Should White Americans Prepare For “Race War”?


The SPLC has a new article up on the Hatewatch about a recent Michael Hill article on the League of the South website.

It was a timely article considering how a recent Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll found that an incredible 96 percent of Americans are “bracing for a long, hot summer of racial unrest.” A separate New York Times poll also recently found that Whites are more pessimistic about race relations than at any previous point in Obama’s presidency. That’s because Whites have good reasons to be.

The Mainstream Media has been relentlessly fanning the flames of racial unrest in order to promote the narrative that black men in America are under siege by police officers and malicious White racists. The most well known examples include Trayvon Martin in Sanford, FL, Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO, Eric Garner in New York City, Walter Scott in North Charleston, SC, and the most recent poster child, Freddie Gray in Baltimore, MD. There have been many other examples which failed to become national news like Dontre Hamilton in Milwaukee or Vonderitt Myers Jr. in St. Louis.

After watching the Negro Rebellions in Ferguson and Baltimore, White Americans are justified in wondering if this is just the prelude to a more large scale breakdown in civil order on the scale of the 1992 Los Angeles Riots. In that case, the Mainstream Media promoted the narrative that Rodney King was the victim of racist White police officers. After causing over $1 billion dollars in property damage, over 2,000 injuries, and 53 deaths in the Los Angeles Riots, Rodney King continued to be arrested for reckless driving until he drowned in a backyard pool in 2012 in a drug induced haze.

During the racial unrest in Ferguson, #BlackLivesMatter supporters repeatedly threatened to cross the Missouri River and spread their brand of chaos in the St. Louis suburbs in St. Charles County and Lincoln County. Missouri’s governor, Jay Nixon, refused to deploy the National Guard and effectively abandoned the citizens of Ferguson to the marauding black mobs after a grand jury refused to indict Darren Wilson. The mayor of Baltimore, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, also refused to call in the National Guard to suppress the black mobs in order to “give those who wish to destroy space to do that.”

In the last few months, White Americans have seen cops assassinated on the streets of New York City. They have seen Officer Darren Wilson prosecuted by the Mainstream Media in Ferguson for the crime of self defense. They have seen six cops in Baltimore indicted by an inept black prosecutor who couldn’t even get their names right. Also in Baltimore, the black mobs targeted random Whites in a series of violent revenge attacks. The black mob in Baltimore was even egged on by the New Black Panthers which compared police officers to an Israeli occupation force.

Is this a credible threat?

“While dis­cussing those who do not agree with his tac­tics, Shabazz stated, “There are a lot of haters out there against Attor­ney Shabazz [and] the New Black Pan­ther Party. And we’re gonna stop all this god­damn talk­ing and raise up an army and deal with you motherf—ers.”

Raise up an army and deal with you motherf–kers. Can we reasonably expect US Attorney General Loretta Lynch not to take the side of this aforesaid army?

Where is all this tending when George Zimmerman’s head can be pounded into the pavement by Trayvon Martin, who was on top of him beating him MMA style, and Gov. Rick Scott of Florida caved to pressure from the black mobs and appointed a special prosecutor to indict him? That’s also what happened in the Duke Lacrosse case in Durham, NC where the prosecutor was disbarred for unethical conduct.

Everywhere we look, White Americans are under siege:

1.) The police officers who stand between ordinary White citizens and the black mobs are under siege by the Mainstream Media and the Justice Department. The Darren Wilson case showed that even spurious charges are sufficient to destroy a police officer’s career.

2.) The prisons which are holding pens for the most violent segments of the black underclass, where they have been locked up since the early 1990s, are under siege by politicians like Hillary Clinton, who bowing to pressure from the black mobs, have thrown their support behind the cause of criminal liberation.

3.) The epidemic of casual black mob violence, which cumulatively amounts to a low level race war, is deliberately ignored by the Mainstream Media.

4.) Entire cities like Ferguson and Sanford are demonized by the Mainstream Media.

5.) In Baltimore, the black mob held a victory celebration when State Attorney Marilyn Mosby bowed to mob pressure and pressed charges.

In Black Run America, White Americans should expect the most violent criminals to return to the streets in the near future, the Mainstream Media to continue to ignore, incite, cheer on, excuse, apologize for and rationalize black mob violence against Whites, politicians to continue to cave to pressure from black mobs, and the President and the Justice Department to take the side of the black mobs.

We’re not the only ones expecting to see violent black mobs of noble looters, incited and glamorized by the Mainstream Media, burning down our cities in the name of “social justice.” Most of our neighbors are expecting to see it too. It says a lot about the state of race relations in Obama’s “post-racial” America when almost no one would be surprised to see the race war land on their doorstep.

