George Zimmerman Shot In Lake Mary, FL

It looks like a crazy leftist just drove up beside his car and tried to kill him:

“ORLANDO, Fla. (Reuters) – George Zimmerman, who was acquitted of murder charges in the 2012 shooting death of an unarmed black teenager in Florida, suffered a minor wound after being shot at in his vehicle on Monday, police said.
Zimmerman did not fire a gun in the Monday incident, his latest brush with law enforcement since his 2013 trial, according to police. The shooting took place on a roadway in Lake Mary, Florida, a suburb of Orlando.

The other man involved was Matthew Apperson, police said. Apperson previously accused Zimmerman of threatening to kill him during a September 2014 roadside dispute. At the time, Apperson declined to press charges.

Zimmerman, who no longer lives in central Florida, unexpectedly ran into Apperson on Monday while visiting the area for Mother’s Day, his attorney, Don West, told Reuters.

Zimmerman recognized Apperson, who pulled up behind him flashing his lights, honking and shouting insults, West said.

As Zimmerman attempted to make a U-turn to leave, Apperson pulled up alongside his vehicle and “pulled out a gun and shot it through the passenger window,” West said. …”

Note: It was Zimmerman who was shot at, not the other way around.


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  1. Don’t worry. Mannix used to get bullets shot through his window every week.

    Until and unless I see charges filed against someone, and a conviction, I’ll assume this is another staged incident. Like the “rescue of people from an overturned truck” one.

    George has more than just protection from consequences for his actions. He’s got a regular production crew to generate incidents, regularly.

  2. What would it get Zimmerman to ‘stage these incidents?’

    It might benefit someone else, but how he profits is unclear. He’d want to besmirch his own reputation even more? Not unless someone’s paying him $$$.

  3. Tim, none of it is real. The Baltimore riots were staged, crisis actors. George Zimmerman doesn’t exist, neither did Trayvon.

  4. Good God! Will they just leave this poor guy alone!!?? He didn’t “murder” anyone, get over it SJWs!

  5. Really Thomas Paine? And what kind of family submits this particular photo to the newspapers when their sister or daughter just got killed, by a rapist no less?

    The chances that Charle isn’t ‘real’ are very high. Check her name in google images to see a series of pictures that seem obviously designed to subliminally condition viewers to blame redheads for negro sexual violence against them. That and to conflate redhead with mediterranean. The redheads who are targeted by blacks are always nordic, not mediterranean, in both their hair color and facial features and even nordic body type usually. Make that ALWAYS for hair and faces. Brown haired nordic women will also get targeted, just less often, BECAUSE they’re WHITE NOT MEDITERRANEANS. The focus is so specific that it’s extremely rare to almost never that a slav gets this targeting, in NYC and NJ especially. Nordic here means northwestern european, even more specifically usually anglocelt.

    Celts don’t attribute personality characteristics or sexual solicitousness to redheads. Other races do, especially darker ones. The celts are also tend to get extremely upset when contemplating redheads’ demise on the planet, particularly in NYC and NJ where anglocelts have been a minority for many decades.

  6. The link I just posted goes to google images. The photo I referred to is the one of Charle lying on her back with her breasts heaving out of her top.

  7. Charle is reported to have been seriously ‘scared’ of all these diverse men who were living in the shelter, yet she is also said to have been constantly doing flirty things with her hair. Even the notion that red hair is some kind of choice implies blame on REAL redheads, who bear NONE. Black harassers ask redheads they don’t even know about ‘the carpet matching the drapes,’ as some say, except blacks aren’t as subtle. Charle is not a natural redhead and her persona serves to spin and deflect, if not in all the minds of the native northeasterners or southerners, then likely in the liberally insane ones of the midwesterners.

    Recall that Melissa McLaughlin was the redheaded woman in the South tortured for hours by rape and skinning in the early 90’s by a pack of groids; she had red hair. The last three years have seen hate crime murders by blacks against specifically irish males right outside NYC – Lennon Baldwin and Brendan Tevlin, whose hair varied from blonde to his natural dirty strawberry. Anger continues to churn over Tevlin’s execution all over the state, especially outside NYC. Schools have been named for him as far west as Hackettstown, NJ.

    Why locate Charle in Spain before her ‘calling’ impelled her to NYC? Simple – irish immigrants live all over Queens. There are still italians in some sections of NYC and especially nearby in Long Island. Native greeks also live there in some numbers still; Golden Dawn’s office is in Queens.

    There are very few europeans from Spain around, and no community of them at all that I know of in NYC or its environs.

    There is no autopsy report coming in. Spruill has essentially been disappeared from his own trial that won’t even happen now. The public defender assigned to him is hispanic (it would probably be hard to get a black one to go along with such an exercise).

    From every single angle this incident looks faked.

  8. Jonathan Foster is another redhead lynching victim:

    Redheads are the top tier targets for blacks’ sadism. There are far more black on redhead porn sites on google than black on blonde.

    Fair redheaded women stand no chance among the groids. The jews can’t stand to have whites countenance this. Last year they attempted to spin black on blonde violence, this year it’s black on redhead. If anyone bothered to read the Elliot Rodger manifesto, there were entire passages designed to depict any white men attempting to defend blonde women as violent ‘racist oppressors.’

  9. 10 year old redhead Danielle in Cleveland beaten by some vile teen groid last summer:

    The end of the video shows little Danielle riding her bike with her two friends from the neighborhood, who have blonde and brown hair. The assault on redheaded Danielle was clearly planned.

    I will not be bullied or shamed by posters who have nothing substantive or cogent to say on this, jew troll or whoever.

  10. Annie Leibovitz, famous yiddess photographer, explains to everyone pictorially how much redheads want it from diversity:

    The redheaded woman lying on the ground offering herself like a harlot in a brothel is a natural blonde in real life. Julia Roberts on the far left gets manhandled by black men.

    While neither is ‘real’ in real life (neither is natural blonde Amy Adams), they also aren’t mediterranan/jewish/etc. They are WHITE.

    I could go on and on and on. Kelly Thomas is another redhead famously savaged by non-whites. There are endless examples, and for every murder of one there are hundreds of physical violations of redheaded women that happen all the time.

    More and more white victims of black hate crime violence are being depicted as having ‘asked for it:’

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