Scott Walker Hits The Campaign Trail

You’re going to go over here and bend the knee. They all do.

Gov. Scott Walker is tearing up the campaign trail … in Israel:

“MADISON, Wis. — Probable presidential candidate Scott Walker is in Israel on a five-day trip paid for by the governor’s political organization and the Republican Jewish Coalition.

The coalition’s executive director Matt Brooks tweeted a photo Sunday of Walker in Jerusalem and near the Western Wall wearing a yarmulke, the traditional Jewish head covering for males.

The Republican governor plans to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and talk with Israeli and Palestinian entrepreneurs as well as tour historic sites during his first trip to Israel. …”

Which puppet will emerge victorious? Does it matter?

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  1. None of this really means anything. What I mean by that is that you can’t expect integrity and resolute conviction of national(racialism implied) interests from people who have NEVER shown you that they are capable of abiding by that principle. Expect to be disappointed and you’ll never be disappointed. That’s the only way you can play their game. You are not supposed to win, you are just supposed to keep giving their shell game legitimacy by playing along.

    None of these puppets even gives lip service to the notion that there is such a thing as White America. Every single one of them is simply selling you their modified version of a multiracial utopia. Why expect something that was never given to you before, from someone who never even told you that they were going to give it to you?

    Essentially, you are never given the opportunity to truly be stabbed in the back or disappointed, because you voted for them even though they never even told you that they were going to represent your interests. No matter how delusional or blindly optimistic it might be, I could at least expect a glimmer of hope from someone who espoused pro-White values and/or spoke with brutal honesty when it came to the context of White America vs non-White America. But anyone not at least giving lip service to “Race” is never going to be someone you can rely on to do the right thing when it comes to race. It doesn’t matter if it’s kowtowing to Jews in Israel, turning a blind eye to Mexicans pouring across the border, enabling Muslims to construct their own little American Sharia, or Somalians being shipped to America by the boatloads. They never said they weren’t going to do that, did they? They never said White America was worthy of preserving, did they?

    For any quantifiable or tangible results to occur, the Republican party has to be gutted. It needs to be attacked from every angle and set upon like a wounded animal being voraciously devoured by a pack of wolves. There’s no reason this can’t be juxtaposed with actions that attack Democrats. In addition to that, the notion of Right vs Left and Conservative vs Liberal needs to be injected with a healthy dose of Racialism.

    You want vindication? Sit idly by as Zion slowly turns into Gehenna. Until Israeli leadership starts saying and doing the right things, that’s what I plan to do.

  2. I want the guy who worships Plymouth Rock or Jamestown Colony – not the Wailing Wall, Great Wall of China or Rock of Gibraltar. George Washington would cry.

  3. Pro-whites have to stop humoring the republicans. They aren’t somehow held hostage to hispanic votes; they purposely repress conservative hispanic activist groups. They simply want the cheap labor. They are totally bought out. They have always used social issues to convince southern whites that they stand for something. They do – whites’ enslavement and genocide.

    Here Ann Coulter actually claims that whites owe blacks something for slavery and Jim Crow:


    My white forebears never owned slaves; most whites’ didn’t. They worked for everything, everything, they had, and fought to free black slaves. Coulter faults LBJ’s Great Society for destroying the black family. She fails to mention that it declared war on the white middle class, punishing them for crimes they never committed. She also fails to mention that jews controlled most of the slave trade (and that africans sold their own people into it), and were the driving force behind the Great Society.

    It’s absurd to even discuss the republicans other than to expose their chicanery. Try the American Freedom Party.

  4. By conservative hispanic, I mean the hispanic groups that seek to close our borders, prosecute and deport invaders and end AA. Republicans repress them as much as the democrats.

  5. The black family was stronger under Jim Crow than at any other point in American history. The breakdown of the family has nothing to do with slavery or Jim Crow. The White family is also collapsing in both Europe and the United States.

  6. Both the Dem’s and the GOP lust for Jewish money and votes. They ought to combine the two parties and call it the KJAP. (Kiss Jewish Ass Party!)

  7. Isn’t the Western Wall the traditional location where Stephen the first Christian martyr was stoned to death by the Jews.

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