Marco Rubio’s Jewish Handler


His name is Norman Braman, and you can read about his financial relationship with Marco Rubio in the New York Times:

“MIAMI — One day in the State Capitol in Tallahassee, Marco Rubio, the young speaker of the House, strayed from the legislative proceedings to single out a lanky, silver-haired man seated in the balcony: a billionaire auto dealer named Norman Braman.

This man, Mr. Rubio said in effusive remarks in 2008, was no ordinary billionaire, hoarding his cash or using it to pursue selfish passions. …”

Note: As of late, the New York Times has been refreshingly honest about how Jewish billionaires like Sheldon Adelson and Norman Braman are pulling the strings of their Republican puppets like Lindsey Graham, Tom Cotton, and Marco Rubio. Scott Walker is flying to Israel right now to meet with his constituents.

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  1. No way! The “American” political establishment in the complete thrall of Zionist/Supremacist Jews, distorting every aspect of American life for their own benefit?

    No WAY!

    Are you a Knaaaazeee, or sumthin’ Hunter?

  2. The GOP primary will be a contest of Jewish puppets arguing with each other over who is the most slavishly devoted to Israel’s interests. Even Rand Paul has worked long and hard to get that “kosher stamp of approval.”

    The funny thing is, it is not even a secret anymore. The mainstream media increasingly acknowledges it. Yet if someone like Kevin MacDonald acknowledges what these people are saying then he is a ddiabolical Nazi anti-Semite.

  3. Ironically, Michael Bloomberg is looking to buy the NYT, or least the portion that Carlos Slim doesn’t own.

  4. It’s best when staring next to a Jewish donor NOT to have the Jewish donors hands obscured by the body of the puppet/politician.

    That’s an easy easy gif. Just have the rictus grin from Rubio cut up like a Monty Python anaimation flapping up and down and dub in some boiler plate.

  5. “The GOP primary will be a contest of Jewish puppets arguing with each other over who is the most slavishly devoted to Israel’s interests.”

    Yes–and the puppet who wins will go up against the Democrat candidate, who will pretend not to be slavishly devoted to Israel’s interests.

  6. Well, it looks like none of these candidates can sing that song from Pinocchio. “I’ve Got No Strings To Hold Me Up”. However, it would be nice to see some noses growing!

  7. The ambitious jews of the 20th and 21st century aspire not to be

    “the King of the Jews”

    instead, the aspire to be….

    The Jew of the kings.

  8. Hunter, I have a article in draft mode about the new, openly Jewish anti White Leftist PAC run by the son of George Soros.

    It aspires to be everything anti White Liberal Left, but not mention Israeli issues – as that was giving Jewish people in the USA, the West a bad reputation.

  9. ““The GOP primary will be a contest of Jewish puppets arguing with each other over who is the most slavishly devoted to Israel’s interests.”

    Yes–and the puppet who wins will go up against the Democrat candidate, who will pretend not to be slavishly devoted to Israel’s interests.”

    Think great efforts will be made not to talk too much about Israel interests, instead most everything will be about “outreach” to minorities, undocumented workers, gay and lesbians, transgender, even Muslims in America – the worst threat is White racism, Xenophobia, homophobia, Islamapobia, police profiling Black youths etc.

  10. The MSNBC “shoe” with Jose a LeTEENO host, is about to do a story on Sheldon Adelson and his Jew shekels.

    They are simply bragging now.

  11. Miss Lindsey has been unabashed about amount of Jewish influence (ie money) he has received.

    Lindsey Graham Jokes: Pro-Israel Funding Means I’d Have ‘First All-Jewish Cabinet’

    “If I put together a finance team that will make me financially competitive enough to stay in this thing … I may have the first all-Jewish cabinet in America because of the pro-Israel funding,” Graham said, chuckling cucking.

    Of course, it’s permissible for Jews to have near complete control of the U.S. political process. But it’s a crime against humanity to point it out.

    Dear Lindsey Graham: Some jokes only Jews can make

  12. Braman is alleged to have “founded” a chain of self service department stores in 1957, Keystone Stores, at age 25. Prior to that, according to published data, he worked for Seagrams Distributors, Seagrams was owned by the notorious Bronfman family and tied in with Israeli Zionism. I suspect that Mr.Braman was a front man for other interest, probably a common ruse in Jewish financial culture – after all – Israel has to launder trillions of dollars lifted from the US and others, it must be quite a task. Braman went on to be involved with other sophisticated enterprises at a young age, at 32 he was CEO of Philadelphia Pharmaceuticals and many other enterprises.

  13. Doesn’t end does it? Go through all the networks of people and organizations involved with the ghost writing of Chris Kyle’s book American Sniper through to the manufacturing of the movie American Sniper based on Chris Kyle’s book with a forensic fine tooth comb and you will discover Jewish networks. From the publishing house to the ghost writers up through Warner Brothers that put that dysfunctional movie out and made a fortunate.

    All based on killing and alleged 160 Iraqis who didn’t have a f#cking thing to do with knocking three buildings down in New York.

    Jewish fairy tales become real don’t they?

  14. The Russians used to call their overseers “commissars”. These people are the “commissars” of Jewish-occupied America. They’ve stolen and destroyed your Nation, robbed you blind, yet you still fear offending them?

  15. Marco Rubio probably IS a Jew. Marrano (secret) Jews are very common in Latin America and Rubio is a typical Jew name.

    He has been caught lying about his past, and the fact that he claims to be Roman Catholic or Baptist depending on the situation shows that his Christianity isn’t very serious.

  16. I’m Cuban background from Hialeah, Florida. Marco Rubio is my senator. I am a USA citizen and I am denouncing Marco Rubio in the DOJ since 2010 for violations of 1st and 14th Amendment for to chose a Jew, Alan P. Gross from other State (Maryland) over his own citizen from the State of Florida and let me without legal protection under the USA Constitution. Marco Rubio is a JEWS-KISSING-ASS and he does NOT represent Cuban peoples, he was not even born in Cuba, he never has put his plantar fasciitis in Cuba, all what he knows about Cuba is from Cubans-Jews-Crocs from Miami…. These are NOT by any means REAL Cuban People. We Cuban people we LOVE JESUS and his Mother MARY. We are neither JEWS nor JUDAS… I feel ashamed with Americans that this piece of crap is even attempting to topple the America Presidency of the Founding Father I know and I believe.
    My website has received a kind of “cease and desist” threat from the web hosting admin to remove my pictures and statements…. And NO WAY!!!… ONLY OVER MY DEAD BODY…. NO body take away my FIRST AMENDMENT.
    Bottom line: Marco Rubio is a JEWS-KISSING-ASS, you are RIGHT ON THE MONEY in this article and you and everybody else feel free to spread this picture all over the internet.

    Mario Herrera.

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