Whose fault is that?

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  1. Watch and re watch Zulu.

    Pray for a Martini Henry .45 calibre miracle.

  2. Only half joking, found a town call it Roarke’s Drift.

    Shit buy a block in Baltimore or where ever and barbwire the place. Build it and the negro will rush.

  3. For the young folks, there was a race war from 1965 to about the early 80’s. Horrendous crimes were committed all the time. There was a big “backlash” against the progressive criminal policies of the 60’s, and criminals started to go to jail for long periods again. This culminated in the recall of California Supreme Court judges appointed by 70’s governor Jerry Brown (now the governor again) including the infamous Rose Bird.

    People forget though, and the pendulum is swinging back. The only reason progressives came back into power is people forgot how badly they screwed things up before, or they don’t remember those times. It will be hard to undo the criminal justice reforms like three strikes but they will try. Be careful and be prepared.

  4. “Only half joking, found a town call it Roarke’s Drift.”

    Yes–to memorialize the white men who died to make South Africa safe for a Jew diamond cartel.

  5. There can’t be a black and white “race war” beyond a handful of petty skirmishes. White Americans are armed to the teeth and, while they don’t value their heritage or identity, though do value their property and personal safety.

    The system won’t let Black riots go beyond more or less destroying their own neighborhoods. There may be some isolated (though certainly unfortunate) Reginald Denny incidents if it continues to escalate, but Black Americans lack the organizing, the resources, the logistics, and the will to carry the situation beyond mayor-sanctioned convenience store looting jackassery and petty arson.

  6. It’s funny.

    Although I am labeled the “extremist,” I am probably the most lightly armed person of anyone I know around here. The SPLC once featured Renee posing with an AK-47. That wasn’t even mine.

  7. so Matt Parrot, will white whores be defending their half negro babies and black dildos with the help of their father’s guns? that’s one ass-backwards self contradicting race of people. i suppose the young “men” will be listening to modern cRAP music while blasting away negroes.

  8. The Brinsley shooting of two NYPD cops was 100% theater. That one has been debunked from various angles by various NYC natives.

  9. Abraham – no – Mudsharks don’t do much of anything except collect welfare, and if it gets to the point where Whites and Negroes are actually blasting away – Mud Sharks will have been exterminated by their Pavement Ape “boyfriends” already. Coal Burners usually don’t live too long, in the first place. Thanks, Jew, for your Race’s malicious program of making Whites as mongrelized and deranged as your Tribe! You’ve been helping us weed out the crazy!

    C-RAP promoted by your greasy hook-nosed brethren – it’s not really a White Boy thing anymore.

  10. Yeah Bonacoursi, the one example of white unequivocally massacring blacks (Ulundi is part n parcel of the Anglo-Zulu war) and it’s about Jewish diamonds…for you.

    It would be good if white Americans found a way to re-enact the carnage at Ulundi. And do it soon. Possibly in Baltimore.

  11. The SPLC article suggests that Dr. Hill has taken an anti-Semitic position as of late. If that is indeed true, it is a very positive step and I commend him. The South in general is not aware of Jewish power and influence in the media and the government. Hopefully Dr. Hill can begin to get the word out.

  12. BTW, Drudge Report and all the other mainstream conservative websites – Free Republic, Breitbart, Daily Caller, Frontpagemag, American Thinker, and especially WND – have been reporting on the black-on-white race war for years now.

    There’s hardly a day that goes by when I am not retweeting some story from one of those sites.

  13. The CofCC used to focus on black crime.

    Now, all the other mainstream conservative websites steal our material and write their own stories. They are doing it because those articles generate huge audiences and thousands of comments. The UK Daily Mail is the best example.

  14. Hunter, I’ve been saying for years that the mayhem caused by “diversity” would get so bad that even the most mendacious Jew Media would be unable to deny reality.

    This Burntimore event – it’s a watershed. The survival instincts of the Average White Schmoo will either kick in, or Negroes will do to America what they’ve done to Haiti. It’s a toss up for me, now.

    Regardless – even the most adamant of DWL careerist types cannot deny reality.

    Negroes, and their Jew Masters – they are ramping up the rhetoric, and the activism, even more. Watch the MSNBC Melitha Harrith Peery show. Today’s episode was almost nothing but Negroes, and their Jew owners, blathering about the reality of being Blaque in Murrica – and what Negroes are sufferink every single day.

  15. The SPLC has checked in yet again with a bit of old-fashioned Jewish Supremacist bile. While Jews demand and receive 1000s of troops to protect the synagogues of France, they rave about mere discussion of white self-defense against the blacks who have assaulted and murdered 1000s more whites than the Muslims Jews invited have Jews.

