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  1. Now there’s a formation of black men lining up to defend the cops from the rioters on one block in Baltimore. I can’t get the photo…

  2. Oh! Isn’t that FABULOUS! Those Black men, standing to defend the police – THAT just clears out everything!!!

    All the Black on White attacks, rapes, looting and murders. All the destruction of city after city, country after country. The TRILLIONS confiscated from Whites, via taxation, and forced White Flight, and the attendant costs. The slate is wiped sparkling clean!

    It’s a Brand New Day in the BRA. We HAVE overcome!

  3. In DC a dean of a law school allows students willing to provide legal help to protesters to delay exams:


    This and many many other reports are why I personally champion the truth – because I will NOT allow the professional liars, whores and pimps to reduce me to their level. There’s a time to take up arms. In this capacity my weapon is the truth. Only whites have ever conceived of something like universal abstract values. I’ll die fighting with and for them. And fighting in all dimensions is what we should be doing. But that doesn’t mean having to lose what makes us better.

  4. ‘White’ to me means northwestern european. I don’t see the mediterranean race as having this trait. Their societies are based on moral relativism. By mediterranean I mean the peoples of the sand; most greeks and some spanish/portuguese are exempt. Italians and jews are included in sandniggers. Slavs are…just slavs.

    Whites’ enemies know we are the only ones who will hold the tyrants and their zombie depraved hordes accountable to this higher truth. That’s why they hunt us down with a laser like accuracy, picking us out for torture and death from the sea of ‘caucasians.’ That and they endlessly envy us our dignity.

  5. http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/live/2015/apr/29/freddie-gray-protests-baltimore-new-york-san-diego-boston-live-updates

    While the SJW’s ‘battle’ in downtown NYC, in the Bronx it’s same old, same old. Since no sane ‘anglo’ woman, especially fairhaired, would wander through the black sections, the groid had to settle for a spanish redhead: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/nyc-crime/bronx-shelter-boss-shot-facility-ex-resident-cops-article-1.2202039

  6. Captain John – I was just about to post links to the Charleston Race riots. Charleston, by the by ,is a gorgeous port city. Spectacular. The surrounding areas are lovely as well. Business is BOOMING off the rails. The beach towns – little beach shacks for over a million dollars. Charleston had racial issues in the past. I pray that the authorities won’t allow the Black Plague to take the area down again.

  7. Hunter – ya gotta give the BRA and their Marxist Masters credit – they NEVER let up. They are in fact, ramping up all the media hype, and “victimization”.

    Truth schmuth.

    “Facts” are written by the winners.

  8. Hey – perhaps we can send teams of manly, courteous, brave Black men, like the ones in Burntitmore, all around the country, they stand around and look manly, courteous, and brave.

    I have BEEEEEeeeeeEEEeeeN to the Mountaintop, and I have SEEeeeEEEeen the Promised Land! It’s filled with manly, courteous,and brave Black Men, standing around, for Honor and Troof.

  9. The truth is that the rioting and protests are being used to divert frustrations and attention. Instead of looking at a jewish-orchestrated and dominated oligarchy that’s been formed and installed at the cost of the white middle class, ‘labor’ is supposed to remain divided and powerless. Giving in so totally to the race war the jews have devised is certain defeat. White people are more burdened by the depression or bankster looting than blacks if a thorough accounting were to be performed. This is all distract and divert tactics for what might otherwise be an overthrow of Jews & Co. The black political class isn’t much different from the white one, and both need to go for each community to find some livable peace.

  10. Might there be a reason shady black victims’ stories are made into these crucibles? I used to suspect that either there were virtually no incidents of authentic police brutality of blacks, or, that the media and grievance industry picked ones which were ambiguous so that they could milk them endlessly. Everyone likes a good whodunnit and the suspense and gray areas draw things out so that the axe can be ground again and again and again.

    But maybe less perfect black ‘victims’ are chosen so that their ‘imperfections’ can be recontextualized and reconstrued as character strengths. A black female protester carried a sign that said, “Don’t Shoot We Won’t Loot.” Black dysfunction and criminality is being recast as righteous justified reaction to the depression. Every Trayvon is a black Jesse James. And every Average Joe White Guy is the evil oppressor.

    It’s a trap and I’m not falling into it.

  11. This does not mean whites shouldn’t be armed and ready to stand their ground. It’s the difference between rushing in and retaining a stalwart and unflinching resistance. Teach the rioters the lesson they need to learn; we did nothing to their ingrate asses. Their problems are their own. Just don’t feed into them.

  12. Libery – stop trying to justify your advocacy for a common Pavement Ape Ghetto THUG. His demise, at the hands of LEO, was only a matter of time. He recently had back/spinal surgery, and wasn’t even supposed to be on his feet. FYI – one of THE primary reasons for outrageous health care costs is due to non-compliance. Sick people who are TOO STUPID to follow basic common sense protocols. This is an issue across the racial board- but when an Average IQ is 80 points, yet AGAIN – Orcs are represented in large numbers, as the non-compliant. They hurt themselves AGAIN, and make matters worse. Whitey has to shell up even more shekels for the Untermenschen.

    NO Negro is worth ANY of ANY of this. You should know this. Until you and all other Whites realize that Whites don’t owe ANY member of ANY other Race ANYTHING , for ANY REASON – we won’t be overthrowing any-one.

  13. The Black spinal surgery rumor is only that, and isn’t looking very credible at this stage.

    We have to deal in facts.

    Spreading unsubstantiated wild rumors leads to counter productive conspiracy theory lunacy, the curse of the American Right Wing.

  14. “I have BEEEEEeeeeeEEEeeeN to the Mountaintop, and I have SEEeeeEEEeen the Promised Land! It’s filled with manly, courteous,and brave Black Men, standing around, for Honor and Troof.’

    LMAO. Denise, hysterical. Thinking now of how utterly BOGUS EVERYTHING that the ‘Rev.’ Marchin’ Looting Coon ever did, including (*most especially) his ‘religious rhetoric,’ and then contrasting to the one true utterance most worthy of remembrance- the whoring around on his simian wife, with Anglo prostitutes, the night he was rightfully executed, ‘I’m White tonight!’

    Guess what? Not even here, Martin. Especially not even here…. you’ll always be a shoddy little shit of a nigger.

  15. I think Anglin is just angry with the female sex because he can’t find a woman. Still, I don’t know how he is not getting laid being an American in Greece at thirty years old. He has mommy issues probably, some serious mental shortcomings.
    He did have an awesome thing going for awhile. I do not think he will be able to recapture that success after his meltdown.

  16. TP – I genuinely lament the loss of the Daily Stormer. I wrote, on my last post, that I would check back in a year, and I’m not going back until a year has passed – but I fear the site will no longer exist. I have so much to do in 3D world, believe it or not, that when I post anything online, it’s sort of hit and run raids. I always check out certain sites everyday – but I do so from a limited menu, strictly for time restraints. There is so much aggravation in our imploding world, I don’t want to be attacked and insulted by my alleged co-pro-Whites. So I am leaving Boing’s World alone.

    I do hope Anglin can get it back together, and wish him well.

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