomplished a lot since last fall, right?

    And of course, the little weasel Lindsey Graham voter for her.

  8. Southern women aren’t for auctioning off Jack….especially not to Slavs. They are the literal slave race who sell their own daughters to Arab sheiks and Asian farmers for a few shekels. Disgusting places overall full of fetal alcohol babies, drunk wife beaters, and prostitution.

    Plus we have an ethnicity to preserve and it does not include Slavs. No offense as I think Slavs should keep their own national identity instead of flooding into the West unchecked. It literally destroys the racial group there and their culture. If the Polaks aren’t stopped England will be ‘New Poland’ and look even worse.

  9. The likes of Lindsey Graham as far as I am concerned have permanently destroyed the credibility of the U.S. government. The Jews at least are openly our enemies, but snakes like this one are no better than a water moccasin on your back doorstep. They are the worst sort of and most dangerous enemy of all whites where ever they are, not just here in the South. And yes I have met my share of them, you can sense they have no honor and are capable of literally any sort of treachery imginable. As for the anti-Slavic prejudice, that is what the Jews want. Ever stop to think when whites kill one another, the Jews win? Ukrainians in particular have a lot more in common with Southerners than most Southerners know. My ancestors fought against the Union during the Civil War as well as against the Jews, Muslims, Nazis, Mongols and even the Russians during the past 1,000 years in Ukraine. The Ukrainians who are living here have no interest in creating little Kievs here in America, they know better than Southerners what the true value if freedom is because they never had it for the past 700 years in Ukraine. Southerners better learn from the wider world about how our collective enemies operate, because sooner or later they too are going to be massacred the way my father’s people are in Ukraine right now.

  10. Crimsontide hates Slavs…

    I heard a rumor pushed by Amurkun patriot types that both Anna Kormikova and Maria Sharapova were and are….


    (I confess that if either of these two Slavic KGB gals were interrogating me wearing French negleghe and French perfume I would talk. I would renounce my allegiance to this country, to the Declaration of Independence “we hold these TRUTHS blah, blah, blah” yeah, that’s what I would do. It’s maybe because I am a sane, heterosexual and really don’t have anything in common with the mixed up, confused anti Russian, anti Slav folks that are the idiot American Right Wing)

  11. Yet from his avatar you can see he’s a Negro worshipper, because everyone down in Alabama is obsessed with football. Slavs HATE blacks in general, and I have little love for them personally. I want nothing to do with them. I spilled blood for my race by teaching a few blacks a lesson about why Slavs have the reputation they do for violence when threatened. Which is more than I can say for you average Auburn or “Crimson Tide” fan. I couldn’t care less about either one or college sports in general. They are nothing but a way to put white women in danger at the hands of black rapist thugs.

  12. Why do the good folks in SC keep voting this queer into office?

    They didn’t; the voting machines are run by the South Carolina establishment. The Whites went along because it disenfranchised the Blacks and made sure the Dixiecrats/Southern Republicans won, but the compromise was the feds chose the Republican candidate.

    The establishment chose easily-controlled Lindsey Graham. Let’s be frank, the entire establishment of South Carolina are easily-controlled.

    Who are the rich local establishment in South Carolina? The vaunted plantation class of old are reduced to franchisees of Monsanto. The defense contractors and the businesses reliant on the US military are simply part of the federal system.

    Even the notorious Christian-Zionist religion is for sale. If things had turned out slightly differently in the 1970s, wealthy Arabs invested in South Carlina would be the favorites of the local Xian right, who would be preaching Christian-Muslim brotherhood against the Fags and Jews.

    Instead, it’s the Christians and Jews preaching against the Muslims for being mean to Fags.

    Either way, the Whites of South Carolina will continue to play their role – whatever the TV says, the national joke. The last holdouts, hicks against queers. White Trailer Trash Reality TV.

    People pay far too much attention to the religious institutions – for most churches in South Carolina, the sermon is based on whatever the pastor watched on TV the the week before, or something he heard on the Rush Limbaugh radio program. Plenty of sprinklings of Muslim Conspiracy Theories he read on various hasbara websites. If he can add in some “End Times Revelation” stuff about how Israel will nuke Iran right before Jesus comes back – the better. That will get an audience and keep butts in the pews and dolla dolla bills in the collection plate.

    Basically, South Carolina is a defeated power and Lindsey Graham is the clown they hired to rub it in your faces. LOL.

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