  16. Low-grade race war against whites has been going on for a while now of course. I don’t think we’re on the brink of an expanded, open, largescale race war. I do think there has been a quickening in society lately starting with the persecution of George Zimmerman until now. There is no way to know when the next cultural watershed event might happen, what it might involve or how it might affect attitudes.

  17. “Yeah Bonacoursi, the one example of white unequivocally massacring blacks (Ulundi is part n parcel of the Anglo-Zulu war) and it’s about Jewish diamonds…for you.”

    Yes–for me and anyone else who’s reflected on South Africa’s history. That you feel compelled to point out that we’re talking about the Anglo-Zulu War–as if you’re the only person who knows that–confirms my suggestion, namely, that, for you, Rorke’s Drift is nothing more than an adventure story, the sort of story that inspires hapless goy lads to go off and die in Jew wars.

    PS I understand you can’t be bothered to spell my name correctly–but a bit of Googling will make clear to you that you’ve also misspelled the name of the battle you would celebrate. There’s no “a” in Rorke.

  18. I see Zulu as a prophesy.

    Furguson, Baltimore…slouching toward Armageddon. London 2011 as well.

  19. Say goodbye to the Federal Government, they are now dead. Doesn’t matter who actually performs the executions at this point, its just whomever is available to remove the trash. The authority of Washington has been eroding for years, but with this Anti-White pogrom and the laughable “gay marriage” crapfest, they will soon see that people can simply ignore them and there is little power they have to compel them now that the Dollar is about worthless.

  20. If a race war was to come about, it wont go very far. Our county is next to 85% black Jackson Ms. Most blacks do not have the means to get out of Jackson. Another is everyone including black people know that every white person is armed to the teeth. As the old saying goes, all white boys hunt. The white liberals in Jackson’s Belhaven and Fondren neighborhoods will sustain casualties as most dranked the coolaid and will not be armed. Just like Katrina in New Orleans, the white people got up and departed before the storm. A large portion of the blacks looked around for their white saviors to come get them out, too late. Most blacks as we all know lack future time orientation skills.

  21. The anti-white violence is escalating now on a daily basis. The coalition of blacks, immigrants, union thugs, soon to be released convicts, multiculturized young people and other assorted leftards represent the private army Obama said he wanted to form. They have formed now, are actively engaged, and anyone who cannot see is willfully blind. The crisis point will be reached within the next year. Stay alert, stay alive.

    Deo Vindice

  22. The United States Government and NRA are to blame…a generation ago…gun violence figures were no longer published…they should always be shown and demographic areas highlighted. Next, the Media is creating an air of all
    white cops vs. all black people. Fourth. Fourth, Business America allowed low wages to create the current undertow between the haves and have-nots. And this subculturing of all races took place when both spouses were forced out of the parenting role because of these wage injustices.
    And sadly…outside American Forces are also agitating and fueling racial unrest or fears. Too many young individuals are looking for a cause to hang on to-right or wrong. They are lost like a legion of walking zombies motivated by texts and emails.
    Charles Manson preached HELTER SKELTER…a race war.
    Without GOD…all is lost…Pray…HE LISTENS all the time…and I believe America will once again heal itself…
    Only a child will follow another child over a cliff.
    And FINALLY. ..Donald Trump is alienating all groups with bar room drunkard talk
    ..if he is elected…who will NUKE who first…HIM OR PUTIN?

  23. There was once a time when white people laid down their life’s to free black people from oppression and slavery. It was called the Civil War. Now it looks like there is going to be another Civil War but this time, it will be the White people fighting Black people to keep from making the whites slaves. I guess that 150 years ago, they had the right idea, man did we screw that up.

  24. Was never brought up to be prejudice; until now. Blacks have been renting in our neighborhood for the last 2 years and crime has just gone through the roof! In the last 7 months, 9 shootings, with 2 fatalities. The fatalities were blacks killed by blacks – so much for black lives matter. Robberies (business & home) have jumped 69% in the last 2 years. Drugs & prostitution is so prevalent now, parents won’t let their children play outside. Most of the businesses that were here for years closed due to the black population who have come in and stolen, threatened, and robbed these people who have worked hard to obtain what they have. Most of the homeowners now have security cameras installed and ALL of us are now legal gun carriers. The blacks that have come into this area pollute and play their radios so loud that people just literally want to kill them. They are rude, and their children are worse! They provoke fights, call the elderly awful names, bully the young school children getting off the buses. We never had such atrocities before until the blacks literally came in. Our neighborhood was diversified with whites, Hispanic and Asian, and everyone got along and respected each other. Now they too want the blacks out because they fear for their lives. It is sad that a group of people from this race come in, feel like they must take control because they feel that others are throwing the race card out at them. If King was alive today, I think he would be very disappointed in the direction they have turned to. Even though security cameras are installed, the police don’t even respond to the drug deals being recorded or the prostitutes being picked up. We have lived here for 30 years and have NEVER encountered such terrorism as this. It is terrorism and if they want to be the jerks they are, then if a racial war becomes evident, then let it be so. I will defend what is mine and that includes my life. I can only hope that they kill each other so we can get back to some normality and enjoy the rest of our life in peace.

