Is Mass Incarceration “Racist”?

In 1994, Kweisi Mfume and the Congressional Black Caucus supported and overwhelmingly voted for the Violent Crime and Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994. The largest crime bill in history was passed by a Democratic Congress and was signed into law by Bill Clinton. Most Republicans opposed it because it banned assault weapons:

“Kweisi Mfume, a former representative whose congressional district included Baltimore and who was the chair of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) in the 103rd Congress, is trying to disown his and the CBC’s role in pushing through the 1994 crime bill. The 1994 bill was the largest crime bill in U.S. history—it added 100,000 new police officers around the country and committed nearly $10 billion to build new prisons. The bill also included an assault weapons ban, to entice Democrats to vote, and a “midnight basketball” provision that turned off some Republicans who might otherwise be all over a law and order bill like that. The bill passed 235-195, with most Democrats voting in favor and most Republicans voting against. President Clinton happily signed the bill into law.

Now, some supporters of that bill, instead of acknowledging that they’re evolving on the issue of being blindly pro-police, are trying to rewrite the history of how that bill passed a Democrat-controlled Congress and was signed into law by a Democratic president. …”

In the 1990s, the #BlackLivesMatter supporters wanted the thugs like Michael Brown and Freddie Gray off the streets who had turned our cities into urban war zones. Now that crime has receded over the last two decades after their ilk was removed from society, they are decrying the mass incarceration which they supported as a cruel racist conspiracy against black people and a modern iteration of slavery.

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  1. What else is new? They wanted harsh crack sentences in the mid to late ’80s, and then they denounced them as discriminatory. They want body cams for cops now, in ten years they’ll be demanding that cops get rid of them, because they’ll show too many undertow antics and create more WSHH material.

    What gets me is the way Hillary is running away from Bill’s legacy. I would ordinarily say that she’s going to have a lot of problems trying to run away from her husband and sell herself as the next version of her husband at the same time. But if the media are on her side, she’ll be able to get away with having a forked tongue.

  2. Amazing! They caused the mass incarceration era, and now they’re blaming whitey and racist cops for what they created. And they do so unblinkingly. Talk about no shame. We need to be repeating this series of events and the blatant hypocrisy and duplicity constantly.

  3. This was a point that needs to be repeated. I haven’t seen many people pointing out that the Congressional Black Caucus supported mass incarceration in order to save black lives in the 1990s.

  4. For all we know it was black politicians responsible for the failure of the city to regulate lead in their buildings due to some form of graft. I consider that a strong likelihood. So Freddie Gray’s troubled physical health and childhood (his mother was a heroin addict) result from black dysfunction and corruption.

  5. Mass incarceration is a problem stemming from weak, dishonest whites wanting to preserve a semblence of first world culture in a third world country. It also stems from an excess of expensive, stupid and impractical laws regulating drugs, alcohol, physical altercations, and domestic relationships. Blacks being more tribal and less removed from their natural origins, along with their lower IQs are going to engage in these behaviors at higher rates. Their solution is more laws and more cops. Well now regular people are being assaulted and killed by these cops on a regular basis. As soon as people realize they are being threatened with murder when they are pulled over things will improve. It will force them to solve the race problem rather than apply government duct tape.

  6. It’s ultimately just a very expensive way of transferring the costs of violent crime from individual victims to taxpayers by segregating the worst elements of the Black Undertow from society.

