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  1. To think just 30 years ago, someone would have been drummed out of the armed services for doing something like this!

  2. The narrator repeatedly alludes to ‘third wave feminism,’ which is the wave of feminism that began in the early 90’s,and sought to redress what had been a very real rape and sexual assault epidemic in high schools and colleges throughout the 80’s and 90’s. Third wave really doesn’t refer to whatever became of ‘feminism’ from about the early-mid 2000’s and on.

    This segment exposes how truly disinformative Alex Jones is, as it conflates genuine violence enacted on girls and women during that period with the often fake or exaggerated claims made by whoever in recent years. Which isn’t to say no accounts are real, just that more of the discussion revolves around hysteria. The video dovetails nicely with the post I just wrote on the trans unity thread. Calling out the absurdity of making soldiers walk in high heels doesn’t require lying about real violence against women.

    Perhaps one day OD will feature a story on, say, the Steubenville rape scandal and ask, why does America have such problems with women?

  3. Take Me Liberty

    One of my pet theories is that the modern hysteria over “rape culture” is to draw attention away from black rapists and put it on white frat guys.

  4. Rather appropriate considering that US military is nothing but the hired rent boys who enforce the will of the anti-white oligarchs that run the West.

  5. Question Diversity, there really was a ‘rape culture,’ in the US for some time, and there continues to be one, whether any pro-white wants to admit it or not. Compare our attitudes towards violence against women to the europeans.’

    But much of the 90’s-instigated activism really did create a less indulgent atmosphere. So it’s extremely curious that these stories that wind up being proven false surface, in jewish-owned publications, which implicate ‘white male’ frat guy types while black on white female and people violence proliferates.

    I’ve concluded my own version of the same thing you’ve theorized. What’s also probably intentional is how the alleged perps often present as ‘privileged’ by class, while most middle class whites struggle to remain so, and face ever increasing threats of their females being sexually assaulted, etc., by blacks they can’t buy distance from. The specter of the ‘privileged white male’ is conjured while in reality the ‘oppressed black male’ poses the real danger to white working class females. But we’re not supposed to grasp that, and instead should loathe and resent the ‘white male’ in power.

  6. I meant, most middle class whites struggle to remain in the middle class, if my phrasing wasn’t clear.

  7. Take Me Liberty

    During the UVA rape hoax, the one involving “Jackie” and the non-existent Haven Monahan, there was the real (“alleged”) rape and murder, Hannah Graham was the victim, Jesse Lee Matthew (guess the race) is the suspect.

  8. Many people believe that the US military will refuse to obey orders to disarm, imprison or kill us. No they won’t; not in significant numbers at least. They will obey orders no matter how personally degrading they consider them to be.

  9. ROTC has certainly changed since my day. Back then our captain noticed that during the rain not all of us carried umbrellas. Since some of us doing so and others not made us un-uniform in appearance, he decreed that in uniform none of us could use umbrellas. Certainly was not fun walking around campus in a rain soaked winter coat that had been re-conditioned for the Korean War. Having to put up with hippies harassing us was one thing, but having our captain making us look like idiots, who didn’t know what to do in the rain, was another. The stupidity of it still irks.

  10. We have not won a war since ww2. The current military is a joke, except special forces. The Army is only half White, ghetto blacks and illegal Mexican aliens now fill the ranks. The American military is no place for a White man anymore.

  11. There is certainly a rape culture in the US- it’s called ‘black culture’.

    This should be pointed out every time and I always do it because white women are being raped by blacks at an extremely high rate, just like the pakis do to white girls in England. When you agree there is a rape problem and it’s black on white women, it makes the sjw females brain click very slowly.

  12. No budding RE Lee’s or Stonewalls in that group for sure (or any other US outfit). I guess they are getting in the for service to Spetsnaz .

  13. I note that this kind of thing pace a UK TV commercial ad shows a man half suited and half in high heels and mini/skirt/pants acting like a hooker on the street in broa ddaylight , its all the rage..

  14. Let’s not forget that Martin Dempsey the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is an Irish Roman Catholic. Just like the Roman Catholics who are going to legalize homosexual marriage in the USA. My guess is Kennedy and Roberts will vote along with their fellow Catholic Sotomayor and the 3 Jews to make it a done deal. One of the Italian stallions may make it 7-2.

  15. Congratulations on your recent descent into faggotry, soldiers. Actually I shouldn’t call you soldiers because that is one thing you’re not. You are faggots pure and simple. nothing more. You should have your intestines ripped out in front of you and burnt while your nuts are smashed with a sledgehammer since you obviously don’t need them anymore. Don’t ever call yourselves soldiers within earshot of a real man. You are faggot pussies who do whatever others tell you. You follow orders lke a beaten dog. If my CO told me to wear high heels I ‘d spit in his face and tell him to fuck himself.

    And I’d bet anything if your nigger CO stuck his dick in your mouth you’d slob his knob in a split second because that’s what limp-dick faggots do – they never fail to obey orders even if it means killing babies or bombing old White Serbian grandmothers.

  16. Earl, the majority of the Catholics on the SCOTUS bench are Catholic In Name Only. The majority of Catholics don’t go along with the CINO Supremes, just like the majority of the Baptist laity don’t go along with liberal Baptist leadership that’s coming up to the plate in all Baptist groups. So, if I were you Earl, I’d be worrying about what’s happening in your own backyard, than worrying about us Papists.

  17. Army ROTC wearing red high heals does not remind anyone of “rape culture’, but of “stupid culture”. When “war on women” didn’t work, the Leftists turned to “rape culture”. Both are nonexistent.

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