  25. Black Americans would be foolish to believe that any such “race war” could benefit them. Whites outnumber them about 7 to 1 ratio, and even if you count out the percentage of whites that would cut and run or refuse to fight (and they would die quickly) then you would still have at least 3 to 1 odds for the whites. Now you would also need to take into account the fact that there are a huge population of whites that are well-trained and armed to the teeth, either due to military service, law enforcement training, or simply due to traditional hunting and 2nd Amendment, self-defense culture. The blacks would find themselves in real trouble very quickly. The pent-up racial frustrations of a formerly dominant class of rural white males would suddenly become justified in venting their rage and rectifying the racial “problems” in American society. Nope, wouldn’t go well for the blacks at all.

      • We didn’t lose VietNam on the battlefield. We lost VietNam when the communists in Congress refused to fund the war, and when LBJ and Nixon refused to let the military go for a victory. We lost VietNam when the commie press, Hollywood, and international communist conspiracy corrupted the young people with their propaganda and drugs.

    • and you would be foolish to believe that despite losing one race war you could win another ? not all white people are racist ! you think that the families, cartels, gangs, foreign governments that have been attacked by the usa, will not help fund and send experienced fighters to assist ? but keep believing your little fantasy. you need to go check the real stats cause pretty soon you will have a bunch of 50 and 60 year olds fighting a whole lot of young blacks, hispanics and non racist whites

      • What a joke.

        When have whites ever lost a race war?

        And no, I do not believe foreign criminal cartels are going to send fighters to help the blacks. If they do then they can die with them–we have plenty of ammo for them all.

        • 1817 to 1858 The Gullah aka (Freemen), Seminole Maroon (Mixed with Gullah and Native American); Seminole and Choctaw Wars. Yep it was basically a 41 year slave revolt, that also caused “The Trail of Tears”. Your His Story books call it “The Seminole Wars”.

        • IF the civil war was about slavery then the southern WHITES LOST, the jokes is that the same clowns that lost that war think they can take on 80 million non whites and what would you know about foreign criminal cartels ? a little education for you ! whenever a country or countries got to fighting outside forces invest money on the side they feel benefits their cause

          • Civil war was white vs white, not white vs nonwhite.

            Please tell me more about Mexican cartels sending fighters to help the blacks. If they do, then we have bullets for them too.

        • Whites have killed each other up by the millions Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, cause the death of close to a hundred million white people. You also kill each other inhumanly in high numbers. And you have the nuclear bomb which you will use to kill millions of more of your own Your race is genocidal.

      • And let us no forget most blacks will not fight with the radical blacks as they are well aware of how stupid you are. What makes you think most Hispanics would fight for blacks?? They are not going to do that. Foreign nations fighters?? Take another pill fool. Non racist whites? hell it is you that are the racist idiot.

        • what the heck do you know about what what blacks will or won’t do ? ya’ll racist white supremacists are the idiots to think that just cause you got guns you are going to erase 80 million non whites

          • Poor black envy and insecurity . I know what blacks that are not niggers will do and certainly NOT as you . Hispanics are not for black niggers fool. I live in an ALL black neighborhood and they talk it a lot but not as you but how they will defend against idiots as you. I am White, Asian, Native and we are not on the nigger side. it is well know blacks are good people with sense and right.