  7. Trying to reason with savages is an exercise in futility. Perhaps in a Million Years one of these dark monsters will have a coherent thought and see the world the way it really is, but I don’t think that anybody has that kind of time do you? You have to realize that you are not dealing with thoughts or even beliefs but merely tribalism where they are one tribe and you’re another enemy tribe.
    Liberals for the most part are simply delusional losers that have given up and want a new mommy to take care of them. They are simple helpless creatures like baby seals or bunny rabbits. I could probably kill them all myself, but killing them is pointless, because they themselves have little or no real say or power in this lopsided insane system of exploitation we have here.
    Its this stupid democratic notion of massive mobs renting themselves out for cash and prizes that is destroying us. Its the “bread and circuses” that turned Rome from the most powerful Empire in the World to a cesspool of barbarians who spent all day stuffing free food down their holes while watching chariot races and gladiators in the Coliseum that has to be destroyed. The Stupor Bowl full of niggers playing with their balls on television and Smashcar with walking adspaces driving supercharged go-carts made out of fiberglass are just a post-apocalyptic Cyberpunk version of Bread and Circuses.
    Forget about snapping those fatass couch potatoes out of their drunken stupor to smell the coffee of the Dark Dystopian Cyberpunk Future we live in. They’ll just drink another sixpack of GMO alcohol and sleep with a fat whore thinking she’s a member of the Swedish Bikini Team. I understand a woman can go up almost a whole point in value on the pussy market for every Spudweiser these pukes chug.
    The only hope now, is the total economic collapse that supports this farce. Without the tax dollars they steal from you, they wouldn’t have the money to do this, because these jew Billionaires wouldn’t spend a buck of their own money to save the lives of their family. Only a knife to the throat or a gun to their head can get them to part with the Greenbacks they hole away in the buggy mattresses or bury in their backyards.
    You can all do your part to grease the skids to freedom by not feeding the Beast. Get off the Goddamn grid! Work off the books so they can’t steal your money! Buy your shit from people on ebay or barter with neighbors to cut these Corporate suits out of your financial world. Starve the beast and those niggers will be playing with their balls in a park and those walking ads will have to go back to being greaseheads at home. Without the TV siren song, these sofa spuds will have nothing to do but drink and that’s nowhere near as fun is it? It won’t break their comatose vegetative lifestyle, but it will break the back of the moneygrubbers who use their money to buy the Political Whores ruining your lives!

  8. A blonde white woman was denied the right to submit evidence in support of her insanity defense for sexual misconduct with a convicted sex offender she was hired to guard in Oregon’s prison sentence:

    But some disgusting groid who plotted to rape and torture (rape is torture and Spruill allegedly had wrist ties to use on Charle) a european woman in NYC had no idea what he was doing, supposedly. A jewish judge, Erwin (Erwin is most commonly an ashkenazi jewish name) rejected the motion to hear the white prison guard’s evidence without basis. A jewish feminist recently asserted that black men should not be prosecuted for all sorts of crimes.

    There are some nutcases out there who use the concept of white women’s scapegoating to justify their own character and personality disorders, but the truth is the jewmedia is attempting to pardon the mass rape of white women by blacks and to blame white women for it.

  9. How can a female prison guard (First huge mistake IMO) plead insanity for screwing a prisoner? There’s a huge problem with even attempting to use that argument. That would classify virtually ALL women as being insane, due to the frequency of irrational actions/decisions driven by their emotions. Women everywhere would be filing false rape charges (which they do routinely anyway) and using mental incapacitation as the basis of the claim. They are accountable for their actions like everyone else. They are the reason Obama is the president, and probably the reason Hillary will be next. Honest women recognize the problem with their peers acting as a group. Essentially they need to be protected from themselves. Most still think Bill Cosby is some kind of saint, Oprah is witty and fashionable, and the rest of the African community is just like them.

  10. There is no question the system, along with feminism, manipulates and exploits women into pursuing Marxist goals against what are fundamentally their own interests.

  11. TJ you’re missing the point. Black men’s mass rape and torture and sexual enslavement and murder of white women will be *pardoned* through the ‘mental illness’ escape hatch, and seen not as jewish and black genocide of whites. They bear no fault in it, you see.

    But white women who simply give in to this of color sex offender’s seduction (evidence supports he was the instigator) are denied the right to use same insanity plea, even though Robbinson had been ‘diagnosed’ with depression and anxiety issues by a psychologist.

  12. Hunter Wallace doesn’t respect white women’s right to their own bodies so why should the Diversity Cult that runs this country?

