Is There A Special Place In Hell For Anti-Whites?


Here’s the latest SPLC article on the League:

“Michael Hill’s fall from the ivory tower knows no depth. In a message on Friday to members of a private League of the South Facebook, the former Stillman College professor offered an odd sort of prayer.

“May Yahweh bring a dire earthly punishment on all those anti-White Whites who assist in any manner in the destruction of their own people and civilization. Such is treason to the created order,” Hill wrote in a private Facebook message that was leaked to Hatewatch. “Also, may Yahweh hold open a special place in hell for them.”

While the tone and tenor of the post may not be that surprising, given the steady fall of the League into more radical racist and antigovernment positions, it does shed some light on what may be the ideological underpinnings of what the League has become over the last several years. …”

This is another timely article. I’ve been wondering the same thing lately. I know it can sound a bit nasty and judgmental to say “you are going to Hell,” but that’s where Christians believe the damned will eventually end up.

Over at The American Conservative, Rod Dreher has been blogging about the Benedict Option and this new book he has written about Dante. In Dante’s Inferno, the sodomites are located on the bottom-most ring of the seventh circle of Hell, far below the homicides and the suicides, because sodomy was considered an even worse form of violence. It is a culmination of violence for “being destructive to neighbor, violating self-love, and at the same time undermining family and community.”

The ninth circle of Hell, which is reserved for traitors, is closest to Lucifer himself. It is composed of four rings which correspond to those who betray their family, betray their community, betray their guests, and betray their liege lords. In the Inferno, Judas Iscariot is found in the fourth ring of the ninth circle of Hell, which is named “Judecca.”

So where would White people who are anti-Whites end up in Dante’s scheme? Seeing how they betray their families and communities, wouldn’t they end up in the ninth circle?

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  1. Liberty, your last two replies to me are total non-sequiturs. We were not even discussing what you brought up in them. You went off on a tangent. And you wonder why I don’t think you’re a logical thinker? You’re driven by some emotional need to be believed, not logic.

  2. Just stating for the record that I’m receiving reports that mods won’t approve comments on this topic from conspiracy realists. So why are mine approved?

    Hunter Wallace and Stephen Dalton stated on here that not only was Charlie Hebdo a real event, but that it was going to result in some improved relative status for whites. They also maintained that the part about the ‘muslim terrorists’ sparing the blonde french staffer was credible.

    Burying oneself in denial is cowardly, but rigging debate is so much more so that I won’t be posting on here again.

    Good luck to the southern people who may be white America’s only hope.

  3. ETA apparently I’m not the only person on the scene who senses the Portenza family home invasion is a psy op; a few other people, one of whom is being deleted on here in spite of posting astute civil comments, feel the same way.

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