          • Whites In This country are 300 million strong to your 80 mill. So not looking so strong brah lmfao. We run the gun business. We would have an endless supply of guns and ammo. Who will sell blacks guns and ammo in the midst of a race war? No one. We whites will shown force to protect all gun outlets and ammo outlets. We also run the water,electricity,welfare. We also run companies that ship your food to your ghetto stores in trucks,trains,planes. All that gone. What will you do. No heat,water or food, no money on your ebt cards, No bulletts. Your out manned and out gunned by a more intelligent and much more disciplined foe. No other race will help you. You hurt your relations with Latinos , Asians and all other races. You raped and robbed them to death. Same thing your doing now to the whites. They will not stand with you. You will stand utterly alone. No one will come to your aid. No backup no reinforcements. Whites live spread equally throughout this country. Your packed into cities. That means your already surrounded. You have all your eggs in 1 very small packag so to speak. We’re 7 whites to 1 black. You can’t win a war with us. I don’t think you realizing what a war with whites will look like. It’s funny you think you can win. Think of it this way. Put 14% of us whites in China and we’ll have a war with the Asians. We would be crushed. Because they run gas, electric, welfare, water. Well everything. We couldn’t win there in the same way you can’t win here. Again I didn’t expect you to know that. Because your not that intelligent to do so. Honestly the government is pandering to you now. But if an all out race war happened. The government will want to survive. They will know they have to choose sides. So will they take the blacks side that take up our tax money and contribute almost nothing or the whites which pay they way for this country. With whites we will work and pay taxes. We will go to collage and be able to make breakthroughs in science and military weaponery. With us their future is greener (meaning money). And to a capitalistic country that is of paramount importantance. If they choose you blacks they bankrupt. As well as have to fight 300 million pissed off whites that are armed to their teeth.

          • No black are not 80 million deep. Sorry to tell you. And what I said in my very long post was that no other race will stand with you. Blacks will stand alone vs the whites. Sorry 🙂

    • Let me just remind u who is genetically and clearly superior race. In every war we fought for this nation we we’re known to be the most ferocious fighter. We survived 300 hundred years of brutally and mental abuse and yet 300 years later we’re still here. They may out number us but let’s not forget the other races in this melting pot we call America. Latinos, Middle Easterns, African. Who’s side will they be on. Do you think they will just be on white Americas side? White people too. So let’s not count us out because you have ur weapons and training. The French had weapons and traing and still suffers defeat to the hands of African slave of Hati. It’s one of the main reasons France surrendered the Louisiana Teritory.

      • So who won Louisiana, who did the blacks turn to during katrina. Blacks siding with latinos, asians, etc. isnt happening. Ive been to compton/watts/socal, latinos/mexicans are tired of blacks also.And asians are for themselves. In a war you have to think logistics, you cant get a black to work at kfc for two weeks, you think hes gonna sleep in a pit. Coutry boys do that shit for excitement, adrenaline, and fun. They love the push, the hardship, and the survival. Blacks do not understand war, show me one group of blacks successful in war. Show me one case of colonization. You want to hear about blacks in vietnam, when they ran patrol, they walked out about 200yds in the bush and went to sleep.. That is the black mans war and these young bucks are softer than the 60’s blacks..This shit is laughable at the best..

      • lol you pavement apes are worthy of fucking nothing i can`t wait for USA civil war to burst out i will bring millions from east europe just to have our fun in killing pavement apes i mean 70 years since ww2 such a long vacation is simply PAIN for us now let me tell you who you are you apes Homo Erectus ,meaning they walk upright.
        They are Homo Epeslic ,meaning they have 10 fingers and 10 toes and an articulated thumb.
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        Their lungs are 20% epolastic tissue compared to a human who only has 2% of this tissue . Meaning they can not use oxygen as effectively as a Human can, and can not tolerate high altitudes.
        Their Brain mass is as low in some cases as 33% that of a normal human . Brain receptor neurons used for the higher functions that Humans have simply do not exist in niggers at all.
        Few if any niggers have a blood type of O positive ,the universal doner ,in fact the blood from a nigger even if it is said to be the same type can be deadly to a human.
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        Niggers tend to be 40% more effected by being color blind than Humans ,Meaning the brain of a nigger can not distinguish color ,distance calculations ,or three dimensional objects as well as being subjective to night blindness.
        The Cerebral Cortex ,the mother board of the brain, is 40% smaller in a nigger than that of a human.
        It also does not have the Enzyme called Nuroplastin , an Enzyme that allows Humans to communicate with the entire brain and its resources in a problem situation, drawing from all of the brains memory or functions simultaneously . As opposed to one small portion which causes frustration then anger over the fact they cant understand something simple.
        The capillaries of a niggers skin can not receive the volume of blood to the skin that a humans can.
        Thus making them very susceptible to cold environments , and making frost bite a real possibility even in temporal climates.
        I could go on, but niggers are not Homo Sapiens , there is really not a PC term for what they are except Homo Precipitous. Meaning something thought to have become extinct over 30 million years ago.
        There I said it because everyone else is afraid to in the Media. And science knows this yet continues to remain silent for fear of being labeled as racist