    • I think life was fairly good in the 1950s. I think the critics of women’s liberation have been more than vindicated. The long term result of this will be social and economic collapse when the elderly population grows to such an extent that it capsizes the status quo.

  13. Giving into seduction is not a form of insanity. Black men, many of whom truly are insane due to the volume of retard-level IQ individuals, do not use this excuse much and when they do they’re usually entitled to it. Blacks that get away with rape after being charged, usually do so on lack of evidence. Look up Vanderbilt rape case, or follow the Panama city gang rape. They aren’t getting away with it.

    As to your other post, I assume you are referring to abortion? It sounds like your saying that a developing baby is infringing on your “right” to your body, which I find remarkably selfish and petty. Just because I don’t believe in the state or legal system doesn’t mean I agree with murdering children in the womb.

  14. Hunter Wallace you spew out ‘facts’ that aren’t even all verified or crystal clear, but you rarely analyze them and how they relate to or cause some larger social and political phenomenon. Please explain how women’s liberation is causing the economic collapse. And how you would know what life was like in the 1950’s.

    TJ, black men are getting away with the insanity plea for their rape of white women. I just posted on the Allentown/Lehigh County case of Anthony Heath’s strangling of a white woman. His attorneys already used ‘mental illness’ to reduce his charges for a plea bargain, but Heath wants total exoneration by dint of ‘insanity’ and is now representing himself at trial:

    Ana Charle’s alleged murderer is being construed by the governmedia as ‘mentally ill,’ even though he allegedly planned to rape and torture Charle. IQ has nothing to do with psychosis or aggressions. I was not referring to abortion but since you brought it up, it does seem odd that you’d be more concerned about a mass of cells that has no nervous system (which is true for three months) than a much bigger one that most definitely can feel pain.

  15. Exactly right, Hunter Wallace. Virtually every policy claimed in need of “criminal justice reform” according to the black racial grievance industry today, was hatched, schemed, designed, and implemented by minorities and white liberals for the benefit of blacks to remedy the horrible injustices and systemic racism of the 1950s-80s criminal justice systems. The left wing are masters at taking something they original adopted, later distancing themselves from the topic, and then convincing the public years later that the system they themselves created is racist and in need of “reform.”

    As another example, consider Federal “minimum-mandatory” sentencing guidelines. Sentencing guidelines were originally adopted under the auspices that white, Christian male Judges were inherently biased against blacks. The “system” needed to be changed. So decades ago, they limited a Judge’s discretion to set sentences to “sentencing guidelines” which were predetermined based upon the type of crime, criminal history of offender, weapons used, etc. In other words, a “one size-fits all” system of criminal justice so that white judges innate prejudices would not effect sentencing. Mind you, that this change was made specifically with blacks in mind, and was a drastic change from the historical and culturally engrained policy that Judges are trusted and have almost complete discretion to determine the length and terms of a sentence within the limits set by the statute.

    Well, it turns out that race neutral sentencing guidelines had little if any effect on “black sentencing disparities” and one could probably argue that blacks did better in terms of sentencing when Judge’s handled matters. Today, the left is crying that the race neutral sentencing guidelines they created are systemic racism in need of change (a “disparate impact” argument) and Judge’s now need discretion to decide sentences based upon the individual merits of each Defendant (how historically sentencing had always been done).

  16. Very simple.

    If you look at countries like Japan, Spain, or Italy, you will find that all of those countries are aging rapidly and their numbers will soon go into absolute decline as they start dying out. That is nature’s way of eliminating degenerate cultures through natural selection.

    In Antiquity, Rome went from being a city of millions to a few thousand by 500 AD. The Romans became so degenerate that they died out and became so weak that they were unable to defend their borders.

  17. More oddities: Anthony Heath who is defending himself, evoking the insanity plea, for the murder of a white woman in eastern Pa, just an hour and a half without traffic west of NYC, bears a striking resemblance to West Spruill, who stands accused of the attempted rape and accomplished murder of Ana Charle in the Bronx whose alleged crime is also being seen as caused by ‘mental illness’:

    Add to that that Spruill has missed two court dates so far:

    This case is very high profile, but somehow the court admins ‘lost the paperwork.’