        • Lol. You envious genetic recessive mistakes of nature. I love reading the fake scientific facts made up by your forebearers in a time when humans were much more simple
          Minded. Serious who taught you these facts? And how mentally weak and gullable to believe these facts? NOW LET ME TELL YOU WHO YOU ARE…. Not only are you melanin hungry and deprived but YOU ( THE WHITE RACE) ARE THE TRUE APES IM THE HUMAN SPECIES. DIRECT DESCENDENTS OF THE RHESUS MONKEY. 90 % europeans carry this RH factor. 90 percent of the European Caucasoid race, as indicated in any physiology-medical book you pick up, is in fact RH-FACTOR-POSITIVE, possessing the identical agglutinogen anti-body (anti-RH serum) as the Rhesus Monkey. Again THE TRUE APES. All these facts and theories about the black race and how they are inferior to whites is laughable to say the least. I get it, you have to find any way possible to justify your existence as a race . It is a known fact that blacks are they genetically superior race. They are naturally more phyically capable,more naturally fertile, have higher amounts if testoterone in males( hence the black male athletisism, virility, masculinity, and estrogen in black females hense their coveted body shape ( waist to hip ratio, lips, melanin, gluteus maxiumus, fertility, etc) . You may think whites out number black 7 to 1( it may be true in middle american in small rural towns) but it only takes one black man to erraticate 3-4 white males by natural force period. As for blood type. Again you’ve been fed lies and false information about yourself. In the human species , 51% of people AFRICAN DECENT ARE TYPE O. 57% of non white latinos are 57% type O blood. Only 47% of whites are tupe O. The lowest if all races. Type O is the blood type of survivors of the human race. The strongest of all humans which happen to be…… People of african decent. All those facts of black blood and anemia are bullshit. Like majority of white culture, thoughts, theories, and opinions. Go tell grandpa billy bob” toothless” joe he doesnt know what the fuck he was talking about when he was passing down his uneducated views to his kin. As for your false facts on race and the human brain…. Let me be the first “nigger” to teach you, my rhesus monkey friend. The majority of empirical studies on the matter of racial differences in brain size suggest that blacks from comparable environments will have larger brains than do whites and perhaps others. Brain sizes vary considerably within any species but this variation is not usually related to intelligence. In mammals for example, 90% of all variation in brain weight can be explained by variations in body weight (Jerison 1973). in 2009 Philip Tobias found a that African-Americans actually had a slightly larger brain size than European-Americans (Whites). Now to address your next false racist myths. There is increasing concern that most current published research findings In white western society are false. The probability that a research claim is true may depend on study power and bias, the number of other studies on the same question, and, importantly, the ratio of true to no relationships among the relationships probed in each scientific field. In this framework, a research finding is less likely to be true when the studies conducted in a field are smaller; when effect sizes are smaller; when there is a greater number and lesser preselection of tested relationships; where there is greater flexibility in designs, definitions, outcomes, and analytical modes; when there is greater financial and other interest and prejudice; and when more teams are involved in a scientific field. Please remember the world is a big big place. African americans arent the only blacks that exist. They are million and millions of “blacks” around the world who vome from different backgrounds, different genetic makes ups, different cultures, speak different languages and dont share te mentality , thought processss and behavior of typical poor african americans. Secondly, as a well traveled educated professional non american black doctor, I wish white america ( especially the ones in middle america who arent exposed to mich culture and race) would know that the european hertiage they cling to tightly to wants nothing to do with them. Europe doesn’t care about you. Europe doesn’t want you, Europe is ashamed of you. The typical french/british/ italian mix white american would be spat on due to their genetic mix in Europe.

        • It’s. A Civil war right now. Right now. How re they killing whites. Pick us off one by one. One by one. Our kids mostly. We’re in a Civil war and whites don’t know. Most are not racist so they hang out, white them and are murdered

        • Damn so if i need a blood transfusion is there anyway i can tell them i dont want nigger blood? Cause from what you said i dont want that shit no where near my body..there realy should be a law against niggers donating blood

      • Lol and then the US army came in and curb stomped the black revolutionaries
        Also, it’s a proven fact that whites have a higher intelligence. We’d obliterate you. And unlike in all those other war you fought with us in, there would be no rules, no quarter, nothing held back. Any weapon usable, any tactic possible. There would be no rules of engagement. It would be a simple fight for survival, one which we would win.

      • fuck you and the racist shit.
        degrading yourself to the twinkies level. the fuck is wrong with you? superior race my ass, ya’ll are all the same IMO.

    • Yes have to fracture in the fact that a large part of the black population is in prison as well. So they can’t use their full numbers anyway.

    • But 99%. Of minorities hates whites. They out number us! Obama shipping in. More blacks. Isis. La. Raza. And blacks said they will kill whites. It’s a unannounced Civil war. White genocide world wide. Pray Trump. Knows this

  26. This us why everyone, the traitorous politicians especially nare cheating Trump from the POTUS nomination.

  27. Jews flood our borders. Jews grab our guns. Jews rewrite our history. Jews incite violence against us. So of course the Kosher media isn’t going to report on the crimes or their agenda against us. In fact, they will turn the facts upside-down in order to push their anti-White narrative and encourage even more violence against us.

  28. The cult of the super individual is catching up to White America. The “I got mine generation” perhaps got theirs, now with their adult children and grandchildren living with them? Putting the USA Nation into a debt hole that most likely will never be repaid to zero, the burden of inflation falls on the grandchildren to pay the taxes and devalued money back to the owners of the debt. Not a happy prospect in a sea of humanity that doesn’t reflect our European Western Traditions. Already rule of law, personal property rights, and rights are being stripped and whittled away at with each passing year. It is hard to stay positive when you can see the big picture.

  29. There is a race war going on already, except whites don’y know about it. A black person gets abused and it’s on national TV the other day two white men were set on fire NOTHING NOT EVEN A WHISPER. White lives DON’T matter.

    • Mudsharks are traitors. They got exactly what they deserved. Their idiot family would scream “racism” if you dared speak up.

  30. SHATTERED ALLEGIANCE…read it! It isn’t always the guns, knives, and other weapons that inflict the greatest damage. 100% infrastructure collapse is devastating.

  31. Whites pay the bills, but the police arrest Whites.

    Just look at San Jose. Whites attacked by Mestizos and the Mestizo police did nothing to stop it. They intentionally and proudly stood by.

    I really don’t care about the police. I stopped caring a Ferguson ago. Let the police get killed. One less government employee leeching off Whitey. One less cop enforcing Diversity.

  32. After Dallas, you better arm up. Obama has poured gas on the fire ever since he took office. It’s not going to get better. There are a lot of pissed off people.

  33. I am a young black male from New York City ..I come from a good family have never been in trouble with the police ..I graduated from college in 2014 with a bachelors in mechanical engineering ..I like fixing and building machines ..I only drink socially and usually get a stomach ache from hard liquor so i avoid it when I can .I don’t like nicotine and only occasionally smoke pot ..I consider myself a good guy I give up my seat on the train to folks who need to sit and I help old ladies black ,white or Spanish ,with their shopping bags and yard work ..I never ask to be paid and even when they offer i usually so no thank you “it’s my pleasure ” ..I like helping people and making them smile .The police in my neighborhood are under the 47th precinct of newyork and they never seem to differentiate between good guys like me and criminals .Just going to the store here comes with the knowledge that you might not make it back because you can get pulled into a line up..there’s been many a time I’ve been arrested and interrogated because I “fit the description “of a suspect but I’ve heard cops say “all you niggers look the same “..No matter how I try to carry myself I am painted with the same brush as criminals ..I can no more chose the color of my skin then you can choose how tall or short you are ..I’m happy to be what I am ..I’m proud of my ancestors history and love how the sunlight catches and shines on my skin when I’m outside .Ive been beaten up by police more times then I care to remember and not just white ones but black ones and spanish .I don’t have an issue with white people when I visit ,y grandparents in Florida I hang with my white friends and we have a ball ..the difference in our color has never come up between us except for the occasional friendly semi racial joke example I can’t play basketball with you you jump to damn high it’s not fair lol yeah well dinner at your house sucks you guys never season your food properly lol.Its all jokes made in fun between friends.My issue is not with a race it’s with an organization .something needs to be done about the police in the country and marching isn’t going to work for this issue it never did and never will ..I abhore violence but won’t deny that at times it’s necessary.Personally I think of Micah Johnson as a heroe and hope to see many more like him .Theres nothing wrong with protecting your people If not us then who will save us from impending extinction .We never asked to be here fact of the matter is we’re only here because white people were lazy and lacked the physical strength to do their own yard work and farming .You bring us here by force then attempt to kill us when we’re no longer useful to you .Im prepared to fight and die for what I beleive is right if your the kind of white man who thinks I belong in a cell or a grave just because I’m black then my enemy is you .I love all life and consider all living things precious but something’s need to die so that others may live ..racism is alive and well in America that mentality and then people who carry it need to die ..Well make sure they will if a race war comes to America there will be heavy losses on both sides .War isn’t always defined in terms of victory and while our opposition may have the weapons and training we know things about this country and how to bring it down without firing a shot .300 plus years of serving you have allowed us to learn all your weaknesses as a country and at this point we feel no sadness in using these weaknesses against you ..#black and proud #carib and proud #warrior race

    • Whites didn’t bring you here. KIKES did. Kikes are NOT White – and either are you.
      I don’t believe one word of your bullshit post. Blame your “problems” on your co-Nigs. And go fuck yourself. you shitskinned TRASH. I HATE you.