  18. HW you don’t explain to me how women’s status is somehow causing these cultures to die out. Italy and Spain are the most sexist and least liberating of women in Europe. Greece is probably somewhere in there, too, although Italy ranks the lowest for sure in terms of women’s freedoms. So I’m just not following you at all.

    • They are 1.) pursuing careers, 2.) marrying too late into their childbearing years, 3.) using birth control 4.) having abortions and 5.) remaining single and childless. This pushes the birthrate below the replacement level.

      As time goes by, births dwindle, the median age rises, and the elderly population explodes. Gradually, the age pyramid is inverted to the point where there are too few young people to support so many old people, and a tipping point is reached when the population starts to drop in absolute numbers.

      The economy eventually shrinks and capsizes. The degenerate social order that caused the imbalance is weakened until it either collapses or invites foreign conquest.

  19. Hunter: I don’t know if you noticed, but, a colored football player at Marshall U. was arrested and kicked off the team for getting into a fight with a couple of homosexuals who were kissing on a public street in Huntington, WV.

    It doesn’t sound like the two homos suffered any real injuries because they video taped the incident with their cellphone(s).

    The FBI is investigating and numerous homo groups and the ACLU are pushing for hate crime charges to be put on the colored boy.


  20. “white women’s right to their own bodies”?????


    Liberty, are you a woman?

    Please, leave, go listen to your husband or your father, and don’t pretend to be able to make a coherent thought in your estrogen-infused cerebellum.

    “women should be silent.”- St. Paul
    “your bodies are NOT your own.” – ditto

    I’m done with Multicultis, Feminazis, Sodomnazis, and JewNazis.
    Monarchy, the White Race, and Narodnost- Deo Volente!

  21. @Liberty

    I find both rape and abortion disturbing but nonetheless murder is worse than rape. The “mass of cells” you’re talking about is an embryonic person whose identity and physical destiny is already encoded in the DNA. This “mass of cells” already has a defined gender and can be referred to as Him or Her well before the nervous system fully develops (as if that was even grounds for dismissing a living human being’s existence in the first place).

    At least we are both in agreement that white women are under siege, are targets, and are greatly at risk due to multiculturalism and the myth of equality. I share your concern and support your desire to protect vulnerable women.

  22. You know, TJ, I happened to have just eyed the front page of today’s New York Times. Lo and behold, right at the very top on it is an article talking about how fetuses/babies could possibly be viable at a significantly earlier stage than previously thought. I had no time to read it but as I walked out of the store I thought what a coincidence it is.

    Or is it? The jews know that abortion is a deeply divisive issue among whites. Many where I’m from sense ‘pro-life’ types to be leveraging some control over other people and here, whites. It divides white men and women, social classes, etc. And somehow the jews are introducing new science that could ‘impact the abortion debate.’

    You think that’s just happenstance? I tend to doubt it.

    But if you consider a mass of cells that cannot feel more important than a live breathing girl or woman to begin with, I suppose the implication is lost on you. Jews want us divided at this critical time when it’s unite or die for us.

  23. On Rome.

    What if the city areas were simply full of Africans? Then the country folk (Germans of one sort of another Saxons, Franks, Goths, Vandals simply exterminated the darker elements?

    Not so much cultural degeneracy as we understand it in Couture’s Romans of the Decadence but simply DNA degeneracy.

    The Germanics were reacting racially even then.

  24. Liberty, divides like that are what separate nations. If you consider premature persons a “mass of cells” then I consider you ignorant and separate. If you think unborn people are a mass of cells, then that’s all you are.

  25. To ensue order in communities with lots of blacks. Institute an effective police force and through due process execute murderers,drug traffickers and kidnappers. As singapore had done which ensued that it was able to be multicultural.

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