      • Black man, let the lone wolves help the Pink Neanderthal mosquitoes, inch away more and more of the 1st and 2nd amendment rights. The Pink Parasites, willingly, aren’t paying attention to the fact that many people and many countries want and are actively looking for a way to weaken this land. The Pink parasites, know that eyes from everywhere are always looking for the advantage. Black man, they know what’s inevitable and genocide committed by the Aryan roaches, has not been forgotten by any groups that it fucked over. This land’s info structure, is completely occupied by many of many lands( hello Jew… LoL.) This land will begin to fall from the inside and be joined by others of many, from the outside. Black man, pay attention to Europe, over the next 10 years; they are fucked. You have to have lived there to see how fucked Europe, is about to become. I can’t wait until lone wolves start hitting museums, ( soon Mona Lisa, won’t be around to have her expression debated.) God, bless the lone wolves. I love you many love you, but God, loves you, most of all. BLACK MAN, REMEMBER THAT ISIS/LONE WOLVES, HAVE MADE IT CLEAR THAT WE ARE NOT IN THEIR CROSS HAIRS. DONT HINDER THEIR BLESSED ACTIONS. DO NOT NOTICE NOR WITNESS ANYTHIG, THAT WILL STOP THE PRESENT RANDOM KILLINGS. Laugh as this subspecies of homo sapien, arrogantly talks shit; it’s fate has been in motion with every refugee, coming to this land because the Pink Mosquitoes, destroyed their lands.

      • Your daddy touched you a lot instead of touching your mommy, didn’t he or was it your uncle grandaddy? I mean, that’s what you types are like right, you Pink Neanderthals? Your kind likes that same sex, family sex touching babies sort of thing right? Your kind are filthy. Yuck, nasty mosquitoes; baby fuckers. Did daddy like his German Shepard even more or was it you who liked daddies doggie more? You subhuman pink mosquitoes, are filthy types.

  34. Thugs vs a militarized population. 90-95% of the Air Force is white so I highly doubt the Thugs have thought that out. Not to mention that about 80% of army,90% of Marines and so forth are white and most only serve 2-4 years. There are probably 20 million trained whites on conservative end which is over half the population of blacks alone. Lambs to a slaughter.

  35. The race war is being waged right now…its the blacks against the blacks…the ones that aren’t in prison have deserted their families and left the women to raise all the bastard children alone…they are killing each other by the thousands in all of our major cities…they trash their neighborhoods and businesses in their communities…they are so horrible to the police that the police just don’t help them in many areas…the educated blacks can’t stand the lower class blacks so I think the war is here and they are destroying themselves…desperately clinging to blaming the white slave owners, the crackers and the uncle toms…too many drugs that they don’t realize that was almost 200 years ago…so much for evolution…

  36. Blacks calmed for a civil war now on. Whites. Mexicans. Latino. Asains because of slavery. Numberv1 killer 4 every race. It’s not just whites. But yes. Most. Minorities really hate whites. I read there hate for us for 8 years. Whites. We’re really in a Civil war, get guns. Get your whites off the streets. Only hire whites. We need jobs too

  37. If a race anything were to break out this is what will happen. Over half of white people today are anti white and would fight other white people than you have 20% of the population blacks and you have the other 20% of other minorities. so you have 40% minorities fighting in this race war than you have over half of the white people anti white aka liberals fighting with the 40% making 70% fighting … the “race war whites in the south” THAN mexico which HATES the white from donald trump would cross the border en masses to fight the “white nationalist” THAN you have Canada 90% of the population over there are anti white whites would come down to fight this ” white power nationalist” so now these number no longer look good for white nationalist because they forgot to take into account that their are whites who are so anti white that even if a black kills a white wrongly they side with the black. race war in america starts to look more like ( 90% on blacks team and 10% on white nationalist team) because everyone feel obligated to help the helpless black man. this is the downfall of white race here in america as we speak and even if the race war is lost for the black the damage will be so great to america that it would fall and any small country like south africa could come here and take over the rest of whats left. america would fall into a super 3rd world country. now you white can take THAT to the bank because minorities have nothing to lose BUT ALL TO GAIN FROM A RACE WAR

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